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Found 26 results

  1. byzas

    Stuck in Matching

    Hello, Whenever I try to play with my friend, our games both get stuck on matching. We've both been waiting up to 7 minutes before we decided we couldn't find a game. This has been going on for days now, and it's only when we both try to play with each other, as PMC and scav. Today I've been playing all day, and he comes online and we try to play and then we're stuck again. We've both tried switching servers, selecting multiple, selecting only one, seeing what would happen, and nothing works. Anyone know what's up?
  2. Moin, ich habe ein Problem und hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen.... unzwar geht es um die neue Map reserve, jedes mal wenn ich sie spielen möchte stürzt das gesamte spiel ab immer bei Loading Loot.. Ich habe das spiel schon einmal komplett neu runtergeladen hat aber nichts gebracht. Zu meinem Pc: Prozessor i7-9700K Ram: 16GB Grafikkarte: Geforce RTX 2080Ti also am pc sollte es in keinem fall liegen....
  3. Всем здравия желаю, буду краток. Давно не обновлялись слайды в экране загрузки. Мы подходим к черте когда на каждой локации находятся босы и их свита. Так вот хотелось бы пожелать добавления слайдов искомых персонажей для идентификации перед боем. У кого есть еще предложения давайте обсудим, ведь подготовка к бою это залог успешного выживания.
  4. escape from tarkov profile data loading stuck I waited 15 minutes Nothing happened Help me pls T T My pc spec cpu i5 9400 ram 16 gb vga gtx 1050ti hdd 1t wd psu 650w os windows 10 64bit
  5. So I have played quite a few games, some of which ended up getting ruined by loading into the map, then attempting to contact the server, just to find out I am unable to finish the connection. Now, I'm not 100% sure this can be done, but if my game found out that I could not access the server BEFORE loading in my character, wouldn't I be able to keep the gear that I was taking in with me, and then just move onto a different match? Again, I'm not sure if thats possible, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be nice to have some kind of failsafe in cases where I'm not trying to leave the map but can't even load in and therefore sacrifice all my gear to the vultures.
  6. 1xxKINGxx1

    Crash on Interchange (loading loot)

    When I load interchange i will get to the loading loot part my game crashes and it messes with my computer. My task manager was transparent and when i selected my windows button and it was blank. I can load woods fine and customs. I shared the crash report and other files related to the crash. i also have the launcher on my ssd and the game on a separate hard drive. Don't know if that has anything to do with it but I'm just trying to give as much info as possible. Thank you in advance. System Specs: Amd Ryzen 5 2600 Six-core processor 3.4 ghz 8 gb ram Gtx 1060 3gb vram graphics card crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  7. nachoben

    staying in matchmaking

    is it just me but when i try to go into a raid im always stuck in matchmaking for 10+ mins then if i get in the game the server seems to freeze. but when i join on people and they take me into raids its fine. if you know why this is please say.
  8. Shiny-y

    Servidor PT/BR

    Qual a previsão, para novos servidores Brasileiros ? 1 só ta "complicado", demora muito para as partidas serem criadas, principalmente em horários de pico. E jogar nos servidores de Miami é uma tristeza na hora do PVP
  9. Hello to all interested! First I want to say that labs has been such a great addition to Tarkov and I'm very excited to see it's development in the future. One issue I've encountered is that depending on a player's loading speeds, all players may not enter a raid at the same. This has made my teammate and I spawn in separate locations and overall have difficulty trying to meet each other and losing valuable raid time. I came up with a suggestion while playing today and was hoping to hear other people's opinions, that suggestion being a pre-load map option in the lobby screen. This would provide people who perhaps don't have as good PC specifications to load in at the same time as others. This has been done in other games such as Arma 3 and would love to see it implemented here! Thanks for reading this if you did and hearing out my suggestion. Cheeki Breeki!
  10. I've bought the game recently and when i wanted to enter the game for the very first time, i faced some similar errors. please look at these screenshot below. and the error logs also attached.04.09 22-44-41 application.log 04.09 22-44-41 errors.log 04.09 22-44-41 traces.log and i have tried all solution suggested by the support team. Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi there, I absolutely love Escape From Tarkov, honestly well done BattleState Games, your game has serious potential. However, there are a few bits that really impact the fun of the game, two of them being the most important: First, the tediousness of buying and fitting again weapons over and over again, and second the loading times, made even worse by the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do at all during loadings. Let's discuss these issues one by one. 1. Tedious gear shopping and fitting Do not get me wrong, creating a new weapon with the best possible stats, with the best possible modules (flashlight, laser, etc...) is really interesting and is indeed a good addition to the game. I love spending some time checking out the possibilities, making a new build, starting an offline match to test that and improve it. So yes, making new weapons is indeed cool. What is much less interesting is to have to buy again the weapon, all of its components that you have to buy to every vendor individually, then take care of fitting them, then go sell the previous pieces that you replaced, etc... This is such a tedious process, we also have to remember who sells what otherwise we'll end up trying to figure out why that damn piece refuses to fit this time and many other stuff that are simply fun crushing chores. Add that to the fact that sometimes you have to refit a weapon because you just died of a stupid death, so our frustration and annoyance levels are sky high, and we are now condemned to spend the next 5-10 minutes in menus to get something that we already know and already had... To be entirely honest I don't really mind dying in games, but in EFT I do because I know there will be some menu browsing imposed on me right after. So how to solve that? Well some people would advise to make stocks, like fitting a few weapons and keeping them ready and yeah that can help a bit but first my stash is very limited and second that still means there will be significant time spent in boring menus to make them and all. The very perfect solution in my opinion would be shopping and fitting lists, that we could create and save, to later be able to buy that neat weapon setup we created in one click, hassle-free. This way we keep the fun of weapon making, yet we don't force players to spend their time in boring menus every time they die. This could be developed in different steps: - First, we could have a system of shopping list only, that would buy specific items from specific vendors in one click, this would speed up the weapon rebuilding process a lot, leaving us only the fitting to do before going back to Tarkov. - Second when the first system works correctly, we enhance it by adding the feature to fit automatically the weapons and gear. - Lastly, we could add an option to equip everything that has been bought The ultimate goal of this system is to be able to die and go back to raid in a matter of seconds, so we can make what EFT is meant to be: a shooting game, not a menu simulator. 2. Loading times and loading screen I am a developer, so I know that loading are necessary and improving loading time can be a task technically challenging, so I'm not just going to complain that loadings are too long. First, we can improve the waiting times during loading by 2 different ways: (1) make loadings shorter, and (2) make loadings less boring. To make loadings shorter, several things are possible. The first one that comes through my mind is to keep the map loaded in memory after the raid and to unload it only if the player goes for a new raid on another map. Since unloading is quasi-instantaneous this would give a speed boost to all players going on another raid on the same map. Perhaps some of the loading steps don't need to be sequential and can be done in parallel, with multi threading for example (e.g. loading the map while loading the loot at the same time). I don't know the internals of your net code or anything but spending 1 minutes and 30 seconds or more on "Awaiting players" is ruining the whole thing, try to get rid of that, let's just not wait for players, we all spawn when we're done loading at our pace, I'd rather that than staring at a loading screen for a minute and a half every beginning of raid. To make loadings less boring please give us access to some of the menus, perhaps not the inventory since that could generate bugs if we move objects during loading, but why not have access to the overview, to the skills, the map, etc... This way we would use the loading time to wander in the menus, read descriptions of skills, think about strategies to improve our stats, etc... I am sure it would make the time feel shorter. If these two bits were solved EFT would neighbour perfection to me. I hope there's something valuable in these suggestions. Have a good one.
  12. Deathcage

    Hotkey to load chamber

    Would be good for Toz to load a single shell into the chamber via hotkey/shortcut. Might make Toz more viable as a single shot use to extend its limited magazines for a few shots with slower reload. Would also make it more possible for guns that you loot without mags but have the rounds. Of course you can just drag and drop a round in but would be a small QOL improvement for some cheeky stingy strats/challenges.
  13. Boy_Hermann

    Cannot load while loading

    Got this error over and over, had to do a alt-f4 to shut it down.
  14. HumaDracobane

    Loading and unloading ammo animation

    The suggestion is really simple: Adding animations to the loading and unloading thing and a new loading/unloading mechanic. With the new patch we'll had to keep the menu open in order to add ammo to the magazines, which means that we'll have to be exposed by the fact of being still while we're reloading and with the menu open and the reloading noises. The suggestion is to keep still but with an animation that allow us to, at least, close the menu and look to the surroundings. At the same time, add an animation for the unloading mechanic for the same reason. For the mechanic, it could be nice to be able to reload our magazines without open the menu. Let me explain: With the condition of having the magazine that we want to reload and the ammo that we want to load on the pockets or on out vest, but NOT on the backpack or the container, it could be nice if we can select the magazine with a similar menu of the reloading that allow us to choose what magazine we can use, but in this mechanic allowing us to choose the magazine and what ammo we want to reload. For example: You add a 60 M955 bullets stack to a hotkey, you press the hotkey and with the ammo on your hands, press R and select with the mouse scroll what magazine, that is in your vest/pockets, you want to reload. Let me know what you think about, people!
  15. Mouchizz


    the time it takes to load ammo into a mag is unrealistic and causes people to run around with 2 mags and 400 rounds of ammo just to quickly swap mags and top them up in a matter of seconds this makes most chest rigs to be under utilized or miss appropriated. it should take a second to load a single round in a mag this will force players to get into a raid prepared with mags otherwise ammo management now is something of a redundancy really.
  16. Salutations, So I finally went and got myself this game, mainly to play with friends. The first few matches were fine, but the last 3 times we attempted to play Scavs, I end up in an infinite "matching" screen. My two friends load in just fine. We are all situated in Ireland with the same ISP with 360/30Mbit connections. Hardware should not be an issue, neither. Would anyone have any tips or information if there's any port fowrarding, network settings etc. that may aid in making the matchmaking/loading more reliable? I've disabled Nagle's algorithm in Windows, but can't see how that'd affect it negatively. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  17. So I just spawned into Customs, ran to where I needed to do my quest but got shot. No big deal. So I select Customs again, the same spawn. Loading the map and loot took as long as usual, quite reasonable time. Then matching and synchronizing with players took 7 minutes only for me to see I'm dead (and then stuck on a black screen) right when "loading finishes". Usually, I'd elaborate more, fill a thread with more content. But I don't know what to say. However.... When I bought the game a month ago I had loading times of 5 minutes for Factory and 10-20 minutes on Customs. I searched the forum and Google what could be done and after I did what some people suggested to improve loading times and performance, Factory loaded within 1 minute and Customs usually needed way less than 5 minutes (both after having pre-loaded the map into PVE before going into a real raid). I think that's more or less reasonable for a mid-end PC. But the user (I for example easily meet the minimum requirements and for the most part the recommended requirements as well, although there are people with ultra-end PCs with only mediocre performance) needing to use some dense "tricks" from Windows to be able to load into the game in the first place is stupid. I sincerely hope this game will be optimized drastically as soon as possible. I don't care about content yet, I'd rather have the game more enjoyable performance-wise first. /rant
  18. norm23

    Que times

    Developers of Tarkov, I love your game, but the matching times are way too long. I've been sitting for over 30 min on a loading screen and still didn't get any match, please fix that and thank you.
  19. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  20. BigDan818

    Why the Looooong LOADING time?

    Hi devs after your new patch today it seems like it actually got worse. It takes me anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 minutes just to load a map. Before the patch it would take me maybe 30 seconds to a minute and a 1/2...PLEASE fix it.... This is my favorite game ever,. please fix. and hopefully the next wipe will be before the game is released..Fingers crossed
  21. BooseOG

    Loading screen Animation

    Hi While Queuing today we thought having an animated area where all your squad members are visible with there gear. Like the Survarium loading area. Im not sure if something like this is planned For the purpose of getting familiar with how your squad look before you are spawned in. What gear there taking. The could be performing animations such as inspecting their weapons or patting themselves down as if they were checking there kit.
  22. Fix this issue when i can join raid 2 min after raid is already started cause not only i am desynced af and everyone is teleporting on my screen but also we all know where are the start locations and i em getting camped on joining. It is annoying as hell wtf. If there is not enough players to start a map everyone should wait. Why is that i am joined with disadvantage damn bro i am so angry with this issue.
  23. Like the title says i cannot load customs (also shoreline[havent checked in a while]). so im stuck playing only woods and factory. both run very smooth as i have a pretty good build (pc). when i attempt to start a raid for customs it gets to 100% and freezes (clock stops, everything); and im forced to ctrl+alt+delete and then i get a crash report. sucks because i cant complete my first task with prador(w.e his name is...). i have submitted requests to support but no answer for going on 3 days . crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  24. Cardboard231

    Sound for loading In

    As the title entails a simple sound for loading in. Usually when playing any other map than factory I shift tab out to do something while I wait BUT because all the bird noises begin once you finish loading the map you never know when you've truly loaded in. So I think any small noise to notify you of being loaded in would be great.
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