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Found 7 results

  1. Roscoc

    leg armour & clothing.

    I would like to see the possibility of leg armour and knee pads as i feel the rest of the body protection is fine why is there no leg armour. also what about the posibility of finding armour and helmets around on map's possibly like open maps rather than factory?
  2. Hi everybody! In my last game I was full life with 1 leg 0 HP. Scav see me and he kill me with 1 hit in the leg with 0 HP Someone can tell me how is that possible that 1 hit kill me? I got 300+ hp left
  3. Hey there people, have any of you noticed that being shot in the legs is a huge combat flaw? The scenario is that I'm fully geared, I have a good helmet and body armour but only taking a couple of shots to the legs kills me. I'm still yet to test it properly (on other players) but I'm just wondering if any of you have had this experience as well. Please share your stories, Zak
  4. King_Marauder

    Carry System

    So I had an idea for a system you could put in allowing another player/character to "carry" another player/character. I thought of 2 degrees that this could be approached with to start. 1st being a fellow player could assist another in walking by switching to his pistol or melee and carry some of the weight allowing the broken legged character to walk at a faster speed but sacrificing the mobility of the other player. 2nd degree is similar to a fireman carry for heavily injured friends or characters, but the trade off is neither character could use a gun or weapon. Since there is easy way to distinguish friend from foe, the only thing i recommend is not allowing the carry of "dead" players/characters. This would help out players giving them another versatile use of getting an ally out of combat. -1st degree is similar to the closest two in the picture. -2nd degree is the second picture with the fireman carry.
  5. SFMysterio

    Broken Legs Bug

    Hallo, Sehr oft wie hier im Video zu sehen ist breche ich mir die Beine ohne Grund (Glasknochen ausgenommen ) So ist für mich das Hotel Tabu, zu 75% breche ich mir dort die Beine. Gibt es einen Tipp um das zu umgehen?
  6. I've noticed something odd about factory since I began taking a certain route. The metal staircase leading to the bridge connecting to the third floor offices seems to break your legs randomly on the second tier of the stairs. I have tried different ways, running, walking, crawling, crouch walking. I thought it all came down to desynch probably. But this marks the twelfth time this has happened. Four of those times, both legs break, my character begins to breath heavily, then just randomly keels over. KIA says the report. Is this a known issue? It's very annoying and takes fun out of a map, given I am terrified to now take a certain route, given it has a 1/2 chance to break my legs, then kill me.
  7. MickxalYoutube

    Door broke my legs

    I was one the shoreline map when I entered a barn, I decided to close the door but apparently I was too far out and the door closed on me pushing me back in and breaking my legs. Sadly I didn't have the replay feature in Geforce Experience activated so I couldn't capture it. BTW I'm new and have 5 hours in, I'm positive I didn't hear a gunshot so it's impossible for a scav to have shot me. I'm not that stupid. I posted this on reddit and it's seems it's a rare occurrence which makes me confused. Is this normal ? Did this happen to you? Devs please fix.
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