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  1. I've had no problems with fps lag with tarkov, then my game bugged out hard then crashed and my windows 10 gave me a red screen. after this, whenever I load tarkov i get horrible fps lag. ive tried verifying game files, lowering my graphics settings, and even uninstalling and reinstalling the game itself. here are my specs... has anyone heard of this/know what's up? MSI laptop Intel(R) core(TM) i7 - 10875H CPU @2.30 GHz 16.0 GB DDR4 RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 windows 10
  2. PC Specs : Intel i5 10400 CPU 16 gb RAM Geforce GTX 970 I've been playing tarkov a while now and it seems this is the only game it happens on and has only started as of recently and seems to be getting progressively worse imo. I get around 100+ FPS when playing. What happens is when in a raid randomly it will start to slowly stutter and then get progressively worse the longer I play the game without restarting, it will just freeze / stutter and I have noticed when it starts to stutter and I get into combat or even get shot at, the stuttering will rapidly get worse during that gun fire, making the lag and stuttering even worse to where I am sometimes froze with 1 fps not being able to move which has happened a lot so far, sometimes looking at the floor / sky while this happens will help with increasing FPS while freezing. This isn't the only thing that happens, once I restart the game ALL of my desktop processes such as my browser become extremely slow taking ages to refresh a single page or to even unpause a youtube video, nothing will register for about 3-5 seconds. The weird thing is when I restart Tarkov and get back on, it won't freeze / stutter for a while and will play as normal but my desktop processes will all still be very slow and even if reset, only thing I can do to make everything fast again is to have a restart on the PC. At first, I thought this was a PC issue which is still could very well be but I only recently talked to other people that have this same issue so I cannot be the only one. I have stress tested my GPU, made sure my SSD was healthy with R/W inputs, ran tests while it was stuttering to see if anything was diminishing and also looked at Task manager to see if there was any noticeable changes. Oddly enough, nothing was wrong with the PC it showed on all tests. So here I am, here to ask you fellow EFT players if anyone has any helpful input or has had this exact issue happen to them. Any help on how to fix this issue would be helpful as it's making the game unplayable for me and I will soon have to stop playing if it continues without any fix or recognition on how this issue is happening. Appreciate any helpful responses.
  3. spikygod2

    Lag at start of game

    I don't know if other people have this issue, but ever since the update, I have been having major performance issues with the game. I'll have FPS drops, huge stutters, when I ADS or open my inventory, my game will freeze for ~5 seconds, then go back to normal. I have completed BSG's solution to the problem linked https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/knowledge/432?lang=en here, and it helped, but now I cannot move at the start of raid. It took 90 seconds from when I saw the deploying screen hit 0 seconds, for me to be able to see what my PMC is looking at, or even move or input anything like moving or going prone or shooting. After around 5 minutes in game, my fps and performance returns to somewhat normal, however it still occurs if I'm fighting someone, I'll get massive fps drops down to around 5-15 fps. The problem is not my hardware, as I've played the game for years without this issue. At the start of this wipe I ran into almost zero issues regarding performance and was very impressed with BSG's wipe day this time around. I reached level 30 so far this wipe and have ~2000 hours in Escape From Tarkov, and had no plans to stop playing, until recently when I was loading into a Lighthouse raid, deployed, my screen was black, and I died before even being able to move. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, been playing the game a while now but only this week I have begun to run into an issue which is making the game unplayable for me with friends. Solo, I have no issues whatsoever but when I team up with friends in discord it will be ok 'most' the time but very often some how the two cause each other to make my PC game insane, frame drops hit my game hard, discord disconnects, disappears and reappears and whilst its doing that, EFT is unplayable. Not sure what is causing this issue, we tried using TS3 to see if it was just discord, but it happened there too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Kai
  5. Yesterday my game out of nowhere started lagging intensely during raids, especially in the open. I haven't changed anything on my PC or game settings. I monitored the CPU usage and it hits 98% to 100% most of the times ( sadly I haven't checked how it was before ). I've been playing the game more than 6-7 months now, without any issues. Also for a week or so on the top right corner while in raid I see green numbers popping from time to time ( packet loss or ping maybe ? ). Are there any recent known problems that can cause this? PC specs: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb CPU: i5-8500 3GHz 16gb RAM The top right corner icon is like this one but the numbers are green and the value is around 20-40:
  6. Video of the problem (AI Scavs): https://youtu.be/MdrDtmZU3y8 Old Video of Players lagging the same way: https://youtu.be/oUkIBgdNUco I usually don't play with the FPS/RTT statistics on, but decided to turn it on for the video to show my latency & fps. I've tried switching between several EU servers, where my ping is still <50-75ms, but the issue is there on all of them. But as seen on the video my RTT is even under 10 at some points. Just for the sake of it, I've also tried Offline mode with scavs, and their movement is butter smooth there. I do not know if this affects my hit registration, but I do have several moments where I've shot scavs point blank in their heads without reactions, even with good ammo such as 7.62 BP/M62 etc. Can't say for sure though. Solving the movement lag is the easiest way of checking if the issue persists as I have this in EVERY ONLINE MATCH, which is super annoying. Things I've tried: Switching routers. Opening all ports, even tried playing without a router by plugging my ethernet cable straight into the fiber modem. Updating all drivers including the ones for my Ethernet Card. (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I219-V with driver version Clean install of Windows 10 and Windows 11. My Computer: Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z370-A CPU: Intel i7 8700k (Not overclocked) GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ROG Strix OC RAM: G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 RGB 3200Mhz 32GB (2x16GB) Storage: 2x Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD. One for Windows (C) and one for Games (D). ISP: (Sweden) Bahnhof 500/500 Fiber - Only IPv4 - IPv6 isn't available for me yet. Both CPU & GPU seems to be stuck around 40% when playing online. Much higher usage offline, but guessing that is due to my computer controlling scavs. Bufferbloat test (From Sweden to Switzerland): http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/70744154 Ran several packet loss tests, not sure how trustworthy, but all of them report 0% packet loss. If someone knows any good tests I can run, please link me them. I'm at a complete loss at what could be causing this. Help
  7. Fortniticus

    Lost Loot Due to Bad Internet

    I have really bad internet. Sometimes I get up to 300+ ping. Just about 30 mins ago, I lagged out of a game, and couldn't reconnect in time. The game ended before I could reconnect. I had a FREAKING BITCOIN, an Ak-103, a day pack, and some high value Scav junk and PC parts. Is there any way that I could get compensation for this?
  8. I have recently started to get a very annoying *bug* where every few raids I'll connect to a server with 185+ Ping. I don't have auto server selection on, instead I only have the Oce server ticked. I was playing with 3 friends, 2 of which share the same ISP being OPTUS. The three of us all experienced the same thing, every few raids we would connect with high ping and get kicked a few seconds in. The 3rd guy didn't experience any issues although it us unknown what ISP he goes through. I checked the server list and saw that the oce server had a higher ping rate (175ms) than that of ASI (151ms), although that seemed to revert back to normal as right now I'm having the same 180+ ping issue with the oce server showing 25ms. I also checked the ip address of the server I was connecting to and it checks out to be in Sydney ( I've run multiple speed checks both while trying to play on high ping and in general and I can confirm that my internet is fine. I'm just trying to figure out what could be causing the issue. Has anyone else run into this problem? Funnily enough I have never encountered this before but I play with all three of these guys together for the first time and they said it was normal that they get this connection problem, and even said "Guess you're part of the Optus gang" keksD
  9. After recent server fixes (EU), I am getting unplayable frame rates and extreme stuttering when shooting or other players/scavs around me start shooting. Walking around map and looting there is no problem. I haven't changed any settings since I started playing, the problem appeared after fixing servers. Did anyone else encountered this problem or know any solution ?
  10. Hello, i just wondering if someone has the same problem as me. I've tried to reinstall my graphic drivers TWICE, reinstalled windows to a fresh clean start, cleared every damn cache there is in my computer, my game worked fine at the start of this wipe but then it came like 2-3 patches and everything got screwed up so i'm just losing my mind, i get like 25-45 fps in some games but i'm getting 100+ fps in hideout ?? It doesn't make any sense at all and its ONLY in tarkov this happens, not in other games. I'm beginning to think that it might be lagging because of the twitch drops or the new small patches? My setup is AMD Ryzen 3700x (Bought it last month) and i have a Geforce 1660 GTX 6gb, 16gb ram. I was getting 80-90 fps at the start of the wipe... I've been looking up youtube guides and tried all that, with process lasso, with ISLC, enabled XMP. I don't really know what to do.
  11. Ive been probably having this issue for a week now and at some times the game runs completly fin but then it just starts to lag or something. I dont thing its lag thho because its my fps that drops and my ping is normal. Ive already tried to change my setting but that didnt seem to fix the problem i also uninstalled it and installed it and still happens... And no its not my pc being to poo.
  12. GenericAlias1

    EXTREME Rubberbanding

    This was happening earlier today as well and caused me to lose a fully modded M4A1, a decent ballistic vest, and a good helmet. This happened completely out of nowhere and looking it up gives me no answers at all. Any possible fixes?
  13. HebrewRodent

    Local Servers 200+ Ping

    Since a couple of days ago I have been encountering lobbies on my local servers with 200+ ping that constantly kick me out every 30 seconds or so, I've lost a whole lot of gear because of it, including gear I had insured before the raid (the gear lost it's insurance when I re-joined the lobby after disconnecting). My ping on other games and discord have not fluctuated and I have tried rebooting both my PC and modem. It isn't every game, more like every second and it makes the game unplayable. My friends haven't encountered this issue even when playing on the same server. When I select the server from the launcher it will sometimes say 14m/s and at other times be higher than 200. I'm not sure what could be causing it or what I can do to fix it. I have never had this issue and I have been playing for a couple of years now. If it is my end why is it only occurring on Tarkov and why is it only some of the time?
  14. Honestly_9cm

    FPS Dropen und Auslastung sinkt

    Hallo hab da kein kleine Problem in Tarkov und wollte mal Fragen ob das jemand kennt und eine Lösung weiß. Also mein Problem ist das oft die Auslastung meine GPU und CPU auf fast 0% sinkt und somit auch die FPS Droppen normal hab ich eine Auslastung von 70% und 90FPS. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 CPU: Intel core i7-8700 3.20GHZ 3192MHz 6 Kerne 12 Logische RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz von G.SKILL
  15. Michael_787

    Micro Stuttering / Freezing /

    Hoping for some assistance. This game used to run smoothly up until around a month or 2 ago. No lag, solid FPS 70+ on high graphics settings on all Maps, standard temps on hardware. I've been getting 1-5 seconds of random freezing with no audio then the game seems to catch up with itself for a minute or 2 then another freeze. Sometimes after returning to the game performance is perfect. plays well with no issues then after a few raids or even a few days it's back to constant freezing and stuttering. At this point I'm certain its not FPS related. I've tried the below options. 1) Vsync / Gsync options / uncapping FPS 2) full windows reinstall as well as EFT reinstall. 3) increased and decreased graphics settings. 4) full hardware diagnostic tests (no faults in hardware found) Setup 32GB 3600Mhz Ram RTX2060 8GB GPU Ryzen 5 3600XT Any ideas?
  16. Dear BSG and EFT Community, After Patch 0.12, I'm still having stutter and freeze issue in Online Raid. It's even lot worse than Patch 0.11.7 😢 Strangely the Offline mode is incredibly smooth and stable, no issue at all (I can even run high amount of AI as well and still got high fps). So I'm quite sure it's not due to my hardware limitation. This issue only happens in Online Raid, especially when the server is highly populated. Everytime I shoot someone or everytime I'm being fired upon, the game will freeze for 2 - 3 seconds. But when the server is empty (i'm the only player), the game becomes somewhat smoother. Is this a connection issue? Does it have something to do with my connection? Is there any possible way to reduce Stutter and Freeze in Online Raid? Please help me out.... Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  17. BESTkid


    Dear developers. I know you are a small company but there is a big problem with this game right now. Lags and desync are so popular here that it already became meme and you know guys that memes are pretty popular in these times so please guys try to fix servers not temporary by adding a few more as a last time, because it doesn´t even had a impact on game (at least I did not noticed it at all) but fix it permanently which would result in 80 % (maybe even more) of bugs would disappeared, scavs would be much more normal and also people would not lost their poo if they were playing a game (like really I am a 70% of a time killed because of a desync, bug caused by desync, or a scav which shot me through big concrete walls or even shot randomly even with a ducking shotguns...). I know guys that you habe lot to do there is a lot of things to polish new maps to do even balance things but I am just begging you please FIX THE SERVERS FIRST change your priorities please don´t add us new gear or ducking hideout who cares ... Just fix the thing which is with us so long that we even can´t imagine playing without it. Game would be much more enjoyable for us because lags and desync now a days are even much worse then used to be in alpha for etc. (I know that it´s because of amount of people which increased rapidly) but still it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to not bury this amazing game. I can´t imagine how unplayable would game be when open BETA would start or when open world would be released. Please make it happen guys because right now it most of the time unplayable. Your loyal but sometimes pissed fan Geralt.
  18. GoForce1

    Game Optimization

    Hello Developers, Escape From Tarkov is a great game with one major flaw. Sure the game is in the beta form so some grace is necessary. And sure things like the AI and flee-market can be hard to balance. However, the biggest problem is the game's optimization. Tarkov will never be a top market, consumer friendly, game with its current optimization. For instance, I run a 1050 ti and with my graphics on low, if i'm lucky, I get a consistent 50 frames. The 1050 ti is an above average graphics card and yet i'm getting terrible frames. It is not just graphics either, menu lag, long matching times, terrible map chunk loading, etc. I don't pretend to know a lot about optimization and therefore will not pretend to provide a solution. However, Tarkov will do significantly better if the developers spend more time making the game more efficient and faster for mid-range computers. For reference, play Rainbow Six Siege on high and get 80-70 frames consistently. Compared to Tarkov, where after optimizing everything on my pc (Low settings, killing background processes, etc.) I get close to an inconsistent 60 frames. Bare in mind, I mentioned only a few things that are optimized poorly, there are many others such as: distance rendering efficiency, ambient light efficiency, scope magnification, and player's interactions with objects. These are the main issues that I could think of, however, i'm sure that there are others. I would also like to address anyone that is currently typing a rebuttal to my statement "Tarkov will never be a top market, consumer friendly, game with its current optimization". Yes, granted, the game may never be a "top market" general "consumer friendly" game. However, Tarkov will have a much better player base if the game is more available to those who are not running god PC specs. This is not speculative either, games with better optimization generally do better than games that require heavy PC specs. So, in conclusion, Tarkov is a great game and has already done a great job with gameplay and creating an enjoyable environment, but I would like to see the developers spend more time and money into improving the game as a whole to make it more accessible.
  19. Boa noite. Sou cliente da Oi Fibra 200 mb, serviço que até o momento tem se mostrado estável e rápido. Todavia o EFT é uma exceção: não apenas tenho ping elevado no servidor SaoPaulo, como também há grande ocorrência de perda de pacotes e desconexões. Testei conexão com demais servidores do EFT (NewYork e Miami) e todos apresentaram resultados melhores - ping entre 150 e 160 e estável. Testei o meu ping com outros servidores em São Paulo-SP, como o da Valve (, apresentando ping inferior a 20 ms. Li em outras postagens nesse fórum que alguns usuários reportaram possíveis problemas de rota com seus provedores, todavia nenhum post apresentou uma solução viável ou explicação satisfatória para o problema relatado. Alguém está tendo problemas similares ou saberia indicar uma potencial solução?
  20. BogusBlue

    Ping Issue

    I used to have no issues with this game and now, ever since the last wipe, I feel like the servers have had more ping than usual. For example, I live in Texas, and the Denver server had more ping than the Seoul server did, yesterday. Is it because of more traffic or is my internet getting less consistent?
  21. rewolfnus_og

    Game Unplayably Laggy after 12.9

    After the latest update, I hooked my computer up again and was unable to play anything because the game is just running so slow. Roughly a week prior to the update, I was playing every map perfectly fine with good frames, and no lag at all. I’ve tried to clear my caches, set my game setting to the lowest there is, changed my nvidia to the most optimal settings, and still can’t play anything. Can someone please help me find a solution?
  22. Theron550

    Please remove 250 limit ping

    It just doesnt do us any justice whatsoever to us LATAM players. I live in Argentina and i should be connecting to Brazil, but my routing is not that great so EFT chooses Miami servers, in which I get 180 ping. If by any reason i get a ping spike, i get automatically kicked. I CANT play without any friends. Game was fine before this absurd ping limit. Got any problems with chinese players? Region lock them. Its not our fault.
  23. Volgarr883

    Extremely Long Load times

    So I am having this issue loading maps like reserve or customs, it takes a lot of time just in the part of loading map and then when it gets to 100% the game freezes and if i´m lucky i will enter the raid on 10 min loading screen and if i´m not the game will just crash, i have good specs nad I think it might be that i have the game installed on a crappy HDD or mabye that I have only 8Gb of ram. Does anyone have this problem too???? It didn´t use to happen tho. And I also have my drivers updated to date.
  24. bonsoir a tous je voudrais vous demander si vous pouvez m’aider car depuis quelque temps tout les 2 h environ javais des blue screen en plein jeu sur tarkov jai tout les drivers a jour je vien de changer ma ram et jai pas de virus jai même formater mon pc mais maintenant je peut pas jouer dans les menu le jeu crash au bout de 2 min si quelqu’un aurais une solution svp sa serai super ma config 2080ti i79700k msi mag z390 32 g ram 2020.11.10_0-12-43_0.12.8.9708 application.log 2020.11.10_0-12-43_0.12.8.9708 backend_queue.log 2020.11.10_0-12-43_0.12.8.9708 notifications.log 2020.11.10_0-12-43_0.12.8.9708 nvidia.log 2020.11.10_0-12-43_0.12.8.9708 traces.log
  25. -Tkullberg-

    FPS Problem

    Hello. Whats going on with performance? Last night i had great flow on my gameplay.. but tonight my fps is down to 30-40 fps on every map.. Is it twitch drop that causes this? Thanks in advance
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