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  1. My friend has an i5 9400f, 16gb RAM and a 1050ti, before yesterday to today the loading screen to enter a raid started to take more than 10 minutes to enter, before it entered at 1: 30/2: 00 minutes, he already restored the pc, and it only goes fast in the first run, we played for over 1 year and it started happening just now ... does anyone know the solution?
  2. ""Hey guys, i think something is wrong with this scav run. Im trying to load into a "quick" Customs run on Customs, Has someone an idear what to do?"" Well i loaded in but you guys can see with what my Scav spawned and how long i have left i feel kind of cheated tbh
  3. Bonjour, Alors voici mon problème, il se trouve que mon jeu crash, cela ce produit généralement à la fin de mes temps de chargements lorsque la partie commence au bout de 2 à 5 minutes de chargement. je joue avec 2 écrans iiyama 75 Hz, généralement j'ai discord d'ouvert écran de droite et je joue sur l'écran de gauche. il se peut aussi que le jeu plante lors d'une session de jeu, jamais au même endroit et jamais dans la même situation. Lors d'un plantage de EFT, discord plante aussi, en même temp que chrome, même parfois le logiciel de ma souris Corsair qui ne fonctionne plus du tout, cela à même réussi une fois à ne plus faire reconnaître un de mes 2 écrans à ma tour. Configuration PC Tour : Affichage : Mes paramètres Graphique : Je remercie d'avance ceux et celle qui m'aideront à pouvoir jouer à ce jeux que je commence à affectionner. En vous souhaitant le plus joyeux des Noël, et une bonne fin d'année à tous.
  4. JroyPlayboy

    Training Course

    Durring loading times into maps as your playable character you should get dropped into a training course where you can perform a myriad of actions to train your characters skills. Sort of like how PUBG drops people into a waiting room but you would get dropped into a room alone where there are obstacles set up. You could level things like sneaking, crawling, running, jumping, ect ect. Great way to appease people who are waiting also giving people a way to hone skills they use often or not often enough. Maybe even make the training room upgradeable like your hideout. I have also heard of a possible future inclusion of a GYM for the hideout maybe this could be implemented as well into this. Or maybe the gym had all this planned. I just think throwing people into a area besides a loading screen would take some of the frustration away of waiting 20-30 minutes sometimes. 3 matches at woods today took 20-30 minutes, Would have loved spending that time honing my skills in a shooting range with targets and obstacles.
  5. So i started playing after the last wipe again, first few days everything was normal, the game had a few patches everything was alright. Suddenly after like 2 days a new patch is out and booting the game, and loading out of a raid takes 10 to 20min (used to me 3min max) Also after trying to delete temp folders and uninstalling the game, launcher and driver i had a error (seen in picture) I have a ok setup that runs EFT in about 60-80 frames with 16G ram which should be enough to play. My internetconnection is about 1Gbit/s, and i have tried selecting all servers, servers with bad ping on my end, and only one server which didnt help either. After reading alot of reddit post and forum post i still cannot fix the problem. At this point im pretty sure it has to be something with the servers or the game. also i get this error if my launcher stays open for a while
  6. Tarkov, I've been kicked from the game, a lot today. at least 3-4 times. It's getting pretty old. Only half of those raids I can get back into them in time before I'm dead, the only time today that I did get back in was when it was pissing rain, thunder and lightening, because No one could hear me running on the spot during that I guess. So, an idea: When you kick someone for High Packet Loss. DON'T UNLOAD the MAP. Because Holy Cow, that always takes 2 minutes for me on average, doesn't matter what Map, I have Tarkov on an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO 2.5in SATA SSD 1TB), I have a Very fast CPU (Intel Core i9 9900KF), an okay GPU (MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio 8GB) and it always takes 2 Minutes. That is 2 minutes too long. If the game Crashed, that'd be Understandable. But if it's a KICK, Don't Unload That, if you're gonna give us the Option to rejoin. Like, it gets me killed, All the time. Because on average it's 2 minutes to load the map, another 1 or 2 minutes to load the rest of the crud that's required to rejoin, and unless I'm in the middle of Nowhere with No One around, No Scavs either, then I Live! A lot of the time! It's great! But if it's either of the two around, Players or Scavs, they always seem to find my lagged out stompy feet. So Tarkov, it'd be Nice if for Players that have been disconnected from the match from anyway, their Player Model to be made to Go Prone if possible, then their current animations paused/canceled before resuming idle animations, so no running on the spot stompy feet that can be heard 3 miles away, 6 if you're wearing comtacs. I dunno, but I feel like that'd be nice overall in general, and it'd be great for people that have shitty internet but good rigs that wanna play Tarkov, but get shat on all the time because they get kicked in a bush they were running through, their character is now addressing the Entire Server their location (even though Bush sounds have been reduced this patch) and they're gonna die. But imagine it now with my supposed changes, instead of a 4 minute wait, knowing that your character is trying to be a bullet attention door, instead it'd be about a 2 minute wait and your character is waiting stealthily in a bush, prone, with the least risk of harm. Just think on that. It's not gonna fix Every Situation, but I think it'd be a Marginal improvement.
  7. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  8. Hello all, Recently, with the August update, I’ve been experiencing an easily replicable bug where my EFT stops responding at “Loading Map...100%” when loading into raids. The game both stutters during the load, and the Task Manager shows that the game, during the pause, stops responding. This bug causes me to almost always miss the deploying screen, which is annoying to both my friends and I (often resulting in the regular problems that occur from late spawns.). I’ve tried pretty much every fix, following a 12.7 performance guide to a “T”. I’ve tried: • Fresh install onto a new SSD • Increasing Page index to match my 16GB Ram • Overclocking my CPU • Installing new drivers for literally everything applicable... - you name it, I’ve probably tried it... My PC is by no means a monster, but it’s good enough to run Tarkov decently and has been prior to the recent patch. My question is: Has anyone experienced this glitch in the past or recently and found a fix? I’m hoping that, with the release of 12.8, that I’ll be able to play the game as I once was. I appreciate any help and support you all can provide!!
  9. TeknoKraut

    Game Freezes On Loading Map

    Whenever I load into a raid my game freezes on loading map 100% for about a minute or so and I end up spawning in late and missing out on all the goodies and what not or just getting spawn killed. When I first got the game it didn't seem to do this but now every time I load in I get stuck on loading map, does anyone have am idea why this could be happening? It seems to be maxing out my GPU after it loads map but i don't know why it would just all the sudden start happening. Might I need a new GPU? Is 4 gigs of VRAM not enough? Also all my settings are on the lowest of low... My specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz 16 GB of RAM GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB VRAM
  10. Ty_Tyme

    Karten laden nicht...

    Hey, ich habe da ein kleines Problem. Seit langer Zeit kann ich kein EFT mehr zocken, da jegliche Karten nicht laden. Habe das Spiel jetzt 3 oder 4 Mal neu installiert, aber immer wenn ich in ein game starten möchte bleibt das "Map loading" bei 0% stehen.... Kann mir jemand helfen, bzw hatte jemand schon mal das Problem und hat es gelöst bekommen? In den Bildern seht ihr, wie lange ich es mal ausgehalten hab zu warten :D Danke im vorraus für die Hilfe! Grüße Tyme
  11. When I press the Play button the game starts, but it keeps sitting at the first loading screen with the little circle loading at the bottom right corner. When I ckeck the logs I see: EXCEPTION: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "D:\Documenten\Escape from Tarkov\local.ini" is denied. 2020-06-05 18:56:24.975 +02:00||Error|Default|Async operation without completion callback| Anyone who can help me out
  12. MrKrake

    Unloading game files

    Hello I have tried to solve this issue by my self for a while now and I have no idea what is causing this. Basically the game unloads files after leaving a queue or after the match for a long long time. This can sometimes take several minutes and it is rather frustrating to look at the empty loading screen. The long unload time is rather odd as my few of my friends manages to unload the files much faster than me and I should have a faster pc in general. I was just wondering what might cause this and would there be a way to decrease the loading times somehow?
  13. AquaZack

    anyone can help me with ram?

    my current specs gtx 970 4gb i5-4590 and 8gb ram and a gigabyte z97p-d3 motherboard. will getting 8 more ram decrease my stuttering,lag,loading in times?eft installed in a sdd
  14. Fix this issue when i can join raid 2 min after raid is already started cause not only i am desynced af and everyone is teleporting on my screen but also we all know where are the start locations and i em getting camped on joining. It is annoying as hell wtf. If there is not enough players to start a map everyone should wait. Why is that i am joined with disadvantage damn bro i am so angry with this issue.
  15. Hello, In the past two days, i have tried to load into raids but to no avail... I load in as PMC or SCAV and everytime I do, i go through the typical loading screens/tips and loading map/loot etc. After that is all loaded and you load into the raid, I hear my PMC/SCAV rack their gun and the Exfil locations and time comes up in the top right as if it would when loading in, but the screen is stuck on the loading screen minus all the Tips and tricks..... I have uninstalled and reinstalled, someone please help.........
  16. Hi Guys, I have the problem that on reserve I have long loading times (up to 7 minutes). I have that only on reserve and not always. Sometimes my game loads quickly, but not often. The game rests on my 250 GB Patriot Burst SSD. I have 16 GB RAM and the graphic card 1060 3GB and the processor AMD Ryzen 2600. I already reinstalled the game on the ssd. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  17. CptKarhu

    Loading screen bug

    Hey, for a couple days now i had the Problem of the initial loading screen, when i click Play, to just load forever. I tried waiting but after around 10h the circle in the Bottom Right is still Spinning. I also tried most of the common fixes like reinstalling, updating gpu, and a couple others like tabbing out or starting the game in compability mode and or as an admin, i dont know what to do anymore and im really frustrated. does anyone have a recent fix for this Problem?
  18. When you are matchmaking, for example in the finding match section of loading. if you bump escape on accident it just instantly backs you out. Personally I think it would be really nice if it would give you a warning kind of like how it does on the exit tab on the main menu now. (Great addition by the way) I'm sorry if this is worded weirdly or anything.
  19. Moin, ich habe ein Problem und hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen.... unzwar geht es um die neue Map reserve, jedes mal wenn ich sie spielen möchte stürzt das gesamte spiel ab immer bei Loading Loot.. Ich habe das spiel schon einmal komplett neu runtergeladen hat aber nichts gebracht. Zu meinem Pc: Prozessor i7-9700K Ram: 16GB Grafikkarte: Geforce RTX 2080Ti also am pc sollte es in keinem fall liegen....
  20. byzas

    Stuck in Matching

    Hello, Whenever I try to play with my friend, our games both get stuck on matching. We've both been waiting up to 7 minutes before we decided we couldn't find a game. This has been going on for days now, and it's only when we both try to play with each other, as PMC and scav. Today I've been playing all day, and he comes online and we try to play and then we're stuck again. We've both tried switching servers, selecting multiple, selecting only one, seeing what would happen, and nothing works. Anyone know what's up?
  21. Всем здравия желаю, буду краток. Давно не обновлялись слайды в экране загрузки. Мы подходим к черте когда на каждой локации находятся босы и их свита. Так вот хотелось бы пожелать добавления слайдов искомых персонажей для идентификации перед боем. У кого есть еще предложения давайте обсудим, ведь подготовка к бою это залог успешного выживания.
  22. escape from tarkov profile data loading stuck I waited 15 minutes Nothing happened Help me pls T T My pc spec cpu i5 9400 ram 16 gb vga gtx 1050ti hdd 1t wd psu 650w os windows 10 64bit
  23. So I have played quite a few games, some of which ended up getting ruined by loading into the map, then attempting to contact the server, just to find out I am unable to finish the connection. Now, I'm not 100% sure this can be done, but if my game found out that I could not access the server BEFORE loading in my character, wouldn't I be able to keep the gear that I was taking in with me, and then just move onto a different match? Again, I'm not sure if thats possible, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be nice to have some kind of failsafe in cases where I'm not trying to leave the map but can't even load in and therefore sacrifice all my gear to the vultures.
  24. 1xxKINGxx1

    Crash on Interchange (loading loot)

    When I load interchange i will get to the loading loot part my game crashes and it messes with my computer. My task manager was transparent and when i selected my windows button and it was blank. I can load woods fine and customs. I shared the crash report and other files related to the crash. i also have the launcher on my ssd and the game on a separate hard drive. Don't know if that has anything to do with it but I'm just trying to give as much info as possible. Thank you in advance. System Specs: Amd Ryzen 5 2600 Six-core processor 3.4 ghz 8 gb ram Gtx 1060 3gb vram graphics card crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  25. is it just me but when i try to go into a raid im always stuck in matchmaking for 10+ mins then if i get in the game the server seems to freeze. but when i join on people and they take me into raids its fine. if you know why this is please say.
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