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Found 5 results

  1. So everyone in this game is pretty hostile. This includes people in my same faction. In the future will there be updates to strongly discourage killing on site? Maybe just against fellow faction members? It would be nice not to get killed so quickly by other players.
  2. ShadowSlimeYT

    KOS bei Hatchet Runnern

    ist das auch öfter bei euch das Problem, das ihr direkt von Richtig gut equipten Spielern beschossen werdet?
  3. Whisken

    Scav Cooldown

    The Scav Cooldown needs to be modified. Here is why: For the 5th out of 7th time doing a Scav mission, I immediately get shot as I spawn in. Im not being sarcastic. I usually don't have time to even turn 360/180 degrees, check inventory, reload firearm before being shot. So.. I have to wait 30 minutes because I got spawn killed. Alternatively, I also think that the timer cooldown should be modified, and split into two different cooldowns. I imagine the point of Scaving is to search for gear, and if someone has a lot of gear that you want, you kill them and take it. Thats fair, and seems like a good way of playing. The problem is, you can't even move a step. I think aggressors that die should get a high timer 30-45 minutes? The timer should be high enough so that shooting anyone on sight should be disencouraged, but encouraged if you want their gear. The victim should get a 10-15 minute cooldown. If you die within maybe 5-15 seconds of spawning, you should not have a cooldown, or make it something like 5 minutes. 30 minutes for being spawned called is not what I call a game mechanic. Its a broken mechanic. This might disencourage people from KOS when they spawn. I'm just tired of the Scav function being virtually functionless 90% of the time. I fear that this game will die fast. Can't get loot from Scav mode because of this, can't risk or have any gear in raids, so you are stuck with running in with a pistol against experienced and heavily armed players. There needs to be a way to allow new players to adjust to learning curve and adapt.
  4. AngrySpartan

    Bluewolves Clan

    The main point of the bluewolves is to help out other players who are new to the game or running low on gear. The goal of each individual member is to become really well geared so you can help out others. Top tier bluewolves should try to become sherpas, and those not so skilled should train up. Link to sherpa: (http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/49?lang=undefined). Players in the clan are expected to group up and help players who seem confused understand the game. By doing so you can gain ranks, and perhaps at some point we'll hand out rewards to particularly helpful members. This doesn't mean all your time must be dedicated to helping newcomers, but it will certainly help to actively seek those who need help. The eventual goal upon release of the open world portion is a non kos clan, though we'll see how that goes depending on the community. Feel free to pm me on the forums or discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/XpeRXXH
  5. Magor57

    Why should we not KoS

    Hi, I played alot of DayZ and there were a lot of reasons why not to kill a player (besides helping him, just for the "good hero feeling"). So you could either give him some suplies, cloting or like that, which was nice, but overall, kinda "meh". Then, you could break someones legs. Destroy his stuff by shooting once in his backpack. Handcuff him. Restrict his vision by puting a bag over head. You could work together to overcome bigger, hostile groups, but since you can start with your friends at the same place, this is not going to be one of the reasons why not to kill other people. So far the only thing I can consider to do with other player is KoS and take his stuff, or try to rob him and let go alive. I would like to know reasons why not to kill other players. Reasons that benefit me, my character in game, or give me some advantages, anything. Like - Reasons why to kill everyone you can: Loot, Gear, the feeling of superiority, the feeling of "I won, I killed him". Reasonw why not to kill everyone you can? I mean, anything about the reputation system? Getting to some places you can go only with 2 players (aka splinter cell high reach ledges). Or imagine this. A group of 5 meets a group of 5. Interestingly, noone fired a bullet. Everyone waved (can't imagine this happening) and greeted the other group. What now? Trade some items? Why? We can kill em and take ALL the items. I may have this wrong or have forgotten about something, but so far this seems to me more like really hardcore shooter (with the adition of medicine, food and so on). What is the reason for me NOT to kill everyone outside my group? In DayZ, you could make them your slave, torture them, feed them worms, cripple their legs and watch them crawl for help, stuff like that. PS: I am not a sadistic person. If DayZ offers me a reputation system that has benefits while on the "good side of Karma", I will play as the nicest player on server. It's only that there was just so little good things to do to other players (fix their legs, feed, bandage) and so many neggative things (handcuff, feed bad food, give bad blood transfusion, blindfold, cripple, steal things while letting them live, burn them in a fire, skin them, eat them, push off a building, inprison-lockpicks and soooo on....) I don't know, if I can stitch a players bullethole on the back, which he cannot reach, I will be friendly as hell just to get someone to stitch me up. If I can't inject myself or fix my fractures with broken hands, I will be friendly and beg for help. If I can break someones legs and hands so they cant walk and shoot, I will do it with devilish laughter, but I would like to know all these - possitive and neggative - things to do with others. Otherwise, after a few hours and some experiences, it's just point and shoot, I am affraid
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