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Found 17 results

  1. Ewalker_Duty

    making money for beginners

    here are some safe and easy ways of making money for beginners , hope it helps someone #1:looting hiddens stashes in shoreline #2:looting hidden stashes in interchange #3:looting jackets in the village in Shoreline #4:farming scavs in nightime factory in not populated servers #5:looting hidden stashes in Customs as a Scav( not your PMC) #6:doing Oli runs ( looting Oli in interchange night time with your PMC ) add more safe ways of making money for beginners if you know ( not Hatchlet/pistol runs on reserve or interchange :x)
  2. XxYyZz--

    A flaw in the FIR system

    I finished a raid on Interchange after trying to do my Big Sale task for Ragman, and when I extracted none of the cool loot I took from a PMC I killed got the found in raid status. I understand the reason behind this, a PMC (or BEAR) will bring a FIR item into a raid and it will lose its status; because the player went into the raid with a newly found item it is technically no longer newly found, and that makes perfect sense. Except for the fact that "Player A" can be killed by "Player B" and when Player B extracts, Player A's loot will not be FIR. Why? Player A's items, to himself, are not found in raid, but Player B went into a new raid and took his newly found equipment off Player A's dead body. Player B found Player A's items in raid, but Player B doesn't get the found in raid status? It doesn't make sense IMO. I can't sell the guns or gear to the flea market which really isn't a problem I suppose because I can just use them, but I would have liked to have been able to turn in the 60-round magazines I found to Prapor for his task. Funnily enough, prior to the recent wipe I would have been able to. Lol. My proposed (and probably obvious) solution would be to make a PMC/BEAR's equipment FIR to another PMC/BEAR who might have killed them or just stumbled upon their body. Not really a big issue, but I feel an adjustment to the system like this would be a nice improvement. Pic related the gear on my persons is what I extracted with, none of the cool stuff is found in raid. Boo

    Loading a big magazine with no space

    There have been many times when I load in as a scav or a PMC with a big magazine that won’t fit in my rig. When I drop the mag on the ground I would like to be able to just load it straight into the weapon without having to put it in my rig or back pack first if that makes sense.
  4. iswimgymnast

    Invisable Barrier Blocking Loot

    To whom it concerns, I ran into this problem in my most recent game. After killing a guy from a team of three (one was already dead), the last member of their squad scooped up all the loot from the area and chucked in in the water behind an invisible barrier. Not only is this just plain scummy and cheap but it shouldnt be a part of the game. Not only did he safeguard his insured stuff, but he also effectively destroyed all the non insured/uninsurable items. Is this supposed to be intented? This is a super crappy reward from finishing of a team while solo and needs to be patched out in some way or another. My suggestion would be if the player is unable to pass a barrier, then neither should items/loot that is dropped. *Below is the video of the location and what was dropped as well as the two I killed (not that they are pertinent to the matter). https://youtu.be/EYM3j8cFYgo
  5. OperatorFedor


    Im playing Tarkov for 1 and a half year now, i reach high levels like 40+ but i normaly can't reach a higher rouble count then 3 million. Do you guys have any tips for me? By the way i dont really like hatched runs or pistol runs
  6. OwO PLEASE NOTE OvO *This is my attempt at a camping guide but I'll also cover some "advanced" controls to help you get the most out of your camping experience. *This guide is intended for players who are new to the gunfights and PvP and might feel like they prefer to sit and wait. *I'm breaking this guide up into: Introduction, The Knitty Gritty, Getting Started, Advanced Controls and Finishing Route *Feel free to contribute with any tips or corrections and if you want, skip the intro right to the knitty gritty. _____ *** INTRODUCTION *** I'm a camper. I love to camp. Camp and take advantage of loud clumsy people. I love to sit with my headphones all the way up and just wait with the cheapest gear I can find and wait. It's worked a few times, I'd say it's worth it to me though I'm sure if you're any decent at PvP at /all/ you would wanna be much more aggressive and maybe just skim over this guide. In fact, I'm camping right now in game while writing this. It's okay, background noise is still active..... _____ *** THE KNITTY GRITTY *** MAP: Interchange Interchange has lots of obscure hiding places and bodies tend to pile up in random hallways towards the end of the match, plus not as populated as other maps TIME: any time during the night, not too long after midnight. Most players tend to ignore night matches in comparison to the day versions. Which leaves you with more scavs to fight and less scav players. WEAPON: Choose one and stick with it, don't take more than one weapon with you. A.)TOZ-106 shotgun B.) 9×18mm Makarov These weapons are cheap and powerful at short distance, take which you prefer but keep in mind that if you die with pistol, the other player will usually pick it up. Buying the MC 20-01 TOZ stock from Mechanic will lock your TOZ to be a four slot item instead of two with it being folded. This will increase your chances of the gun not being picked up by an over encumbered player. SUGGESTED GEAR: 2 Pineapple Juice <-required 1-2 extra mags<-not so much OPTIONAL GEAR: Scav vest Sling Healing Items 1 RGD-5 grenade _____ *** GETTING STARTED *** It doesn't matter where you start out on the map, the first thing you want to do is sprint to the most obscure and hidden place you can inside the mall or parking garage. Choose a place with only one entrance and make sure it's somewhere no one should ever go for any reason *Bonus Points if you find a place a grenades throw away from a lootable object* **BONUS BONUS points if you fill that lootable object with garbage to increase the time it takes for them to search it** ***ADVANCED CONTROLS*** Lurking and creeping are important but you need to know when to peek and how to do it properly. ~***ALL THESE SCREENSHOTS WERE TAKEN FROM THE SAME SITTING POSITION***~ In this screenshot I've found my place. It's nothing special, on purpose. Now we need as much vision as we can get without exposing ourselves. We're gonna be here for A LONG TIME so get comfy with your sightings. Hold Left Alt and then while holding either A or D I can manually adjust my characters lean by fractions, for a good view on the entrance. Now that I've gotten my lean game on, time to check my shimmy. Hold Alt again and press Q or E, this will make your character shuffle to one side for as long as you hold Q or E, letting you get an extended view for popshots or throwing grenades. Make sure you're happy with all three angles: natural sitting, precision leaning with ALT+A or ALT+D and shimmying with ALT+Q or ALT+E If there's anything directly in front of that you can't quite see when you're crouching, hold C and scroll with your mouse wheel up and down to adjust your standing height. *GREAT JOB* You now have your home for the next 45ish minutes, we'll be sitting here with nothing but our paranoid thoughts and our pineapple juice until about 9 minutes left until match end. Remember: if you go too EARLY you will run into other people leaving with loot (which is fine, they just spent all that time and effort farming for you, how nice of them) If you go too LATE you won't make it out in time : ^) ***FINISHING ROUTE*** Okay, you got 8 minutes left on the clock. You've probably heard gunshots and people run by but that's okay as long as you didn't take any unnecessary risks and you didn't make a sound. Here's a map of Interchange, I'll throw up my favorite places to visit... you have to be quick though, no dilly dallying! Choose stores as you go, just know you need to be out in the parking lot with at least 3 minutes if you wanna make it! Pick an exit and go just make sure you have time, don't get greedy now. Loot any player corpses you see on the way but be careful of AI scavs, don't take your time, pick up what you know sells and move. Check each locked door as you run by Emercom and Kiba, sometimes they're open. As long as you are in the parking lot with 3 minutes you are fine. ----- PROS: Cheap, At end of map no one will be there to contest your scavenging and if you ARE any decent at PvP you can almost always have the drop on someone. CONS: RNG based if other players have unlocked all the shops or looted all the good stuff, you need patience and timing. ----- I hope you gained anything from this guide, If you know of anything to add, maybe experienced tips or tricks to Interchange or specific routes, shops, hiding places, lemme know! Have a nice day and thank you for reading. Ꮚ˘ ꈊ ˘ Ꮚ
  7. babybell1984

    Loot Loot and more loot. Re work?

    What about Re working loot For more randomized loot spawns with random locations and no specific loot spawns even to the point of Safes being in random buildings/rooms meaning more exploring of buildings and locations So getting loot means spending more time in raids, which in-turn needing to equip self to deal with the longer raid times. Then Looking for loot with more random PVP encounters instead of, same time same place kinda deal With Higher value loot being in random locations letting all types of players having more chance to find loot instead of the loot runner with his hatchet or pistol
  8. Peek-A-Boo

    Bloody Hands

    BSG team and community what do you think about this ! if you kill someone and then loot him your hands will get dirty with his blood,this will add more adrenaline and glory to the game
  9. Da_Ru55ian

    Speed Looting - Using Grenades

    As the title suggests, I found a way to speed up looting animations in the game by simply holding a grenade. I did some calculations and figured out that looting a cash register normally takes nearly 5 secs whereas with a grenade it takes less than 3. If you are looting the goshan registers this will save you over 1 minute and as there are 2 grenade boxes at the back of the store there Is no reason not to do this.
  10. G'day gentlemen here is a couple Ideas I think would improve this amazing game. One Being able choose the position of the sight by click dragging the sight along the rail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Adding Different M4/AR Variants Adding different barrels and uppers for the M4 like a 20 inch barrel and .300 blackout barrels and uppers just to give it a bit more variety and I don't think it would take much remodeling (but I'm not a game dev so could be talking out of my ass). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three Ammo Box Having a ammo box similar to the ICase and the MoneyCase that holds 1000 rounds or something. Instead of having your whole inventory full of ammunition. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four The Clothing Trader I know the clothing trader is coming but I think a really cool addition would be if the clothes have different purposes besides just looks. Maybe during the winter some clothes are warmer then others to prevent shivering or hypothermia. Or have area's of maps that have radiation and you need certain gear in order to go in those area's. Gas Masks would also be a really cool addition to the game. I know there is filters in game and having a STALKER or METRO apocalypse feeling with radiation or biohazards threats in game would be awesome sauce. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra thoughts Right now I personalty think Tarkov feels like CoD with gear but I'm sure with the updates that the game will change dramatically over time. But I would like more of an emphasis on looting instead of just getting everything from traders. I think that finding the parts for a gun instead of buying them would add immensely to the game and give people a reason to loot the whole map instead of sprinting straight to the "good loot spots". And people would use what ever they could get their hands on instead of the perfect totally decked out rifle every time like old AK's without dust covers extra. Personally my favorite settings in games are the post-apocalypse Chernobyl feeling type games like STALKER and Merto 2033. The thing that makes them so fun is not only are you fighting Scav's and NPC's but you are fighting against some 3rd factor. With STALKER and Metro its both the environment weather, radiation and monsters of some kind. It really adds too the atmosphere, with Tarkov monsters definitely would be out of place but is there any plans to add weather survival mechanics with winter maps or some kind bio weapon or radiation in the maps? Those pictures kinda encompass the feeling I'm talking about. It gives me chills thinking about it and I love it. ANYWAY Keep up the good work Dev's I love the game and I would like to know what the community thinks as well.
  11. Stegs

    Dragging Bodies

    Apologies if this has been posted previously (delete this entry if so) I'd love to see dragging bodies around to safer areas for looting after you've killed them - or even for hiding so other scavs dont see that your a rogue traitor scav. It should obviously be physically draining on your character - and perhaps have no gun out or pistol out whilst moving even slower. Just a thought - I think it would add a great feature to the game.
  12. i know it's controversial but with the addition of dogtags i don't mind axe runners and it's still the best way for noobs to get some cash in the stash. Here's a vid i made to help my friends that are new to the game on how to spend the time in between scav runs axe looting factory to get themselves some stash cash.
  13. Sushi

    Scav Mode Objectives

    A Scav isn't a PMC. They have a family, friends, they might have lived in Tarkov city before the fighting started. Because of this, they aren't just wandering the city to fulfill military objectives. "Find 3 Painkillers / Morphine for your family." "Bring 2 Drinks & 3 Cans of Food back to your camp." "Check on Room 220 in the Apartment building." "Bring loot from 1 USEC PMC." "Find 3 computer parts." A great way to keep Scav gameplay different is to give them objectives that have to be fulfilled before they leave the city. One scav might need to find 3 pain pills / morphine before leaving a raid, to help their wounded comrades at base. Another might need to find 4 drinks, or a can of pork. Maybe they need to find a specific type of knife. If they leave the map before finishing their objective, a part of the loot they collect is lost, outside of the control of the player using the Scav. If the developers wanted, shooting other Scavs could yield the same consequences (part of your loot is removed upon level completion.) PMCs go back to a hideout; Scavs will have to face the wrath of their community for what they do. What do you guys think?
  14. matthewstjohn

    Future Looting ?

    i was wondering how looting will look like down the road, because as of now not much spawns on the ground. It basically revolves around the same set of loot crates that spawn on each map, then you have to be the first person there. i mean i've been able to get to the loot chests and get loot in most of them, but maybe im the lucky one. So if anybody has any info that would be awesome, thank you.
  15. What will you do as a scav? Me- Take my most Eastern-European accent, and go looting with this music on:
  16. Picture one contains a lot of goodies: Equipped one character in the right slots: - Kiver-M helmet - SVS armor - An empty AK-74N in 5.45x39mm - A fully loaded PM with one more magazine. - An ER Bayonet Further in the containers: A BlackRock Tactical rig containing: - Two empty 30 rounds 5.45x39 AK magazines, one of them is bakelite, the other one seems like plastic. - A 9x18 PM magazine, empty. - A 5.45x39 10 rounds AK magazine, fully loaded In the pockets: - An RGD-5 fragmentation grenade. - A map - Crackers In a TriZipps called backpack: - Bandages - An empty box of 9x18 PM rounds - A PLR magazine (can't say if loaded or not) - A multitool - Painkillers - An optic Sight called ME4 (?) - An EOTech EXPS3 sight - A Klesch weapon light - A 45° canted picattiny Rail called MPR45 In the pouch named A-secured (our secure container) - 1252 Roubles Now I was a bit lazy printscreening 3 pictures, and I remembered that the devs had Facebook uploads of the things I want, so I used this, which has shown a few pretty interesting changes already. - The character has already equipped the 5,56x45 M4A1 - The ER bayonet is in an equipment slot, instead of being an attachment - In the TriZipps backpack there is a CA2R/SA2R??? Sight/aiming device On the enemy: - The AWS tactical rig contains an 5,56x45 30 round standard magazine - In the pockets there are 2 separate single pieces of 12x70 12 gauge rounds (not specified shells type) In the MBSS backpack: - A Case Key - Two pieces of 12x70 12 gauge rounds - Crackers - A Headset device called ComTac2 In the trunk there is: - A can of Pacific Saury - A bottle of water In picture 4 the character takes the Key to room 118 In the drawer the character finds: - A zippo lighter - 250 Roubles, which have a different colour, than the ones in the secured container - An AA battery - A phone In picture 6, inside the Pistol case, which he opened with the case key, the character finds: -40 cartridges of 5,56x45, out of that 30 is in a box, 10 is outside of the box
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