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Found 98 results

  1. customs crashes my pc.

    basically was able to play customs for awhile. im running a intel 15660k cpu gtx 1060 6gb 8 gb ram, never have issue with temps, dont really know what the problem is.... i seem to have issues right after 10 mins, it starts to drop fps and then it stays at 1, completely freezes and freezes my computer from shutting the program down from task manager, basically un-useable. i re-installed the game. now it crashed my computer right at load, this is the ONLY GAME that give me this issue, i run rainbow six siege and rust and many others just fine. i have a memory cleaner program in the background to clear memory at full loads, but it only works for maybe a hour or so and then i start to crash.... what can i do?
  2. Pessoal eu estava tendo problemas para jogar em mapas grandes, mais específico Customs e Shoreline. Vi algumas postagens por ai e até mesmo no próprio fórum sobre algumas tentativas de solucionar o baixo desempenho nesses mapas em PCs com 8GB de RAM. MEU SETUP : CPU : FX 8350 @4.5Ghz VGA : RX 570 4GB RAM : 8GB DDR3 @1912Mhz ARMZ : 1x HDD 1TB ; 1x HDD 720GB A minha solução pode ser até exagerada mas funcionou cmg. Simplesmente formatei para o WIN 7 Profissional ! Sim parece que é sacanagem mas ajudou muito, o sistema é muito mais leve em consumo de RAM e Disco Rígido sendo assim trazendo melhor performance no jogo. Hoje eu consigo jogar todos os mapas no ''HIGH'' com FPS muitos bons , e com muito poucas travas, só aqueles stuturing (não sei pronunciar) que agente já sentia em outros mapas. Para alguém como eu que simplesmente não conseguia jogar nesses mapas, hoje eu rodo bem de boa com consumo de RAM em 6.7GB á 7.2GB. OBS: Bem, se alguém já postou uma solução parecida ou melhor e eu não vi eu peço desculpas pessoal, mas foi algo q me ajudou e gostaria de repassar adiante !!
  3. Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    So, some friends and I were playing on Customs and as we all loaded in we died. Any idea what may have happened tonight? I am including a screen shot from each of the members of my group and a short video. WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE!!!! PLEASE! Do not make this about hacks. We all know that the Anti Hack is infallible and will ban all hackers the second that they load the hacks up with the game. To the Mods, please do not close this topic if people start calling hacks. Just ban them or delete their comments. I want to know if this is what the dev's intended to happen with their late spawns or was this desync or lag or what? Should we have checked our corners? Should we have all just "got gud"? What is the deal here?
  4. You guys should have fixing this lag problem on the top of Your to-do list. Its been multiple updates now and you guys still dont do poo to fix it. The last updates its even got worse. Now i cant even get Close to dorms on custom because it will lag me out and kick me.
  5. when will you fix this poo?

    I dont know how many times this has happend now. loosing gear over and over and over again cuz of this. dont bring new content to the game, make it ducking playable.... look at this clip... dont want to be angry, just that i realy realy want to play this game. can you pls make this a priority so I and others can play this freaking awesome game.
  6. Zu wenig FPS! Tipps?

    Hallo liebes Forum, ich wollte mal in Erfahrung bringen ob ihr irgendwelche Tipps für mich habt. Seit habe ich nur noch 30-40 FPS... Davor auch nur maximal 60... Kurz und knapp -> unspielbar. Der Patch der davor kam ( hat mir einen FPS boost von ca. 20 FPS gebracht... Also von maximal 60 auf maximal 80. So nun zu meiner Frage. Habt ihr irgendwelche Programme oder Tipps oder sowas das ich das Spiel besser zum laufen kriege? Ich will es so gerne und aktiv spielen, aber wenn man fast nur noch wegen irgendwelchen laggs stirbt, macht es echt kaum noch Spaß. Wieviel RAM nutzt ihr z.B. auf Shoreline? (Ich habe nur 8GB und ich weiß es ist zu wenig) Würde sich ein Upgrade auf 16GB lohnen und würde ich einen spürbaren unterschied merken? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mein System: Mainboard: ASRock Fatal1ty H97 Performance Intel H97 Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 4x 3.40GHz Graphic: 8GB Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Tri-X OC RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9 Dual Kit
  7. Extreme RAM usage

    Hello. I would like to know why my game uses so much RAM in order to work. I was Surprised that this game used so much RAM while I was playing. When I died and got back to the menu it dropped down to 61% usage. So if anybody could tell me why this is happening I would be happy Kind Regards SpottySpancakes
  8. I made a video earlier today on how to increase frames and reduce lag in escape from tarkov, please make this guide useful to you and others around the community
  9. Unplayable desync

    The desync has killed me to many times. Died on shoreline just now to a guy that appeared out of nowhere, he started shooting and i proned behind the vents on the roof of the main buildings. After like 3-4 seconds im just dead and the player is standing still in the door. My friends filled him with 100+ bullets and he's still standing there, unlootable. I like this game and all, but the desync and lag is terrible. Im sure this has been mentioned by alot of players, i just had to get it out.
  10. Problemi mai avuti in Customs

    Ciao ragazzi, risulta anche a voi dare problemi la mappa Customs ultimamente? A me non ne ha mai dati ma ultimamente ho solo 30/40 FPS con drop fino a 20... Solo settimana scorsa ne avevo 60 fissi!
  11. Hello. Aby one have a sucha problem ? I know that there are couple seconda frezes, but mine pc is freezing until i restart the game. Sometimes i can play 6 games on 60 FPS without freez and the other day i can't totaly move. When this problem showing up i van see this marking Red. Any advices?
  12. State of the game

    It is with a saddened heart that I write this post, I am in love with what this game can become but after playing it for a while each patch the promises of improvements just stay as that, promises, the lag makes the game at times (and I hate this phrase) "literally unplayable" after multiple patches and hotfixes the devs seem to be unable to pinpoint the lag issue and the worrying thing about this is that as the game gains more notoriety and more players the lag seems to grow with that. I bought the EOD edition as a commitment to this dev team and in awe of the game that I see possible, but it worries me that the devs are loosing sight of the finish line, and that maybe the issue with the game is the game engine itself which is one of the worse in the market... I really do hope that the thing holding back the game is not the engine because this would mean a pit of developmental hell that I dont think Battlestate can sustain. I love this game and I love what it can become even more, i do hope the issues improve.
  13. Its very annoying when someone prefires a corner you have been holding for 5 minutes, or someone takes 5 headshots from an AK without a helmet and survives, or I'm in a building and I take a mass amount of damage out of no where (No sound or anything just 2 blacked out legs and almost dead) for no reason, or when a magical flying scav comes down from the heavens and shoots me in the head with an M4 (Nah thats got to be lag), or I'm wearing fort and a kiver and a toz scav instakills me from 100m away. There are so many unfixed problems that I can't distinguish between the reasons for which I died. Was it a legitimate kill? was it lag? or was it a hacker? really discouraging when you know that there is a Amazing large chance that either a glitch or a hacker will kill you half the time. Yet big content creators on YouTube always edit this Crap out and make this game look far more consistent/reliable then it is.
  14. Why am i lagging on Shoreline

    Im using that DPI on Application, i redone my settings in Nvidia multiple times (currently just doing that "let the Application decide" option bcs i dont really bother anymore), im using memory cleaner in the background bcs for some Reason this game eats 12 GB RAM ! So tell me how is it still possible that i cant get over 26 fps on shoreline in this bs sanatorium or the gas station..... i mean im not running a high-end system (Obviously) , but it should be possible to play this game on solid 60 fps on lowend settings. srsly and what about the 16 billion patches per day i cant even find any patchnotes for them ? My Specs: Win 10 Pro 64 bit Nvidia geforce 1060 6gb Zotac Intel i5-4590 4x3,3 ghz 12 gb Ram @ 1600 Mhz
  15. Lag On Contact

    So this is mostly just a question for the Devs and For anyone else who might be experiencing a similar thing. When I have a PMC or Player SCAV within my FOV, I get horrible Frame Drops... Like down to 2 FPS. I am not sure if anyone else has a similar issue. I have only had this happen since the new 0.6.x.x updates and hot fixes. I hope this can help shed light on issues that may not be known, and if it is a known and I could not find in while Topic Searching. Mods please lock the thread so no one can spread a Toxicity. Cheers, Necro
  16. I bought this game few days ago and I was enjoying this game at medium setting(now i'm playing it at low setting) and after patch my Pc start to crush and get blue screen at main screen and in-game. the thing is I can fix it by re-installing the game every time i turn off the game. When I re install the game, it works fine. but I don;t want to do it every day when i want to play this game. any one has answer for that?
  17. for the 3 rd time today i got killed by a player because of the desync. the third time he was litterrally running through the wall. just lost my 2nd AK with silencer because I empty my mag on a player running, and i get killed by this player while he is still running away on my screen please fix this issue as soon as possible, this is getting a real pain.
  18. Pre- 0.6 patch I had no issues playing with my Australian mates, (I'm west coast US). No issues on their servers or on my servers depending on who hosted the lobby. After patch we're both running 200-350+ ping regardless of what server we connect, alone he's still running 200+ ping connecting to AU servers. By myself i'm connecting to the US servers fine. What the hell is going on? Can we get a Dev. post in this thread to know if they have recognized the desync? I Pinged the server i was connecting to when we were connecting to "AU" servers and it was in Germany... Why? Why would it possibly connect An Australian and a west coast American to the farthest possible servers from either of us? Devs please respond to this thread
  20. Skill del lag

    Ora come ora il gioco non è completo quindi lamentele e azioni negative sono totalmente inutili.Aspettiamo che lo finiscano.Anche perchè ora come ora non si riesce a giocare e la lag e ilo desinc la fanno da padrona.La skill del player è azzerato o per lo meno su 10 raid 1 forse è giocabile a livelli normali in cui non ti guardano e sei morto.Negli altri 9 è tutta fortuna di beccare il momento in cui l avversario lagga o desinca più di te.Questo è il riassunto del gioco ora come ora.Sono livello 41 in questa patch e credo di smettere e di aspettare il gioco finito.Ho segnalato tutti i bug e gli errori in cui mi sono imbattuto dalla pre-alpha a oggi quindi il mio lavoro l ho fatto.Manca solo quest ultimo fix per rendere questo gioco un prodotto fantastico,cosa che in questo momento non è assolutamente.
  21. After waiting 5 minutes stuck on the "Awaiting Session Start..." screen, my game loads in as I am being blown up and I lose all of my gear...Anyone else having similar issues?
  22. Hi, I'm looking for some official information on where the Oceanic servers are located. I know that the launcher says "US", and that might not be accurate. I have also read that we are placed into a server that will offer us the best ping. But... That does not fit with my gameplay experience, nor that of anyone I play with. I am an admin of (I believe) the largest Oceanic discord that plays Tarkov (and only Tarkov). Everyone I speak to experiences terrible lag akin to joining servers based in Europe. The difference between offline and online play is staggering. The AI are so broken by the lag that sometimes you will headshot them and they will run a couple of steps, yell, maybe get a shot off, then die. Contrast this with the instant ragdoll in offline and it is pretty clear that the servers are suffering. Can we get some information from a developer concerning the actual server infrastructure in the Oceanic region. Where are they located? Are they under strain? Is this a 'netcode' issue that is consistent across regions? Thanks.
  23. Lagging issues

    My experience with EFT so far has been an absolute blast, but there is one issue that keeps repeating itself. I think that either me or the servers are a bit slow by which i mean that when ever i peak around a corner and see a scav and i go back around the corner he can still light me up. Its happend multiple times already and its quite annoying when youve got a truck load of awesome gear on you and you get shot through a wall because on their screen or whatever youre still just standing there looking at them but for you youre already taking cover.
  24. FPS issues

    Hello. I have a few issues. Im getting around 30-50 fps when i play. regardless of settings/ maps. And constant framerate drops. And this is really hurting the fun part of the game. Firefights are not fun when i suddenly drop 20frames and get screen stutters. Please help. My specs: Ryzen 1700 16GB ddr4 ram Geforce Gigabyte 1080 Running on a 1tb Samsung pro ssd.
  25. Bad Performance for GTX 1080

    PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro, Intel I7 4770k, 16gb DDR3 RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1080, (also running on a SSD) I am getting really bad lag, and stuttering, especially when around players and scavs. At first I thought it might've been a RAM issue but the most RAM it uses is 13gb on shorline,(lower on other maps, but same lag) Then I noticed that my gpu usage was only at 20-30% and when I get the lag it was actually frame drops. During the frame drops the usage on gpu goes down to as low as 3%. The weird thing about this one is that the drops are somehow triggered by being around other players or scavs. One time a group of three were shooting at me from a distance and I could only run like a madman hoping they would miss. Luckily they did , but the lag was horrible until they ran away to the other side of the map.(or I did, can't remember) Side note: cpu usage doesn't exceed 35% either, but there isn't a drop in usage when the fps drops.