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  1. Bitzer5p5

    Cant change my email

    I have lost access to the email address I had when I purchased Escape from Tarkov and have tried to contact support in helping me assign a new email address to my account but so far to no avail. For the past three months I have sent emails containing my account name, email address previously used, copies of paypal statements showing the date of transaction and amount paid with reference numbers to the products purchased. Contacting support seems to be the only option when changing emails. Is there anything I can do to regain access to my account with a different email?
  2. So, ever since the patch came out (which i absolutely love btw) I've been unable to login to the website. It doesn't matter what browser i'm using, Edge, Chrome, Opera etc. I go to escapefromtarkov.com/login and i get a captcha, click "i'm not a robot" and straight after I get a text message showing the following: In my launcher, i get the following 403 (forbidden) error message, which when cancelled just allows me the play the game. I've contacted support, even raised a support ticket (about 1.5 weeks ago), but no joy.. Anybody know how I can fix this? I don't want to delete the game because i can't log in and get a new launcher/game installer.. so, ideas?
  3. I cant login into my account in the Windows launcher because i wont get the security code send to my e-mail address Login into the website works so my Password and E-mail/Username are correct I tried resetting my Password but i cant recieve anny E-mails from Battlestate Games I checked for Spam Filters on my E-mail and added "[email protected]" as Friends so the E-mail cant get marked as Spam My Mailbox isnt full i can recieve anny other E-Mails
  4. hi all, I'm currently having an issue to login to my game. basically it said its sending the verification to my phone which i was never told to set up in the beginning. i do have the email confirmation going but it will need a phone verification right afterwards. so how can i set it up if i can't even login to my account in BSG website for some reason forum only require email to login thats why i can post the question
  5. Hello Ever since patch 12.7 deployed I have been unable to login. I keep getting ERROR: 106015, and the game tells me it is unable to establish server connection. My internet connection is fine and the launcher is not blocked by firewall either. I have been unable to find any solution on the forums or the net, and was hoping I could get some help here
  6. Bom dia a todos, estou com um problema para logar em minha conta. Fiz a ativação do meu windows 10 e o launcher do jogo reconheceu como acesso de novo dispositivo. Porém o email de verificação para eu poder logar não chega. Alguém já passou por isso e tem alguma solução ? Provedor do email: GMAIL Obs: Todos os outros emails (Troca de senha, configurações de seguraança chegam normal, só o de ativação que não.
  7. Timoha2112

    This account got Hacked, Help

    Hello, this is my account, its supposed to be Named Flemma, but since yesterday i cant login with my Email and neither with my login, and now my account has the name Timoha2112, i need help please.. already opened a support ticket (i have no idea why i was still logged in)
  8. ToxicBlueApple


    ok guys spent a very long time,, 2 things I believe is happening 1) I ran as admin and signed in and it sent the code 2) there maybe a cooldown for code sending i.e. if u sign into the website then try waiting 15-20mins to sign into launcher i hope this helps someone i have icloud for mailing
  9. Armyman7o7

    Email Verification will not send

    I bought EFT on the 19th and everything went smoothly, I could get into the site and downloaded the launcher from my profile page, but when I tried to log in from the launcher it asks for an email verification code just like it did on the website. Only problem is it does not send the code to get into the launcher so now not only can I not play the game, but I can't even download it, which is a major letdown and as of right now I have gotten no response from support. I use a yahoo ameritech email, does anyone know a solution of have a similar problem?
  10. Morning, I haven't logged into EFT in a pretty long time, and got the email about the free gifts and such so I attempted to login to the website to apply such gifts to my account. Seems No matter how long I wait or which browser I use, I am still stuck on the Security Check/Captcha. No recaptcha generates, and it stuck at saying, "Please stand by , while we are checking your browser". Never had this issue before, any solutions/workaround known? I can log into the forums, but not the website itself which is a bit interesting.
  11. Since the recent update 0.12.8 I had numerous crashes. So I thought some files might be corrupted and tried to reinstall the game. So I used the Unistall.exe and tried to login on the main website to download the launcher and reinstall the game (might have been a dumb move). And when I try to login, I need to solve the captcha but it doesn't work for me. I've seen some similar issues but the where atleast 6 months old.
  12. Ever since this new wipe my account has been funky. I had a file checksum error at first and uninstalled and tried to redownload, but when I tried to go to the login page it wont let me enter bc i need authorization via email. So about 2 weeks ago I contacted support and a guy named Ignat started talking me through what I needed to do. Basically saying I needed to prove I owned the game. I provided the information and its been almost a week since that last email and Ive heard nothing. I MEAN YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL!!!! WHY CANT I GET A LOGIN AUTH EMAIL? wtf/
  13. Maybe this will help you a little. I got the last hours always the login error, server overloaded, 502. It always alternated. Close all BSG processes before. Open any folder and enter %AppData%, and confirm with "Enter". You will find the following paths and folders Local\Battlestate Games LocalLow\Battlestate Games Roaming\Battlestate Games Renames the 3 BSG folders with an underscore to _Battlestate Games. Then start the launcher. He will ask you to verify the game because he didn't find it. Take your old installation folder, which should already have the patch. The verification takes about 5 - 10 minutes, depending on how fast your disk is. Then you should come in. I hope it helps someone
  14. Hey guys, i can login at the website and at the launcher, but ingame i get "206" Error and then an email with a code (but i cant enter it somewhere...). If i then re-enter my password or the code i got via email, i get authorization error. What am i doing wrong?
  15. Lazerpuhelinjee

    Can't log in to Tarkov account via PC

    Hey all! Newcomer here so im not sure is this in the right place Bought Tarkov yesterday via Phone. Tried to log in to account on PC to begin downloading the game but error occurs saying : "Our system have detected unusual traffic from your computer network, your connection has been blocked temporaly." tried loggin via Firefox and Opera but same error. any help?
  16. Juggernaught26

    issues with downloading the game

    i have tried downloading the game for the last 2 hours and cant get it to install where most of my space is on my drive. i have tried unistalling and reinstalling multiple times but still get the same outcome can anyone please help me this is what it says but i try to select my d drive and it wont do it. C:\Battlestate Games\EFT (live)
  17. dalimbardo

    I cant log in

    Hi i bought the game a while ago played on a different pc now on my new pc i cant even log into the website everytime i click log in it just stays on the same page i cant login to reinstall the game so plz someone help me
  18. Bashtati

    New provider

    I have been trying to log into my account over on the official website but when I press login it redirects me to a blank page with a small text on the upper left corner stating ''oops something went wrong ...''. I believe this is related to me recently changing my internet provider hence my ip adress is different. There were 4 e-mails from BattleState stating that someone is trying to log into my account from a new location but I am sure it was me.
  19. I cant login into my Account in the Launcher because when i type my data in and click login it says "Please enter reCAPTCHA" but the reCaptcha window doesent show me also it didnt pop off ...There is no Recaptcha window .Pls Help
  20. DingustheWingus

    My friend was locked out for a day.

    Why was my friend locked out of his account after 1 attempt on trying to login. He even got both the password and the username right and it still locked him out. Could it be someone trying to log into his account and should he change his email to fix the problem. It has happened twice to him now and it's getting kinda annoying. He has changed the password and now he is going to change the email and we hope it fixes it. Just wondering if anyone knew how to stop it and if it's maybe just a bug or something. Thanks.
  21. stonewall22

    Battlestate launcher being weird

    I just got EFT and tried the launcher but this keeps happening. I put my username into the top and password into the bottom but nothing happens. Any fix?
  22. natker2002

    2 Games 1 Account...

    Hello Everybody! If I put my EFT EOD package on my brother's PC, will he still be able to connect and play with me by putting a different E-Mail Log In? We want to play together but he is not a fan of spending $200AUD on a game he ha yet not tried. And if so, will it mess with my stash? Cheers Guys, natker2002
  23. Since you have to manually receive your insured items, I wanted to login on my gf's laptop and get my insured items back before they get discarded by TheRapist. I won't be home until tomorrow evening and I know that it will be gone in a few hours. Will I get a problem if I download and login on her laptop today and play tomorrow on my desktop pc at home?
  24. This has been an ongoing problem since the day I purchased EFT for the Beta. I cannot proceed past the login screen, regardless of correct username/ password. Since patch 0.6.861, I can proceed past the language selection screen, to which I arrive at a screen telling me to get a "Reserved Nickname" followed by another screen displaying "Backend empty response. Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK". These two screens are then followed by the login screen, at which clicking the Accept button does not work, only displaying "already logged" in red text under the password space. I have yet to receive an answer or even proper help for this problem from developers/ support. Please help me solve this error. The game will not allow me to screen capture the game itself, only the the desktop outside of the program, and no error log can be found.
  25. DannyBoy86

    Problem z haslem

    I coś nowego nagle się pokazało, masa ludzi ma problemy z zalogowaniem się do gry, wyskakuje błędne hasło lub login, a reset nic nie daje, u mnie tak samo. Ja dodam od siebie jeszcze że wcześniej wszedłem (dzisiaj pierwszy raz) na customa scavem i miałem 1-5 fps więc postanowiłem zresetować gre co dało właśnie taki efekt że nie mogłem się zalogować
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