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  1. I have checked the forum and didn't saw any suggestion like this so i would like to make a little one myself. So far ( not long its my first wipe but i play with other friends who has played couple wipes already ) i have noticed that some of the loot especially weapon creates and weapon air drops just as other loot doesn't see much action and is considered waist of space since after u get the ability to trade on flee market u just want to maximise rubles per slot. The flea market also makes a lot of things much easier like quest progression because all the preparation part is actually already done for u since u just buy stuff u need or weapons ( for killing quests ). But if u introduced Solo self-found the game actually becomes more difficult in a good way. Its not just making game harder it forces u to take stuff that u normally would buy and collect weapons parts will make sense again. But also it slows down progression a lot and makes people play much safer with loot they need for some kind of objective. Also i would still leave people actual ability to trade during the raid. Some people could maybe even go to raid with a bunch of rubles just to maybe buy stuff from another pmcs or scavs. So the concept i think is pretty interesting and u can think of it as a actually viable option ( Look Path of Exile ). I also think that for it to work u probably must increase stash size just for this mode only maybe even double its original sizes since collecting thousands of mods takes aaaa lot of space. It would be great if u guys said something about it and maybe some improvements since "Path of Exile" and this games are different.
  2. PeeJay_


    Hi, I have suggestion about PVP event after you unlock the full map for free roam. The idea is that from time to time, an airplane will spawn on the map, which will randomly fly above the map and drop airdrops on random places (only 1. max 2 drops at the same time). This airdrop could be marked by smoke or you could be noticed in radio about drop location when you carry one (this could make radio more rare and usable because every players group will use software like TS or Discord for communication instead of ingame walkie-talkie. DayZ already tryed this idea with radio comms and it never work that way, how they wanted it). The airdrop could contain better gear like bodyarmor, helmet, moded rare weapons, granades, NVGs, maybe drones if you're planning to add them, etc. This means that more players will arrive at the same place in the same time and it could turn in to a bigger battle for loot. When I imagine that battle, I already have goose bumps . Let me know what you think guys! If you like that idea, support it so the Devs notice it and maybe one day we will meet at the drop site! Cheers and stay save in the Tarkov! PS. Sorry for my english.
  3. Moin zusammen, für euch die Version 1.0 der neuen Map Interchange aus der Spielversion Habe versucht so detailgenau wie möglich zu arbeiten, was sich aber bei einer solchen Größe der Map ziemlich schwer realisieren lässt, deshalb wird es hier und dort noch einige Abweichungen geben. Das Loot ist größtenteils am jeweiligen Ort hinterlegt wo es auch gefunden werden kann. Hier fehlen mit Sicherheit noch einige Stellen, was in meinen Sitzungen nicht gespawnt ist. Wenn ihr etwas findet und euch sicher seid, dass das Loot auch dort existiert, dürft ihr mir das gerne mitteilen und ich arbeite das dann ein. Falls ihr dann was gefunden habt, was nicht auf der Karte existiert, BITTE BITTE macht einen kurzen Screenshot der Map und zeichnet euren Fund kurz ein, damit ich nachvollziehen kann wo sich das befindet. Bei einer solchen Größe kann ich nicht selbst aus Texten herauspuzzeln wo sich etwas genau befindet Auf die deutsche Übersetzung habe ich diesmal verzichtet, aber ich glaube damit sollte man auch klar kommen Was momentan enthalten ist: - Randgebiet mit vollständigem Loot - Tiefgaragengrundriss - Erste und zweite Etage mit Loot - PMC Exits und Spawns - Kleine Zusammenfassung der Schlüssel - Einige Informationen zu IDEA, OLI und GOSHAN Was noch fehlt: - Loot in der Tiefgarage - Loot im IDEA und OLI Hauptgebäude / Lager Zu guter Letzt noch ein großes Dankeschön an den reddit user "sghf" für seine erste Ausarbeitung der Außenbezirke! https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/8dsne5/preliminary_interchange_map/ EDIT: bevor ich es vergesse, wenn ihr den Link öffnet, einfach einen Rechtsklick drauf und "Grafikadresse kopieren" wählen und in einem neuen Tab öffnen, damit kommt ihr an die Hochauflösende Version mit 4500x2800 px
  4. Hey there! Most of the maps for customs out there are, in my opinion, not that useful, beautiful or lacking some information so I did one on my own. Right now only for customs but maybe the others will follow. It's not 100% completed yet because I'm sure I've missed some spots. If you recognise anything missing or wrong information, just give me a shoutout and I'll change it. Also I'm working on callouts but they only exist in german right now. I'll keep you updated if I finish the english version with my map. What the map has to offer: Layout for all open buildings. Some are not that accurate with their layout because they should only give a quick overview and lootable places Layout of both 2 story and 3 story dormitories with every roomnumber, closed rooms and rooms that can be opened with a key Every outside location you need a key for Lootmap for buildings and outskirts. Includes: Weapons (weaponcrates, loose weapons and parts, weaponracks), crates and boxes (ammunition and weaponparts), grenadesboxes, safes, loose money and cash registers, jackets, bags and toolboxes, random loose loot, computers, file cabinets, dead bodys, loose medicine and medical bags Spawnpoints and exits for PMC's Exits for SCAV's (Callouts - working on it right now) Für die deutschsprachigen unter euch, hier findet ihr das ganze auf deutsch. (For a german translation, follow this link to the german post) Also a huge shoutout to maksen for his awesome 3D background. Have a nice one Lorathor
  5. I love the idea of this game, but its become a damn lifestyle for some people and I didn't hand over my money to get walked on by them.... so here are some things i think would help: being able to make some progress offline - why not allow players to keep and collect loot offline? anything collected would have to be used in offline mode, but being able to collect the loot would keep players that just enjoy PvE happy. and on that note, an offline hideout as well. so all items earned offline are kept in your offline stash. as for levels, you could have separate characters for offline and online modes, respectively. i honestly think this would be a huge improvement
  6. Alright, I really hope there are more suggestions on this topic, but here's my take: Lighthouse loot spawns are ridiculously imbalanced, and farming rogues has replaced farming bosses and raiders, particularly on labs. Fixes: - Balance loot on Lighthouse further, obviously - Adjust spawn rates and locations of rogues. In particular: keep the rogues on the rooftops of the buildings, they can stay and do their thing, as they don't offer any loot. The roaming rogues which consist of something like 4+4 in the rogue base should have their spawn rate decreased in line with other raiders and boss spawns. Further, one of the groups of four should also be able to spawn at the chalet area of the map, and patrol either one or both of the compounds with the ridiculously high loot spawns. This should act as a slight deterrent to naked runs in those areas, where people just rush in and shove 4 bitcoins up their bumhole. Cheers, keep up the great work!
  7. ANCsemi

    3D Printer in Hideout

    I believe the addition of a 3D Printer as an upgrade in the PMC hideout would be a cool, modern, and very fun / useful idea to the game. The printer would ideally be a high-tier / end-game upgrade that allows players to produce synthetic pieces of equipment by consuming spools of printer filament. The spools would obviously be an additional loot item that players could find in-raid, and could come in different colors or materials to affect the resulting print quality. Printed items could include pistol grips, fore-grips, handguards, and even some weapon receivers or stocks. The print files may be located in-raid as well, or "consuming" a secure flash drive may yield a new blueprint. In order for the printer to function, the hideout generator would need to be running, and the prints would take a Semi-realistic amount of time to complete. A vertical foregrip, for example, may take one real-life hour to produce, and consume 10/100 of a filament spool depending on type. The synthetic items that players produce would be inhibited however by lower durability in the case of receivers, or generally lower ergonomics or recoil buffs than typical, in the case of grips, stocks, etc.
  8. I understand that the fast progression and abuse of high tier items for sale in the flea market by sweats and streamers made the game less enjoyable for newer players. However, high tier loot is now worth less than it should be because we now have to sell any we find to traders for 1/6 what it is worth, or use it ourselves. I believe that making the high items you find worth more to traders is a better implementation of slowing the progression in game, which I am a fan of. However useful those items are, they are worth less than what is realistic due to their rarity and it seems like it accomplishes more to implement this fix than strong arming them away from chads without making them able to be sold at a fair price. Also I am aware that the price for the slick is inflated because of end of wipe. But it averages around 500,000. Which is a conservative estimate even.
  9. EvilScotsman87

    EFT Spawnrate WZ Wallet

    So I'm level 61 Opened various marked rooms over i'd say 300 times on customs and maybe 150/200 times on Reserve. This wipe I've yet to find a single WZ Wallet and I assume since loot shuffle the chances are even lower. Can anyone give any suggestions please? I'm almost 62 and WZ Wallet is the last item I need. Many thanks in advance!
  10. Almost every scav I spawn with in the past week or two has nothing but a security or scav vest. Every scav I loot that's already been killed is similarly configured. By the time I find a backpack (if I do at all), I've missed half a map's worth of loot. I can't count the amount of raids I've been on that I walk out with 4 or 5 items due to just not having any space to put anything.
  11. So this is an inquiry to all of your experiences as of late. I used to be able to find LEDX and graphics cards nearly every raid. I run shoreline and i do go in with kits and prepared to fight my way out and the past 2 weeks or so i make it to the resort and hit my desired rooms first ( E110, E216, ETC) and probably 1/10 raids i actually get something worth a damn. sometimes no ledx or GPU, just some little stimulant or weapon part thats like kind of useful. I'm not always going in looking for a fight and its frustrating when i go in and battle it out with other players and they have nothing of value and i just used all my expensive ammo and only recuperate a tiny fraction of what i spent on it leaving empty handed as far as map loot goes. this game needs to find the balance between what its focusing on. Either there is gonna be high spawn rates of valuables in certain locations and PvP is optional, or better rewards are to be given for PvP. Im a 44. and while yes there is way to make money within my hideout, this just becomes too routine and boring and just leaves me looking for PvP only which often isnt worth it in the long run. killing lower levels with shitty gear and even trying to sell it, isnt worth the meds, the ammo, the repairs, the food, the water, and the risk of me losing my loadout. if i cant make it out with something of value, then whats the point of looting?
  12. I've seen a million roundabout solutions to this problem presented, but the core of the issue needs to be finally addressed. Simply put, if you want people to actually bring guns for a task, they have to be necessary in the first place. Minimalism is human nature. ------ The amount of security in the interchange mall is surprisingly light. Yes it is a warzone, but even then you'd expect valuable electronics to be in impact-resistant secure glass cases to avoid theft or for employee and storage rooms to be padlocked against random intruders. Military caches are also surprisingly open and unsecure as well when one of the biggest concerns of any armed force is preventing weapons or munitions from falling into the wrong hands. Some suspension of disbelief is always necessary for video game, but I think it'd be closer from a realism standpoint to have a bunch of military-grade gear and valuables be locked in secure containers than to have them simply be out in the open on the floor in a lot of areas (see labs, reserve, etc). ------ Simply put, if you want to rush the best loot spawns, you're going to need a weapon that produces enough kinetic energy to go through the object in question. Take UL 752 Protection Standards for Bullet Resistant Glass Products for example: UL 752 Level 1 9 mm - 3 shots UL 752 Level 2 .357 Magnum - 3 shots UL 752 Level 3 .44 Magnum - 3 shots UL 752 Level 4 .30-06 - 1 shot UL 752 Level 5 7.62 mm - 1 shot UL 752 Level 6 .357 Magnum - underloaded 5 shots UL 752 Level 7 5.56x45 - 5 shots UL 752 Level 8 7.62 mm NATO - 5 shots - (Glass-Clad Polycarbonate materials) UL 752 Level 9 .30-06 M2 AP - 1 shot UL 752 Level 10 .50 BMG - 1 shot - (Aluminum oxynitride materials) The same concept would apply for padlocks made out of cheaper materials versus up to lets say hardened steel. Marked rooms could have a flimsy rusted padlock on an outer regular door that must be shot off, but inside might be a reinforced metal cage that requires the key for example. ------ Shotguns might become the Rat weapon of choice as a result (TOZ-106), but at the very minimum it would ensure that PvP actually happens in a PvP game. Some matches feel rather empty at the moment. Start requiring guns for the best contested loot areas and people will bring them.
  13. Hello, I have been playing EFT since early 2017. I must admit - I have never seen such an amount of bs that is happening rn in raids. With current demand for GPUs and BTC price the game became a pistol deathmatch. Gameplay on every map is like a speed run who gets to tech loot places first. There is no more Tarkov gameplay in it. You know what I mean? The slower, more carefull approach. And it is because of the flawed game design at this point. It is just more worth it to rush to tech shop on Interchange, take GPU/Tetriz to secure container and die. You sell BTC and use GPU in a farm, no need to have it FIR at this point. For the love of God, dear Battlestate, make it so that You can only have stuff which You bring to the raid in Your container. NO GPUs, TETRISES and other poo in safe container. Only dogtags/things which You can put into S I C C/Doc case like money, physical btc, intelligence folder etc. Honestly, bringing good stuff into raid is useless. When I get to some good loot areas everything is looted in the first 2 mins of the raid and there are only dead bodies of hatches and pistol runners... MAKE people fight for this loot, not grab and go.
  14. My friend has an i5 9400f, 16gb RAM and a 1050ti, before yesterday to today the loading screen to enter a raid started to take more than 10 minutes to enter, before it entered at 1: 30/2: 00 minutes, he already restored the pc, and it only goes fast in the first run, we played for over 1 year and it started happening just now ... does anyone know the solution?
  15. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich an den Callouts und da ein bischen Übersicht in die Sache zu bringen, auch hier sind Vorschläge gern gesehen! Was die Karte momentan bietet: Grundriss für fast alle offene Gebäude. Einige sind nicht auf den Meter genau sondern sollen nur zur schnellen Orientierung und auffinden von Loot sein Grundriss der 2-er und 3-er Dorms mit Zimmernummern inklusive betretbare und abgeschlossene Räume Übersicht aller Schlüssel die für Customs genutzt werden sowie der jeweilige Ort an dem dieser nötig ist Lootmap für Gebäude und Außengebiete. Umfasst: Waffen (Waffenkisten, lose Waffen, Teile und Waffenständer), Kisten (Munition und Waffenteile), Granatenkisten, Safes, Loses Geld und Kassen, Jacken, Taschen und Toolboxen, verschiedenes looses Loot, Computer, Schränke, Leichen sowie lose Medizin und Medizinkoffer Spawngebiete und Ausgänge für PMC's Ausgänge für SCAV's (Callouts) Im Anhang Customs Ohne Callout und Customs mit Callouts. Diese findet ihr auch hier (ohne Callouts) und hier (mit Callouts). Grüße und euch erfolgreiche runs Mit bestem Dank an Maksen für den 3D Hintergrund. Erstes Update Dank eurer Hilfe aus dem Forum und Reddit habe ich einige Lootspots geändert und hinzugefügt. In der nächsten Version werden noch die auffindbaren Schlüssel eingefügt.
  16. I was trying to do the quest from therapist where you have to find and turn in salewa kits. I collected one and put it in my alpha container, but died. As I tried to turn it in, it didnt let me. I found it as PMC so whats the issue there? Some where 100% unused...
  17. NOAIM11

    Zündkerze finden

    Hallo liebe Forumteilnehmer, Ich bin recht neu im spiel und kämpfe jetzt schon mehrere Tage mit dem suchen einer Zündkerze! weiß jemand einen fixen Spot wo ich aufjedenfall eine finden kann? Oder möchte jemand eine Ingame mit mir tauschen? (biete 50000 Rubel) Vielen Dank im Voraus!
  18. It would be really nice to have something to block bodies from falling in the water on shoreline. Right next to the harbor bridge on the shore where you are creeping next to the water, I killed a guy and his body fell into the water. He had water and food I needed to survive the raid but was out of reach. If there were objects there to keep bodies on the shore in reach or if rag dolls couldn’t pass through the invisible wall it would make that area a lot better to loot in and survive. Thanks!
  19. Relenar

    Game crash after SCAV runs.

    Dear Battle State, During the last couple of days (3-4 days) I've been encountering issues with SCAV runs, mainly the game crashes or fails to load my profile after extracting. Normally this would not be a issue but, I've lost quite a lot of loot due to this and it really ruins the gaming experience. I have attached a image with the error log I've received after the run and done as instructed, posted on the forum the issue. Is there something that is being done or can be done in regards to this issue ? Also is there any way to recuperate my lost loot ? After all, it was fairly obtained and lost because of game errors, I wouldn't find it normal not to receive any compensation or reimbursement of the losses. The other major instance of this happening is related to REQUESTID#3266699#, to which I still have not got any response. Kind regards, Relenar.
  20. MBS606


    The game has a lot of depth, at least as it appears in clips. My suggestions is that in the game could bit Drugs but I do not think drugs like grass, cocaine and more like that. But more like cigarettes, alcohol, various pills,... how should it look like? Easy example for alohol is a cheap alternative for painkillars with its own side effects. you can imagine themselves what side effects are by alcohol. Now regular alcohol consumption may lead to addiction and the character can not work normal without drinking alcohol so you need to loot or trade for alcohol that the needs be content. and sorry for my English i am not so good at it
  21. So, ive just started to have this problam from the technical update od 17.12.2020., so when I get in scav radis, loot and than extract, my items r not found in raid. Is this a new feature or a bug?
  22. DeathclawDaddy

    Group for new and expirenced alike

    We are a mostly North American group focusing on helping the new and experienced alike get groups, sharpen skills and learn squad tactics and battlements. Even scheduling fun meme runs or stealth runs for a change of pace, we welcome any level, any age, any country with only one standard: Cool, calm, and wanting to do well. We have members in Canada, Germany, UK and welcome all others. Group is heavily moderated with several open minded Mods to ensure that only a calm demeanor and good people get to be with the group. No quick hot headed bans as everything can be fixed up if you are willing. Come run with the death-claws today! https://discord.gg/z9fZVn2b
  23. What if BSG added a system like "Brought in raid" ? let me explain myself. I know a lot of players hate the new flea market changes and stuff, but I came with an idea (I dont know if that idea was already proposed or etc) what IF! anything you put in your secured container counts as "found in raid" (even if you die) but if you bring it back in the next raid, the "found in raid" mark disapear, making it unnable to re-sell on the flea market ? theres a thing I and a lot of players / streamers hate about this market mechanic, for exemple; I am a labs player, and I just miss the times when I found a Ledx and I could just put it in my container and then go pvp, same for green / black keycards. I hate having to camp and rat in order to make it out and resell my item.. like seriously. I think this new mechanic could bring more pvp and less ratiness in raids + it would make the game so much better (just as it was last wipe) Please consider this topic, because A thing that I know, is that I left the game 2 weeks in wipe because of how bad the new flea was.. Thank you. JakohFPS.
  24. Hello! After playing this game now for sometime (account created 03.01.2018 ). I have come to conclusion that many is starting to have this same feeling as me. Don't get me wrong i like this game, but Tarkov is getting a bit repetitive and "boring". Most of the loot's are in same rooms on same table. Which leads most of the fire fight's happening in same areas. So my suggestion. Remove most keys, (leave outdoor and maybe exit keys) and add lock picking. There could be several items to use for faster, but louder solution like use drill and pliers. For more quiet solution a picklock and a screwdriver or something like that. Getting Better on lock picking makes it maybe more quiet and/or faster to open. This make's possible to put loot in any room/zone. Spawning in game would not be that critical, cos no precise knowledge of loot's location. Like in shoreline you would need to check nearly all rooms, some could still be 100% but... There could be some rooms/zones where is 100% chance to spawn "high" loot, but those would be behind a reinforced/electronic door that requires a crowbar or activate to get in (all so would take more time to open). This might sound a bit HC, but i think it would make loot more valuable and more risky and creates more action all over the map. And/Or have some random containers spawning random locations that are locked and needed to open via above PS. Bunny jumping is out of control at the moment. Carry +50kg pmc jumping 2 meter leaps, but that is time for another topic. (if not "fixed" before?) Played,Loved,Bored
  25. Pop_a_Op

    Lost loot?

    While returning from a scav run, the servers shut down due to maintenance for new update. In the instance that my loot had not been transferred over to my pmc. Will that loot be lost? :( I had a full gen4, 3 beefy ak's, and a full backpack full of stuff... sad day...
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