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Found 3 results

  1. Weapon weight and length currently are not taken into account when calculating the weapon ergo, and IMO it should, both for the sake of immersion as well as balance. Immersion because it is really weird seeing someone lift a 8KG weapon with about the size of a regular human just as fast as a pistol. Balance because it would actually make all(most) attachments as well as smaller guns viable since if you want to have a fast CQB weapon you would have to consider weapon weight / length. If you want to play more defensively/slow you can maximize the recoil reduction but you would suffer the penalties of having a huge and heavy rifle. Long barrel and heavy weapons would still be powerful but have a limitation quite similar to the real world. Short and light guns would finally have a role in EFT other than meme runs. Further down the line weight distribution over the gun could be added in a simplistic form to make it more 'realistic'.
  2. PhineasWhipsnde

    Weapon length scaling?

    Are there any plans to adjust weapon length scaling so that a weapon modded to it's max lengthwise still fits in full screen view? Both on the modding screen (and in inventory icons), this would be a nice fix were it implemented. I realize that you don't necessarily need to (for example) see to the end of a silencer on the AK-74, but it would be nice to adjust the view so that the whole weapon is visible on screen all the time. Also, the image aspect ratio of some of the weapon attachments seems to get messed up from time to time in the weapon modding screen. Hopefully the next patch this will be fixed? All that said, I do LOVE the addition of weapon firing mode status text--this is a simple, but very helpful feature. Thank you!
  3. UpperCloud

    How long will alpha be?

    So will it be month or more or just 2 weeks? I just wanna know because you dont get alpha with Left behind edition so iw would be nice to know when alpha ends and beta starts (Yes i did use the search bar so dont judge if there is topic for this)
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