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Found 85 results

  1. Z0rix

    Problem z launcherem bez liter

    Siema! Mam pewien problem. Dość dziwny i chyba niespotykany bo szukałem trochę na internecie i nic nie było chyba że jestem po prostu ślepy. Więc chciałem wrócić do gierki więc odpaliłem launchera i wyskoczył mi błąd. Zreinstallowałem go i w launcherze... nie ma liter. Dodaje zdjęcia. Może ktoś wie o co chodzi?
  2. Mctrousers

    Problema de launcher

    Si apago la pc cuando la vuelvo a prender no puedo abrir el launcher y tengo que descargarlo de nuevo, y cuando abre no puedo leer nada, todo esta como super pequeño
  3. Why does the launcher uses 20% of GPU? Without anything else open. Tested with Chrome, Youtube, 1080p 60 FPS video uses only 15%. Are you mining crypto?
  4. DuzeeM

    CefSharp.Core problem

    Hi, i have problem when i want to launch Battlestate Games Lanucher. A bug say: "Could not load file or set 'CefSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138 or one of his dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program in an incorrect format." Has anyone had a problem with this? Any solutions? I installed already vc++ 2015 and 2013..
  5. So basically as soon as i open the launcher to log in a popup comes up saying 'Youll need a new app to open this about' and it doesnt go away it isnt a virus popup it is one from windows and i dont know what i have to do to make it work. I spent £37 on this game and i kind of want to play it!
  6. Tried opening EFT this morning and my launcher gives the following: "Error Receiving Game session Data :205 205 - Bad Account ID. " Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix?
  7. Wenn ich auf Update drücke kommt das : ,,Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unbekannter Fehler beim Empfangen... Von der Übertragungsverbindung können keine Daten gelesen werden: Eine vorhandene Verbindung wurde vom Remotehost geschlossen." Wenn ich das Feld mit diesem Text schließe, dann schließt sich der ganze Launcher und der Button wo normalerweise Spielen steht, steht jetzt Reparieren und links daneben in rot: ,,Warnung! Spielstart unmöglich! Integrität der Spieldaten ist kompromittiert! Spielreperatur erforderlich!" Ich würde ja gerne auf Reparieren drücken aber es geht nicht weil das Feld mit den oben genannten text davor ist und ich dieses er schließen muss, aber dann schließt sich der ganze Launcher. Bitte helft mir. Danke
  8. So, i boot up the BSG Launcher and is greeted with this. I only found a post on reddit saying I need to get a VPN to get around it, something which seems weird. Have owned the game for 4 days now, would like to play some more before i retire from it... Any help would be appriciated!
  9. UndeadHiro117

    Not Receiving Security Code for Launcher

    Hello, new player looking to get into EFT. Successfully bought the game and was able to install the Battlestate Games Launcher, but after I login, im prompted with another query asking for ANOTHER verification code. Its been over 24 hours now, Im getting worried that it might never arrive. I have gotten other emails from BSG already, so weird why this one wouldn't show up. I have created a support ticket, but I've read that it takes around 10 days to get a response in, and I would like to have reassurance that I will "eventually" get this email (containing code)/skip this query. I read that launching the launcher as Admin can help, but still nothing.
  10. Tschechox

    Fehler beim Update vom neuen Patch

    Wenn ich auf Update drücke kommt das : ,,Die zugrunde liegende Verbindung wurde geschlossen: Unbekannter Fehler beim Empfangen... Von der Übertragungsverbindung können keine Daten gelesen werden: Eine vorhandene Verbindung wurde vom Remotehost geschlossen." Wenn ich das Feld mit diesem Text schließe, dann schließt sich der ganze Launcher und der Button wo normalerweise Spielen steht, steht jetzt Reparieren und links daneben in rot: ,,Warnung! Spielstart unmöglich! Integrität der Spieldaten ist kompromittiert! Spielreperatur erforderlich!" Ich würde ja gerne auf Reparieren drücken aber es geht nicht weil das Feld mit den oben genannten text davor ist und ich dieses er schließen muss, aber dann schließt sich der ganze Launcher. Bitte helft mir. Danke
  11. Every time I open the BSG launcher, it crashes. Over and over. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling has worked. It doesnt remember where the game is saved every time i open it, which I "set the pathe to existing game installation" which it verifies is there then crashes. I believe this started after the most recent update. The game crashes when it reaches the "searching for updates" portion of the launch as far as i can tell. Any help would be amazing. Right now i have a very expensive EOD icon sitting on my desktop.
  12. Today after launcher update I got an error (see attached image): Installed game version check error - Escape from tarkov should contain only one executable to launch the game Everything went fine previously, so I was confused at first ("what is wrong with the update?"), but finally I found out that I had installed BSG launcher into the same folder as the game itself. I wasn't able to find any thread with similar problem, so I will leave a solution here, if anybody needs it in the future: Solution: Uninstall launcher, installed launcher again into a different folder (not the EFT game folder), run launcher, click "set game path..." option above "Install" button, choose the EFT game folder, play. PS: Thanks devs for clear and descriptive errors
  13. TallTex42

    Launcher won't start install!

    When I try to install the game, the loading icon appears briefly in the lower right of the launcher window before disappearing and then the Install button reappears. This happens whether I check the box for auto-updates or not. Why won't the launcher install the game? I have several friends at work who won't shut up about this game and I was really excited to experience it for myself. Also, this is not similar to the other situation that was posted about in here about the black box that appears at the end of installing the game; I'm unable to install at all. P.S. I am using Windows 10 on an Alienware Aurora R4
  14. wavydelicsTTV

    Can't Download Launcher Again

    **IF ANYONE COULD HELP, THAT'D BE GREAT** Last night I was trying to install the new update on the launcher but it kept messing up and saying I have to click repair to download. Every time I would try to repair it would do the same thing and give an error message and close my launcher. So now I have uninstalled the whole game and launcher trying to redownload the launcher so it would possibly fix, but now every time I click install on the site it takes me to a 404 not found page. Now I have no way to get the game again, I've tried different browsers and took my anti-virus and other things off, but nothings working. Please help, I am addicted and need more roubles :(
  15. Can you please make an option ,that I can change the location of this folder. And can you please fix the problem that I can install the launcher on an other location. C is in my computer and on the computer of my friend full of windows and stuff that I need to work with, so I can't delete it. Please Fix that <3
  16. My problem is that when I open the launcher, I instantly get an error.. Error in the first launcher update stage.. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. I click "close" and I'm granted access to the launcher. Go to install my EOD edition, install at the C:\Battlestate Games\EFT(live) folder, then I get another error saying there's a lock file in there being used by another process, its a ghost file that can be deleted, but comes back when I try install the game again. Anyways click "close" again and try again, I delete that lock file and try again, this time its saying the folder is not empty and error 403 forbidden comes up again. Other INFORMATION: Game and launcher to install on my SSD (C:) drive. I have tried with disabling anti-virus, running as admin, updating windows, updating drivers and everything. I keep getting tickets closed by the support team who dont want to answer or help with the issue. Naturally since I cant install the game, the "set the path to existing game installation" is not going to work. If someone can please help with this as its frustrating the life out of me not being able to play a £100+ game -__-
  17. Craumas

    Tarkov Installation Corrupted

    I've been having major issues the past couple days. For some reason Tarkov will not let me delete it or when it reinstalls it rolls back the launcher update when I open it and says I don't have permission to access the files. BUt it says I'm the owner in the files initially. But as soon as it rolls back the launcher it corrupts and says I don't have access to it and it doesn't even let me set myself as owner again. It's becoming extremely discouraging and I cannot find any resources to help with it. Does anyone know how to fix it? I can't even access the launcher, it says windows doesn't have a specified path. But when I delete it with safe mode and re-install it, it downloads and I open up the launcher to finish the update and it says to restart it and it rolls back the changes and corrupts it to the point that I can't even change ownership of the files or delete it normally because the exe doesn't allow anyone to access it. I've been working on fixes all day but nothing has worked.
  18. Anyone reading, I'd really appreciate your time checking this out. Hopefully, I can receive a bit of a following, to get this to the dev's attention. Now finally to my situation, I just bought four days ago, the standard closed beta access. Currently, every time I get into the launcher is give me a error saying,"UNEXPECTED CHARACTER WHILE PARSING VALUE." On top that the launcher requires a complete reinstall, Which I've already done, countlessly. I've did everything to fix this, on my part. I must be a small minority of people that have this issue, because I've looked around for answers already. Only few people have had this error, and those I've looked at haven't gotten a direct comment on fixing this. I'm confident that only really the dev's can handle this directly. I just hope this post gets a enough attention raised, for BattleState to respond to me, because god, I've been trying: their email, their forums, and their BattleState website, just to name a few. ANY ATTENTION HELPS
  19. mads9404

    Installation Issue.

    Greetings people who visit my post. I've before played EFT, and my buddies just strated playing again. Since then, I've gotten a new PC, and now I have a huge issue. I've reinstalled the launcher multiple times, and tried everything I could possibly think of. But here's the issue: whenever I press the "install" button, nothing happens. It refreshes the button, and nothing. I can do this over and over, without anything happening. I've tried changing the installation route multiple times, and this doesn't help either. Does anyone have a fix for this, or has anyone else experienced this? Best regards, Semeks
  20. I feel like my launcher doesn't work more often that it does. In the three weeks i've been playing the game, I've deleted and re-installed the launcher half a dozen times... Why is it so unreliable?
  21. John84

    Problème source du jeux installé

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai acheté le jeux édition standard via "instant gaming" qui m'a fourni le code d'activation pour pouvoir télécharger sur le site d'EFT. Je m'inscris et télécharge le Launcher sur mon SSD 😄 ; jusqu'ici tout va bien. Je fais l'installation du jeux via le Launcher sur ce même SSD, en laissant le dossier proposé qui est dans la même source (Battlestate Games) que le launcher. Donc 2 dossiers, un pour le Launcher et un pour le jeux (ETF live). Le téléchargement est vraiment long, constamment cette fenêtre qui apparaît où il faut cliquer sur "retry" pour poursuivre. À la fin du téléchargement plusieurs check du dossier pour finaliser l'installation, et le bouton "play" qui apparaît. Impeccable je lance le jeux pour vérifier qu'il marche bien et c'est ok. Je n'ai pas lancé de parti pour faute de temps, j'ai donc quitté le jeux et éteint mon ordi. Et la c'estle drame, le soir j'allume l'ordi lance le launcher en admin et le bouton "install" qui apparaît à la place de "play". 2 jours que je décortique chaques sujets sur le forum, même sur d'autres sites et je ne trouve rien. Comme si le jeux n'étais pas installé sur la source indiqué dans le launcher. J'ai essayé de changer le dossier indiqué, même en le déplacement sur mon disque "D:" et à chaque fois j'ai ce message qui apparaît et qui m'empêche de changer la source. Le dossier du jeux fait bien 16.8 go donc pour moi il y a tout, surtout que j'ai réussi à le lancer directement après l'installation. Quand je l'ouvre il y bien aussi l'application pour permettre le lancement de celui-ci. Par contre en essayant de changer le dossier source du jeux via le launcher, dans le dossier ETF live l'application de lancement n'est pas affichée mais seulementles autres dossiers. Peut-être pour ça que ce message apparaît. J'ai essayé de désinstaller le launcher et de réinstaller le jeux. Il y a que le jeux que je n'ai pas essayé vu la galère que j'ai eu pour y arriver et qu'en lisant certains sujets ça ne changé rien. (je précise que je suis en déplacement professionnel à l'étranger et donc pas un full réseau gratuit). Ce n'est pas un problème de localisation non plus car j'ai acheté le jeux en Europe et ma localisation sur le site est aussi en Europe. Help please !!!
  22. Bonjour tout le monde, Après ne pas avoir touché au jeux pendant plusieurs mois, j'ai décidé de m'y remettre. Évidemment j'ai une mise à jour à effectuer sauf que lorsque je démarre le téléchargement de celle-ci une fenêtre s'ouvre. J'ai tenté plusieurs solutions trouvées sur le net comme supprimer le cache du jeux, le fichier TEMP mais cela ne marche pas. La seule solution que je n'ai pas testée c'est de réinstaller le jeux car ma connexion est trop lente ce qui mettrais trop de temps à le télécharger. Ainsi je sollicite votre attention pour m'aider à résoudre ce fâcheux problème. PS: Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire :)
  23. imincredible


    Tarkov team, I am sad to report that after less than one day of installation time. I will no longer be playing this game. I installed it yesterday and when I arrived home today the game was GONE. Still listed in in Programs list in windows but when clicking uninstall IT CANT BE FOUND. I have participated in many beta games in my day, however this is the only one I had to pay for. Strangely enough it seems to be the least stable. For the price you are charging there is NO excuse for this kind of issue. I will not be reinstalling the game. What a waste of 38 dollars. The only good in all of this is that i waited until the game was on sale to try it. The launcher sucks - The installer sucks - the lighting in game sucks - The scav cooldown sucks - the customer service sucks - the parent company or payment processing company sucks whoever Xsolla is - and your forums site sucks. Look at me so mad I'm just listing crap i had even a slight issue with. Well there you go pretty much my 24 hour experience with Tarkov in a nutshell. Got me for 40. Have a nice life
  24. TheStrangeMan

    100 Kb's download speed.

    Hello guys, Im trying to download again the game since 2 days ago because my download speed is 180-194kb/s, I have 600MBits for download and upload, in steam I can download at 70Mb/s. I need help, I tried VPS'S, run as admin and still at 184 Kb/s...
  25. nickenich2

    Slow Downloadspeed

    Hello Guys, am i the only one with slow download speed? Yesterday i got 120 KB/sec after many restarts and tests with vpn it wouldnt get better so i thought "try it tomorrow". Now i got 450 KB/sec which would take a long time too. Do you guys have any tricks for full downloadspeed? Yesterday i saw people downloading with 9MB/sec rate. Some others got the problem too and switches to their notebook and were able to download with full speed.. Maybe you guys can help me
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