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Found 5 results

  1. TinyHappy

    Max HP reduced after damage

    I had an idea ( Sorry if this has already been posted or thought of ) of a system that lowers the max amount of limb health after getting damaged Example: I have 60/60 Health in my Left Arm then get shot I now have 30/60 Because of the damage. But with this system it would be 30/54 as the max limb health has been reduced as well. If i heal that limb i will get to 54/54 limb health in my left arm.
  2. Burrower


    Gore & dismemberment would be amazing. After total blood loss in body parts, the next rounds (depending on the type of weapon/caliber being used) could blow off limbs, chunks, etc. from the body. This would add more realism to the game without making dismemberment too complex. Mind that this would only work after the next shot is guaranteed to kill.
  3. Zynx

    Lost limb healing

    It should be nice to do with something with the lost limbs effect. I Understand this is hardcore game, but this thing more frustrating than its necessary. How it works now: Raid started. After 2 minutes, first fight with another PMC: I won, but i lost one of my leg at his first shot. Start to feed myself with painkillers, and search for exit. Repeat. How should it work (for better game experience but still remain hardcore): Player must be allowed to heal themself, and stay in the raid insted of force them to leave. If a medkit can be restore the lost limb should be nice. Like stop bloodloss for 30HP. But this could cost more HP. For example every lost limbs restoration cost 150HP / lost limb. Or use special item which can be restore lost limbs but it cost more time than the healing. (e.g.10-15 second use time, and during the process cannot be move or cancel the process - so it remain risky) The point is to allow the players to continue the raid after loosing a limb if they have the right equipment or time to heal themself instead of forcing them to eat painkillers and run for exit.
  4. Altblu

    Unblacking limbs

    Greetings, after a discussion on the Reddit about the Grizzly and how it needs a buff to make it viable. I have thought of an idea for an unblacking med item, at this time the grizzly could serve the function. With the increased raid timer a blacked limb means time to extract with a lot of time remaining in most cases. I think that a 2x2 item that takes 15 seconds, gives pain debuff, unblack the limb, restoring to 10 hp, and costing 200. If the grizzly was used it would give 3 unblacked limbs and its current functions. Why I think this is a good idea, the grizzly currently serves no practical purpose, takes a lot of space, expensive and impractical to hotkey. The ability to unblack a limb would make a bad gunfight that you barely win a non-raid ender, and with the current extensions of raid times, the ability to use it would be appreciated. Also with the expense of grizzlies, it would make the Epsolone container a much more viable choice. This change would not affect the morphine meta except for post-battle spam of meds until extraction. A 15-second use would make it impractical for use in combat and adding the pain debuff would either make you use morphine or be completely sure of your safety. The durability uses of 200 was so the grizzly would heal at most 3 limbs which I feel that would be the max something of that size should heal. If you tried to unblack 3 limbs it would take 45 seconds to get them to 10hp each then add on the time for Ifaks or Salewas to max hp you would be out of combat for 2 minutes in a defensive posture. With the plans to slow down combat in EfT this seems acceptable. If this still seems unbalanced, an additional suggestion comes to mind when you use this unblackening grizzly or other item that dose this it takes 10hp or so off the top of that limbs health for the remainder of the raid instead of the current pill popping medkit spam. When the medical animations are in effect the unblacking grizzly would be an even better fit. I had a discussion on the Tarkov Reddit about this ( https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7vs1yw/grizzly_medkit_desperately_needs_a_buff/dturnz0/ ) I would appreciate your opinions on this and Thank you for your time.
  5. A couple suggestions: Coop mode offline. When a player is shot in the leg, they are forced into prone.
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