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Found 168 results

  1. Mcqball

    new to game and want to learn

    hey guys I am new to the game and would like to learn what its about and how to play. if anyone would be willing to help me that would be amazing thx. side note I am just getting back into pc gaming and am a little slow on the controls as of right now.
  2. crimsonking5049

    LFG duo or fire team

    Country: USA Timezone: Central preferred play time: 5pm-10pm (1700-2200) Hello, I'm searching for some peps to play EFT with, if you're down add my discord: CrimsonKing5049#3404.
  3. Eclipse9753

    Looking for duo or squad

    I'm looking for someone with exp to help me get the hang of things. I'm brand new but i have a lot of exp playing fps games. I'm CST Dm me on discord if you're interested Eclipse#6672
  4. LVL 21. I know shoreline, customs, interchange fairly well and somewhat factory. Really trying to get disgusting at the gunfights in this game. Need someone up for the challenge and that learns from when they die. Also not looking for people that think sitting in a bush for 20 minutes is a viable strategy lmao let's game dudes InvertedGamer#0645 Also...not trying to join your "tarkov gaming community"...thanks
  5. kcmiller1260

    LVL 23 LFG Quests,Partners etc

    Hey Guys, Looking for a partner to join up with to knock out some tasks together or just simply squad up. I've been getting killed a lot trying to do the golden Zibbo quest and thought maybe I'd reach out. HMU on tarkov RippleMcSahgs thanks
  6. Looking for a duo partner (or even a trio) to takeover customs and extract the chunky boi loot. Been playing for a long time and im not broke. Not asking for a carry, just looking for someone chill to watch my six. Server: (US) Message me on discord: iGotsMediocreBrain#4023
  7. xMethadone

    New player looking for group, UK based

    Just started playing tarkov looking for a group to learn the ropes and preferably no kids. Brad
  8. Just looking for more people to play with who are into EST even if you're just starting out. I have a discord but am always looking for other people who're looking for others to play as well. Especially if you're active duty or a vet too. Anyways hmu on discord. PUSHED2INS4NITY#9728
  9. heinzhead

    Looking for DUO partner (New player) EU

    Hi all, looking for a duo partner (experienced or new) to team up with EU. Haven't been playing very long, but can already see that this game would be a lot better as a team. If you're up for playing, add me on Discord - Heinz#7456 Cheers! Heinz
  10. Kilobravo777

    Looking for people to play with new player

    Lvl 14 about 30hrs played. I have played customs(really the only map so far) a lot and a few woods. Still learning but I can fight my way out of a paper bag. Country/ US Timezone/ EST preferred play time/ Mon-Thurs after 5pm. Weekends anytime really.
  11. Looking for some players to do runs with scav or pmc both is fine by me best way to reach me is discord SG. Ghost#4258 N/A Based player. 16 As of age
  12. 42ndsheep

    LFG New Player

    Country: USA Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) General Times Playing: 3:00 - 6:00 and 7:30 - 9:30 in the afternoon I am a pretty new player although I have played a lot of other hardcore type shooters. I am looking for a discord group to join so I can have help progressing in tarkov, learning the maps and learning the mechanics of the game. I am 18 with a mic. Discord: 42ndsheep#6818
  13. BigRedSK916

    Looking For A Few Players

    Looking for a few players to get into some raids with Im in the US On the west coast. Generally on quite a bit and there is always someone in my discord just looking to add new people with different knowledge and group up power comes in numbers. Newbs are Always welcome everyone starts somewhere! Join the discord and come chill ill be on all weekend should be a few others on throughout the weekend as well we are small group not a large community or anything. Look forward to the raids lets get it boyz. https://discord.gg/rTDCzwg
  14. AngrySteve3

    20r Gaming Community

    Welcome to the 20r! The 20r is a large multi gaming clan that’s been around since 2014. We have a heavy presence within the casual and competitive scenes in multiple games within the NA and EU regions and currently are recruiting members for our Escape from Tarkov NA unit. We are currently looking for people to participate in weekly events Casually and are looking for other people to enjoy the game with. We are a gaming community full of people from all around the world who want to experience their favorite games in an organized setting. We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favorite games. This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation to uphold a robust community structure. We go for quality over quantity, where every member represents the 20r as a whole. You the player will always be our priority and our staff team and officers will do anything in their power to make your experience enjoyable and stress free. If you have any questions feel free to join our discord (https://discord.gg/d2yc5bw) Things we provide for you: -Friendly and understanding environment -Structured staff team whose priority it is to ensure your enjoyment withing the 20r. -Chain of command, ranks, awards and leadership roles. -Discord server full of interaction -Guaranteed weekly events -Chance to meet and discover new people and new games. Requirements: None current requirements as we are looking for entry members. Activity: Specific event times will be announced when the squad is populated. Real life always comes first. You will not be punished for not attending an event if the Squad Leader has been informed. Does the 20r sound like something you would like to be a part of, or do you still have questions ? Join our discord https://discord.gg/d2yc5bw to fill out an application or if you have any questions. LCpl. Angrysteve
  15. Kushconspiracy

    looking for budys to help

    looking for some one to help me a bit. im kind of a newb just looking for some guidance. 420 friendly
  16. Kappy15

    LFG- new to game

    pretty new to the game and keep dying. Looking for some help/ carry. Much appreciated
  17. BigRedSK916

    Looking For a Couple New Guys

    Looking for a couple cool guys to do some raids with and scav runs somewhat new to the game but I am doing pretty well and know quite a bit for how long I have played I have a couple people I play with they aren’t on very much would like to find some new people to play with more often will be on all day today. Add me on Discord BigRedSk916 #0018
  18. Hello, I'm based in Taipei and play on the Japanese and Singaporian servers. I'm hoping to find other English speaking players to play and learn the game together.
  19. MellowT7

    Suche nette Mitspieler :)

    Hi Leute, bin auf der Suche nach Mitspielern die auch keine Lust mehr haben alleine durch Tarkov zu laufen. Ein bisschen was zu meiner Wenigkeit: Heiße Tobi und bin 22 Jahre alt. Wer Interesse hat gerne eine PM an mich oder direkt adden. Ingame: tobiee Bis dann!
  20. beeg

    LFG for a noob trying to get better

    Hey guys, I am very new to this game but I have noticed that lots of people play in groups, I would like to play with people who can help me get better as I really enjoy the game I just dont have anyone to play with, again I am very new, I have heard something about a scav faction but do not understand it much.
  21. Hi all, I am fairly new to the game (8) and am looking for people to raid with and even do quests if needed on a variety of maps . Feel free to add my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JCsX or reply to this thread. From the UK and 22.
  22. bambam215

    Pretty experienced. LF duo partner

    Have almost 300 hours this wipe. LF someone to run duos with. Kinda tired of running with noobs and showing people around. Discord: Bambam215 #0599
  23. ErebusXIII


    Hey, guys / girls Looking to play with someone. Just an average player. Level 22 atm. 26 and from the UK. Down to do any quests etc etc ErebusXIII#6261.
  24. Cromez420

    Looking for Group

    newer to the game, looking for someone or a group to run some factory with. Hmu if you wanna party up
  25. ggcookie

    Lvl 17 looking for duo runs

    Won't play with anyone under 18, looking for someone whose still learning like me, I'm getting better map knowledge and getting better at situational decision making and gunfights etc now. I refuse to play in a group because I find that its easier for solo players to pick you off one by one, and with the realism involved it's difficult to keep track,. That one second you need to second question if that is your team mate in front of you is the second you die So copy pasta my discord if you want to do duo runs: < 𝓖𝓬 >#2413 I am EU West.
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