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Found 25 results

  1. JonG01

    Labs coats!

    I recently bought the Labs security clearance cards for a bit of cosplay, and I think it'd be very cool if you guys sold Lab coats with Terragroup printen on the back or a small logo on the chest. I'd deffinitly buy one! JonG01 out
  2. Here is this map that i made for me and my friends and i thought it would maybe help new labs players.
  3. Every time I go on the main metal stairs on Labs, my game freezes. I can still hear myself moving around and shooting, but my screen is frozen on one frame. I cant tab out or anything, all i can do is alt+f4 and re log, but after freezing on stairs, i will pretty much always load back into being killed while not able to play. Any tips or advice is appreciated because Labs is the only map i have fun on right now. Thanks.
  4. Hey, So here i am again on this fu**ing forum, i come here every 3-4 month, complaining about problems that have never been fixed in 3 years, yes 3 fu**ing years. And whats the problem you may ask, well as always, hackers.... Every time the game gets a new "big" update or a new map, so like every 3-4 month, the game gets completly filled by hackers, speed hackers, wallhack, aimbot, lag switch, everything you can imagine they can do it, except maybe flying ( for now ). And what are the devs doing ? nothing, why ? because they dont give a poo, they sold enough copies of the
  5. Hi! every one, I was wondering how to make labs just a bit friendly for new and casual players. This question came from the repect I have to play Labs, the most of the time I play in it, it's just to lose money, because I dont know the map, I dont know how the people move on it, where the hot zones are... A lot of this problems came from the people who usually play this map, They are F****** AWESOME and I can do nothing against there, so it's like a snowball the Pro players how play labs they gatting better and better and the players who dont want to play because they are scare of play in
  6. MrPeebles

    Labs offline bots

    Hi there, I got a question. Do bots spawn in labs when playing offline? I wanted to try that map but I never encounter bots.
  7. As the title says, I am suggesting that a level/quest requirement for labs should be added(perfect mediator may be a good substitute/ level 40). My reasons being that only experienced tarkov players should be able to enter the "end-game" map which can also fit nicely to the lore of the game. This can also be used to deter banned cheaters from making fresh accounts and just spamming labs. Maybe a system to detect dodgy levelling can also be put in place after the level restriction. I play in Asia and Labs is for the most part unplayable due to people just zeroing on my location at the sta
  8. YaBoiRoyHF

    Anti- Cheater/Anti- RMT suggestion

    SUGGESTION: Putting a playtime Limit of about 50h - 100h on the Labs queue, so that your Account has to have played for example 75 hours so you can enter the Labs queue, no matter if you have the Keycard. BACKGROUND / EXPLANATION: I heared from alot of people in the community how frustrated they are with labs, and how much they used to run it for fun. main reason for that are apparently cheaters. i personally do not play labs but i have witnessed onstream how much of a cheater paradise it i in EFT's current state. i've heared some real good suggestions regarding Cheaters in general
  9. Hello, I just got killed by a hacker (and his friends which are unknown) while me and my friends were playing on labs and it was really obvious that he was a hacker here is some video evidence of me and my mate while we were streaming: The game was on 29th of June 2020 around 15:00 o'clock Me - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/664889895 My mate who died after me - https://clips.twitch.tv/VainPuzzledGuanacoNotLikeThis
  10. So i have been playing alot of Labs lately. With the comming wipe it seems like a good idea to try and learn the map since i havent played it before. But playing this map feels like a lottery since about 50% of the time there is a hacker on it. he just runs around killing everyone one with obvious wallhack and it feels like there is nothing i can do about it. I feel like there should be a report button, or something like that, to try and find as many hackers as possible. If you die, and you have reason to believe this guy is hacking, there should be a report button. Every game
  11. mrbobbyz

    He jumpshot

    I really didnt know there was in air accuracy in this game *cough *cough https://im6.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-6-dc5e7ab8cc45.mp4
  12. rovertdean7

    Unlock Labs

    Am I the only one who thinks labs needs to be unlocked as it was when it first launched? It's an amazing map and the best indoor combat in the game! Let us play any time!
  13. IzSumTingWong

    Make labs free again.

    Hey. I liked the idea of charging to get into labs for cash & all. Can you please do that, upon finished said game. Not in the bloody beta? Aren't we here to test things? Not waste time or diddle daddle around the question. We paid, for a semi finished product to test it's durability, handling & features. So instead of restricting all those hard working people who own your game. Who probably don't have so much time to play it, just let them enjoy & TEST this product/game you guys are presenting. Your testing would probably go 10x better, with no loyalty neede
  14. Friends of Tarkov! After exploring the wiki I came across some interesting info regarding TerraGroup, most notably TerraGroup Labs PLC, and their activities within the Norvinsk region. I decided to dig a little deeper... So, what do we know? "The notorious Terra Group international corporation, is one of the many foreign companies responsible for the illegal activities and research within Norvinsk, and one of the key players in the scandal that turned the prosperous frontier into a collapsed war-zone. ...Officially deals in scientific research concerned with biotechnology applie
  15. GhostSpartan117

    How do the Labs Keycards work?

    Trying to get into labs requires a keycard now and I'm curious if everyone in your squad needs one or if just one player needs it. I'm pretty sure Nikita said somewhere only one player needs the keycard and it works for your whole team but looking at the UI I'm not sure how that would work since you need the keycard to get into the lobby to invite people. I don't want to spend the 100k to find out so if anyone else knows can you please explain how this works/ if it works at all?
  16. gen2face

    Labs levelcap 20

    just make labs levelcap 20 and a lot of hackers are gone in labs... more than 50% of my runs i run into a hacker in labs... i think labs is too easy to make money so a levelcap would change a lot.
  17. For anyone who is lucky enough to find a Red Keycard for Labs, I have been running Arsenal a bunch and have found a glitch (and working around for that glitch). On the top of the arsenal storage shelf there is a spawn for a ProKill necklace, which is worth 116k roubles. With the spawn on the 2nd to top shelf, you aren't tall enough to grab it, but I found a workaround. This works best if you have low weight, like 20 kg. If you hover over the shelf you almost can reach and a white square appears in the middle of the screen, then the ProKill necklace is there. Close the cage door, open th
  18. Ok so after a good few raids last night i laid down and tried to head off to sleep but had a vary interesting idea. The Scav Raiders seem quite intent on Tera group labs, There is something in there they want but what is it? Well then thats when the idea hit me how do they know about it? Raider faction. It is quite clear these raiders are not part of any of the basic scav gangs, I have been thinking about how they would react to the other scavs. The reason i say this is i think it would be a stellar idea if there was a chance that the Raiders could spawn in locations were Teragroup l
  19. sgt_leprachaun

    Late into raids

    Hi, I was just wondering why when i join labs, I am always 5 mins late at least? I have the game on an SSD and i am never late on any other map apart from labs. I have been trying to do loot runs on labs for a couple days now and it is legitimately impossible as i am always late for some reason and all the good loot is gone. I know other people getting the same issue too and it isnt fair on a map where you have to pay 115,000 rubles just to get in only to have no chance of finding good loot and players to already be set up in advantageous positions.
  20. This is a suggestion I made elsewhere, thought I'd repost it here as well so others in the community can provide feedback and ideas too. For those may not have heard, the Labs map will eventually be accessible only from within the Streets of Tarkov map. This means players will need to make a “two part” raid. This raid within a raid idea, got me thinking: How could EFT set up a situation where a team of players would want one or two teammates to stay in the Streets of Tarkov map and provide cover to a Labs entrance/exit, while another set of teammates goes into Labs? One of
  21. For those may not have heard, the Labs maps will eventually be accessible only from within the Streets of Tarkov map. This means players will need to make a “two part” raid. This raid within a raid idea, got me thinking: How could EFT set up a situation where a team of players would want one or two teammates to stay in the Streets of Tarkov map and provide cover to a Labs entrance/exit, while another set of teammates goes into Labs? One of those situations where the teammates, before loading into Labs, tells the others, “Okay, we’re going in. We’ll try to exit from one of the ele
  22. Kennedy

    Labs Adjustment

    While labs is great, it by far made the economy unstable, and made end game tier loot just too common since people make a lot of money or get the end game loot. The maps is amazing, but to make it more balanced my suggestions are: 1. Make the player pay a certain amount. For example i make around 200-300 k per raid on labs, when running as a naked with a pistol, if the fine for example was 100 k rubles this would make the layer more cautious in labs, thus improving the tactical experience. 2. The second way i can see this issue resolved is by adding a timer for raid, like
  23. Okay. This was my setup. I got insta dinked. Bullet buypassed my armour. Come around the corner & bang. DEAD. Don't give me the get good. I'm pretty freaking good at this game. Especially solo. Nowwww... I wasn't killed by anything. The rest follows. Idk how i'm even dead. He went prone, mid air shot 1 bullet that one tapped me through a down visor & i'm dead. Can you please make it so these stupid scavs DON'T DO THAT!!! Simple. Don't let them go prone.. Somehow...
  24. DrSnackCake5

    Possible insurance in labs

    This is a unique idea... as we all know insurance doesn't work in the labs. What if as an alternative we could bribe a scav raider. The way it would work is you pay an upfront cost (like 150,000 R) to cover every item. If you die and your gear isn't taken. Every item has a 25% chance of it being "stolen" by the raider. While the rest is given back like regular insurance.
  25. Escapers, hier haben wir ein paar neue Screenshots der Map TerraGroup Labs was mit 0.11.x kommen wird. Es werden im laufe der Zeit auch noch einmal die bereits veröffentlichen Screenshot der Map hier drin zu sehen sein. Bereits bekannte Screenshots:
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