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Found 10 results

  1. Samurai_Mac

    Flash Light effects in darkness

    Just a humble suggestion on the behavior of flash lights in game. The players eyes should behave more like the NVG when you are around a light source. It didn't make much sense to me that you have no distortion of the surrounding area when you have a flashlight beamed directly in you eyes in darkness. So, if we just add the same effect that happens with flashlights and NVGS that would make more sense, and be a tad bit more useful. You're still a huge target , given that you're directly behind the burning ball of light, but it could help with a little increase in survivability. 😁👍
  2. TheSzeckler

    Fuse Boxes

    I played today on Interchange during the night time, i was using Nightvision and i get really annoyed by the lights when they turn it on with the generator. So i was thinking about an idea: In a supermarket you always have alot of lights, these lights are tied to some type of boxes, every box controls a group of Lights / alarms / cameras, other similar electrical things, SO how about we create Fuse Boxes or Lightsitches for every group of light, in my example i will use the lights found in the OLI Shelves area where you can see the group of Lights tied to a Fuse Box which we can shoot to take out all Lights controlled by said Fusebox, instead of having to shoot every light one by one this would be another method to get rid of the lights in a realistic way ? Let me know if this is a realistic approach.
  3. denizk53

    Toggling tactical device

    So i got a Laser (NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-Module) and a Flashlight (Ultrafire WF-501B Flashlight) on my weapon and is it possible that i can turn the laser and the flashlight separately on/off? Tried to do it - didnt work. Maybe i did something wrong. Thank you in advance.
  4. Antinomian

    Flashlight Filters

    Dear Developers, here's a few extra add-on items for the flashlight - adding small plastic color filters to them (I'm currently a soldier and they give us flashlight filters for the following reasons) 1. A red color flashlight filter to conceal distant light flares making it harder for the enemy to spot (the visibility isn't good at all but I can see where I'm going at least). 2. We use R G B filters to send signals to friendlies on a distance without any noise during the night. Hope you like the simple idea and it isn't too hard to implement.
  5. Nickige7


    a flashlight that produces a re occurring flash creating a strobe of light
  6. Hello everyone, We have uploaded a new video on our official Youtube channel that showcases highlights of what is to come in the next upcoming update (Patch 0.8). We have shown these clips on the recent Podcast on Twitch but now we also have them on our Youtube channel per your request. Enjoy! TRANSLATIONS: Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Portuguese translationf of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @dimittri4gc
  7. I think it would give night time a sure realism boost. The glow sticks can be attached to your vest, or helmet: if for some suicidal reason you are into that. This would help the armband for friendlies discussion as well. Different colored glow sticks that will highlight the AMAZING lighting system that Tarkov uses. IR attached. This look of helmet webbing can be used to attach the artificial grass cover I brought up in another topic (ghullie material). - When you shoot them they break open, and the fluorescence spills onto the ground... <--- is that how it works? I've never actually seen it happen. lol.
  8. Arzzet


    Hi there! This topic is as much a suggestion as a report bug: First tell, let's say is a night raid, then you kill someone who is using a flashlight on a shotgun for example, it remains turned on on the dead body, is cool, but then a bug occurs, as you can search the body and take the flashlight out the weapon, but you'll see the weapon is still iluminating with that flashlight. The second thing I've noticed is that doesn't generate the proper shadow when you pass in front of the light. Is a thing needs to be fixed. After that I realized a that if they fix this issue, you can for example use weapons left on the floor to illuminate dark places ( inside biuldings for example ) and you can be in other position, to confuse enemies, and even use it as a bait.. let's call it advanced survivor tactics
  9. DeadlyPistol

    Tactical weapon Problem

    I have in counterd a problem regarding the weapon attachtments, if got a my saiga a weapons flashlight and a laser, here starts the problem , i can only turn both on, are both off . but if i turn on flashlight i wont see the laser anymore. so maybe its a idea to make different keys for atachtments? are a sep for flashlight and other atachtments on a other key so you can use them from each other. Kind Regards
  10. CrezyKoishi

    Flashlight blindness

    Not sure if this was already inside the game, but there should be something like : When the player is in total darkness[or seeing darkness] for a certain period of time already, when someone suddenly shines a flashlight/torchlight directly into the player, the player will experience temporarily blindness. This should be applied too when the player is wearing night vision googles too.
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