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Found 15 results

  1. TrappyLeTurtle

    LFG New or Experienced players

    Got this game 2 days ago and still tryna get the hang of it. If anyone wants to add me and play some time heres my discord Trappy#5931
  2. MrNightNight858

    Looking for Players!

    Hey guys! Looking for two to three more players for our raid group! Currently there are about three of us that usually plays and we all thought about having a 5 man group that can rotate along side with us if some of the others are not online! I know its hard for some players who are alone and who would love to be in a group so please if you are interested let me know here and once we talk I can give you more information about us! Some of the requirements I am looking: * Discord and a working microphone * Must be at least 18 of age *Able to speak/understand English *Must be able to play with PST players (Pacific Standard Time Zone) If this interest you then go on ahead and let me know! We more than happy to help you out with anything that we know so you can gain knowledge about the game! Thank you and see you all soon!
  3. As the title says looking for others to play with. Would prefer people with experience and willing to show ropes as i am new to game.
  4. tongue-puncher

    factory key

    im looking for 3 factory keys if anyone has any spares can u send a message
  5. Rockabyte

    Looking for players

    i am looking for players that want to play with me. i know the maps but not where all the loot is and i am learning the game aswell. i am from NL (dutch) and i can speak enlish aswell
  6. First Circle (Mature / Veteran Community) Noobs welcome Who we are? We are a unique wonderful co-operative community where you can enjoy playing wonderful games and making long lasting friendships. We started off in 2015 and growing each day to be the best gaming community that enables users to put up topics for discussion and exchange of ideas, as well as to follow many games in different types. The enjoyment of our users, accommodating new players and guiding them to everything that is unique and new is our first concern. Important features in our community The most important feature of our community is the friendliness, cooperation and teamwork of the members of our community, giving full freedom to individual players to try new adventures based on the experience of other players so that the development of values in our own community like the spirit of sports and you will learn to accept the victory of other and accept your defeat, away from intolerance and nervousness. You will find how everyone congratulates each other on good play and how you are distinguished and appreciated when you win for your team. This community is not just a forum, but a group of communities specialized in multi-game domains and managed collectively by user voting by raising contributions with good content and reducing the ranking of contributions with bad content. This approach to management is closer to the specialized social network of traditional forums in which we aim to build a mature gaming community in a new and different way. You can also find very important information about a certain game and its own inquiries that guide you to how to develop quickly within this game. Our best achivement One of the things that call for pride is that we are all one hand. We are always looking forward to improving each other skills by trial and error and good communications, so the more subscribers we have the more power we have, the greater our impact on games and the more opportunities we have to enjoy playing and making fast progress on games we play, so there is nothing impossible with First Circle Gaming Our goal: Attract fresh players to our society and introduce them to our community and other players. Increase awareness of play and enthusiasm along with rapid growth within the game and spreading experience and help all other players. Playing with a handful of players around the world (South America / NA) at different ages and becoming your friends is one of the advantages of playing through our community. Have fun and have a good time Join us! Please, take a look at the welcome channel first! Discord Server Invitation -Greetings
  7. victorforce

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hey, I'm an 18 soon to be 19 guy looking for someone to play with. I've had the game for about a week and I can't say that I'm very good at it but I hope I can find someone here to play with. I don't care how old you are as long as you are cool. I'm situated in Eastern Europe so I'm mainly looking for Europe-based players. You can text me on my discord or reply here. Discord: https://discord.gg/ERf6QGy
  8. Exzdus

    Looking for NA players

    I'm looking for a small group of dedicated players who are interested in doing raids. Preferably players +18 who have good communication skills, attention to detail and are easy going. If you're interested DM me via the forum. I will give access to my discord to those who are interested.
  9. AddMeGamers

    Looking for Friends to play with

    Hey guys, Tho the inside messenger system allows to find and chat with friends, I find it extremely hard to actually find someone that speaks English or just generally wants to be social and group up. So please feel free to leave a comment bellow with your region or join the discord channel "escape from tarkov". Iam in EU. Cheers! hope to see some of you in Tarkov https://discord.gg/gxx6hX
  10. Cudzy696


    Looking for a team or group that could help me get better at the game...can anyone recommend any?
  11. madcow2448

    Need A New Squad

    Hey guys im just here to look for a group down to play i need to play with people that are on more often if you need or want another squad member im down im level 43 currently and im down for about any run just hit me up in PM
  12. I am looking to add a few regular members to the clans TS. We are a chill clan - no rules or requirements needed. (don't be a dick and speak mostly OK English PLEASE) Its not a huge clan maybe 20 regular users. we range in age from 15 to the mid 60's and all get along well. we are all brothers (and sisters) from another mother we play a variety of survival type games, FPS and the occasionally the late night party games too. (we understand every one has the occasional "F this game i'm gonna go play rocket league" moments but please don't make a habit of it.) not looking to have a huge group in game, im hoping for groups of 2 - 4 tops although i think 3 man teams always do the best in most games. Looking forward to seeing you in the TS have a great day YALL. LOOK UP the team speak under the TS server list - SEARCH "RIDGE BOYS GAMING" or ADD Me on steam - MrFoxZ
  13. Looking for some experienced players, squads, or clans I can lend my rifle to. Recently bought the game this past month, been playing a decent amount, got to level 15 and decided I liked the game enough so I upgraded my edition and have been building leveling up and building a decent stash on my new edition. Only issue Is i could use a crew to raid with. Little bit about me: 23 years old, live up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, Im decent at this game, pretty much have all the maps, skills, mechanics and stuff learned, and anything I dont know i figure out right away. I love shooters like this, played Arma for years, very stragically minded play style. Still love to have a good time though. I am on quite often mostly mid day to late evening(CST Timezone) I do use discord. Hit me up on here and we will connect. My in game name is Babushkah if you wanna add me, or ill add you through steam or discord from this post.
  14. FlarmBlarg

    Looking for Group

    Hey, looking for some people/ group to team up with that use teamspeak/discord and speak english. Not necessarily high leveled players, I myself am level 34 but I don't mind also helping out new players try and get gear. Been playing this solo and it's losing it's sheen so I feel that some eyes watching my 6 might be a nice change for once haha. feel free to ask in other languages for others looking for team members, not necessarily for just me, I couldn't find any other posts on teams.
  15. m4xlegacy

    Specialized Combat Division

    We are a small casual gaming community. people are free to come and go, im not advertising for people to join the community. We have a teamspeak server. Just looking for some people to join us in this alpha testing right now. Message me on here if you are interested in playing. Time zone: Varys Times playing: varys Maturity is wanted but always room for fun poo talking of course. Microphone is a must
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