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  1. Zerocool307

    looking for friends? we gotchu

    yoooo looking for some people to play Tarkov with? maybe you suck and need to taught how to play? maybe you just got no friends? tired of milsim dorks making you call them SIR over VC? well look no further im zero/step bro I run a small discord server of a bunch of pals of mixed ages and genders who just like chilling and playing games Tarkov being the main one we have taught many new players how to become ultimate rat chokers while also just helping solos find some people to chill with so come join us anyones welcome we play everyday basically all day (yes we are losers i get it damn) hope to
  2. I made a discord to find people to play with consistently get rich on tarkov with and make bonds with it would awesome if people joined so we can find people to play with https://discord.gg/UZktjUDGKn Please join no toxicity and nothing but vibes and games
  3. Slackylol

    Looking for people to play with EU

    Hi this is my first wipe im currently level 25. I am looking for chill people to play with regularly. i play mainly in the evenings and weekends. add my discord if you want to run some raids Dan.#6274
  4. Nook55

    Looking For Duo Partner (New) US

    I used to play this game back when it first came out and I'm trying to get back into it and share the learning curve with someone else. Looking for a duo partner, my discord is Nook55#9979
  5. Alverecccc

    LFM/G New player from Sweden

    Hello there, I am RedemptionFall, I just started playing tarkov a few days ago and I am mostly playing alone, its getting quite boring. I am here to connect with others and play Tarkov with, I am not skilled by far, but learning alot for each day. I do offen play FPS games on daily basis, and wish to learn more in this game. Hit me up and we could play maby? Discord: RedemptionFall#1408 In-game: RedemptionFall Languish spoken: English / Swedish
  6. DrBriggs

    LFG - AUS

    Hello, fairly new to tarkov, know customs, woods and shoreline well enough. Plenty of fps experience and just looking for people to play with as some times 1vX is hard to beat. Send me a message if you want to group and I definitely will get back to you.
  7. Athelion

    [LFG Server] Ruthless

    그래서 한국에 주둔하면서 아시아 (한국과 일본)를 기반으로 한 커뮤니티 서버 단독을 시작하려고합니다. 다른 모든 지역도 환영하며 LFG도 있지만 새로운 서버이므로 다른 큰 서버만큼 활성화되지 않습니다. 모두 환영합니다. https://discord.io/TeamRuthless
  8. Vinterland306

    Experienced Solo player looking for friends!

    Hey guys, this is my first real wipe and i've been taking the game pretty seriously. I'm level 33, have most of the tasks done and hovering around a 50% survival rating with a 4.5KD. What i'm hoping to find is a solid duo or even a team to run with as there's some maps I will not run alone. I'm a 28 year old dude, have no problems with sharing loot or sharing what i've come to learn from Tarkov in my short stay here. I'd prefer to find a mature long term duo or team. Add my Discord if you're interested! Vinterland#1342 I'm on usually early mornings throughout the day.
  9. golestar

    LFG-Singapore server

    Country :Vietnam Timezone: GMT+7 preferred play time: 6 pm to 12 pm Looking for discord servers or individuals who play on Asian severs, specifically Singapore servers without issues. I play CS:GO, Division and Tarkov. I am not all that skilled in FPS, and i just gotten into it, not to mention i rarely play, so any tips and tricks would be of immense help as well.
  10. NaturalKilo

    Need a Battle-Buddy? We've got you covered!

    Group of small Streamers & Gamers with an established and growing discord community. Although some of our members are sometimes indulging in other games, the majority of the server consistently plays Tarkov full time. 10+ Members have committed 3000+ Hours into Tarkov, with 40+ Active Members to date. ( And Growing) All sharing & gaining a vast knowledge of Tarkov gameplay and strategy. We are not looking for you, you have been looking for us. We enjoy Tarkov, creating fun and exciting game-play as well teaching new players the ways of Tarkov. This is not a "Car
  11. Corncakes

    NA/EST / LFG: new scrub, help pls

    Hi, i've owned this game for a while but I never really played it because it was too hard, im looking for people to play with, other scrubs or players with a bit more skill. all is cool with me. my discord tag is Jmann#7347 my gamertag is NoobScrubTheBad
  12. RickyMac

    Team up for raids

    I'm level 20. If your looking to run some raids send me a message on discord. My discord is RickyMac#4848.
  13. Lustz


    Im lvl 2 but know somewhat of the game...i'm trying to run factory and trying to lvl up...NA...Duo or group
  14. InfluentAtom89

    [NA East] LFG

    Looking for one or two to play with. I am level 19 and this is my second wipe. Discord: Lettuce#8402
  15. LordCrazy82

    AUS player looking for a group

    I am looking for people who are based in Australia to play Tarkov with. Played the game a couple years ago and recently got back into it and would like a group to play with. In game ID is LordCrazy so either chuck me a friend request or message on this forum post.
  16. Randoness

    Karma System

    This has probably been brought up before but it would be nice to see some form of a karma system or player rating system. In example such as a player would be put with bad karma and it would be visible in the group finder, for say spawning in and immediately killing the people they spawned in with. A player with good karma would be someone that has gone multiple group ups without killing a single grouped person, and as soon as they do, their own karma is at a net 0. I'm a new player, only level 3 and I haven't been doing well so far since I'm still trying to learn everything. Took my las
  17. Ekberg

    [EU] Solo player looking for group

    Hello I have about 500 hours in the game but I have played mostly solo and I am now looking for a small(ish) group to play with. I am 21 years old from Sweden and my most defining personality trait is calm, cool head etc. I come from a background of hardcore shooters and in real life military experience. Contact me on discord- Ekberg#7309
  18. AdzyBoi

    New player looking for group (AUS)

    I'm a new player (level 11) from Australia looking for people to do raids with. Still learning the maps but I know my way around a little now (extractions / major loot spots etc). I'm a pretty good shot and have played countless FPS games but Tarkov is a different beast so I'm still getting used to the flow. Keen to play with whoever!
  19. AngrySteve3

    20r Gaming Community

    Welcome to the 20r! The 20r is a large multi gaming clan that’s been around since 2014. We have a heavy presence within the casual and competitive scenes in multiple games within the NA and EU regions and currently are recruiting members for our Escape from Tarkov NA unit. We are currently looking for people to participate in weekly events Casually and are looking for other people to enjoy the game with. We are a gaming community full of people from all around the world who want to experience their favorite games in an organized setting. We strive to provide both quality casual
  20. SakuraPai

    New Player Looking For A Group To Learn

    Hey, I'm looking for a group to play EFT with, i tried playing a few months ago but i lost intrest relatively quickly due to my lack of knowledge inside the game. I'd be happy to be taught or even learn with other players. Im active everyday and can play whenever.
  21. Gammalance777

    LFG-AUS-new player

    looking for anyone willing to grind or just casually play tarkov with.... Extremely familiar with hardcore FPS games however I'm kinda new to tarkov/ still learning maps and extractions.
  22. jakekoho

    Looking for a group?

    If you are looking for a group you can join this discord and play with me https://discord.gg/dGv5sYh3mF
  23. Join [M2S] or Menace 2 Society today! Menace 2 Society is a tarkov discord that started during early April and now boasts over 400 members! If you’re tired of dying in solo runs this is the place to join. We are a diverse community with players of all skill levels and all play styles. Don’t worry if you’re new or inexperienced either, we got plenty of veterans who will be more than willing to help you learn the ropes of this game! There should be no problem at all here to find a group that suits your play style. Currently we are about half NA/EU as well. We have some players from Asia/OCE also
  24. BussyBoii

    Looking to grow group! US/EU

    Hello All, I am an admin in our discord server EFT United and I wanted to extend an invite to anyone looking for chill raids with cool people. Everyone here on our discord is respectful and always open to teaching others the world of Tarkov. So if you have been looking for a group to play with then look no further! We really look forward to playing with you! https://discord.gg/M2GZSegk
  25. TheProBrodie


    I have about 150-200 Hours on Tarkov and just cant seem to get consistent enough to become a thicc chad. I am not a rat but Id consider myself somewhere in between. I would like if someone could show me the way of the chad and give me a few pointers and tips, or just a buddy to play with because that might be all that I am lacking, at this point who knows. I am a very chill dude, willing to learn, and just down to meet new tarkov friends. 20 Years old and if you have anger issues or get mad, just dont even bother to respond. Looking for good vibes! My Discord is TheProBrodie#4011 tha
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