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Found 12 results

  1. NikolaiJackov

    Corona Virus... in Tarkov?

    Granted... the majority of the loot was gathered before I recorded the video... but wow, look at all of these dead bodies in the most unusual spot..s...
  2. Gerald68


    C'ho come l'impressione che st'assicurazione sia più esosa e più una sola de quella della macchina... In pratica... devi sperà che te risucchia il terreno se te se sgobbano sennò la roba la rivedi corca... oppure te devi fa sgobbà da un NPC e pregà che er corpo diventi invisibile... ehheheheh solo una piccola riflessione condivisa...
  3. RatCommander

    trying to be generous before the wipe,

    so here i am before trying to give back to the scavs and hatchlings before the wipe i load into factory find an innocent hatchling who wiggles it for me and then i give him a bag with an i case and money in the i case which spells LoL (1.2mil rub), unfortunately the hatchling died as i walked away, rip payday.
  4. DanExert

    New helmet screenshots

    New helmet, the "Knight of Tarkov", sold by the new trader Sir C. Breeki Armour Class: 12th Century Material: Kevlar layers over iron plate Visibility: Minimal
  5. I think this might need to be edited. First run on patched servers. I had hugely high ping, but that is to be expected for a little bit. Doors opened and closed nicely for me. I did have a HUGE problem looting cash though. A few times looting cash took me like 1-3 seconds to pick it up off the night stand. I will report that if it continues after a day or so. Oh, the new Resort map is awesome. Some people are going to love updating that image with loot spawns and such. Though they need to now update the names of the keys to correspond with the correct wings. The shoreline map is awesome as well. At least now it shows North from South =)
  6. Fell down the bloody hole didn't I! Looking forward to a 'pull up teammate' mechanic, not gonna lie
  7. Amkohilles


    i just wish you give me my money back! plz fix this
  8. Amkohilles

    For Devs

    Just wondering devs, have you ever try shooting with any gun or at least watched any video about guns, and their accuracy over 100m.
  9. DanExert

    PSA: Don't uninstall launcher lol

    Guys. Had an issue where my launcher wouldn't open so I thought a fresh install might fix it, seeing as I just 'uninstalled the launcher' I thought everything would be fine after a quick reinstall Well Turns out I may have deleted the game currently redownloading, hopefully haven't lost all my stuff (haven't reset game profile after all) Will post updates...
  10. yozaman

    One Tapped By AI

    I brought my full ak and paca into a raid today, wiped the entire map of factory (was super fun and action packed). I was going for the escape fully kitted and had as much gear as my bags could carry and as I was heading to the exit a scav flew out from behind a wall and shot me once in the head with a pm from like 30 meters away. This is something that happens to me frequently and AI should not be able to just 1 tap you before you can even react. Bots also need to have a limit to how fast they can turn around so they are more realistic to players. Maybe some of this could happen but the chances of a shot like this are very very unlikely. The main problem here though is just how fast they react, as soon as a bot is triggered it can do a complete 180 and shoot perfectly accurate.
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