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Found 7 results

  1. migidey

    Spawning later than friend

    Been grouping up with a friend and a few times I have spawned in later than my friend, whole 4 minutes later once. My specs are better than his and my internet connection is the same if not better, anyone know if there's a way to avoid this happening? The only thing that might be worse for me than my friend is the NAT type, could that affect the matchmaking like that?
  2. Trent2098

    Spawning late

    What’s the deal with spawning in with like 6 minutes left before the raid is ended? That has happened twice today both on interchange and waisted my scav each time. If there’s something I can do to fix this someone please let me know. I’ve already selected the only available servers in my area and this still happens.
  3. sgt_leprachaun

    Late into raids

    Hi, I was just wondering why when i join labs, I am always 5 mins late at least? I have the game on an SSD and i am never late on any other map apart from labs. I have been trying to do loot runs on labs for a couple days now and it is legitimately impossible as i am always late for some reason and all the good loot is gone. I know other people getting the same issue too and it isnt fair on a map where you have to pay 115,000 rubles just to get in only to have no chance of finding good loot and players to already be set up in advantageous positions.
  4. Eaglewarrior27

    Late spawning, and messed up spawns

    Typically when I play EFT I Queue up with one of my friends. When ever we load into a match sometimes he loads in up to a minute before I do. When I eventually spawn in the game tries to spawn me in close to where he has made it in the time I was loading. On three separate occasions I have spawned right beside a random player after I finished loading. It seems to happen on Customs the most. One occasion he loaded in before me and spawned at the Checkpoint Tower on Boiler Tanks spawn. He ran forward through the big hole in the wall and I loaded in into the building there across the road , with the forklifts. However it spawned me next to a random player. He must have been Queued with someone else because we looked at each other before he turned away, after making sure it wasn't my friend I shot him and took his loot. I'm wondering how the game can spawn me next to a random player I did not queue with, and if this issue has happened to many other people?
  5. GhostZ69

    Lag or Desync or Late Spawn?

    So, some friends and I were playing on Customs and as we all loaded in we died. Any idea what may have happened tonight? I am including a screen shot from each of the members of my group and a short video. WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE!!!! PLEASE! Do not make this about hacks. We all know that the Anti Hack is infallible and will ban all hackers the second that they load the hacks up with the game. To the Mods, please do not close this topic if people start calling hacks. Just ban them or delete their comments. I want to know if this is what the dev's intended to happen with their late spawns or was this desync or lag or what? Should we have checked our corners? Should we have all just "got gud"? What is the deal here?
  6. Hi, after the 0.4 beta patch was released, every single time I join a game as a PMC no matter the map, I am always very late into the game. Factory seems to be the only map it doesn't happen 100% of the time for, about 20% of my factory matches will be from the very start of the raid or a few minutes late like normal. For any other map other than factory, I've spawned 20-50 minutes late in every single game i've played today, I was trying to spawn into a fresh customs raid and run for the factory key spawns but every single game I press O, and there's only about 48 minutes left on customs. This is making it absolutely impossible to get the factory key as people have come and looted it like 30 minutes before I even spawned into the game. Before 0.4 I'd only spawn late into raids very rarely, but now it's every game. I'm not sure if this might be connected but I seem to be in the "Matching" stage of loading a customs raid for atleast 3 minutes every single match. Any ideas?
  7. Lauki

    Factory player times

    Is it intentional that I be spawned into a 4 minute old factory game, 3 games in a row?
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