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Found 4 results

  1. Добрый день. Какие странны входят в регион "СНГ"? Можно ли будет создавать группу состоящую из аккаунтов "европа" и "снг"? Можно ли будет использовать аккаунт "СНГ" в стране не из списка стран "СНГ".
  2. What is Region lock and how does it affect you! When you pre-order it is listed under the pre-order page as a warning that there is a region lock alongside with what region you are currently in. It looks like the following: The information will be different depending on which region you are currently in. Speaking of these regions, there are three regions for the pre-order region lock. Let’s discuss them below: CIS Region (RU and post-soviet states or Ex- USSR states): Purchases made in this region works only in CIS countries. EU Region (Europe): Purchases made in this region will allow you to launch the game anywhere in the world. You can also upgrade to this region at any time by going back to the pre-order page (Make sure you are logged in). There will be upgrade button under the package you want to upgrade to. Other Region: When you check the warning section you will see your region is ‘’Other (US, ET, AUS, etc.)’’. There will be an abbreviation in brackets next to ''Other'' and this is for clarification purpose. You only need to consider that you are in the region, ''OTHER''. Purchases made in countries outside of EU and CIS countries; all goes to this region and this version of the game can be launched anywhere in the world except in Europe regions. Few notes to consider: Make sure you are not using a VPN when making the purchase because this might lead you to purchase the wrong region version. If you get the wrong region, you can upgrade to EU version at any time through the pre-order page (Make sure you are logged in). Region locks do not mean you cannot play with other regions or on other servers. It only means that your game can only be physically launched/run in that region. If you travel a lot, EU version is the way to go. If you get ‘’208 - bad user region’’ when logging into the game. This is due to owning the wrong region version of the game. The solution is to upgrade to EU version.
  3. Weapon locks / trigger locks

    Hey all I was just watching this video (watch from 02:00 minutes) posted by @Europoor in the linked topic. Now when watching something came to mind. What about the ability to add trigger and/or gun locks? For example you have two main weapons but only use one but want the other as a back up. You can lock it with a trigger/gun lock so when you get killed in a raid the person who loots you won't be able to use that specific gun unless he has the tools to remove the lock for example: Trigger lock: Gun lock: Magwell lock: Would be nice for gameplay aswell maybe you can only remove these if you have a certain reputation at a specific trader. So what do you guys think? PS: Used the search tool, only found two topics neither about this system. If I missed something report me to close this topic.
  4. Solution for commuter?

    Yes, i know, we have topic's about the region lock. But i got tired to get answers, who not related to my question. About my situation. I live actually in japan, but stay a lot of time in germany too. The problem is the existing region lock. If i buy it now, i can't play it in the european region, if i buy the game in germany, i'm not able to use the game in japan. Of course, i understand this way for region lock to avoid backdoor selling from lower-price regions. But at the end, japan and lower price selling region? If i need to buy an higher tier version, to skirt the region lock, i'm fine. But I'm not ready to buy two times the exact same product. And now, don't spam comments like... Northamerica and Europe region work together or you can play with person in different regions too.