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Found 233 results

  1. Nightwings898


    Looking for people to play with, I'm currently level 30 this wipe and am getting bored of the game without people to play with. I play any time of the day 8am-5am CST.
  2. oprudd

    Looking for friends

    35yo, plays at least every other day, streams sometimes, level 14... playing on pc for cpl years now...smokes alot of weed and lives in Colorado...looking for friends to play with...IamDrop is my name
  3. mrstriker_221

    New player looking for people to play with

    New to the game and looking for laid back people to play with. Time zone Est. Preferred play time between 3pm to 11pm. Hit me up and let’s get that money!
  4. Had the game since early 2019 so i'm not new but Haven't played much of this wipe so far, getting back into things. Looking to for people to raid/quest with, don't mind if you're experienced or new, but hopefully looking for someone who also wants to improve at the game. Add me in game or discord, thanks. Discord: Slice#0994 IGN: bsgLUL
  5. Hey there, i'm a new player to EFT and i was hoping to find some new friends to raid with and get better at the game. If you are interested and looking for a new friend to play with, add me on discord. My discord username is GlizzyBoii#1777. Thanks!! Hopefully this post doesn't break any forum rules because i couldn't find em lol
  6. DesleyOnTV

    Coffin Dodgers GG

    We the Coffin Dodgers are a highly skilled EU fps loving community. We play all sorts of FPS games with no toxicity and we also host custom events! We also provide support for new players who need to ask questions or help with a task! We provide support for our small streamer community by always tuning in to each others stream increasing viewership. We are a small community with some very friendly players. Come have a look. Come have a play and most importantly come and just have fun. We are all here to help! Click on the image to join the discord! See you in the streets of Tarkov!
  7. Smkablnt

    Cant Find ANYONE to play with

    Looking for anyone and i mean ANYONE have been trying to find a group for 5 plus hours with no luck this game seems dead and am severely regretting buying this game DC is MetaHero#3332
  8. OneHitt

    [EU] New Player Looking for Teammates

    As of making the post I'm level 14, I'm not entirely new to the game as I've played previous wipes before such as before labs got a key-card so I have some general game knowledge. But I've never really learned the game properly at all. I've never done questing or playing solo much. I just don't really play games alone! I've got one friend to play with occasionally but it never hurts to have one more, in case the other is busy! Hit me up with your discord name and tags and we can match up, if you don't mind helping out a newbie with a thing or two!
  9. Irishfate46

    LFG - US

    Recently started playing about a month ago. Still quite new to the game just hit level 6 and am looking for a group to play this with. Discord - IrishFate89#6257. US West or East.
  10. hanssha

    LFG - US

    Looking for people to team up with. I have played a bit and just hate going it alone. Lvl 12. Discord is Steven0Segal#2674.
  11. orshoski

    LFG US Eastern Time

    Hello, I've been playing the game for about 2 months now and I'm looking for people run with. I'm still someone new, but have played a decent amount of raids. Discord- Orshoski #2032
  12. Can speak both English and Korean. I've been looking for a group of people to play with who are living in Asia Msg me if youre down to do some raids
  13. Me and a buddy are stuck on this quest, lvl 16 and 27...need a group of 5 so we can just run through both maps easily...message me on discord J_Burston#3622
  14. Nozha

    LFG EU

    Three guys looking for a fourth/fifth memeber. We are Aged From 14 to 22.
  15. Makuriel

    TUga LFG

    Boas, procuro algum com quem jogar. Sou novo no jogo, 22 anos de idade, aprendo rapido e estou com bastante disponibilidade de momento. se estas interessado add no disc: Makuriel#2536
  16. drdree

    Menace II Society Is Recruiting now!

    Join [M2S] or Menace 2 Society today! Menace 2 Society is a tarkov discord that started during early April and now boasts over 400 members! If you’re tired of dying in solo runs this is the place to join. We are a diverse community with players of all skill levels and all play styles. Don’t worry if you’re new or inexperienced either, we got plenty of veterans who will be more than willing to help you learn the ropes of this game! There should be no problem at all here to find a group that suits your play style. Currently we are about half NA/EU as well. We have some players from Asia/OCE also, but we are especially looking for players from there to join the ones we got here. Hope to see you in [M2S]. Our discord link: CLICK HERE!!!
  17. Lfg 3 People for night factory farm and quest with planting gun power. Skase (eu)
  18. Lokix98

    Aus LFG

    Good day, Looking for Aus only, Wanting to find a group that works well. Discord is Lokix98#0139. Hit me up and will hopefully be able to form decent team. Also drop name below if your looking, making this a form good place to meet other comrades in our region.
  19. sm0nkk420

    LFG, good comms and team tactics

    Been playing for a bit but every team I join has poor communication or has players that will leave other members behind when the group isnt in any danger, break off and do their own thing without saying anything, or will rush the enemy Every. Single. Time. Trying to find a squad to do cover tactics with and formulate pre deploy strategies and plans and whatnot. Tryhards are what I want, I guess.
  20. Strainez

    LFG Newish to the game

    New to the game but got the grasp of it. Just looking to get better with other people.
  21. AshenElder

    [NA] [EST] LF Duo

    Just looking for someone to team up with that will play semi consistently. I play most weeknights and more on the weekends. I’m currently level 34. Hovering around a 36% Survival rate. Hideout is almost maxed out, sitting on around 3.5m and a decent stash. I don’t rage and I’m cool with new players. Sometimes I chad sometimes I rat. Just be nice to have a partner. I have kids so they may be in the background sometimes and I get busy on occasion, but I enjoy this game a lot and put a lot of time into it.
  22. vitaminoid

    LFG EU

    I am looking for someone to play with because i'm tired to play solo, i'm an old time player and i'm trying to get fat in raids. I am pretty late to this wipe but i hope i will catch up to the other players.
  23. Hi all! I'm looking for some PMC's to help me learn Reserve. I have never really touched reserve as i usually just run Interchange. But i'm looking to broaden my horizons, and also i need to learn the map so i can complete the quests later down the line. If anyone is interested, drop me a message, and we can discord and give it a go! Cheers
  24. Chahadi

    EU English Speaker

    Terrible bullet magnet wanting big strong muscle men to help with quests and hand down gym advice. 18+ Big Dollop#8142
  25. DrunkElmo__

    Looking For Group

    Im fairly new to the game and looking for other new players or experienced player to help me out. Region: US East If interested add me on Discord- DrunkElmo#9743
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