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Found 5 results

  1. FlowmotionFx

    Switching Shoulders - Weapon Shouldering

    Hello EFT development team, I was thinking and one of my favorite aspects from some excellent games is switching firing position between left and right shoulders. This is especially useful when using dead space to cut angles on corners or cover depending on whether you are cycling to the left or to the right. I was also thinking you could add some leveling aspect to this, where you choose your dominant shoulder at character selection and then have to level each shoulder individually. The dominant shoulder you select at character creation would have a significant boost or even start at max capacity. This could also play into which way you free fire your weapon around corners with (LAlt+S). There could even be potential here to implement damaged arms having more weapon sway while ADS and make splinting fractured arms more of a priority. This is very realistic and commonly trained in elite law enforcement and military, so I feel it would compliment Escape From Tarkov's unique mil-sim, RPG gameplay. I hope that you all enjoy this idea also and your consideration is appreciated in advance! P.S. I am not aware if this concept has been submitted prior to me but I can understand the likelihood, thank you anyways if this is old news! Best Regards, Flowmotion Fx
  2. Shredlock78

    Traders not recording transactions

    Anyone else having the problem of traders not keeping track of the money you spend. Prapor seems to work fine but the rest of my traders I spend money, leave do a raid, come back and it says I have spent 0 dollars. As I approach level 10 I'm getting a bit worried that I'm not gonna be able to level up. Yes I have refreshed the traders. Any suggestions? If needed I can record the problem and upload if it will help.

    Quests should not be obligatory

    Let´s just not talk about how some of the quest are stupid that could be a whole new thread about this. My point is why have to be quests obligatory if you want level up traders ? I think it´s really stupid idea to force players to go through these fetch quests. It would be much better if player could simply level up trader with only money like it used to be before and there was a voluntary option to just level traders faster by these quests or just reputation in general would work like in other games that they would gave you only a discount on they gear with bigger rep. Last I checked hardcore doesn´t mean that game have to give you frustration and hatred towards it which some of the quest surely give me.
  4. How do i fix this? Its been its like this for days
  5. Kaddahn

    Strength leveling

    I would think that strength should lvl-up by melee attacks, especialy due to melee kills.
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