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Found 76 results

  1. Hey, my name is Will, and I run a Discord gaming group looking to get a tightknit and robust EFT community together. We play a lot of titles (Sea of Thieves, Rocket League, Division 2, Project Zomboid, D&D) and are looking to add Escape From Tarkov to the pool. We're looking for teamwork oriented adult men and women of all skill levels. We're a 40+ strong community of vetted and laid back folks, looking to meet more of the same. We're primarily based in the USA, but have members in the UK, Pakistan and elsewhere, and have more than one US based member with an odd sleep/work schedule, so we welcome folks from any timezone. We just ask that you're not a troll and are interested in forming effective teams and maybe making some new friends. We do ask that you're fluent in English, as we believe teamwork is reliant on great communication, and the language barrier can throw a wrench in that. If you've been looking to meet some folks that love video games and mostly don't suck, we might be the group for you. Come check us out! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Qju2kGm
  2. Hey all, I'm Will. I'm the admin of the League of Gentlemen Explorers, an adults only Discord Gaming Group. We're looking for more men and women that'd like to escape Tarkov with us. We play a variety of other titles (Sea of Thieves, Division 2, Project Zomboid, Apex Legends, etc) and are just getting into Tarkov. That being said, players of all skill/experience levels are welcome to join up. We're looking for serious, teamwork oriented, adult men and women, who know how to have fun and get the job done. This is a carefully curated group of 40+ folks that've all been vetted and are on the level. The ideal candidates would be laid back, respectful and have a decent sense of humor/not take themselves too seriously. If you're interested, follow the link. You can ask myself or any admin for the 'Tarkov' role and get pinged whenever someone is trying to get a group up. Hope to see a couple of you there! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Qju2kGm Cheers, Will Tomorrow
  3. Hello! As the title suggests I am looking for a couple of people to play with since playing solo is horrible. I'm from Europe and would to prefer to play with fellow europeans because of the time zone differances, but I'm completely fine with playing with north americans. I'd prefer if you would be able to play a couple of hours each day but of course I understand if life gets in the way sometimes. Mature people only and mic is required.
  4. zachdmoon


    need a buddy to chat and run with... not good just trying to have fun
  5. MeatballGaming

    Streamers Basement!

    Just wanted to invite you to Our Discord channel! Mostly everyone playing EFT but some peeps are also Playing APEX , PUBG and etc We have Active members and there is allways spot for more ppl to jump in ! No matters if you just wanna chill and talk or you looking for new fellows to play with! Also about tarkov we dont tolerance any bad acting on new players ( Basicly if you meet up new ppl in our discord and they invite you to EFT and then kill you to get your loot ) and we will take action about it for sure! Person will be removed and blacklisted from our server! We have active up dates to keep everyone all caught up with the latest game updates and announcements from the EFT Devs Official Twitter Account. We have dedicated Channels for Squads, Duos, Tasking, EFT News, Even NIGHT RAIDS and much much more! So, if you wanting to join a New Community to play EFT with OR just to meet new friends, then Streamers Basement might be for you! Lots of our members are also Small streamers so if you starting streaming and need some tips and advise then we are here to help you out ! 😃 We hope to see you in Tarkov Soon! Best Regrets MeatballGaming0 https://discord.gg/xTCVvvs
  6. Morbdeity

    LFG for New Player

    I’m currently lvl 17 and would like a group that can teach me more about the game and just generally play with. I’m available from 7am-2pm on weekdays and anytime on the weekends. NA or EU is fine.
  7. xDontTazeMEx69

    New LFG Discord Welcome to join Everyone!

    Join our Active nightly and daily Discord Community. New Players to Veteran Players all welcome. Click the link below to join. Good luck and have fun all https://discord.gg/KAkCPd
  8. Majora_

    Looking for Group

    I am a very new player looking for some hopefully more experienced players to help me learn the game. No role playing people either please.
  9. Majora_

    Looking for people to play with

    im fairly new to the game, about 2 weeks in and i have a general idea of whats going on but i need some people that could help me understand the game a little more. I cant really gear up when everytime i kill someone i get double teamed out of nowhere and leg sprayed.
  10. TeJeh

    Looking for Mature Buddies for Raids

    My name is TJ, I'm from Michigan in the United States. I'm looking for people who play seriously, but casually. I request that you be mature and have a microphone. I'm in the Eastern Standard Time zone and I always play at different times of the day. If this is something you're interested in, don't hesitate to add me on Steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/BreadLoafTJ/home I look forward to playing with you and perhaps expanding our group further, thanks.
  11. ButtHurtChambo

    Lookinf for friends to play with. U.S

    Just bought this game and am looking for a team to start playing with
  12. MrNightNight858

    Looking for Players!

    Hey guys! Looking for two to three more players for our raid group! Currently there are about three of us that usually plays and we all thought about having a 5 man group that can rotate along side with us if some of the others are not online! I know its hard for some players who are alone and who would love to be in a group so please if you are interested let me know here and once we talk I can give you more information about us! Some of the requirements I am looking: * Discord and a working microphone * Must be at least 18 of age *Able to speak/understand English *Must be able to play with PST players (Pacific Standard Time Zone) If this interest you then go on ahead and let me know! We more than happy to help you out with anything that we know so you can gain knowledge about the game! Thank you and see you all soon!
  13. H0lyGoose

    To Anyone LFG..

    I imagine there are going to be a lot of new players looking for someone to group up with since the drop of free beta keys etc. You're all more than welcome to join my server, where there are a few of us of who love to play the game who will be willing to play with you. We're easy going, friendly, and have a bit of a laugh. We speak english and while it's not a requirement we'd prefer 18+ as the chat channel can be a little explicit at times. Here's the invite code: https://discord.gg/tYd9D2M Have fun! Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  14. bohemond

    [LFG] i am weak and need a group

    just got on this game and everything is filling me with more holes then Swiss cheese. would love to group up with some people who know what they are doing played a lot of similar games but this one is hardcore only 15 (not a squeaker, just saying that because i understand clan age minimum) cheers and have a good day
  15. FullmetalHoodie

    LFG or a buddy to play with

    I'm looking for 1-2 guys to play with. I used to play a lot a while ago and i have just started getting back into the game. I'm an American in CST and my schedule is pretty flexible as I am a University student. PMC is a lvl4 or so bear, I've done like 2-3 raids since i started back so far. Down to play with people from any skill level. Discord is FullMetalHoodie#0997
  16. Smedrek

    New Player, NO CLANS OR SPAM

    Hello, new player, lfg, or one or two people don't really care, im off today and im bored and don't like p-laying this alone, not a 100% what im doing but at least I can hit targets and not kill friendlys, I want to make money but dont have a problem messing around Dont come in here to advert your group or clan, please just add me on steam as Smedrek, or in game as Smedrek, and have discord to communicate, thanks

    TEAM-FINDING Discord community

    Hi everyone, The Asylum discord server is now open to Escape from Tarkov! With dedicated text channels to LFG and voice channels for your squads, this is the perfect place to find teammates from NA and EU. Join our 750 players community now! Https://discord.me/theasylum- Don’t forget to choose the EFT role in the #assign-games-here channelwhen you join to gain access to this games channels
  18. Pete1601

    UK Based Player LFG

    Returning Player, currently level 30 27, based in the UK, looking for some teams to roll with between the hours of 7pm - 3am GMT on weekdays and any time over the weekend Discord: JohnW#5009 I have a Mic and honestly don't mind what level / skill your at, game gets lonely going solo all the time so anyone down for some fun hit me up
  19. Lvl 1 right now because i havent played at all this wipe. Trying to get some decent gear this weekend. Im not super experienced and the only maps I know exactly are customs and factory, I kind of know the other maps but not everything. Im pretty good in pvp and am looking for some people to try to task with/get gear with. Must have discord and a mic. Please dont invite me to a huge discord, not looking for that.
  20. Sky_toits

    OCE LFG (lvl 19) 24yr

    Hey guys, just got into tarkov looking for cool banter and m8's that play tarkov. 24 yr, pc gaming for 8, looking for some static players around 5pm most days, uni commences soon so schedule might change. Melbs looking for someone to do tasks with and maybe do some runs with. discord: Don_Sky#6198
  21. As the title suggests I am looking for just a couple of players to play some games with since playing this game alone is pretty boring. I'd prefer to play with people in Europe since I live there, but NA is alright too. You should have some knowledge about how to play the game as I am not good enough to teach you.
  22. vTaught

    Looking for teamates

    Currently i got no one to play with, i like to do geared runs, so i suggest u do the same. I play like to play shorline, interchange, Customs sometimes factory. I dont really like playing woods. I am level 35, please be a high level and be willing to bring out good gear. im 13 btw if that matters
  23. NathB

    LFG new players

    Im new to the game and am looking for people to play with, my time zone is GMT @ me init. discord is sak jparrow#9703
  24. Rodneyddalton94

    New Player LFG/Clan

    New player to EFT looking for others to play with. Im fairly new to the game so im not the best but I am learning. Looking to have fun and hang out while playing the game. Add me and maybe we can play the game together. I live in USA EST time if that helps.
  25. GeorgePeach

    Looking for someone to play with.

    Hi guys, looking for someone to play with. I am level 14 and just looking for players. Any level. Just have to be on europe servers and English speaking.
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