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Found 5 results

  1. i know it's controversial but with the addition of dogtags i don't mind axe runners and it's still the best way for noobs to get some cash in the stash. Here's a vid i made to help my friends that are new to the game on how to spend the time in between scav runs axe looting factory to get themselves some stash cash.
  2. Scav Mode Objectives

    A Scav isn't a PMC. They have a family, friends, they might have lived in Tarkov city before the fighting started. Because of this, they aren't just wandering the city to fulfill military objectives. "Find 3 Painkillers / Morphine for your family." "Bring 2 Drinks & 3 Cans of Food back to your camp." "Check on Room 220 in the Apartment building." "Bring loot from 1 USEC PMC." "Find 3 computer parts." A great way to keep Scav gameplay different is to give them objectives that have to be fulfilled before they leave the city. One scav might need to find 3 pain pills / morphine before leaving a raid, to help their wounded comrades at base. Another might need to find 4 drinks, or a can of pork. Maybe they need to find a specific type of knife. If they leave the map before finishing their objective, a part of the loot they collect is lost, outside of the control of the player using the Scav. If the developers wanted, shooting other Scavs could yield the same consequences (part of your loot is removed upon level completion.) PMCs go back to a hideout; Scavs will have to face the wrath of their community for what they do. What do you guys think?
  3. Future Looting ?

    i was wondering how looting will look like down the road, because as of now not much spawns on the ground. It basically revolves around the same set of loot crates that spawn on each map, then you have to be the first person there. i mean i've been able to get to the loot chests and get loot in most of them, but maybe im the lucky one. So if anybody has any info that would be awesome, thank you.
  4. Picture one contains a lot of goodies: Equipped one character in the right slots: - Kiver-M helmet - SVS armor - An empty AK-74N in 5.45x39mm - A fully loaded PM with one more magazine. - An ER Bayonet Further in the containers: A BlackRock Tactical rig containing: - Two empty 30 rounds 5.45x39 AK magazines, one of them is bakelite, the other one seems like plastic. - A 9x18 PM magazine, empty. - A 5.45x39 10 rounds AK magazine, fully loaded In the pockets: - An RGD-5 fragmentation grenade. - A map - Crackers In a TriZipps called backpack: - Bandages - An empty box of 9x18 PM rounds - A PLR magazine (can't say if loaded or not) - A multitool - Painkillers - An optic Sight called ME4 (?) - An EOTech EXPS3 sight - A Klesch weapon light - A 45° canted picattiny Rail called MPR45 In the pouch named A-secured (our secure container) - 1252 Roubles Now I was a bit lazy printscreening 3 pictures, and I remembered that the devs had Facebook uploads of the things I want, so I used this, which has shown a few pretty interesting changes already. - The character has already equipped the 5,56x45 M4A1 - The ER bayonet is in an equipment slot, instead of being an attachment - In the TriZipps backpack there is a CA2R/SA2R??? Sight/aiming device On the enemy: - The AWS tactical rig contains an 5,56x45 30 round standard magazine - In the pockets there are 2 separate single pieces of 12x70 12 gauge rounds (not specified shells type) In the MBSS backpack: - A Case Key - Two pieces of 12x70 12 gauge rounds - Crackers - A Headset device called ComTac2 In the trunk there is: - A can of Pacific Saury - A bottle of water In picture 4 the character takes the Key to room 118 In the drawer the character finds: - A zippo lighter - 250 Roubles, which have a different colour, than the ones in the secured container - An AA battery - A phone In picture 6, inside the Pistol case, which he opened with the case key, the character finds: -40 cartridges of 5,56x45, out of that 30 is in a box, 10 is outside of the box
  5. What will you do as a scav? Me- Take my most Eastern-European accent, and go looting with this music on: