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Found 6 results

  1. lllPug

    total stock

    How about getting rid of the trader total limit of objet a limite per refill yes, but I don t want to wait 30min or more to get something from a trader.
  2. It's been some time since the ping limit was implemented and I totally agree that it's made the quality of in raid gameplay better and reduced desync. With that said, there are many people (myself included) who either have friends who they can no longer play with, or themselves can no longer reliably play. I'm sure I'm not the first to have though of this, but why not give players the choice in the settings to queue with higher ping players or not? If people really enjoy the ping limit, then queue times shouldn't be cut down by this addition. If they don't, then they're free to play with their friends with the knowledge that the potential for lag abuse is there. I don't think this is costly for BSG to implement and I'm sure would dramatically increase the appeal of the game to players who aren't from Russia, central Europe, or the United States. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. A lot of the changes to combat RMT affect the gameplay of the general playerbase. Allowing only a specific amount of items/money on your character makes the stash management a bit harder, you can not just load all those items in your character to move them easily to the desired location. The backpack stacking change makes accessing them way harder. Having multiple big backpacks in a stack results in being forced to have double that amount of space in your stash to unpack them. Sometimes this is hard to accomplish for EOD, for the standard edition this can be backbreaking. Before you could just put them on your character to have space to unload stuff from a scav run, this is now impossible. A lot of space is now required to stay empty and unused. If you had that backpack stack on your character when that change happened like me you had no idea how to remove it without losing it. Dragging did not seem to work, ctrl clicking did not work at all. I did not play my PMC at all for more than half a week because I had no idea how to fix that. These changes do not only hurt the RMT, they hurt the playerbase as a whole. Why not change it so it does not really affect the playerbase and only the RMT? Remove those general limitations on what can be on your character. Instead make it so that your PMC is locked out of raids if certain criteria are met. Let us have any amount of stacked backpacks or valuable items on our characters. But if we go to the character selection screen disable the NEXT button if we carry to much of something. Equipping a huge stack of backpacks on our character or 10 bitcoins because we want to move them down the stash all at once? No problem. But we can not get past the character selection screen while we have that on our person. And add some mouse over text to the NEXT button for that case to tell the player why they can not play a PMC raid. It should be easy to limit those items to small amounts to enable you to help a friend with a missing item or give them back their lost items from a past raid without them risking a ban. And at the same time it should disrupt any larger transfer of items done by RMT. And if you want to go a bit further you could even make this for item groups instead of single items. "You have more than four valuables on your character? No raid for you!" This would restrict RMT even further, preventing them to just join with a big range of different valuable items instead. It might be safer to start with a disabled NEXT button for the PMC so you can not bypass that system by going fast. And if you want to implement this idea: Please test it thoroughly. We don't want to get locked out of raids because of errors in the system.
  4. The latest 150 or 160 (or whichever value in this range) limit that got introduced killed my ability to play! I don't have a single server that doesn't dip at least a few times over the limit. I'm playing from Dubai and the ISPs here are a garbage duopoly that have no incentive to do anything about improving the infrastructure. My ping will fluctuate in a range of between 120 ms all the way to 300 for a few seconds. Like I'll be playing for the majority of time at 120 .. 125.. 142.. 135.. 126.. then 240... 180... 132.. 125... then again 301.. and back to 140.. and so on. The game won't care, if it dips a couple of times over that's it. I'm kicked. And these dips don't last too long. Can we please have a compromise of at least having the system kick me if I'm over the limit for an extended period of time per period? like if there is a 10 second duration, each time I dip back down, the timer resets? Have the current system kick per usual at maybe 250ms like last time. I don't think lag spikers would spike their ping that low, and I think the Chinese would have their ping higher that 160 for a lot longer than someone with garbage infrastructure.
  5. LoneRanger666

    Player online limit

    Hello! I have one suggestion how to make servers and game stable for the most of players. What about limiting how many players can actually play? Like setting the amount of players that can be ingame/online and put others in a queue at the launcher? I think this would be much better and let most of players play without interruptions than letting everyone in and crashing everything and none can play normally. If i remember right, League of Legends had queue at their best times and it was not that bad at all. You could be in the game in minutes. Wish you all the best, LoneRanger
  6. Will i loose rep with the traders? If i loose for a certain times, i won't be able to reach the 4th/king level with that trader ever, only if i reset my profile?
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