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Found 14 results

  1. Spartanul

    New IN-GAME language

    Greetings! I come with a slightly more delicate suggestion, I think it would be good to add multi-languages in the game, besides those that are already added, I think it would be good if you add the Romanian language, many Romanians play this game, I know that the game is still in BETA and I know how much effort you put in to improve the game but you can form a team from the Romanian community to create this without much effort. Thank you for your time
  2. TheBromax

    Scav Language

    So, My friends and I find it hilarious when the Scavs talk, shout, scream in pain, but we don't know what they are actually saying? Is anyone able to translate some of the scav dialog for me, is it just mumbo jumbo or the Russian Language???
  3. HavenAU


    I think it'd be really cool if USEC had a soft-skill for "Language" and as they progress through the game hearing SCAV and BEAR voices, the skill would increase, allowing for parts of the language to be understood. The information would be heard in broken English or translated into Broken English subtitles, with proficiency to understand being subject to skill level.
  4. Hi guys. First time posting, not really sure if this is the right subforum but whatever. I've noticed a lot of grammatical errors and unnatural phrasing in the English version of the game. I don't speak Russian so I can't do any translating, but I'm interested in proofreading/correcting the English text for this game, and it would be useful to have a word document to edit. I suppose I could just screenshot any errors I see and correct them on the image, and just send them to you guys, and allow you to implement the changes. Is that something BSG would be interested in?
  5. kapu05

    About PMC'S

    Hello so you guys know that theres USEC and BEAR faction's right? and theres USEC 3 voice too now so i was thinking that you developers should focus on bears voice now and what i suggest is broken english accent for bear you know so yeah have a nice day !
  6. PIG-Mathieu

    Rejoindre l'équipe des traducteurs !

    Bonjour Camarades, Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que le développement du Wiki Français d'Escape from Tarkov a débuté. En plus de la traduction française du jeu, nous travaillons aussi sur l'ajout des informations dans le wiki FR. C'est un très gros travail et nous venons demander de l'aide aux passionnés qui souhaitent aider. Environ 1800 articles sont à réaliser. Si vous voulez nous rejoindre en tant que helpeur dans ce projet, vous pourrez participer aux traductions du Wiki et aussi à la traduction du jeu! Page d'accueil du wiki Français : https://escapef
  7. stAKato

    USEC taunt and language

    Hello everybody, I wonder if USEC is a PMC group, they should come from around the world, but, in tarkov way, mainly from Europe and North America. I'm also aware that the most common language spoken in these PMC groups is English, but, in fact, in Tarkov, PMC are on their own so why not implement some new taunts in other languages, maybe done by the community, like French and German. (only taunts, because you need to be understood by the majority when teamworking with foreigners). Also, will you add a whisper toggle mode? And will you implement small trad lines in English /
  8. Battlestate Games съобщава, че Escape from Tarkov скоро ще получи нови локализации в допълнение към съществуващите руски и английски. Локализирането се осъществява чрез подкрепата на международната общност на проекта, като над 7000 души сa регистрирани, които помагат със сродни произведения. Пълният списък с допълнителни езици, които могат да се появят в играта, както и прогреса на локализирането за всеки от тях, са на разположение на адрес translate.escapefromtarkov.com В момента се провеждат тестове, корекции и процедури за добавяне на нови езици. Официалният уебсайт на проекта публикув
  9. Greetings, Escapers! Thank you for your continued support and your interest in Escape from Tarkov! We feel truly blessed to have a community like you - devoted, ready to help, and thorough. Your joint efforts keep making our game better every day - testing, suggesting ideas, proposing adjustments - and we really appreciate it. Now, when the open beta is drawing near, and the game is getting more and more content, we decided that it would be great to finally make Escape from Tarkov more accessible to those whose native language is different from English or Russian. In our efforts
  10. Hey! Any russian speaking people who browse the russian part of the forum here? I'm interested in your view of the playerbases. What do you think are the biggest differences between the demographics? Do you think that in general, there are different views between the playerbases on the game? Like what should be improved, meta, weapons etc? Anyone else interested in this subject?
  11. We only Expand and grow! We would like to welcome you all to the opening of our new two multilingual sub-forum: Dutch and Scandinavia. In addition to this, we have added a new ''Off-Topic (Off-Themen)'' subsection for German section as the community expands. on top of that, our ''Brazil'' section has been renamed to ''Portuguese'' by the request of the community to involve more of the language speakers to discuss and share Tarkov together. Happy Hunting everyone!
  12. yylryyzx

    game language support

    Is there any plan for this game to support other languages? I am sure there are players don't use English as 1st language. I'm from China. English is just fine with me. But i hope there will be more players who have difficulty reading English enjoy this game. I know translation is frustrating job , and you guys already have too much work to do. So maybe when time is proper use something like https://crowdin.com/ ? I just learn this from other game i play on steam. I think it's great for us players to make contribution to the game. And finally THANKS for all the great work
  13. Here in Ontario, all road signs are English/French fully translated, or Pictograms, making language redundant. In Tarkov...I have a feeling I might be missing out on some important info if everything is in Russian, and if they're going the realistic route, that's probably the case. So, I must ask the question: How lost will I be for not knowing Russian when playing the game, or navigating the map? Will I need to consult a fan (or official) resource for translated locations? Or, I suppose, learn certain bits of the language...I guess that could work after som
  14. I always wanted to learn a different language, currently learning german but it couldnt hurt to learn a few Russian Phrases. It doesn't have to stop at language, maybe some culture explanations as well?
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