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Found 259 results

  1. Gammalance777

    LFG-AUS-new player

    looking for anyone willing to grind or just casually play tarkov with.... Extremely familiar with hardcore FPS games however I'm kinda new to tarkov/ still learning maps and extractions.
  2. SakuraPai

    New Player Looking For A Group To Learn

    Hey, I'm looking for a group to play EFT with, i tried playing a few months ago but i lost intrest relatively quickly due to my lack of knowledge inside the game. I'd be happy to be taught or even learn with other players. Im active everyday and can play whenever.
  3. jakekoho

    Looking for a group?

    If you are looking for a group you can join this discord and play with me https://discord.gg/dGv5sYh3mF
  4. drdree

    Menace II Society Is Recruiting now!

    Join [M2S] or Menace 2 Society today! Menace 2 Society is a tarkov discord that started during early April and now boasts over 400 members! If you’re tired of dying in solo runs this is the place to join. We are a diverse community with players of all skill levels and all play styles. Don’t worry if you’re new or inexperienced either, we got plenty of veterans who will be more than willing to help you learn the ropes of this game! There should be no problem at all here to find a group that suits your play style. Currently we are about half NA/EU as well. We have some players from Asia/OCE also, but we are especially looking for players from there to join the ones we got here. Hope to see you in [M2S]. Our discord link: CLICK HERE!!!
  5. BussyBoii

    Looking to grow group! US/EU

    Hello All, I am an admin in our discord server EFT United and I wanted to extend an invite to anyone looking for chill raids with cool people. Everyone here on our discord is respectful and always open to teaching others the world of Tarkov. So if you have been looking for a group to play with then look no further! We really look forward to playing with you! https://discord.gg/M2GZSegk
  6. TheProBrodie


    I have about 150-200 Hours on Tarkov and just cant seem to get consistent enough to become a thicc chad. I am not a rat but Id consider myself somewhere in between. I would like if someone could show me the way of the chad and give me a few pointers and tips, or just a buddy to play with because that might be all that I am lacking, at this point who knows. I am a very chill dude, willing to learn, and just down to meet new tarkov friends. 20 Years old and if you have anger issues or get mad, just dont even bother to respond. Looking for good vibes! My Discord is TheProBrodie#4011 that would be the best way to contact me.
  7. archontasali

    my buddy needs a squad - australia

    my buddy is in australia and he cant play with me or any of my friends because the ping is too high no matter where we go. He wants to run squad or duos, his discord is Lvndmark#5646 and mine is Archontasali#1660
  8. adroitAIlias

    Looking for Group or Players to play

    Hi people, I play on Singapore/Seoul servers or others that are of the same ping. I've played tarkov on and off years back, new to this wipe. (could call me new cause of all the recent changes) Looking for chill people to play with, so let me know and we can get on discord and get into some raids!
  9. archontasali

    Any hindu/ yogi players?

    Just a regular dude tryin to learn some more about hinduism and play tarkov. my discord is archontasali#1660
  10. New Wipe Hype! The Lab is a new discord server created by a few friends looking to make a chill community of Tarkov and Rust players. New to Tarkov? No problem many of us are, come learn the game with us. A lot of servers offer people to power level you and carry you through the game but how is that fun? Come hang with us, the only rules are 16+, have a mic, and be chill. We aren't looking for mega-chads so don't worry if you have little to no experience. The majority of our player base is on all weekend and after work hours during the week. Get yo ass over to The Lab and help us build a bigger community of active players! React to the welcome post in the discord or you won't be able to see the voice rooms! https://discord.gg/sVBsFD4QVt
  11. InfluentAtom89

    [NA East] LFG

    Level 18, Second wipe I've played and looking for others to play and mess around with. Discord is: Lettuce #8402
  12. Xewkini

    EST Newbie looking for group

    Played frequently last year, fell off. Looking to get back into Tarkov.
  13. FreeChloroform

    NA West looking for players

    Hey, I have played for 1 wipe. Looking for anyone who is 18+ and enjoys a chill atmosphere. Free Chloroform#1967 is my discord
  14. RickyMac

    New to Tarkov looking for players

    Looking for group to play with. My discord is RickyMac#4848. I'm new to tarkov looking to play with new and experienced players.
  15. TheChrisLad

    New player looking for help

    I just bought this game and have no clue what I am doing, was hoping a player with some experience could show me the ins and out of the game as I dont want this to be a wasted purchase Discord is Merry Darky#2285
  16. Ekberg

    [EU] Solo player looking for group

    Hello I have about 500 hours in the game but I have played mostly solo and I am now looking for a small(ish) group to play with. I am 21 years old from Sweden and my most defining personality trait is calm, cool head etc. I come from a background of hardcore shooters and in real life military experience. Contact me on discord- Ekberg#7309
  17. hanssha

    LFG - US

    Looking for people to team up with. I have played a bit and just hate going it alone. Lvl 12. Discord is Steven0Segal#2674.
  18. Nightwings898


    Looking for people to play with, I'm currently level 30 this wipe and am getting bored of the game without people to play with. I play any time of the day 8am-5am CST.
  19. Haruzaka

    Need Someone else to play with

    Just looking for someone else to play with besides my buddy cause he can't play all the time, hmu on discord Cain#7656
  20. I was level 9 before wipe and need people to play with in this upcoming reset add me on discord if your down be 17+ renzoabc#3793
  21. archontasali

    looking for tactical players

    Looking for tactical players that know how to fight. I wouldn't say I'm anything special but I have decent fps survival skills and some military techniques. I'm 21 I play on US East server My discord is archontasali#1660 hmuuu
  22. Cptheno

    [EU] Looking for noobs to learn together

    I bought the game a couple days ago, looking for some newbies to partner up with so we can learn the game together. Obviously anyone is welcome to add me no matter what level/experience you have. Just want to encourage noobs to band together! My Discord is: The Mandalorian#6511
  23. Can speak both English and Korean. I've been looking for a group of people to play with who are living in Asia Msg me if youre down to do some raids
  24. Kipover

    Canadian Dad, Tarkov Noob

    Hey guys ! My name is Kip - described as a 27 year old Dad without a dad-bod. I'm brand new to Tarkov - still learning the intricacies of each map as well as the game. I'm noticing that it's increasingly more difficult to navigate, loot, plan and provide my own sector security all at the same time, alone... I'm looking for another noob to learn the ropes with... or a mentor, but I don't want you holding my hand - I must learn... Discord : Kipover #9332. Mic : Yes. Feel free to add me. I don't care about age, gender, none of that noise... I need someone I can trust completely - no more blue on blue. Thanks guys - I hope to hear from some of you...
  25. DieselPunch

    Tarkov Newbie Looking for a Buddy

    Hey hey People, Got the game a few days ago and i love it. Looking for some newb like myself to have fun on discord run maps and just have a good time. EU zone and very good english speaker Discord: DieselPunch#1664
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