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Found 44 results

  1. I recently upgraded to windows 10, and now launcher wont start, but keeps on crashing
  2. The game was working fine for me earlier today, I had no issues, But recently I have not been able to open the game at all due to the launcher closing as soon as it pops open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times already and allowed the game through my firewall with no luck. I have no clue what it could be or why its choosing to not work as of recent. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Launcher Issues

    hey guys The Launcher have Login problems got the same Problem here...but its just an game issue you DONT Need to repair the game or anythink else, its just a launcher Problem just wait a litte bit .... they are working on the Problem see u ingame & greetings

    hey guys The Launcher have Login problems got the same Problem here...but its just an game issue you DONT Need to repair the game or anythink else, its just a launcher Problem just wait a litte bit .... they are working on this Problem see u ingame & greetings
  5. Hello. Today i got an small update on my game, after launching the game and clicking "Play" it opened the game normaly, had 1 game and after that tried to get to 2nd i got "Trying to synchronize with other players 90%". I was stuck there for good 5-7 minutes and then i realised it wont get me to into the game. I re-lauched the game, and it said my files are corrupted and wont start, so i repaired, finished the repair, opened game, crashed, told me i needed a repair again, wont launch again ECT ECT.
  6. I feel like my launcher doesn't work more often that it does. In the three weeks i've been playing the game, I've deleted and re-installed the launcher half a dozen times... Why is it so unreliable?
  7. Bonjour à tous, Je me suis pris le jeu aujourd'hui, version standard, petit soucis je n'arrive pas à télécharger le jeu. Il bloque à 90%, et m'affiche ce message : " file download error Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré." Il se bloque à 30-40ko/s et à environ 4Go il m'affiche le message ci-dessus. Que faire ? Supprimer les fichier du jeux ? Cordialement Opiow
  8. Launcher Error

    Witam, dziś przy pobieraniu EfT, Launcher się zawiesił po restarcie widać takie coś, za każdym razem gdy odpalam Launcher
  9. Weird issue

    I got wasted in Factory, then my game hung on the after trying to get back to main menu. ALT+F4'd out. Then tried to go back into the game and the launcher was messed up. Got all these errors on the launcher and it's trying to get me to locate my install directory which I did, it validates files and stays exactly at Install versus play game. I'm guessing a server somewhere took a poo, but I don't know. Just wanted to make sure I posted about it so people didn't think they are alone in this.
  10. Launcher won't make update

    Hello everyone, When i want to update the game, i keep meeting the same problem: after i put my login and password in the launcher at the start, i can see a glimpse of the launcher before it switches off by itself. I also tried to run as admin, but no change. I tried also to launch it directly via the app in the game files but it won't function: the screen will go black for a few seconds before everything goes back to normal. Running as admin won't change anything. The weird thing is that the game an ok yesterday, and has this problem only since today 21/01/2018. I tried to reinstall the launcher alone but when it asks me to update it (critical update), the same problmen occurs after the reinstalling of the launcher. When i went to the logs of the game it puts me this : Assert.raiseExceptions:'False'| I don't know what to do. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks for your time.
  11. Cześć wszystkim. Mam taki o to problem. Przy każdym uruchomieniu launchera gry, ten wyrzuca błąd i wyświetla okno z zapytaniem czy może się przeinstalować. Przy każdym uruchomieniu jest to samo. Instaluje się na nowo sam launcher, sama gra już jest nic się z nią nie dzieje można od razu ją odpalić. . Stało się to po "klęknięciu" win10 na DELLu, które to wywołało przywrócenie do ustawień fabrycznych systemu oraz aktualizacje chipsteu (przypadkiem ) Będę wdzięczny za wskazówki. Z góry dziękuję, mediceo.
  12. Today after launcher update I got an error (see attached image): Installed game version check error - Escape from tarkov should contain only one executable to launch the game Everything went fine previously, so I was confused at first ("what is wrong with the update?"), but finally I found out that I had installed BSG launcher into the same folder as the game itself. I wasn't able to find any thread with similar problem, so I will leave a solution here, if anybody needs it in the future: Solution: Uninstall launcher, installed launcher again into a different folder (not the EFT game folder), run launcher, click "set game path..." option above "Install" button, choose the EFT game folder, play. PS: Thanks devs for clear and descriptive errors
  13. Witam. Otóż od pewnego czasu spotykam się z problemem z launcherem, gdy go odpalam proces jest aktywny w tle natomiast sam launcher się nie uruchamia.Pierwszy raz gdy się z tym spotkałem to stało się to z dnia na dzień. Kombinowałem na wszystkie sposoby usunąć zainstalować na nowo, wyczyścić rejestr, zaktualizować wszystkie sterowniki a nawet system. W akcie desperacji przeinstalowałem system i dopiero wtedy pomogło. Jak i reinstall systemu to i antywirusa trzeba było zainstalować. To też zainstalowałem nod32 i znowu ten sam problem. Więc reinstall systemu raz jeszcze tym razem zainstalowałem wszystko poza antywirusem. Gra znowu zaczęła działać. Aż po dziś dzień kiedy to z przyczyny losowej (nic nie instalowałem etc.) problem powrócił raz jeszcze. Nie uśmiecha mi się za bardzo za każdym razem reinstallować systemu gdy tylko gra będzie mieć focha więc pytam was czy też tak mieliście i naprawiliście w inny sposób ? Pisałem do supportu w tej sprawie, jednak wszystko co mi poradzili nie dało efektu poza reinstallem systemu operacyjnego.
  14. Had a quick search and could find this. So every time i fire up the PC and open the EFT launcher I have to manually select file path for the launcher to find and verify the game files! This is no great drama and it only takes a min, just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone else has this. Is it worth creating a ticket or waiting for future update? Can i just re-iterate this is not a whinge!! Unlike so many posts i see to see. Bloody love this game.
  15. What to do if you aren't granted access to the launcher after a week of playing?
  16. Actual support

    Will there ever be a team dedicated to fixing anything? Its been months now and i still cant launch the game with multi-monitors unless i spam alt enter and pray for it to work. I lose full sets of gear at least 3 times a day because "server connection lost" and then it refuses to re-connect. All i can think is you did this to yourselves. this game will never leave its early access stages, not when we're promised for months and months that "the desync will get better" and/or "but its early access" Nobody in their right mind wants MORE content when the old content is bugged to hell. Bring back performance optimization, nobody with a GPU from the GTX970 or up series GPU's should suffer 30fps on a game that's not visually breathtaking. You can "b-but its EARLY ACCESS" all you want but those people that played the games the last 2 weeks are shitting on the game with bad commentary. They dedicate resources to adding new guns but you still get stuck at hole in wall at factory, or lockers. Or between two normal rocks at woods. I don't get why new content is prioritized over improving that which is already there. I love the concept but it's becoming bitter. Bitter because the horrendous low refresh rate servers (if it even has 5hz ill be surprised), the desyncing, the stucking, the launcher issues and even more game breaking things like opening a door just to get stuck in that animation until you restart the game and probably die. These things are game breaking, but "HERE"S THE OTHER PART OF SHORELINE!". The textures are bland, the post processing is mediocre, there aren't really any simulations running; it begs the question, why can't mid-high-end systems (gtx1060 and up) get stable performance?
  17. Der Launcher startet bei mir nicht mehr seit einem Windows 10 Update von heute 19.12.2017 auf Version 1709 Build 16299.125
  18. Error bsg Launcher.exe 0xc0000005

    Hola, hace unos meses probé el juego y por tema de tiempo deje de hacerlo, ahora que tengo vacaciones obligadas (problemas médicos) descargue el juego y me salta este error (0xc0000005) al querer iniciar el laucher. Probe desactivar el antivirus, poner el archivo en exclusión, instalarlo en diferentes discos duros... Si alguien sabe la solución desde ya muchas gracias!
  19. Problem z launcherem po update

    Zaktualizowałem launcher, po czym potrzebował restart, później jak włączyłem to wyskakuje ciagle "odmowa dostepu" , wie ktos o co chodzi ? Pomocy !
  20. Latest BSG Launcher update detected as Trojan by Kaspersky. If this is a false positive, lodge it with Kaspersky. Keep up the good work lads!
  21. Trojan/Kaspersky

    Bonjour, Petit topic pour savoir si je suis le seul dans ce cas. Ce matin au lancement du launcher , message d'erreur : critical launcher update... Dans la foulée, mon antivirus Kaspersky détecte un trojan dans l'exe du jeu. Ci joint le rapport. Merci pour vos retour errorEFT.txt
  22. Launcher not starting

    Hello guys, I've got a problem with my launcher. When I start the launcher, the process starts but nothing happens. I'm new with the game and just downloaded the launcher and it didn't work. Reinstalled three times and looked up possible issues. I do not have msi or rivatuner, launched it as admin and put it to exeption list of my antivirus(avast). Still does not work . Any more ideas? My operating system is win 7 professional n and i did not change the default installation path.
  23. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Launcher. Ich kann ihn nicht öffnen. Ich habe den launcher in sein Standardverzeichnis installiert und weder msi afterburner noch rivatuner installiert. Die Installation habe ich als Admin gemacht und den Launcher auch als Admin gestartet. Der Prozess BSG launcher startet auch im Taskmanager, jedoch öffnet sich kein Fenster. Aus dem Grund kann ich leider das Spiel nicht installieren. Reinstallation habe ich schon ausprobiert und den kompletten Ordner bei meinem Antivirus zu den Ausnahmen hinzugefügt. Was kann ich noch ausprobieren? Please help
  24. Hallo Freunde, zur Info falls es auch bei einem von euch vorkommt, dass ihr Probleme habt den Launcher oder das Game herunterzuladen:
  25. Launcher not working

    Hello guys, I've got a problem with my launcher. I'm new with the game and just downloaded the launcher and it didn't work. Reinstalled three times and looked up possible issues. I do not have msi or rivatuner, launched it as admin and put it to exeption list of my antivirus. Still does not work Any more ideas? My operating system is win 7 professional n.