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  1. So this is an inquiry to all of your experiences as of late. I used to be able to find LEDX and graphics cards nearly every raid. I run shoreline and i do go in with kits and prepared to fight my way out and the past 2 weeks or so i make it to the resort and hit my desired rooms first ( E110, E216, ETC) and probably 1/10 raids i actually get something worth a damn. sometimes no ledx or GPU, just some little stimulant or weapon part thats like kind of useful. I'm not always going in looking for a fight and its frustrating when i go in and battle it out with other players and they have nothing o
  2. I've seen a million roundabout solutions to this problem presented, but the core of the issue needs to be finally addressed. Simply put, if you want people to actually bring guns for a task, they have to be necessary in the first place. Minimalism is human nature. ------ The amount of security in the interchange mall is surprisingly light. Yes it is a warzone, but even then you'd expect valuable electronics to be in impact-resistant secure glass cases to avoid theft or for employee and storage rooms to be padlocked against random intruders. Military caches are also surprisingly open
  3. Hello, I have been playing EFT since early 2017. I must admit - I have never seen such an amount of bs that is happening rn in raids. With current demand for GPUs and BTC price the game became a pistol deathmatch. Gameplay on every map is like a speed run who gets to tech loot places first. There is no more Tarkov gameplay in it. You know what I mean? The slower, more carefull approach. And it is because of the flawed game design at this point. It is just more worth it to rush to tech shop on Interchange, take GPU/Tetriz to secure container and die. You sell BTC and use GPU in a farm, no
  4. My friend has an i5 9400f, 16gb RAM and a 1050ti, before yesterday to today the loading screen to enter a raid started to take more than 10 minutes to enter, before it entered at 1: 30/2: 00 minutes, he already restored the pc, and it only goes fast in the first run, we played for over 1 year and it started happening just now ... does anyone know the solution?
  5. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich
  6. I was trying to do the quest from therapist where you have to find and turn in salewa kits. I collected one and put it in my alpha container, but died. As I tried to turn it in, it didnt let me. I found it as PMC so whats the issue there? Some where 100% unused...
  7. NOAIM11

    Zündkerze finden

    Hallo liebe Forumteilnehmer, Ich bin recht neu im spiel und kämpfe jetzt schon mehrere Tage mit dem suchen einer Zündkerze! weiß jemand einen fixen Spot wo ich aufjedenfall eine finden kann? Oder möchte jemand eine Ingame mit mir tauschen? (biete 50000 Rubel) Vielen Dank im Voraus!
  8. It would be really nice to have something to block bodies from falling in the water on shoreline. Right next to the harbor bridge on the shore where you are creeping next to the water, I killed a guy and his body fell into the water. He had water and food I needed to survive the raid but was out of reach. If there were objects there to keep bodies on the shore in reach or if rag dolls couldn’t pass through the invisible wall it would make that area a lot better to loot in and survive. Thanks!
  9. Relenar

    Game crash after SCAV runs.

    Dear Battle State, During the last couple of days (3-4 days) I've been encountering issues with SCAV runs, mainly the game crashes or fails to load my profile after extracting. Normally this would not be a issue but, I've lost quite a lot of loot due to this and it really ruins the gaming experience. I have attached a image with the error log I've received after the run and done as instructed, posted on the forum the issue. Is there something that is being done or can be done in regards to this issue ? Also is there any way to recuperate my lost loot ? After all, it was fairly o
  10. Hey there! Most of the maps for customs out there are, in my opinion, not that useful, beautiful or lacking some information so I did one on my own. Right now only for customs but maybe the others will follow. It's not 100% completed yet because I'm sure I've missed some spots. If you recognise anything missing or wrong information, just give me a shoutout and I'll change it. Also I'm working on callouts but they only exist in german right now. I'll keep you updated if I finish the english version with my map. What the map has to offer: Layout for all open buildings. Some are
  11. MBS606


    The game has a lot of depth, at least as it appears in clips. My suggestions is that in the game could bit Drugs but I do not think drugs like grass, cocaine and more like that. But more like cigarettes, alcohol, various pills,... how should it look like? Easy example for alohol is a cheap alternative for painkillars with its own side effects. you can imagine themselves what side effects are by alcohol. Now regular alcohol consumption may lead to addiction and the character can not work normal without drinking alcohol so you need to loot or trade for alcohol that the needs be
  12. So, ive just started to have this problam from the technical update od 17.12.2020., so when I get in scav radis, loot and than extract, my items r not found in raid. Is this a new feature or a bug?
  13. DeathclawDaddy

    Group for new and expirenced alike

    We are a mostly North American group focusing on helping the new and experienced alike get groups, sharpen skills and learn squad tactics and battlements. Even scheduling fun meme runs or stealth runs for a change of pace, we welcome any level, any age, any country with only one standard: Cool, calm, and wanting to do well. We have members in Canada, Germany, UK and welcome all others. Group is heavily moderated with several open minded Mods to ensure that only a calm demeanor and good people get to be with the group. No quick hot headed bans as everything can be fixed up if you are willing. C
  14. What if BSG added a system like "Brought in raid" ? let me explain myself. I know a lot of players hate the new flea market changes and stuff, but I came with an idea (I dont know if that idea was already proposed or etc) what IF! anything you put in your secured container counts as "found in raid" (even if you die) but if you bring it back in the next raid, the "found in raid" mark disapear, making it unnable to re-sell on the flea market ? theres a thing I and a lot of players / streamers hate about this market mechanic, for exemple; I am a labs player, and I just miss the ti
  15. Hello! After playing this game now for sometime (account created 03.01.2018 ). I have come to conclusion that many is starting to have this same feeling as me. Don't get me wrong i like this game, but Tarkov is getting a bit repetitive and "boring". Most of the loot's are in same rooms on same table. Which leads most of the fire fight's happening in same areas. So my suggestion. Remove most keys, (leave outdoor and maybe exit keys) and add lock picking. There could be several items to use for faster, but louder solution like use drill and pliers. For more quiet solution a picklock a
  16. Pop_a_Op

    Lost loot?

    While returning from a scav run, the servers shut down due to maintenance for new update. In the instance that my loot had not been transferred over to my pmc. Will that loot be lost? :( I had a full gen4, 3 beefy ak's, and a full backpack full of stuff... sad day...
  17. Hello friends and people who spawn camp, I have run into a predicament. my buddy ditched my gear in a far corner bush of a customs run, so there was slim to no chance a scav or another player could find it. I had an M1 rig filled with mags, a trizip, VSS, and Altyn. I was wondering if every item has to be dropped individually in order to be returned in insurance, or if I would be able to shove everything in the bag (as my friend did) and hide it. I'm kinda peeved about it, as I have roughly about 40-400k roubles at any given time; but we all know how it goes, Tarkov giveth, and Tarkov taketh a
  18. shouse

    Your best scav run.

    I am curious guys, what was your best scav run you ever had? I had one yesterday before I went to sleep I was like ´´ah let me do 1 more run´´. Lets say it was worth it. Poor fella tho.
  19. TechoverMana

    Idea grab bag

    This is just a list of ideas I've had and putting out to others while taking a break. 1) I think there should be much more realistic pricing generally speaking. As I've said before elsewhere, I think it's extremely odd, to the point beyond what you could call realistic, for the prices of some items. Some examples are of how much fuel costs, (and using the ingame conversion of 118 rubles/dollar, and 133 rubles/Euro IRL it'd be around 70 for USD, or 80 rubles/Euro) At 89475/ 20L, which is rounded to 4474 rubles a liter for petrol, or translates to ~144 dollars per gallon of gas, or 33.6
  20. Okay, so - recently there was a "hotfix" for EFT that addressed the issue of being able to put certain containers into backpacks. Items such as thicc items- and weapons cases are now impossible to put into various bags. This made me think over the container system in general, and ways to improve it without adding exceptions to already well defined rules. Good rulesets with minimal restrictions encourage player freedom and remove the suckyness that are artificial restrictions. The problems these artificial restrictions fix bring more problems, and there are better ways to fix given ideas
  21. Hallo da ich noch relativ neu in dem Spiel bin, wollte ich mich mal an erfahrenere Spieler wenden und fragen welchen loot aus den Raid ich im stash behalten soll und welchen ich besser verkaufen sollte. Persönlich bin ich mehr der Spieler alles behalten vielleicht brauch ich es mal da aber mein stash schon komplett voll ist, muss ich etwas Platz schaffen upgraden geht nicht da ich schon die Edge of darkness edition habe. Daher wollte ich mal Fragen, ob es da ein paar Ratschläge für einen neuen gibt :). Im Anhang noch ein teil von meinen vollen Rucksäcken wo ich mir dachte, dass es viel
  22. xXx1N5AN1TYxXx

    Scav loot Item-mover error

    Once I go on an Online, successful scav Run, I go to put my stuff in my stash, but every thirty seconds or so I get an error message saying Item-Mover failed or something. Then it reset my stash and scav loot and I have to do it again! On top of that if I get the error message after I already saved and exited the stash screen, it completely crashes Tarkov and I lose all my scab loot! Help!
  23. I keep scaving into the wrong games after dying as a pmc. I responded back in as a scav to get my own loot and could not find my body or any of the other bodies that were near my body when I died.
  24. Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to give us the option to keep the loot you put in your secure container in offline raids, if you succesfully exit the area? To us noobs (lvl 4 here) it would give a small boost while not worrying about losing everything -yet- again. Of course there should be some difficulty to this, so maybe with online (or max) difficulty scavs with scav bosses on. Also it would give more incentive to buy the better edition of the game and get looting a bit more efficiently right off the bat. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Cheers!
  25. BastianSturm

    Scav loot help

    I just got out of a god scav run (well at least for a new player like me) I had find a good rifle, an sv-98, 2 tactical rigs, a backpack so on and so forth. I ex filtrated at the factory far corner and after the screen went black and music started playing I crashed. I now have none of the loot. Could anyone help me? The picture is that of my inventory which I sent to my friend right after I crashed.
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