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Found 110 results

  1. Hello! After playing this game now for sometime (account created 03.01.2018 ). I have come to conclusion that many is starting to have this same feeling as me. Don't get me wrong i like this game, but Tarkov is getting a bit repetitive and "boring". Most of the loot's are in same rooms on same table. Which leads most of the fire fight's happening in same areas. So my suggestion. Remove most keys, (leave outdoor and maybe exit keys) and add lock picking. There could be several items to use for faster, but louder solution like use drill and pliers. For more quiet solution a picklock and a screwdriver or something like that. Getting Better on lock picking makes it maybe more quiet and/or faster to open. This make's possible to put loot in any room/zone. Spawning in game would not be that critical, cos no precise knowledge of loot's location. Like in shoreline you would need to check nearly all rooms, some could still be 100% but... There could be some rooms/zones where is 100% chance to spawn "high" loot, but those would be behind a reinforced/electronic door that requires a crowbar or activate to get in (all so would take more time to open). This might sound a bit HC, but i think it would make loot more valuable and more risky and creates more action all over the map. And/Or have some random containers spawning random locations that are locked and needed to open via above PS. Bunny jumping is out of control at the moment. Carry +50kg pmc jumping 2 meter leaps, but that is time for another topic. (if not "fixed" before?) Played,Loved,Bored
  2. It would be really nice to have something to block bodies from falling in the water on shoreline. Right next to the harbor bridge on the shore where you are creeping next to the water, I killed a guy and his body fell into the water. He had water and food I needed to survive the raid but was out of reach. If there were objects there to keep bodies on the shore in reach or if rag dolls couldn’t pass through the invisible wall it would make that area a lot better to loot in and survive. Thanks!
  3. Pop_a_Op

    Lost loot?

    While returning from a scav run, the servers shut down due to maintenance for new update. In the instance that my loot had not been transferred over to my pmc. Will that loot be lost? :( I had a full gen4, 3 beefy ak's, and a full backpack full of stuff... sad day...
  4. killer112998

    Insurance Issues and Questions

    Hello friends and people who spawn camp, I have run into a predicament. my buddy ditched my gear in a far corner bush of a customs run, so there was slim to no chance a scav or another player could find it. I had an M1 rig filled with mags, a trizip, VSS, and Altyn. I was wondering if every item has to be dropped individually in order to be returned in insurance, or if I would be able to shove everything in the bag (as my friend did) and hide it. I'm kinda peeved about it, as I have roughly about 40-400k roubles at any given time; but we all know how it goes, Tarkov giveth, and Tarkov taketh away. If anyone has an answer as to what I should do as far as my insurance, or if anyone has an answer regarding the 'stacked in a bag' issue, that would be the proverbial tits.
  5. shouse

    Your best scav run.

    I am curious guys, what was your best scav run you ever had? I had one yesterday before I went to sleep I was like ´´ah let me do 1 more run´´. Lets say it was worth it. Poor fella tho.
  6. TechoverMana

    Idea grab bag

    This is just a list of ideas I've had and putting out to others while taking a break. 1) I think there should be much more realistic pricing generally speaking. As I've said before elsewhere, I think it's extremely odd, to the point beyond what you could call realistic, for the prices of some items. Some examples are of how much fuel costs, (and using the ingame conversion of 118 rubles/dollar, and 133 rubles/Euro IRL it'd be around 70 for USD, or 80 rubles/Euro) At 89475/ 20L, which is rounded to 4474 rubles a liter for petrol, or translates to ~144 dollars per gallon of gas, or 33.64 Euros/Liter. Zimbabwe which has the worst gas prices on Earth, still clocks in at around 12 dollars per gallon by comparison. Water is even worse, .6 L of water costs 12066, 20110 per liter, which is about 151 Euros per liter, or 645 dollars per gallon. Crackers, from a combat ration somehow cost 18160 rubles, which is 153 dollars or 136 euros for what look like anywhere from 6-8 crackers. Now, this is minor, but its part of it, since it wasn't too long ago when a box of pineapple juice only was like 500 rubles rubles, or 4.23 dollars or 3.75 Euros, which seems much more realistic, and its because it is relatively inconsequential which makes it more perplexing why to set prices like this. But I think this obviously also extends to weapons, armor and ammo. Easiest example is the Mosin, which originally when it came out seemed relatively realistically priced in the 15-20k region, but now costs more than an SV98, which that weapon costs well over 2000 dollars. I know some issues can be brought up about how it is, but I can't see how a weapon in massive surplus costing in many bad areas under 100 bucks, ends up more expensive than a weapon that costs thousands of dollars, and somehow can be considered realistic. Again, it's just to illustrate, and I know there's going to be some arguments about balance and such, but I'd still say it should strive to be as real as possible (and note that many cheap, surplus Mosins have MOAs well above 2, while the SV98 is under 1, so I'd say reflect a realistic performance, and it'll help reflect the realistic pricing.) But I'd say this across the board, even if it's un-intuitive, or even counter-intuitive, such as how they've handled pistol and SMG prices to make it more viable, which I disagree with. If an MP5 IRL is on average ~30% more expensive than an M4, despite the advantages of an M4 over an MP5, I'd say that's just reflecting the harshness and reality of the world and how things are manufactured, the same way having no tags and arrows above heads, or a minimap, ect because it's not realistic. 2) Strength. I know the skill rework is coming in the next few weeks, so I won't be extensive on this since for all I know, the rework could fix all the issues with it right now. Generally speaking, strength skill makes very little sense for how it gains, and is overly restrictive, and currently, for extremely little benefit, since I think even realistically, going from say a person of intermediate strength of an average soldier to what is supposed to be elite should be significant, although not overpowering as early elite I think was something like double speed and jumping height. I'm thinking more like going from 20% now to more like 35-50% depending on category. With that, lots of suggestions abound for a home gym in the hideout. Keeping in with the Russian spirit, I'd suggest the creation of the item the Kettlebell, a large one at 2 pood , and a smaller one at 1.5 or 1 pood. Along with that, some more regular stuff for a proper home gym, a few varieties of dumb bells, and perhaps at Level 3 Home gym, stuff to make a treadmill and/or power rack with olympic bar to do strength and endurance training. Again, keeping it short, and moving on. 3)Item availability and locations I'm not sure why it is, but I don't think I've ever come across an SSD naturally, and especially not an SAS drive outside of the ones needed for Peacekeepers quest. And I have no idea why this is the case. Especially if Tarkov is in the future, you would think SSDs would be even more common. I'm not asking for them to be in every computer, but I think its weird that it's not even in the loot table for a computer, even if it was only like a 1% super rare item spawn. Same with the tech stores, shouldn't an SSD in fact be even more common than a graphics card as far as what's randomly left behind on shelves? Right now, I don't think the SSD can even be found outside of the areas where literally any item has a chance to spawn such as behind old gas, which just seems absurd to me. Especially for things like Techlight, or the White Queen on Reserve. Sort of lead me to the idea of other areas being able to have things in them. There's lots of abandoned cars around, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to pop the hood and get things like batteries, spark plugs, hoses, wires, and motors out of there, at reasonable rates, as well as be able to siphon off fuel. Currently, we can't take a fuel tank and try to refill it, but I don't see why we shouldn't from cars, the abandoned fuel trucks, the gas stations, ect. And perhaps BSG has this planned eventually, but I'd at least like to make the suggestion then. 4) Crafting times, parallel processing or making more than one and using items, additional Hideout ideas. I think some of the wait times for crafting are sort of absurd or don't make sense, and need to be adjusted. For example, it takes a pair of t-plugs, 2 wires, and a roll of tape to create a powercord in 35 minutes, but somehow taking a pair of powercord apart to get wires takes almost 2 hours when it's just stripping it down? And some items I don't think should be consumed during the crafting process depending on the items. Namely, using 4 working LCDs and a screwdriver to make 4 broken LCDs, it consumes the screwdriver. But why? How hard was the character smashing these that it shattered or bent a screwdriver? This goes for many things that consume some tools in their creation when you'd just be able to use that screwdriver for years with no problem. Same with the metal scissors, or nippers for magazine boxes or scav box. They should be usable again and again because tools just don't disappear after you're done with them, no one realistically just goes through like 5 screw drivers in a day or something. They're meant to be used for years, decades even. Perhaps this will be a skill on its own, but I also think you should be able to process more than one set at a time, or make more than one at a time. Perhaps it could be limited to x amount per station, or linked to level. So level 1 workbench, can only make 1 thing at a time. Level 2, can make more things, but also work on more than 1 item at a time, and so on. Also, I think water collector level 2 should allow you to craft .6 L bottles of water, and then you can take bottles of water over to the Nutrition area, and perhaps it'd need additional items in the game, but I think you should be able to craft a lot more drinks, such as the vita juice, pineapple juice, ect, and be able to use the Coffee Majaica to create a cup of coffee that could be similar to the Hot Rod or Max Energy in effect, or create a thermos, 1 Aquamari and one Coffee to have a Coffee thermos. Anyway, that's it for random thoughts and idea springing to mind. Understandably, the game is in beta, so for all I know all these issues and ideas get put in next patch, but it's just stuff on my mind I felt worth sharing between the rounds.
  7. Okay, so - recently there was a "hotfix" for EFT that addressed the issue of being able to put certain containers into backpacks. Items such as thicc items- and weapons cases are now impossible to put into various bags. This made me think over the container system in general, and ways to improve it without adding exceptions to already well defined rules. Good rulesets with minimal restrictions encourage player freedom and remove the suckyness that are artificial restrictions. The problems these artificial restrictions fix bring more problems, and there are better ways to fix given ideas without bringing overly much exceptions to well defined rules. An artificial restriction would be something like an invisible wall. Sucks, dont it? Dont forget though, there are artificial restrictions that allow for more freedom, and some that disallow freedom. Best gameplay would allow for the most freedom while keeping in the vision of the original game design. I will be including the problems with some of the subsystems, and my proposed fixes to them that i personally am sure that everyone will like. But, as always, do express your opinion. Exhibit A - Secure containers. Problem: All the containers (backpacks, chest rigs, cases) have the ability to hold whatever item fits into given container. The secure container is an additional container with an artificial restriction that disables your ability to store various items, such as helmets, thermals, certain mounts and weapons. My proposed fix: For helmets and certain mounts, these dont really need to have restrictions. They are safe to go. As for weapons and thermals, (and i think it is a planned feature,) an animation for when you take items out of a container that would preferrably last for quite a while could be beneficial. The point of keeping guns in containers was to hatchet run and when needed, quickly pull out a gun whenever you would need to down an enemy. If this took a long while, it would be disadvantageous to the person utilizing this technique, as the stunlock caused by the action would render you defenseless. Same for thermals. A real disadvantage if it takes you 20secs to take it out and put it back into the container. Exhibit B - LBT-2670 medical backpack. Problem: A backpack the size of a berkut which can hold a grizzly fine, but apparently not a pistol. Nor some crackers. Not even some matches. My proposed fix: What if you could hotkey the medical items from inside this specific backpack? Or maybe some other solution, like meds taking up less space but only in this backpack? Perhaps your allies could interact with your backpack and pull some meds out of it real quick? The idea behind this backpack was that Nikita wanted tarkov's squad members to have specific roles, but this artificial restriction really isn't a way to go. Exhibit C - 18.06.2020 hotfix to thicc items cases, the one i mentioned at the start. Problem: An item's case would fit into a backpack just fine, given that the bag is large enough. The 6SH118 should be able to fit one. My proposed fix: Rather than to outright add a restriction to insert these containers into various bags, maybe make the containers themselves larger, so that they dont fit into given bags? This would make a lot of sense given that the size of the larger containers is off comparatively to other items in the game at the given moment aswell. You could offset the size lost by giving these containers a bit more space. Maybe a row or two for each one. A long mosin is about as long as the thicc items case ingame, supposedly one of the biggest lootables, and their length difference in reality would be huge! Plus, with this idea of a fix, the incentive to carry these cases would still be near zero, since they weigh so much you cant properly move even when they do fit into your backpack. A real win-win to player freedom and game design. Makes sense too, if you ask me. I mean, you can carry a bloody tank battery in a berkut, but apparently not an items case. And these things dont even weigh realistically, no way a tank battery is only 40 kilos. Tell me your opinions in the comments! I really do hope that the developers see this, this design seems like a no-brainer to me.
  8. Hey there! Most of the maps for customs out there are, in my opinion, not that useful, beautiful or lacking some information so I did one on my own. Right now only for customs but maybe the others will follow. It's not 100% completed yet because I'm sure I've missed some spots. If you recognise anything missing or wrong information, just give me a shoutout and I'll change it. Also I'm working on callouts but they only exist in german right now. I'll keep you updated if I finish the english version with my map. What the map has to offer: Layout for all open buildings. Some are not that accurate with their layout because they should only give a quick overview and lootable places Layout of both 2 story and 3 story dormitories with every roomnumber, closed rooms and rooms that can be opened with a key Every outside location you need a key for Lootmap for buildings and outskirts. Includes: Weapons (weaponcrates, loose weapons and parts, weaponracks), crates and boxes (ammunition and weaponparts), grenadesboxes, safes, loose money and cash registers, jackets, bags and toolboxes, random loose loot, computers, file cabinets, dead bodys, loose medicine and medical bags Spawnpoints and exits for PMC's Exits for SCAV's (Callouts - working on it right now) Für die deutschsprachigen unter euch, hier findet ihr das ganze auf deutsch. (For a german translation, follow this link to the german post) Also a huge shoutout to maksen for his awesome 3D background. Have a nice one Lorathor
  9. Hallo da ich noch relativ neu in dem Spiel bin, wollte ich mich mal an erfahrenere Spieler wenden und fragen welchen loot aus den Raid ich im stash behalten soll und welchen ich besser verkaufen sollte. Persönlich bin ich mehr der Spieler alles behalten vielleicht brauch ich es mal da aber mein stash schon komplett voll ist, muss ich etwas Platz schaffen upgraden geht nicht da ich schon die Edge of darkness edition habe. Daher wollte ich mal Fragen, ob es da ein paar Ratschläge für einen neuen gibt :). Im Anhang noch ein teil von meinen vollen Rucksäcken wo ich mir dachte, dass es vielleicht Sinn mach denn Inhalt zu verkaufen.
  10. xXx1N5AN1TYxXx

    Scav loot Item-mover error

    Once I go on an Online, successful scav Run, I go to put my stuff in my stash, but every thirty seconds or so I get an error message saying Item-Mover failed or something. Then it reset my stash and scav loot and I have to do it again! On top of that if I get the error message after I already saved and exited the stash screen, it completely crashes Tarkov and I lose all my scab loot! Help!
  11. I keep scaving into the wrong games after dying as a pmc. I responded back in as a scav to get my own loot and could not find my body or any of the other bodies that were near my body when I died.
  12. Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to give us the option to keep the loot you put in your secure container in offline raids, if you succesfully exit the area? To us noobs (lvl 4 here) it would give a small boost while not worrying about losing everything -yet- again. Of course there should be some difficulty to this, so maybe with online (or max) difficulty scavs with scav bosses on. Also it would give more incentive to buy the better edition of the game and get looting a bit more efficiently right off the bat. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Cheers!
  13. BastianSturm

    Scav loot help

    I just got out of a god scav run (well at least for a new player like me) I had find a good rifle, an sv-98, 2 tactical rigs, a backpack so on and so forth. I ex filtrated at the factory far corner and after the screen went black and music started playing I crashed. I now have none of the loot. Could anyone help me? The picture is that of my inventory which I sent to my friend right after I crashed.
  14. headwolf90

    Wir helfen euch!

    Hallo Community, ein Spielkollege und ich haben uns überlegt eine Art Neulingsstarthilfe-Programm zu machen. Wir sind derzeit am Ende des Contents der Alpha angekommen und bieten nun unser Wissen und unser Gear das wir erfarmt haben für euch an. Allerdings werden wir euch keine Gegenstände auf Anfrage droppen sondern wollen mit euch in Kontakt kommen! Wir treffen uns zuerst auf Discord/Teamspeak (plicht) und gehen mit euch dann die gesamte Map ab. In unserem Fall ist das die Karte "Woods". Alle Scav's oder Spieler die wir unterwegs zusammen töten gehören euch - den Rest nehmen wir. Von dem ganzen sind höher levelige Spieler nicht unbedingt ausgeschlossen, denn wir freuen uns auf jeden. Wenn ihr mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen wollt schreibt uns ingame oder hier im Forum: Ingame: "RocketBunny" oder, "eVasive" Im Forum: (an mich Headwolf90) oder, eVasive
  15. Tengo mucho loot que no se que hacer con el, las armas las uso con mi personaje claro, pero todo lo demás, qué hago con él? - Sirve para misiones? - Tienes algo que ver con el refugio?
  16. RooZvonBooZ

    What Is This Item For?

    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: I found a mysterious diary the other day, while on Customs with my buddy. Anyone knows what it does? I can't even write my deepest secrets in it Sincerely: RooZvonBooZ, lvl 59 nub
  17. Relenar

    Game crash after SCAV runs.

    Dear Battle State, During the last couple of days (3-4 days) I've been encountering issues with SCAV runs, mainly the game crashes or fails to load my profile after extracting. Normally this would not be a issue but, I've lost quite a lot of loot due to this and it really ruins the gaming experience. I have attached a image with the error log I've received after the run and done as instructed, posted on the forum the issue. Is there something that is being done or can be done in regards to this issue ? Also is there any way to recuperate my lost loot ? After all, it was fairly obtained and lost because of game errors, I wouldn't find it normal not to receive any compensation or reimbursement of the losses. The other major instance of this happening is related to REQUESTID#3266699#, to which I still have not got any response. Kind regards, Relenar.
  18. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich an den Callouts und da ein bischen Übersicht in die Sache zu bringen, auch hier sind Vorschläge gern gesehen! Was die Karte momentan bietet: Grundriss für fast alle offene Gebäude. Einige sind nicht auf den Meter genau sondern sollen nur zur schnellen Orientierung und auffinden von Loot sein Grundriss der 2-er und 3-er Dorms mit Zimmernummern inklusive betretbare und abgeschlossene Räume Übersicht aller Schlüssel die für Customs genutzt werden sowie der jeweilige Ort an dem dieser nötig ist Lootmap für Gebäude und Außengebiete. Umfasst: Waffen (Waffenkisten, lose Waffen, Teile und Waffenständer), Kisten (Munition und Waffenteile), Granatenkisten, Safes, Loses Geld und Kassen, Jacken, Taschen und Toolboxen, verschiedenes looses Loot, Computer, Schränke, Leichen sowie lose Medizin und Medizinkoffer Spawngebiete und Ausgänge für PMC's Ausgänge für SCAV's (Callouts) Im Anhang Customs Ohne Callout und Customs mit Callouts. Diese findet ihr auch hier (ohne Callouts) und hier (mit Callouts). Grüße und euch erfolgreiche runs Mit bestem Dank an Maksen für den 3D Hintergrund. Erstes Update Dank eurer Hilfe aus dem Forum und Reddit habe ich einige Lootspots geändert und hinzugefügt. In der nächsten Version werden noch die auffindbaren Schlüssel eingefügt.
  19. MoltenBlade

    Where to find LEDX?

    I'm looking LEDX skin transimmulators for quests and THICC Item cases. I'm having trouble finding them and was wondering if you guys knew. If you could add screenshots that'd be even better. Thanks in advance.
  20. After listening to Nikita and other talk about ways to counter hatchlings -- most recently in yesterday's stream -- it made me wonder... Is it possible one of the main drivers of hatchlings has to do not with gear fear, not with players being "down and out" on their luck, but instead as an "answer" to one of the game's primary incentive structures? Currently, a player knows that if he finds a certain key, he is essentially "set for life" * * Yes, some keys now have durability with a set number of uses, but let's set that aside for now Knowing the RNG nature of EFT's loot spawns, a player may reason to himself that even it takes 10-15 tries, the "reward" of eventually getting the item far outweighs the nuisance. So what do these players do? Grab a hatchet and... Sprint to loot spawn 1, pocket the item if present Sprint to loot spawn 2, pocket the item if present Sprint to loot spawn 3, pocket the item if present etc etc If they get killed a long the way, then so what? They'll just rinse and repeat and try again. For them, dying is merely the "cost of doing business" in this way and they are not put off by it at all. And this is because they know that, no matter how much they die in the process, the "reward" that comes from finally getting that key, will "set them up for life" for the remainder of the EFT wipe. Rather than gear up and fight for survival, their main objective is to play EFT as some sort of giant meta-lottery game where all they care about is amassing money and stash value. What if this sense of "permanence" is actually the heart of the matter? Right now, experienced players know that once they have a certain set of keys, from that point on, they've pretty much "arrived" in the game. A lot of the "mystery/exploration" of the game is removed because they now have access to the game's best loot pools with virtually NO risk of ever losing that access. From that point on, they can farm those areas over and over and over. Is it possible, then, that shifting the game away from "set for life" mechanics and toward "scavenging" mechanics could "fix" the hatchling issue and make the gameplay loop more rewarding? What might this look like? Maybe keys are no longer extractable and no longer secure-container-able (stick with me, hear me out!), but instead must be scavenged in-raid each and every time, and every key for the map is guaranteed to spawn in somewhere... So you want to get into Dorm room XYZ? Cool! First you gotta find the key. It could be in one of the dorm's front offices and/or in the pockets of one of the nearby roaming scavs, etc. This could also give more of a sense of progression and flow to each raid. "Okay, if we want to hit up room XYZ, first we gotta find the key. John, you clear out this wing, Bobby, you and I will go check this wing. Depending on what we find, we'll meet up here and plan our next route." This sense of a "dynamic" objective, where one action stair-steps into another, may lead to some really interesting raids and firefights between groups/solo's/etc. Maybe keys remain extractable but all have durability settings with limited uses... Realistic? Ehh, not really. But it might be a decent counter to the one-and-done mentality currently in the game. What else? The other "hidden" possibility with hatchlings is that it caters to a wholly different gameplay loop for experienced players as well In my experience, even veteran players play recklessly and overspend their budgets every single run, knowing that if they do go broke, all they have to do is complete a few "money runs" to make things right again. Learn from mistakes? Pshh, not really! Worry about dying? Nahh, no thanks! If they can always "get it back" in no time, then why worry about it? I'm speaking from experience here because I've played with a guys who do this every wipe. They're already level 40+ and know the game inside and out. And part of the reason they are so high level is because they do exactly what I describe above. Best armor, best guns, best ammo, all the time. Which means they win a good number of their firefights. And in those instances where they do lose, well guess what? They've got SO MUCH money on hand it's no problem to re-kit again, OR! if they are running low on cash, they use their "permanent" piggy bank of keys to hatchet run their stash back up to millions and millions. In their minds, they've "earned" this luxury because they've farmed for the keys over the course of dozens of hatchet runs over and over and over. Now I don't know about you, and I can't speak for others, but to me, this also runs against Nikita's vision for the "True Tarkov Experience". I understand, also, Nikita's worry about "losing" players who become too discouraged to keep playing. But for every "casual" player that EFT may loses from the True Tarkov Experience, what if it "gains" that many and more who are attracted to EFT's vision and scope? ----- Thoughts? Suggestions? Improvements? Thanks for reading! ----- PS: Everyone I play with is eagerly awaiting Nikita's True Tarkov Experience and, even though we're all adults with families and jobs, etc we welcome the more hardcore elements of the game with open arms. I know it's controversial, but we all 100% support secure-container restrictions -- and even removing them altogether. But that's just our take on it, no bully please
  21. DarkSoldier

    Scav Extraction System

    So my suggestion for my title is revolved around a scav run I had the other day. Was a very successful scav run, managed to get high end gear from multiple night op PMC's on reserve. When I extracted my internet went out for about 1-2 minutes, this occured while moving the gear from my scav to my stash, while this happened I got an error due to my internet going out for a short time, and unfortunately lost half of the gear, wasn't able to get back to the scav screen and missed out on the gear. Very upsetting but was on my internet and not the game. MY SUGGESTION is that instead of having a screen where you drag and drop the gear I would like to see a different mechanic such as the 'insurance' system, so when completing a scav run you are sent a message in your messages section like insurance where the gear can be pulled without the issue of possibly losing it. And the gear may auto delete after 3 hours if not collected. I feel the current system can have altercations. Scenarios where someone's game crashes or other altercations would make it more enjoyable. I have had 2 situations on scav runs where I have filled my gear up with items and when extracting I have only had the initial gear I had gone in with at the end screen. A suggestion I hope a lot would agree with. Cheers
  22. Ich war eine halbe Stunde im Raid (SCAV), extracte, klicke einmal auf "next" und kann dann nicht weiter auf "next" (loot in den stash übertragen) klicken, somit war alles umsonst was ich im Raid gelooted habe (Habe mehrere Minuten gewartet). Gibt es derzeit noch Probleme damit?
  23. Vanelsi

    Loosing loot

    Hello, I played has scav I did a good run and when I escaped I had only my spawn stuff so literraly nothing, another thing, my friend played as a PMC he died and then loose all of the thing in his pouch : keytool, and more. That ruin our experience, I hope you can do something about it, thanks.
  24. Blackboxeq

    a consideration on secure containers.

    have you considered the ability to manually lock and unlock secure containers in raid? pretty sure I am just catching up to the general train of thought ( more on this after the -----). But consider, how terrifying it would be for some one trying to stash gear. -How loud unlocking/locking a secure container would be.. ( Keypad, fingerprint or even a briefcase dial lock. ) -How long would it take to go though the unlock/lock animation. I understand the changes for secure containers to effectively end the hatching runs in 0.12. But secure containers as a concept do give some comfort to getting killed in raid. ( which helps the sting of loss.) As a side note: not 100% sure what to think of keys and documents with this idea. On one hand it would be nice for keys&documents to have their own inherent-always-secure-character -slot ( some sort of mystical prison butt purse type thing.) but on the other hand it would also add considerable risk to unlocking a container to secure loot. ------ considering how development works I would be pretty confidant that the Tarkov team has already considered something like this, but ended up with the .12 solution after finding a problem they would want to avoid. heck, just thinking on it a bit more I imagine there would be issues with people playing in groups. it would basically make unlocking/locking as safe as it is now. it would probably screw up peoples economy more than the .12 patch would. people losing the contents of a secure container could be pretty devastating. also it would probably discourage people from keeping meds/ammo or anything they would need in a pinch in their loud hard to open ringing dinner bell of a container. how easy it is to talk myself out of posting an idea, but since I already typed it out. A, bashka bolit.. Bukhat' nado men'she

    LOOT is the only thing I care ಠ_ಠ ?

    One of the most important things in this game. But how to do it enjoyable ? I have a idea that would discouraged loot hoes and grindfest would be removed. I think the biggest problem concerning this topic is loot spawns. For a survival game with such amount of a detail in maps and very nice graphic, loot spawns are stupid thing to do because there is no one who would explore the map and enjoyed the visuals, graphic,overall atmosphere and the most important EXPLORATION in a game. Just take for example the most played map with the biggest amount of loot right now. SHORELINE, almost all fights and all players are situated on health spa area which makes a rest of the map totally irrelevant. You could just throw a ducking concrete wall around that area make some extract there( or leave scav extracts) and you got a map... Which is totally not enjoyable for me personally to have this kind of play style situated only for a loot. Deleting loot spawns and certain rooms which are OP what concerns loot would be way more enjoyable for game, add a possibility of totally random loot. For etc. you can find VSS on the ground random house, on a bed ... and not to make some lockers spawn much more powerful on loot than other, just increase RNG and delete those stupid loot spawns with a certain weapons spawns(like DVLs ... do it random). Also do woods (I don´t mean map I mean woods in general ) more enjoyable and situated for loot for etc. add some scripted dead bodies which would actually have a weapons in their hands and also some gear and make them random not a dead body that would spawn on certain place every time, NO please. Every game should position of these bodies change randomly in a whole woods area for etc also loot on them and chance of their loot of them it´s simple and much more enjoyable in my opinion. It would also prevented camping in certain loot areas because there would not be some OP place in a map, an every place would be OP. Game would be much more enjoyable when you have to listen and be on guard whole game not just only when you get to stupid loot area and extract. I think it´s a great hardcore element that would deleted some of the problems which this game currently has.
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