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Found 4 results

  1. 親愛的逃離者們, 哈囉 大家好 小小開個帖分享一下個人對現時實驗室鑰匙卡的價值 有興趣的朋友可以看看喔 不想開影片的話下面附個文字版內容~ Black Key Card (黑卡): 黑卡房主要刷新注射劑, 平均大概有4支到8支左右, 價值大概有8萬到20萬。現在黑卡在市場上的價格是75萬, 跑大概4次黑卡房並成功撤離的話就已經值回票價了。十分建議以現價購買黑卡。 Blue Key Card (藍卡): 藍卡房主要刷新注射劑和各種藥物, 通常都沒什麼東西可以撿。有很低機率會有LEDX, Defibrillator (心臟去顫器), Ophthalmoscope (眼底鏡), 比較高價值的物品。藍卡在市場上的現價為1000萬, 之前大概是600萬左右, 個人不建議買入藍卡, 要回本太難了。 Green Key Card (綠卡): 綠卡房主要刷新注射劑和藥物, 跟藍卡房差不多。綠卡裡有間小房間會有子彈和武器配件。綠卡一般刷新蠻多東西, 回報十分不錯。綠卡在市場上的價格為300萬, 大概跑個10次並撤離就可以回本了。如果很常打實驗室的話, 很建議大家購買一張綠卡玩玩。 Red Key Card (紅卡): 紅卡刷新各種稀有物品, 例如比特幣, 獅子像, Intelligence Folder, 武器配件等等。紅卡房主要的作用是給在做KAPPA任務的玩家, 因為裡面會生成不少Collector任務所需的物品。在紅卡房搜一遍大概可以有30萬到60萬左右的回報。考慮到紅卡在市場上價值5000萬, 你需要成功撤離160遍以上才能賺回紅卡房的票價, 要回本十分困難而且需時。個人是不建議購入紅卡的。 Violet Key Card (紫卡): 紫卡主要刷新各種武器配件, 如果你撿到一些貴的配, 一趟應該可以賺個10萬到20萬左右。紫卡在市場上的價格是800萬, 明顯是太貴了, 絕對不值我以800萬購入。以每次15萬的回報來計算, 你也要跑個53遍才能回本。 Sanitar的Key Card: 開綠卡房對面的藥物房, 裡面大概刷新10支以上的注射劑, 回報大概有30到40萬。這張卡是一次性的, 每張在市場上賣20萬, 建議在你準備撤離或殺光其他PMC之後才開, 不然刷了卡死了就很虧。
  2. NebulaPlayz

    The problem with Labs

    Runs on labs are getting pretty unenjoyable and difficult, and the new way the Lab works shut it off for most people. In order to scrape by in Lab, you first need a keycard, which already costs 115k roubles, assuming you buy it from level 2 therapist. But that only recharges after every few hours, so you're most likely going to go to the flea market to buy it for around 150k+. Then, you need a gun, preferably one that is a high-end gun that will be able to kill similar high-level people. Probably another 75-100k if you're modding it out, plus ammo. Armor is next, and if you bring anything lower than class 4 you're basically screwed, so pay up another 40k. Don't want to get one tapped? Buy a helmet. But if you buy anything lower than class 3 you're dead, so you're probably going to spend at least 30k+ on a Kiver or something. Comtacs maybe depending on the helmet, around 10-20k. Backpack and rig cost around 20k in total if you bring a decent rig, but this cost can go up to 50k+. Deploy, and die instantly by a guy with an HK 416 who hip fires you with 4 laser designators. There goes about 320k. The rich people with Altyn face shields build up their already immense amount of money from your gear. I understand that Lab is meant for high-level people and geared people, but even some good quality gear gets shredded instantly. People who have gear just farm more gear there and the rich get richer. RIP my lab attempts
  3. Hola gente, una vez más les traigo una guía de extracciones para PMC y sus activaciones, por sí aún no conocen alguna.
  4. Hey Ich hab mich mal an einem Keyguide versucht! Die Frage "Woher hast du den XXX Key" kommt im Stream einfach zu oft! Wenn ihr ihn selbst verlinken wollt freue ich mich natürlich darüber! Für Feedback und Verbesserungsvorschläge bin ich natürlich jederzeit offen <3 Lg euer Tonki
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