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Found 11 results

  1. Alverecccc

    LFM/G New player from Sweden

    Hello there, I am RedemptionFall, I just started playing tarkov a few days ago and I am mostly playing alone, its getting quite boring. I am here to connect with others and play Tarkov with, I am not skilled by far, but learning alot for each day. I do offen play FPS games on daily basis, and wish to learn more in this game. Hit me up and we could play maby? Discord: RedemptionFall#1408 In-game: RedemptionFall Languish spoken: English / Swedish

    WCKD Gaming (NA)

    ---------- WCKD Gaming ---------- We're still looking for active members of all time zones. If you want a great community with fun and friendly players to play with, look no further! Discord link: (open in web address bar) https://discord.me/wckd What we value: ⚪ Dedication ⚪ Friendly ⚪ Helpful ⚪ Active ⚪ Strong communication ⚪ Desire to have fun within a community / team setting ⚪ Players who exhibit maturity and integrity What we offer: ⚪ Friendly environment ⚪ Shenanigans (because who doesn't love some random shen
  3. probnahreal

    Looking for chill players

    Im a tarkov vet, been playing like a chad for a couple wipes now. I dont stream and I dont care if you do lol but anyways im looking for some more mature players who are still down to clown so hmu and lets get some loot
  4. Looking for a duo partner (or even a trio) to takeover customs and extract the chunky boi loot. Been playing for a long time and im not broke. Not asking for a carry, just looking for someone chill to watch my six. Server: (US) Message me on discord: iGotsMediocreBrain#4023
  5. Hello! The United Gaming Center are searching for players of all skill levels and nationalities to join us in PUBG. We are now 700+ players from all over the world, so you won't have any problems finding a group of great lads to squad up with. We have been playing a multitude of survival and battle royale games, but it doesn't matter if you have never played a battle royale game before as we are willing to teach new players. We have a few set prerequisition requirements to join to ensure a mature and enjoyable environment: *Age: We like our individuals to be 18+. However
  6. blobbybobby

    Lfm players

    Gravity discord is looking for new old good or bad players!! Everyone is welcome to join the great escape!! https://discord.gg/ETTBJ over 900 members for eft pubg dnd many more games.
  7. blobbybobby

    Gravity Discord

    Looking for escape artists!! gravity discord is a good friendly place to find more players to play with. No loot med loot high loot doesn't matter just come for the fun!! https://discord.gg/7JpFz6z
  8. blobbybobby

    Lfm players

    Gravity discord looking for more players for squads solos duos!!!! No age req no gear req only having fun!!! Join https://discord.gg/4kSVG to join the great escape
  9. blobbybobby

    Looking for more people

    Looking for players to start squads with!! Lots of gear or no gear everyone is welcome. Join gravity discord to join the escape!!! https://discord.gg/EP9WU
  10. datODC

    Against All Odds Recruiting (aAo)

    Hello fellow escapes, my squad is looking for players to join up and form a clan to raid with. Hit us up if you are interested, we have a discord, feel free to join! Or message me and I will get you some more info. Looking for serious members only and please be an adult or act like one. Thanks! https://discord.gg/fwCuCJW
  11. bonanza94

    Lostgamerzinc 21+

    https://discord.gg/JZFUqrV Lostgamerzinc is looking for active players to join for escape from tarkov 21+ casual group join in if you dont want to play alone
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