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Found 13 results

  1. derekschafer8

    Computer Crashes on Launch

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as me. When I launch Tarkov, my game loads up as normal, but when I get to the "Profile Data Loading" screen my computer screens go black, and then the computer restarts. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance..
  2. calin1996

    1 mbs download cap?

    Hello all! For some reason, game is capped at 1mbs download. Ipv6 is disabled, tried with cable/wifi. Nothing works. Any tips?
  3. sertito

    Launcher crash

    It appears the game has terminated with an error. Do you wish to report it? This pops up every time i press play on the launcher. I press play, wait a couple of seconds without a secondary window opening and then it apparently crashes. I tried to re-install the game + launcher and "run as administrator". Any one have a fix for this?
  4. MandaloreFallen

    User Action Required?

    I'm not really sure where I should be posting this but I am at a loss. I just got a second monitor hooked up, and was just figuring out how to run Tarkov and Discord in separate windows on the separate screens. While adjusting graphics, and restarting, I suddenly received a User Action Required message. I have an image posted. After several minutes the game would launch. To try to resolve the issue I uninstalled the game, still received the error while trying to reinstall, so I then uninstalled the game client, but now it won't let me install from the website. If there are any fixes, or if this is a bug on BSGs end, I don't know.
  5. I am having issues launching my game on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, not sure what to do but I read that it is up to developers to fix the issues BattlEye has with new versions of Windows. I get into the launcher just fine but as soon as I hit play, the game takes a second and refuses to go any further, any help would be appreciated, really excited for the wipe. <3
  6. Moin, grade nochmal meinen Acc zurück gesetzt und wenn ich jetzt starte und mich zwischen Englisch und Russisch entscheiden soll passiert nichts wenn ich auf den "Accept" button drücke. HAb jetzt schon restarts hinter mir und sonstwas probiert aber ich kann einfach nicht die Sprache bestätigen. Danke schon im Vorraus Networld
  7. alfleplusbo

    [000] Erreur dès le lancement du jeu

    Bonjour à tous, Je joue sur EFT depuis deux semaines sans accrocs, quand tout à coup en lançant une game sur factory cette après-midi, le temps de chargement pour rentrer en game dépasse les 5min (un peu étrange). Je reviens au menu de force avec un message d'erreur "object reference not set to an instance" code erreur = 000. Pas de panique, je redémarre le jeu pour me reco en game, et là impossible d'arriver sur le menu, je tombe forcément sur cette erreur et impossible de passer outre pour changer des options. Je désinstalle/réinstalle le jeu : même erreur. Je désinstalle et réinstalle avec un nouveau launcher : même erreur. Je suis à court d'idée, je sais que c'est une beta je ne vais pas me permettre de critiquer le développement, une erreur fait avancer les choses, je voudrais simplement savoir si cela était déjà arrivé à l'un d'entre vous et si vous aviez une solution. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses et bon jeu à tous.
  8. PenisGoose

    Open Map Questions

    First, I would like to ask the question that I've only gotten vague answers to. Will there be an open map connecting all maps together? Secondly, if there is going to be an open map, I've noticed there are dots connecting the names of each map on the screen. Will there be exits to maps that will fast travel you to the next map, or will it be more like DayZ where it's all just one big map?
  9. TheColdVein

    Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Hello, Escapers! We have heard the pleas of our Asian community and as we strive to build our network across the globe, we have officially opened the Asia Servers. This is great news for all of us, as this will help to lighten the load as we can now give our Asian brothers and sisters a home of their very own. Please take the time to provide any feedback in this thread, about your experience in the new servers. We are tirelessly working on ALL servers to give each and every one of you a quality experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding in all matters. Long live Battlestate Games! Czech translation here. Thank you @PugMonk Portuguese translation here. Thank you @dimittri4gc Chinese translation here. Thank you @Hazel
  10. When i try to start the game, it always just randomly freezes before the menu, i havent been able to play in 2 days, and before you even ask, reinstalling the launcher & game didnt help
  11. Salve a tutti, sono un giocatore di EFT, ci gioco da più di un mese e lo ritengo un gioco con un potenziale enorme, sono consapevole che il gioco è ancora in stato di BETA e quindi soggetto ancora a molti problemi, però vorrei ricevere degli aiuti da voi dato che ho aperto un ticket di richiesta sul sito ufficiale ma ancora mi devono rispondere. Attualmente per me è impossibile giocare dato che se avvio il gioco o direttamente dall'eseguibile EscapeFromTarkov.exe oppure dal BsgLauncher, il gioco si freeza quando dovrebbe avvenire il login, ecco alcuni video che mostrano il problema Video1 Video2 Gradirei che qualcuno mi aiutasse dato che al momento non riesco a giocare, volevo infine dire che questo problema non si presenta sempre e comunque, non so per quale motivo ma dopo un pomeriggio passato a tentare di avviarlo invano, sono riuscito a farlo avviare la sera senza fare niente di diverso. Ho provato ad aggiornare i driver nvidia, directx, disinstallazione sia del gioco che del launcher, ho provato a creare un nuovo utente su windows e farlo avviare col nuovo utente ma non va lo stesso, non so davvero cosa fare.
  12. DigitalKoala

    Game Wont Run Properly

    ive instaled the game but when i try to run it it just does nothing, it just sits in the background processes not launching. th8is happens if i run as administrator also. plz help
  13. ianRuiz2004

    Regarding about US Activation

    I really wanted to pre-order but I couldn't find any post regarding about my situation. Because I'm from Asia but I'm currently in the US East Coast for an internship until September and will be back home on October. Since the game could only be launched in the US given the condition that the pre-order was done in the US Region. Will there be another way for me to preorder that's outside of the US Region? Is it possible for me to use a Proxy/VPN Program while doing the pre-order so that my location will be in Europe and I could launch the game possible in the US and surely back home? Thanks and I hope that someone could assist me with the situation
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