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Found 3 results

  1. The latest 150 or 160 (or whichever value in this range) limit that got introduced killed my ability to play! I don't have a single server that doesn't dip at least a few times over the limit. I'm playing from Dubai and the ISPs here are a garbage duopoly that have no incentive to do anything about improving the infrastructure. My ping will fluctuate in a range of between 120 ms all the way to 300 for a few seconds. Like I'll be playing for the majority of time at 120 .. 125.. 142.. 135.. 126.. then 240... 180... 132.. 125... then again 301.. and back to 140.. and so on. The game won't care, if it dips a couple of times over that's it. I'm kicked. And these dips don't last too long. Can we please have a compromise of at least having the system kick me if I'm over the limit for an extended period of time per period? like if there is a 10 second duration, each time I dip back down, the timer resets? Have the current system kick per usual at maybe 250ms like last time. I don't think lag spikers would spike their ping that low, and I think the Chinese would have their ping higher that 160 for a lot longer than someone with garbage infrastructure.
  2. If someone's ping is on average going to be too high to stay on the server and will be auto-kicked, then that person should not be allowed to join the server in the first place. If the person is playing solo it should keep matching looking for a server that is within the acceptable latency. If they are in a group across other areas it should also do this. If no acceptable server can be found, then the player should be prompted and returned to the Menu screen after a certain amount of time as well as with a notification saying it was due to being unable to find a server with an adequate connection. As a personal example, I'm an American living in Japan. Because of that fact, I'm generally restricted to the Asia servers. Originally when I played with my friends or family in America and joined American-side server I could play with a 120-140 ping presumably on West Coast servers. As of late, it's really hit and miss to find any server that I can play with them on currently. However, sometimes I get brought in with a ping that is constantly changing. Something to this effect: 120, 160, 120, 140, 220, 170, 120, 210, ... Now why there is so much variation in the ping I'm not sure, but that's a recent change with the last 2 updates. In any case, there are times where I am connected to a game with one of them and the ping is already over 200. First, I don't wish to play in a game with that high of a ping. And secondly, the game almost always immediately kicks me as I load in and I am unable to load back in without being immediately kicked again. I know I cannot be the only person that wants to play with friends in different locations and not have to worry about just donating all our gear to the server because we were placed in a high latency server above the threshold and automatically kicked.
  3. Hello Devs! Hope you guys are having a nice day of work! 😃 Recently I noticed that my ping on the San Paulo Servers is too high for my location, I live in a city called Belo Horizonte that is about 400km from São Paulo. In the beginning of the year my ping was about 40, and I played on both MIAMI and SAN PAULO. Yesterday I noticed that I rarely get a good ping (not RED) Server, so I checked only San Paulo from the server list(when i could check, because the ping was too high or the connection timed out), and the ping was about 140, 150. My ping in others games is fine for Sao Paulo Servers (CSGO, LOL, HUNT SHOWDOWN) So, Do you guys now about this issue? Is this even a issue at all?? is my internet provider trolling me? is there anything I can do to lower my ping or help you guys do that? last tiny question, is there gonna be more south american servers? Argentina, Colombia, chile? Thanks for your hard work!
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