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Found 25 results

  1. drdree

    Menace II Society Is Recruiting now!

    Join [M2S] or Menace 2 Society today! Menace 2 Society is a tarkov discord that started during early April and now boasts over 400 members! If you’re tired of dying in solo runs this is the place to join. We are a diverse community with players of all skill levels and all play styles. Don’t worry if you’re new or inexperienced either, we got plenty of veterans who will be more than willing to help you learn the ropes of this game! There should be no problem at all here to find a group that suits your play style. Currently we are about half NA/EU as well. We have some players from Asia/OCE also, but we are especially looking for players from there to join the ones we got here. Hope to see you in [M2S]. Our discord link: CLICK HERE!!!
  2. Lfg 3 People for night factory farm and quest with planting gun power. Skase (eu)
  3. il_brutto_


    Hello there! I'm quite new player 300+ hours with huge experience in CS:GO. Would be so nice to have teammates get together on raids. I'm not English native speaker, but I can speak English well, I hope =D (B2 lvl, btw). Not gonna lie, I see such a great opportunity to improve my English by playing Tarkov with natives. I prefer you to be over the age of 18, but this is not strict demand (I'm 28 years old). So, If it doesn’t scare you, feel free to add me in discord - il_brutto_#0892 Thx for your attention and have a great day!
  4. NippleNinjaa

    Looking for a Clan or small Squad.

    Not new to technical team based shooters but I am new to Tarkov, tried watching videos to get a better understanding and layout of maps and loot but nothing compares to when youre in the game doing it, Looking for some people to game out with to learn the tricks of the trade. Time Zone is EST.
  5. Myzner


    https://discord.gg/KwZNz4 Anyone and everyone who is looking for teammates and friends to squad up with Join my discord. Be chill and have fun it may be easier to find a team this way.
  6. DrunkElmo__

    Looking For Group

    I have been playing tarkov for about 3 days and have gotten nowhere and i need help bc the videos arent really helping at all. Im down to play with other noobs so we can progress together and my discord is DrunkElmo#9743
  7. imaROACH

    LFG new to game

    hey i literally only played 2 raids and i would feel more comfortable running with at least 1 friend, this game seems hella rewarding and i really wanna jump into it. please help me.
  8. Hello, I'm based in Taipei and play on the Japanese and Singaporian servers. I'm hoping to find other English speaking players to play and learn the game together.
  9. Mood88

    Connect For Gaming

    Connect For Gaming Hello are you tired of whinging kids down the mic? Not accepted because they feel your not good enough? Then join us, were looking for strictly over 18s (older preferred) to play Escape from Tarkov. Whether your ace at the game or a total noob Connect For Gaming houses players of all sorts but with the correct attitude towards others. We also play other games as were a general gaming community. If your looking for a home please click the link below. https://discord.gg/76BmtHv
  10. whitetshirt


    Howdy, im just looking for a duo or trio. I'm above level 20 and just looking for anyone to play with to go to marked room. Im available right now.
  11. Vinsanity9000

    Looking for team/clan, MST -7:00

    Hey guys, Started the game anout a month ago and really enjoying it. I've got the hang of customs and would like to find a group of people who play fairly consistently in the evenings. Looking to play a bit more seriously now and hopefully progress a bit faster and get into more maps. I'm in MST and am typically on around 7-8pm most evenings for a few hours. Still lower level, 9 or 10 I think. I'd like to focus on tasks and progression and having a person or two to play with would increase my success. Open to clans/discord communities as well, 18+ only as I'm 32.
  12. Meneerverzilt

    Looking for people

    New player LVL 4 EU looking for people to group up with. Username: Meneerverzilt
  13. Add me here and we can squad up, explore and loot! Were friendly Canadians who just want to experience tarkov with more people. Captain America#7434
  14. RafaPalos

    Looking for people to play with (europe)

    I've barely played and I think it would be less hard with someone else, don't care about your level
  15. eGo_HK

    LFG NA East

    Looking for people to learn and grow with just bought the game not long ago mainly on evening/nights Discord - eGo_HK#8426
  16. Gabreielandrews

    New player looking for group to run with

    New to the game, looking for one or more players to roll with and get ahold of the game.
  17. cluelesscargo

    New to Tarkov : Customs preferably

    Country: USA Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST) preferred play time: On weekends ill get on in the early mornings till late afternoon ; during the week days I'm on around 3p till 8 or 9p.m Ran into customs died last night lol ; watched a few long youtube videos on the game - how to play an all that jazz - just a lot of info all at once so having a helping hand is appreciated when trying to not forget everything. Add me on Discord : Onlyone Day💚#7175 LETS GET SOME LOOT! I really wanna enjoy this game but man is it difficult
  18. BLACKWOLF9674

    Aus/nz Looking for players

    hey im trying to get back into the game but i need players/ feel free to addme on discord BLACKWOLF#9964
  19. pedropalos700

    Looking for a group and friends

    I started playing the game now for 2 weeks enjoying a lot of it but mostly been playing solo ruining up in to those 4 man 5 man squads aint been healthy on my runs!! did manage to wipe some but does not happen all the time. So atm i m looking for person to team up with i m a pretty chill dude... i will leave my discord ID link bellow hit me up if your down to team up. Endless#4638
  20. Deadeye839

    (EU) LF a duo or squad

    Looking for one or a few people that are down to play together not wanting any community's or anything if u got a mate or two that's fine but i'm looking for individuals or something so don't copy paste recruitment posts on here. If you are intereted drop me a DM or add me on discord (Deadeye#5156)
  21. Hej kille på 34 år har typ inga vänner att spela med är gamer sedan barnsben och tjejen jobbar dagligen så har ganska mkt tid att spela när hon jobbar vi är särbos men hon spelar ej söker några aktiva spelare spelar ingen roll vart ni bor i scandinavien är vaken nötter ochså pga av insomnia XD lägg till min discord så kan vi höras där både tjejer och killar kan höra av sig :) Zantetzulken#0574 :)
  22. gplay98


    Looking for Group pretty new but im good at killing not so much where im going.
  23. nschreck132


    Hi im a semi new player with some experience needing a group send a message on discord if interested hhalo132#1551
  24. Beaches

    LFG Returning player

    Hey guys, im a returning player with an Eastern Standard Timezone. Im looking for a fun but laid back group, mature and down to earth. I have TS3+Discord headset+mic ready. Comment/PM me for details or to start a convo to talk about your group. -Cheers
  25. zachdmoon


    need a buddy to chat and run with... not good just trying to have fun
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