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Found 7 results

  1. Hellow fellow pmc bots, Didnt play much this wipe since solo feels so unrewarding and near nobody has a similar playstyle as i do. I'm only taking fights that seem winnable, if im outnumbered or outgearded i usually ditch it or try to get distance and snipe. I really dont feel the excitement from running after every fight as other people do - i enjoy looting and hoarding poo. I got 1500 hours, >60% S/R and >6K/D this wipe. tho only 250 raids played and lvl 32. These stats are obv. influenced by quest shittery happening. PMC K/D only 1.25 rn :) I enjoy customs and interchange most, other maps are kinda rng on pvp, i like my poo predictable. Im only looking for one mate - im not playing in bigger groups than duo - Some minimum requirements: - a mic - 18+ (im 23 btw) - discord + a good enough pc to screenshare - 2+ monitors to watch my screen as well - 1.000h+ (we can still try with less - but we need a similar lvl of understanding the game) - EU only, not playing >80 ping. aaand yeah just play for the survival aspect of the game and not the run n gun fps :) Hit me up on discord since i dont think i get notifications here: Sunny#5361 im on daily CEST ~5pm-8pm + 24/7 for the next 2 weeks ❤️ (you should have similar playtimes tho)
  2. ggcookie

    LFG - Looking For A Duo Partner UK/EU

    Hello, I'm in the UK and I'm just looking for someone to play with who I get along with to raid in tarkov. Solo games are getting a bit boring and I just want someone who is chilled out and calm to play with. I can't stand b*tches and people moaning all the time, just here to have fun & enjoy the game :D. Post disc name and I'll add you, thanks.
  3. ArnLogan200

    New player LFG SG/AS

    I just got the game and it seems daunting and overwhelming to start off with.i am from India and I play mainly on ASIA SG server due to low ping. If anyone would like to duo wuth me and chill out/teach me the ropes, I would be grateful. Please don't be toxic. It's pretty new to me so I might not get everything first hand. If you are new and want a new duo to learn stuff with, you can hit me up and we can raid together.
  4. American east coast, Male, age 28 (English speaking only) play mostly at night (at work) haven't been on in awhile but i've been playing for many years now Played most of this wipe solo and got bored and took a long break. so now just looking for some people to run some group raids with Current character is around mid game level. can run decent but nothing amazing gear wise just mostly looking for some new chill people to play with
  5. Just started playing a couple days ago and I'm looking for someone to play with. I'm 22, US west. Hit me up on Discord BigMoneySuit#3768 Thanks!
  6. RickyMac

    Team up for raids

    I'm level 20. If your looking to run some raids send me a message on discord. My discord is RickyMac#4848.
  7. DankBongRipperz

    Looking for a duo partner(USA)

    We can use discord and im looking for someone who is either below or possibley about level 5 Im pretty new to the game I have understanding just looking for a friend to get to level 10 with and have a fun time. My discord is DankBongRipper#7379
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