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Found 9 results

  1. D3st1nY_00

    Sorting tasks-list!

    A good QOL improvement might be to be able to sort the Tasks in the "Character/TASK"-Tab. The Tasks-List should be sortable by Trader / Type / Task(Name) / Location regards D3
  2. I did some research but could not find something related to this specific topic. Mostly found some lists of quests, but they are either incomplete or does not fit into what i want as the result. Iam sorry if i missed something. Anyway: Hey Guys :-) After a few weeks with quests and realising my "spring-cleaning" right before the quest-patch was a mistake (sold some of the items i need now), i decided to make a list of items you really need. But i did only a few quests so far and got some information from streams and with research so i need your help. Maybe we can make a list of all collectable quest items (the ones who spawn random) together, so you have a handy little list with things you should keep (especially usefull after a wipe). I will update this list with the information you provide. Just one thing: Be sure about the related items. I dont want people to guess, because we all need a clean stash EDIT: Due to not being able to edit posts after a few minutes, i've created a google document for it which i will update instead. It can be found here
  3. Supervivientes: En nuestra continua lucha contra los jugadores que usan trampas para ganar ventaja, os traemos una lista más de jugadores baneados. Nuestro Anti-Cheat se actualiza constantemente, y seguimos baneando diariamente. 782 Tramposos eliminados. Como siempre os dejamos con la lista:
  4. ThcMonkee

    Allowed software

    Greetings peoples, I looked through the forum and I couldn't find anything like a list of programs that are allowed to run in the background. Sorry if I missed it somewhere. I was specifically interested in KeyRemapper, so I can put scope changing on a single keyboard button and Gamma Panel, because my computer is positioned in front of a window which means I can play night time raids only during actual night time. A list of allowed programs can't, of course, cover all of them but it will give a general idea about what the developers what and do not want and seeing how there is this whole "all bans are final" thing going on, I think it's fair to make every reasonable step in insuring no one gets a ban who doesn't deserve one. Great game, Monkee out.
  5. DISCLAIMER - this is all speculation, and has had zero input from the developers. It is merely an unofficial collection of ideas and images and should not be cited as reference material for future game content. You have been warned Welcome all. I had a few moments spare, and noticed there wasn't much in the way of a consolidated 'planned features' thread, instead news is dotted around the forum. Of course, none of this is 100% going to arrive and some features may have been discussed by devs in secondary sources (i.e. YouTube videos, stream etc) so please, take this all with a huge pinch of Tushonka. I have also included my own speculation on some of the features for fun. So, in order to educate new players and potentially re-motivate or remind older ones, I have decided to gather as much info as I can on where Tarkov will be heading in the near future. This will mainly concern content and new game mechanics that we know of so far. There is probably quite a bit I have missed, so if you have any images or info you'd like me to add PM me and I'll add them to the post! Cheers! Special thanks to my runners, @truskolasand @alex8xela Official Dev Roadmap: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/815cl9/2018_escape_from_tarkov_development_plans/ Game mechanics Weapons and attachments Gear Maps Interchange - coming on or before closed beta (dev/mod answer) Potentially followed by Streets of Tarkov (Q&A) "...after Intersection we are going to continue with Streets of Tarkov. On a parallel track, we’ll start building an indoor location with the same CQB spirit as Factory -- the TerraGroup Lab. This year we are expecting to finish all the locations necessary to release." (Roadmap) Trader - Mechanic Lore Cybersport interview Feb '18 Something else I found
  6. Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung meines Beitrags aus dem englischen Forum. Da das Spiel (noch) nicht auf deutsch verfügbar ist, wollte ich keinen deutschen Beitrag mit englischen Gegenstandsnamen machen, daher werde ich nur die Einleitung übersetzen, damit ihr wisst worum es geht und dann gegebenenfalls im englischen Thread beitragen könnt. Diesen könnt ihr hier finden: Hallo Leute :-) Nach ein paar Wochen mit den Quests - und nachdem ich festgestellt habe das mein Frühjahrsputz ein Fehler war (habe einige der Gegenstände verkauft die ich jetzt brauche) - habe ich mich entschlossen eine Liste von Gegenständen, die ihr wirklich benötigt, zu erstellen. Ich habe allerdings bisher nur einige Quests erledigt und ein paar Informationen aus Streams sowie mit der Suche erhalten, daher brauche ich eure Hilfe. Eventuell können wir zusammen eine Liste aller sammelbaren Gegenstände anfertigen (solche die zufällig spawnen), so das jeder eine nützliche kleine Liste mit Dingen zur Verfügung hat, die ihr behalten solltet (besonders nützlich nach einem wipe). Ich werde den englischen Beitrag entsprechend updaten, ihr könnt gern hier oder dort eure Ergänzungen machen. Nur eine Sache noch: Seid euch sicher mit den Gegenständen, ich möchte keine Liste von vermuteten Items erstellen, wir alle wollen einen sauberen Stash
  7. Escapers! Well, there is no story to it. They get BANNED! Below, you will find the 500 sad souls that were taken by the hammer that swings every day. This is a list of players that were banned due to cheating in Escape from Tarkov. Although we do not take player reports currently, we are actively monitoring and taking actions against those who cheat. So the lesson of the day, we take fair play seriously, do not cheat, do not get banned, and play the game fair. Translations: Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @REAPERBR Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Coordinator of Emissaries @TheWay African translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Africa @18K_ German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Germany @PIK Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech rep. @PugMonk Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of HongKong @Hazel Full List:
  8. Can we start with create a list where keep all the player that are available to teach others, maybe with the language they know and to know maybe which one is a troll or who not and stuff like that? So new player can ave a clue, where to watch, and vice versa.
  9. GeordieBloke


    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if there is a full complete LIST (not a walkthrough or how to guide) of all the tasks that are currently in the game. Thanks!
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