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Found 12 results

  1. When i try to play on reserve map its laggy and when i load the map it took me 20 minutes i observe my pc performance during load. What i observe is interesting cpu usage 16% gpu 26% ram 68% with discord im really surprised because the game looks like its stuttering while i load. I got a i5 8300h 4.0 ghz NVIDIA gtx 1050 4gb 16 gb of ram SSD/HDD got the game on my main drive. There are times that it load fast and smooth gameplay but most of the time lag desync and other issue like server disconnect and anti cheat did not load. But whe in play on woods map no issue no lag no desync no error smooth gameplay. Note upon internet speed test my dl speed is 24.05 mbps and upload is 25.06 mbps not really sure whats happening hope you fix this issue thanks

    fix for long loading times 2020

    ive figured out how to take load times from 5 to 10 mins solo and groups could take 10 plus minutes or even not work at all. well ive read everything on all the forums with no luck. so i played around with a bunch of different stuff tell i figured this out. it took my solo load times to 30 secs and my group ones to 1 min 30 seconds hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-hRleMAB3c&t=1s
  3. Enzaki

    cant load my Profile

    the game is just haning on loading profile and after like 5 min an error pop up comes and saying Backend session Active Profile status is null ? anyone that know why ?
  4. Ogelnam

    User action Required

    I keep getting this Unable to load the file "Client." connection was closed, while installing the game . What does this mean and how can I fix it? What am I supposed to do and will this affect my computer?
  5. Dear BSG Devs (Weapon Department) & EFT Community, I just found out that the animation of "Manually Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapon" is kinda wrong. This only happens to guns that have Bolt Catch mechanism like M4A1, ADAR, HK416, SA-58, etc. In this video (at 5:00 & at 6:33) and in this video (at 0:24) , you can clearly see that our PMC has unloaded his magazine outta his ADAR, HK416, & SA-58. He also has extracted the last round from the chamber. Then he wants to manually insert one round into the chamber. So He needs to pull back the bolt open to feed that one round into the receiver. What really weird is that he just pulls back the bolt by racking the Charging Handle with his left hand (while holding the pistol grip with his right hand) and magically the Bolt Catch locks the Bolt open by itself. Our PMC doesn't even touch that Bolt Catch button, it just works by itself. He pulls back the Charging Handle and the Bolt magically gets locked to the rear by the Bolt Catch. This animation is correct only when the gun is loaded with an empty magazine (magazine follower will go up and push up the Bolt Catch as you pull back the bolt). But when the gun is totally empty (no magazine at all), the Bolt Catch has to be activated manually with his hand! So imho here's the correct steps to manually put one round into the chamber (the animation should be like this): 1) Hold your gun with your left hand and pull back the Charging Handle with your right hand (it'll pull back the bolt as well) 2) Push down on the Bolt Catch button with your left hand (while you pull back that charging handle with your right hand). It'll free the Charging Handle so you can push it back forward with your right hand. It'll also lock the Bolt to the rear exposing the Receiver so you can put one round into it with your right hand. 3) Put a round through the ejection port into the receiver with your right hand, then you strike the Bolt Catch button with your left hand to release the bolt forward chambering that one round into the chamber. Here's a very good video to demonstrate the correct way to pull back AR Bolt and hold it open: The animation of Guns that have no Bolt Catch (like AK) is already solid! To insert a round into the chamber of an AK, our PMC braces the stock of his AK against his shoulder, then he holds the bolt back with his right hand, and then he inserts one round with his left hand. That's already correct! i know this is just a tiny detail that most players will never ever notice. Hell, probably most players don't even realize their PMC can manually insert one round into the chamber lol XD But hey, BSG Devs gotta do the Gun Porn right coz they claim to have the most realistic hardcore FPS simulator I'll keep checking all the guns mechanic here to see if there's anything else goofy. Stay tuned! Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  6. MrMarshallMan3

    Minor Animation Suggestions

    One of subtle animations I adored from the Battlefield series is that when sniping, after firing your shot you can keep holding down left-click to stop your character from loading the next shot of a bolt-action rifle. This way you can follow your shot to make adjustments for your next one. Even if this is an animation unlocked by leveling up your sniper skill or reload skill, it would be REALLY useful and I feel a lot of people would agree!
  7. Toxic007


    -MERHABA TÜRK ASKERLERİ! - UPLOADBOOM ALIM SAYFASINA HOŞ GELDİN! OPEN WORLD VE SURVIVAL MOD OYNAMAKTAYIZ ! AÇIK DÜNYA ÜZERİNDE TÜRK OYUNCULARINA İHTİYACIMIZ VAR! AILE YADA TAKIMA MI İHTİYACIN VAR? EVET! BİZ BİR AİLE VE TAKIMIZ! AİLEMİZE KATILMAK İÇİN BİRKAÇ KURALLARIMIZ VAR! GERÇEKTEN ÇOK KOLAY! İLK OLARAK BÜ POSTA SAĞ AŞAĞIDAN KALP ATIP YORUM BIRAKIYORSUNUZ. TAKIMIMIZDA BULUNMAK İÇİN ÖN KURALLAR AŞAĞIDA YAZIYORDUR ONLAR YOKSA HİÇ UĞRAŞMA BİLE DOSTUM HERŞEY MEVCUTMU? AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYARAK TAKIM ONAYI ALABİLİRSİN! ! TEŞEKKÜRLER! -TR- - MERHABA ASKER! – Şimdi eft için uygun bir takım oluşturmak için arıyoruz! Neden UPLOADBOOM'A katılıyorsun? Çünkü burada sadece iyi bir takım değil, bir aile de var! Evet. Bir aile gibiyiz! – Birbirimize göz kulak oluruz! Bazı ihtiyaçlarımız var ama çok basit. - GEREKSİNİM – EFT çok yeni bir oyun olduğu için profesyonel olmak gerekmez, bu yüzden yeteri kadar bilginin olması yeterli, Ama biz bekliyoruz,FPS Oyunlarında ne kadar iyisin? Çatışma sırasında heyecanlanmayacak kadar profesyonel misin ?. SAYGISIZLIK KESİNLİKLE YASAKTIR. Güzel bir mikrofon güzel bir oyun deneyimi. 18 yaşındasın. Katılmak, bir deneme üyesi olarak başlayacak ve daha sonra sırayla listelenen izin rütbeleri, ilerlemek: deneme üyesi, üye, ileri üye, Master üye VIP Üye, ortak moderatör, moderatör, patron patron, Kaptan. - Lütfen başvurmadan önce okuyun - Şu anda klanımızı “uluslararası klan” haline getirmeye çalışıyoruz, şu anda sadece İngilizce konuşan çok az seçkin insanımız var (çoğunlukla Türkiye'den geliyoruz), ama lütfen bu sizi korkutmasın, Klanımızı geliştirmenin önemli bir parçası olacaksınız! – Hayat dolu ve dost canlısı insanlarla tanışacaksın! xxxxxxxx -ENG - UPLOADBOOM IS NOW RECRUITING ENTHUSIASTIC Escape From Tarkov PLAYERS - HELLO SOLDIER! – We are now looking to create a proper team for EFT! Why should you join UPLOADBOOM? Because, here you don’t only get a good team, you get a family! Yes. We’re like a family! – We look out for each other! We have a few requirements, but they’re quite simple. - REQUIREMENTS – You don’t need to be pro, as EFT is a very new game, so it would be quite unrealistic goal, to only recruit “experienced players”. But we do expect, that you’re somewhat “average” at FPS games. Discord is required. You have a good microphone. You are 18+ of age When you join, you will start out as a trial member, and then advance through our permission ranks, which are listed in order: Trial-Member, Member, Advanced-Member, Master-Member VIP-Member, CO-Moderator, Moderator, Boss Patron, Captain. - Please read before applying - We’re currently trying to make our clan into an “international clan”, right now we only have a very few select people who speaks English (We’re mostly from Turkey), but please don’t let that scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! – And you will be met with open arms and friendly people! DISCORD IP : https://discord.gg/Fa3SPFQ WEBSITE : https://muhammedland.wixsite.com/uploadboom
  8. Chbingle

    Stuck in matching

    I just bought the game today, whenever I play as a Scav I can get into a match anywhere from 1-5 minutes of waiting on the matching screen; however, when I attempt to play with my regular player I just can't get into games. I get stuck on the matching screen as if it can't find a game for me to join. Its definitely not my computer as whenever I go in as a scav things work just fine. anyone else having this problem?
  9. Omega32_1

    Fix for matching wait times

    Is there any ETA on when the devs expect the current matching times in the load screen to be fixed? Since the patch update my character has remained level one simply due to the fact that not one of the matches I have tried to enter ever loaded or got past the matching stage, as the picture attached shows even after 10+ minutes of waiting. With no progress being saved in offline mode it essentially renders the game unplayable.
  10. Cardboard231

    Option to keep Most Recent Map Loaded

    A simple option in settings to keep the most recent map loaded.
  11. KaRaiizy

    Issues Joining Games

    Anyone else having issues joining into a game? Every time I try to join either a scav or my main character mission, both will just sit there say matching. Any clue how to fix this?
  12. FWR

    Free Roam

    Будет ли возможно дойти до небоскребов (даунтаун) в свободном режиме из Таможни? Будет ли реализована динамическая загрузка локаций?
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