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  1. Khaotics

    [NA] [18+] Gamers Union [New]

    Hello! We are NOT a big clan, we are a total of 4 friends that play similar games together but always like to expand our friends list with other like minded players. This is a new discord. Not really much going on right now. But the goal is to build friendships, not just inviting everyone. We use to play mainly at night but we are working our schedules for morning/afternoon time. There may be late night gameplay but with work schedules, time may differ. If you are interested in joining a freshly new discord with some pretty laid back gamers, this is your chance! https://discord.gg/ZVvEyw7Qhr Thanks!
  2. Hello, Looking for a group of people to play with on a consistent basis. I love Tarkov and wanna get back into it. I just got on and my character is set up and ready to go. I am 20. My name is Johnny. I am based on the East Coast. I am available between 5-11pm on weekdays and all day on Saturday. My discord is johnn#0420 so if you want a loudmouthed stoner with a surprisingly good head on his shoulders, direct message me. I would preferably like some players around my age just because I don't want some kids asking me about drugs or anything like that. Thanks homies 👍
  3. Revuhnant

    Looking to build a Tarkov community

    LVL 25 (USA) 2nd wipe, trying to improve. NorthEast US servers - USA - English - Playtime: My schedule is random at the moment but I'm online ALOT (pretty much every day) Typically a solo player trying to get better at PvP & playing with a squad. Good map knowledge of Customs, Factory, Interchange. Learning Woods/Shoreline... no map knowledge of Labs/Reserve but want to learn. Looking for players who also wanna get better and learn to play at a high level. Add me on Discord Revuhnant#7777 or join the server: https://discord.gg/tHpCUAbp9F (18+ only & please be a decent human being, Im chill... I dont wanna team with someone who yells slurs everytime they die) 😅 The goal is to hopefully build a community where we can link up for some raids, have fun, learn, become Tarkov rich together & make a couple friends along the way.
  4. The Norvinsk ISEP Task force is a hardcore Mil-Sim experience perfect for people who: Are low on roubles Are looking for a way to spice up tarkov roubles theres a minimum wage But if you aren't interested in running raids, we have a couple other positions, such as Auditor, and Simulations manager, each with their own levels of pay. So please, if you are interested, join here https://discord.gg/SFHQGH7N We'll see you out there!
  5. Zerocool307

    if you looking for friends look no further

    tired of running solo? Need someone to teach you how to play the game? Looking for chill friends who just want to have fun? I gotchu i run a small discord of chill players who just enjoy tarkov so don't got to worry about getting yelled at by sum milsim nerds we just like to play and chat we are made up of a variety of genders and ages anyones welcome we play basically everyday all day so no matter what there will always be someone willing to play so come say hey hope to see you soon Discord server- https://discord.gg/kqRuc5hX my discord- step bro#3107
  6. ArnLogan200

    New player LFG SG/AS

    I just got the game and it seems daunting and overwhelming to start off with.i am from India and I play mainly on ASIA SG server due to low ping. If anyone would like to duo wuth me and chill out/teach me the ropes, I would be grateful. Please don't be toxic. It's pretty new to me so I might not get everything first hand. If you are new and want a new duo to learn stuff with, you can hit me up and we can raid together.
  7. iFAKdURdad

    Discord Open to all players

    Mature discord server with people of all skill levels looking to have a good time. Come join us as wipe is about to happen. Open to people of all skill and experience levels. https://discord.gg/UvG2QF36
  8. American east coast, Male, age 28 (English speaking only) play mostly at night (at work) haven't been on in awhile but i've been playing for many years now Played most of this wipe solo and got bored and took a long break. so now just looking for some people to run some group raids with Current character is around mid game level. can run decent but nothing amazing gear wise just mostly looking for some new chill people to play with
  9. Just started playing a couple days ago and I'm looking for someone to play with. I'm 22, US west. Hit me up on Discord BigMoneySuit#3768 Thanks!
  10. Jimnycriket

    Brand new player LFG

    I have legit zero clue what im doing, but this seems so fun. If anyones down to show me the ropes that would be sick.
  11. smartmaxx

    Are there any UAE players here

    Halla All, Woundering if there are any UAE players over here that connects to EU servers, I use Battlenet chat for communication. DM me if you are looking for a group to play EFT Thanks ❤️
  12. To Escape From Tarkov GR είναι ένα πολύ ενεργό Ελληνικό Discord Community για το Tarkov που έχουμε καλή παρέα και πάντα άτομα με διάθεση να παίξουν Groups βοηθώντας και νέους παίχτες. Ελάτε στην παρέα μας για να μπούμε κάνα PMC Raid, να SCAVάρουμε, να κρυφτούμε σε κάνα θάμνο και γενικά να περάσουμε καλά παίζοντας EFT. 🔵Community Discord Server🔵 🤜👉(Click to Join)👈🤛
  13. I made a discord to find people to play with consistently get rich on tarkov with and make bonds with it would awesome if people joined so we can find people to play with https://discord.gg/UZktjUDGKn Please join no toxicity and nothing but vibes and games
  14. Slackylol

    Looking for people to play with EU

    Hi this is my first wipe im currently level 25. I am looking for chill people to play with regularly. i play mainly in the evenings and weekends. add my discord if you want to run some raids Dan.#6274
  15. Nook55

    Looking For Duo Partner (New) US

    I used to play this game back when it first came out and I'm trying to get back into it and share the learning curve with someone else. Looking for a duo partner, my discord is Nook55#9979
  16. RedemptionFall

    LFM/G New player from Sweden

    Hello there, I am RedemptionFall, I just started playing tarkov a few days ago and I am mostly playing alone, its getting quite boring. I am here to connect with others and play Tarkov with, I am not skilled by far, but learning alot for each day. I do offen play FPS games on daily basis, and wish to learn more in this game. Hit me up and we could play maby? Discord: RedemptionFall#1408 In-game: RedemptionFall Languish spoken: English / Swedish
  17. DrBriggs

    LFG - AUS

    Hello, fairly new to tarkov, know customs, woods and shoreline well enough. Plenty of fps experience and just looking for people to play with as some times 1vX is hard to beat. Send me a message if you want to group and I definitely will get back to you.
  18. Athelion

    [LFG Server] Ruthless

    그래서 한국에 주둔하면서 아시아 (한국과 일본)를 기반으로 한 커뮤니티 서버 단독을 시작하려고합니다. 다른 모든 지역도 환영하며 LFG도 있지만 새로운 서버이므로 다른 큰 서버만큼 활성화되지 않습니다. 모두 환영합니다. https://discord.io/TeamRuthless
  19. Vinterland306

    Experienced Solo player looking for friends!

    Hey guys, this is my first real wipe and i've been taking the game pretty seriously. I'm level 33, have most of the tasks done and hovering around a 50% survival rating with a 4.5KD. What i'm hoping to find is a solid duo or even a team to run with as there's some maps I will not run alone. I'm a 28 year old dude, have no problems with sharing loot or sharing what i've come to learn from Tarkov in my short stay here. I'd prefer to find a mature long term duo or team. Add my Discord if you're interested! Vinterland#1342 I'm on usually early mornings throughout the day.
  20. golestar

    LFG-Singapore server

    Country :Vietnam Timezone: GMT+7 preferred play time: 6 pm to 12 pm Looking for discord servers or individuals who play on Asian severs, specifically Singapore servers without issues. I play CS:GO, Division and Tarkov. I am not all that skilled in FPS, and i just gotten into it, not to mention i rarely play, so any tips and tricks would be of immense help as well.
  21. Corncakes

    NA/EST / LFG: new scrub, help pls

    Hi, i've owned this game for a while but I never really played it because it was too hard, im looking for people to play with, other scrubs or players with a bit more skill. all is cool with me. my discord tag is Jmann#7347 my gamertag is NoobScrubTheBad
  22. RickyMac

    Team up for raids

    I'm level 20. If your looking to run some raids send me a message on discord. My discord is RickyMac#4848.
  23. Lustz


    Im lvl 2 but know somewhat of the game...i'm trying to run factory and trying to lvl up...NA...Duo or group
  24. InfluentAtom89

    [NA East] LFG

    Looking for one or two to play with. I am level 19 and this is my second wipe. Discord: Lettuce#8402
  25. LordCrazy82

    AUS player looking for a group

    I am looking for people who are based in Australia to play Tarkov with. Played the game a couple years ago and recently got back into it and would like a group to play with. In game ID is LordCrazy so either chuck me a friend request or message on this forum post.
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