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Found 19 results

  1. Naegrad

    Level 15 Flea Market

    Please reconsider enabling flea market at level 5. It's a very fundamental part of the game and I'm sure that most new players will stop playing the game before reaching level 15 without it. Level 15 can take more than 100h to reach, which is way too much time for a core feature like the flea market. I suggest lowering the required experience at least at level 10.
  2. Dear BSG & EFT Community, After patch 0.12, I kinda feel like the AI (Scavs & Raiders) become weaker and nerfed (especially their shooting skills). They kinda miss a lot and rarely hit me. Their respond time is also longer, when they see a threat they only scream a lot instead of shooting accurately. The only thing that are good right now is they can actually flank and move tactically. They go prone or take cover when getting shot at. Sometimes they also throw some grenades very accurately. But still they're so predictable and very easy to kill. I've tested those
  3. SilentSpinach

    Is there any kind of matchmaking system?

    Is there any matchmaking system in place? I’m new to the game and struggling to survive against other players. I understand this is down to multiple influences such as not knowing the maps as good as the other raiders, and not being in tune with all the controls, mechanics and physics of the game. But I also seem to find that the other players have better armour and weapons than me. I’d like to be comforted by knowing that I’m only playing against other level 5’s or similar, rather than level 60’s butchering me because they have every advantage over me.
  4. stAKato

    About Traders leveling

    Hello Escapers, dear monsieur Nikita and BSG developers, It is all about Traders (quest, item, loyalty, reputation, level) ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. There should be a task pattern influencing you max loyalty level with some traders. Based on faction (USEC, BEAR, UN peacekeepers npc), and rock, paper, scissors relations between traders. Ex: if you work for Skier, you should not be able to level max Therapist, Prapor (who supports BEAR) and Mechanic. PEACEKEEPER (who supports USEC) is OK with Mechanic and Skier but wants to get rid of R
  5. Hi developers I would greatly suggest for you guys to create benefits and rewards for gaining level 50, level 75, and level 100,. There should be some items too rare to buy even at level 4 traders. That way people that have gained all the money they can want, and all the traders maxed out, and completed all the quests would STILL have future goals ahead of them to complete. And this is for the true hardcore Tarkov players that play more than 40 hrs a week..... And because I'm sure we're all going to be past level 40 at some time and I'm sure that we're all gonna have millions of dollars and
  6. saibot0

    Level Rewarding system.

    Alright so i think we need to have something with every level up you get a little bit of roubles. lvl 1-5 you get 1000 RUB's per level, 5-10 2000 RUB's per level, 10-15 3500 RUB'S per level, 15-20 4000 RUB'S per level, 20-30 7000 RUB's per level - 30-40 10000 RUB's per level, 40-50 15000 RUB's per level, 50-60 25000 per level and so on. Would be nice to have something for lvl 40+ players
  7. qwelas

    Low level meta

    What is the current meta at low lvl/low budget? If one just stated playing what should it get into a raid with? Just any cheap gun, a expecific gun, no armor, armor with protection class "x", don't focus in PvP just focus on gathering loot spawns and getting out? Any tips like this would be apreciated. Also can you shot through cover, like wood and railing floors (if yes I figured it would depend on amoo type)?
  8. Goodnoob

    Crown everywhere

    Hello! I got the max level with all the traders, witheout doing anything. Can somebody knows why? thanks!
  9. Hi alle, hier eine Auflistung, welche Gegenstände und Waffen welcher Händler bei den jeweiligen Leveln freischaltet. Die Angaben unten sind gezielt für Anfänger gedacht. Da ich erst Level 24 bin, kann ich die höchste Stufe noch nicht Screenshotten, mache ich dann asap, wenn ich den jeweiligen Level freigeschaltet habe. Randinfo: Fence kann derzeit nicht gelevelt werden: dieser Händler bietet fast nur die Sachen an, die andere Spieler ihm verkaufen, daher sind viele Dinge schneller weg, als man klicken kann: Es gibt trotz anderer Angabe oben rechts keine Möglichkeit, mehr Items/L
  10. What trader to focus on first and why? Struggling with things like deciding which quest to do first. Thanks for the help.
  11. machplatt

    add gear level to dogtag

    Currently the money you get for a dogtag depends only on the level of the player the dogtag is from. I think it would be better if the price is also dependend on the level of armor and weapons the player had, so that you get a higher price if you catch a dogtag from a high gear player. This could make it less interessting for a high gear player to kill hatched or pistole only runners, which is currently happening very often and is quite anoying for players with low gear .
  12. TalRasha

    Unlimited Level

    Suggestion is simple. Make unlimited levels. So its not going to end on 59. Of course, with every level you have to get more XP than on the previous. But at least its something... Its not necessary to implement bonuses associated with levels 60+ or more expensive dogtags or anything like that, but it will be better than sitting on 59 forever. That number is a showcase of PMCs experience, why it should stop on 59. You gain knowledge/skill/experience even after you hit 59 level and continue to play.
  13. Vanhorn420

    Dual monitor and Tier system

    I have an idea for the dual monitor support or possible companion app. I think we should have the ability to look at 3-5 tabs with a customized tab that you can edit on your second screen or phone, and also place a keybinding to switch through pages(for monitor). A tab with all of your status effects and health levels would be important for in raid healing times. It could also include further explanations on what your injuries are and their status(e.g. R. Leg: Bullet wound, deep, will be infected if untreated [time till limb loss:*:** ). OFF TOPIC a med book on how to heal certain wounds for n
  14. MulayimTers

    Traders' Level

    I got 2 of my traders' level increased to 2. However Raptor's (2Lv) level is decreased to 1 for some reason. I don't know what did i do wrong ? I don't want my other supplier to lose its level (One provides medical supply). Also I've done 2-3 quests of other NPC but It did not level up so I wonder If there is another criteria about levels of my traders.
  15. Lynnette

    Some content question.

    Hello all! First off... Let's try to keep this as civil as possible. As I know how forums can get. Thank you! Okay. So I have a few question for EfT. On its current state of the game. Yes, I know it is currently a beta, and still little ways away from any sort of launch. As in, it has a way to go. So take anything that is considered "criticism" to be, constructive suggestive criticism, as I am not in any intent to insult or demean any comment, suggestion, question, or response in general! 1. So, I have a large group of friends that I talk with through steam. EfT came up. And a
  16. priestizzle

    Compilation of my suggestions

    These are some of the suggestions I have come up with. I will add more to this thread as I think of them or see something that can be improved upon through gameplay. Dynamic Loot Spawn: Right now, many people know of the location of good crates and loot through the maps. I propose a a more dynamic loot spawn system, where crates, guns, attachments, and other goodies, can all spawn dynamically through out the map and the loot experience is rarely the same. Other loot and fight games already use dynamic loot spawns (ex. DayZ, the BR games, and various other survival games). I don't th
  17. I reached level 59 a couple of days ago and now every raid puts me at a negative score. Is that what's supposed to happen?
  18. BrapAtaC

    Skier not levelling up

    Hello, If anyone can shine some light on this I would appreciate it. I am level 24 and have spent over 4 million on Skier but I am still only at level 1. Is there some problem with this trader or is that I have to complete some tasks with this trader now in order to level up with him>? Cheers in advance for any feedback.
  19. starwars5581

    Underground Combat

    So I was wondering how the underground combat and exploration would be like in Escape from Tarkov. I do hope that there might be a kind of Underground Railway System, although I have some doubts after reading the setting of the city. In the trailers and stuff we have seen small snippets of underground sewage systems and pipes under factories (I think?) but it looks a bit boring. I wonder if we will have proper tunnels, catacombs and installations that have atmosphere. Take metro for example: Another Creepy Picture: Underground would also make a gre
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