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Found 60 results

  1. Hi guys, I see some treat of this topic, that users have slow DL when using the launcher. So instead of waiting long time, it woudl be faster if there are someone post a mirror donwload of actual version(even past version is ok). In that way we just need to paste the mirror file to the launcher or game folder. Best regards
  2. hey so i saw that my launcher says USA when i am playing from EU. i went and changed to EU on the site paid the fee and all. so i downloaded the launcher again and it still says USA i just need to know if its normal and ok or not and if not how do i fix that now i just feel like i paid 10 bucks for nothing.
  3. stonewall22

    Battlestate launcher being weird

    I just got EFT and tried the launcher but this keeps happening. I put my username into the top and password into the bottom but nothing happens. Any fix?
  4. Hello. Today i got an small update on my game, after launching the game and clicking "Play" it opened the game normaly, had 1 game and after that tried to get to 2nd i got "Trying to synchronize with other players 90%". I was stuck there for good 5-7 minutes and then i realised it wont get me to into the game. I re-lauched the game, and it said my files are corrupted and wont start, so i repaired, finished the repair, opened game, crashed, told me i needed a repair again, wont launch again ECT ECT.
  5. TallTex42

    Launcher won't start install!

    When I try to install the game, the loading icon appears briefly in the lower right of the launcher window before disappearing and then the Install button reappears. This happens whether I check the box for auto-updates or not. Why won't the launcher install the game? I have several friends at work who won't shut up about this game and I was really excited to experience it for myself. Also, this is not similar to the other situation that was posted about in here about the black box that appears at the end of installing the game; I'm unable to install at all. P.S. I am using Windows 10 on an Alienware Aurora R4
  6. I recently upgraded to windows 10, and now launcher wont start, but keeps on crashing
  7. mgeetoo

    Game Launcher

    Kann Game Launcher Herunterladen aber nicht auf meinem PC installieren. Die Heruntergeladene Datei vom Game Launcher im Download Ordner kann NICHT geöffnet werden um den Download fortzusetzen, wo ist das Problem? Danke für die Hilfe
  8. Jokills

    Launcher not starting

    Hello guys, I've got a problem with my launcher. When I start the launcher, the process starts but nothing happens. I'm new with the game and just downloaded the launcher and it didn't work. Reinstalled three times and looked up possible issues. I do not have msi or rivatuner, launched it as admin and put it to exeption list of my antivirus(avast). Still does not work . Any more ideas? My operating system is win 7 professional n and i did not change the default installation path.
  9. So basically as soon as i open the launcher to log in a popup comes up saying 'Youll need a new app to open this about' and it doesnt go away it isnt a virus popup it is one from windows and i dont know what i have to do to make it work. I spent £37 on this game and i kind of want to play it!
  10. ctgs113

    Przetłumaczyłem Launcher

    Dzisiaj w związku z dużą ilością wolnego czasu przetłumaczyłem launcher tarkova z Angielskiego na Polski, przetłumaczone są wszystkie pozycje w menu i większość wiadomości o błędach. Informacje od twórców (czerwony pasek o hotfixach itd) nie są i nie będą po Polsku, są to informacje idące od twórców, od nich zależy jej język. Tłumaczenie zawarte jest pliku "translation" w formacie .json, w celu instalacji należy wejść w folder w którym zainstalowany jest launcher tarkova, następnie w folderze Content > Locales > en podmieniasz plik translation i już, masz launcher po Polsku. Plik znajduje się na mojej chmurze google. link do pobrania.txt Jak znajdziecie jakieś błędy to proszę o informację.
  11. So. iv been doing my own research and looking around. This was happening before the update yesterday as well, i updated my GPU drivers. and it worked then. Today there was a FlashPlayer update. Now the game wont launch when you hit start from the launcher, it locks up the entire computer. I looked around again and all the old threads and reddit posts said things like "upgrade your drivers." i checked today, my drivers are still up to date. "you need more RAM." i have 16GB RAM and 14GB VRAM on drives and 4GB VRAM on Readyboost through a 3.1USB Thumbdrive. Even after removing the thumbdrive. and setting my Drive VRAM to system managed mode, i still have the same issue. one guy said "take your computer apart and clean it"... to fix a software issue, sure. The game worked in the past before the 10.0 update. there WAS this issues before in 8.0 area a few times but not all the time. NOW iv gone through this 5 times in a row. it cringes me having to hard reset my PC through holding down the power button. PC spex: -AMD Ryzen R7 1800X -AMD Radeon R9 390X -RAM 16GB DDR4 -VRAM 14GB Page (from 6 drives in all) -Readyboost 4GB Page support -Main drive (bootdrive): WD Black NV.Me 236GB -Drive Tarkov is in: SeaGate Hybrid Drive 931GB (527GB still free) -1000w PSU (because i run lots of things off this box, and it was on sale) Additionally, i do run youtube some times, and the one time it crashed wile watching youtube on 1 or my 3 monitors, the sound kept going, and it kept loading the video. on my PC, the HDD busy light flashes as well as if the computer is still operational. Though my GPU and CPU fan speed spiral down to idle as if they arnt getting any tasks or inputs.
  12. TwistedRatchet6

    Cant Install Update

    i'm installing EFT on my new rig When i go to install the game update it gives me a error With this {Unable to load the file "http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/"} Can anyone help me with this please ?
  13. lih2677

    게임런쳐 업데이트 예정!

    게임 런쳐를 업데이트 할 예정입니다. 런쳐의 기능을 좀 더 개선될 예정인데요. 기존의 게임런쳐는 그저 타르코프 공식 페이지의 뉴스만 표시되었었는데 이젠 공식 트위터도 표시될 겁니다. 공식 페이지에 공지되지 않는 자잘한 패치때 게임이 왜 꺼지는지 일일이 확인하러 페이스북이나 트위터 등을 찾아들어가는 수고를 좀 더 줄어들게 되고 더 빠르게 최신 소식들을 런쳐에서 확인하실 수 있을거에요. 게다가 비디오 표시 화면에 공식 유튜브 채널의 영상만 보여드리는게 아닌, 여러분이 만드신 다양한 고품질의 영상들을 보여드릴 수 있게 되었어요. 또한 패치노트도 최신 패치노트를 계속 표시할 수 있게 바뀔거에요. 현재 새로운 버전의 런쳐는 아직 바로 배포되지는 않았습니다. 좀 더 많은 테스트와 확인을 거친 후에 업데이트 할 예정이에요.
  14. Buenas tardes compañeros. Actualmente los servidores se estan actualizando y por ello dan lugar al siguiente mensaje de error cuando queremos jugar: "Escapefromtarkov.exe dejo de funcionar" Es normal, reintentar la conexion hasta que os deje. Un saludo
  15. Turboccxr

    Launcher won't make update

    Hello everyone, When i want to update the game, i keep meeting the same problem: after i put my login and password in the launcher at the start, i can see a glimpse of the launcher before it switches off by itself. I also tried to run as admin, but no change. I tried also to launch it directly via the app in the game files but it won't function: the screen will go black for a few seconds before everything goes back to normal. Running as admin won't change anything. The weird thing is that the game an ok yesterday, and has this problem only since today 21/01/2018. I tried to reinstall the launcher alone but when it asks me to update it (critical update), the same problmen occurs after the reinstalling of the launcher. When i went to the logs of the game it puts me this : Assert.raiseExceptions:'False'| I don't know what to do. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks for your time.
  16. como buen e dicho, me e comprado hoy el juego, y a la hora de descargar el launcher, no me deja, simplemente es como si ni pulsara... alguna solución por favor?
  17. Dodebebop

    Checksum file does not match

    When I try to install the game it gives me the error "checksum file does not match" and if I go to check the file that I downloaded it in the folder only has a file named "lock". I've tried restarting my pc, reinstalling, reinstalling without antifvirus on, and still nothing. Any idea on how to fix it?
  18. Shame

    Problem z aktualizacją

    Witam wszystkich. To mój pierwszy temat na forum i jeśli dział nie ten, to proszę o przesunięcie. Mam pytanie do Was, drodzy współgracze, czy miewacie problemy z aktualizacją? Chodzi mi o to, że już 4 raz nie mogę z tego powodu update'ować gry. W launcherze mam info o dostępnej nowej wersji: Gdy najadę kursorem na przycisk, ten podświetla się. Klikam i... Nic. Klik, klik, klik... Nic. Restartuję: launcher, kompa - nic. Pobieram najnowszy launcher i reinstaluję - nic. Wyłączam firewall itp. - nic. Jedyne co pomaga, to ręczne wywalenie gry (całkowicie) i ponowne pobieranie i instalacja. Może przy pierwszym, czy drugim razie można to przełknąć, ale gra robi się coraz większa i teraz jest już prawie 12 GB do zassania za każdym razem. Zaznaczę też, że problem ten nie pojawia się przy każdym update'cie. Mogę bezproblemowo przyjąć parę aktualizacji i za którąś pojawia się coś takiego. Czy ktoś z Was spotkał się z takim problemem? Pozdro.
  19. Внимание, Днес планираме да направим ограничено пускане на актуализацията на стартовото приложение. Това означава, че стартовото приложение ще бъде актуализирано за ограничен брой потребители, за целите на тестването. Промени: Нова система за актуализиране на съдържанието Ако плейърът не се е актуализирал известно време, всички актуализации се изтеглят на партида с единична лента за прогрес Поддръжка за обновяване Добавени са опции за пауза, възобновяване (дори и след рестартиране на стартовия панел) и спиране (с почистване на изтеглените файлове) свалянията на пакета за игри и / или актуализации Ако стартера не успee да актуализира играта, той уведомява кой файл е забъркан и не му позволява да се актуализира Променена е програма за премахване Приключването на папката се стартира само (предотвратявайки бъг при всяко стартиране) Изключене е почистването на папката за игри (използвана преди това в случай на инсталационни грешки и т.н.) Поправена е рядка грешка при автоматична актуализация Таймерът за прогрес сега показва секунди само ако остане по-малко от минута Достъпът до доставчика се коригира при напускане на стартера Обновяване на версия CEF VC ++ Възпроизвеждане на обновена версия Поправена е циклична грешка "Невалидна контролна сума" при изтегляне или актуализиране. В случай на възникване, файлът ще бъде изтеглен наново, без да влиза в цикъла Поправена е празна грешка в раздела за настройки при първото стартиране Поправено е състоянието на изходния бутон в заявката за актуализация на стартера Други малки поправки на стартера и интерфейса **** Добавена е възможността да се изберат игрални сървъри през стартера ****
  20. zekekee

    Launcher problems

    Any way of fixing the download speed in the launcher? For some unknown reason my game is loading only at 300 kb/s when anything I download on steam or other launchers download at 10 mb/s
  21. so i recently just switched to win10 and i set my game drive back to the letter i had it on before hand. EFT is still installed and i can run it if i click the .exe but the launcher will not find it and i really dont want to reinstall a game i already have. ive tried to set the path to existing game installation but its not working. any suggestions?
  22. Today after launcher update I got an error (see attached image): Installed game version check error - Escape from tarkov should contain only one executable to launch the game Everything went fine previously, so I was confused at first ("what is wrong with the update?"), but finally I found out that I had installed BSG launcher into the same folder as the game itself. I wasn't able to find any thread with similar problem, so I will leave a solution here, if anybody needs it in the future: Solution: Uninstall launcher, installed launcher again into a different folder (not the EFT game folder), run launcher, click "set game path..." option above "Install" button, choose the EFT game folder, play. PS: Thanks devs for clear and descriptive errors
  23. The game was working fine for me earlier today, I had no issues, But recently I have not been able to open the game at all due to the launcher closing as soon as it pops open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times already and allowed the game through my firewall with no luck. I have no clue what it could be or why its choosing to not work as of recent. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  24. Abrissoppa

    Launcher Issues

    hey guys The Launcher have Login problems got the same Problem here...but its just an game issue you DONT Need to repair the game or anythink else, its just a launcher Problem just wait a litte bit .... they are working on the Problem see u ingame & greetings
  25. Abrissoppa


    hey guys The Launcher have Login problems got the same Problem here...but its just an game issue you DONT Need to repair the game or anythink else, its just a launcher Problem just wait a litte bit .... they are working on this Problem see u ingame & greetings
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