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Found 23 results

  1. I've ran into this problem a few times and feels so annoying. I got disconnected from server for high ping/high packet lost. I did choose the servers with ~40 ping before starting the game from the launcher. But when the raid starts, I got disconnected (due to high package lost) in like 30s after the raid screen showed up. Then I tried to reconnect the game, after loading, I got the message saying that the raid is ended (the raid time was around 40mins, so it's not the time which is up, and I don't I think I was killed as I'm not wounded after that). Then, I've lost everything I brought into the field. I still barely even move the character. In conclusion, It feels like I've just discard all the valuable guns and gears and not able to play. So here are my suggestions: - How about keeping all my stuffs at the time of the disconnection? If I've played for a few minutes and consumed a bottle of water that I brought with me, than if I disconnected, that bottle isn't in my inventory, fair enough. Because I got disconnected from the server for high package lost, not on my intention. And I don't event have a chance to choose a stable server with 0 lost or something, it's out of my control. - I don't know how disconnected players is handle by now, I've just started playing this game for like more than a month. But once I was disconnected (right at the moment when I heard a group of 2 men just outside the house I was looting), when I get back, the raid is end, I'm also wounded. Maybe they killed me. But can you guys make my character invisible or something to prevent it from being killed when I'm no longer in control? - Maybe added more time, or not counting the time to the raid/scav run when I was disconnected? I was running a scav run and keeps being disconnected, then reconnected, then disconnected again. And you know, the loading time is kind of long, so I just spent like 70% time of the raid to reconnect, I did put the game in SSD. And as a result, I cannot reach the extraction point and got missing in action, (picked up a nice new gun from the buried stash at the river in Customs, what a pity) 3 scenarios above really pissed me off every time it happened. Yes, people may exploit my suggestion by manually causing the lost and disconnect. But just let's just please think about it. I've lost a lot of stuffs because of this. It's unfair.
  2. This game is both the best thing to play and the worst pile of poo I've ever played. One day it's great with solid ping, no problems and great gunfights. The next it's hackers, "Server Connection Lost" loops (Wtf?) or sometimes the shitty trash servers you connect to just happen to be above 150 ping and you get kicked constantly. I try really hard to like this game but it keeps giving me reasons to come back here and complain because of absolutely stupid poo I can't control at all that make me lose gear. And it ALWAYS just so happens to take place WHEN I HAVE THE QUEST ITEMS I NEED. duck this game, it's awful. Fix the garbage poo servers and their random unavoidable, no reason game-breaking bugs.
  3. desde a semana passada quinta feira mais ou menos varias pessoas tem relatado um almento no ping do servidor south america o servidor br nao esta dando pra jogar caindo toda hora cada dia sobe mais o ping, oping por ex para min era de 20 30 no max agora esta a mais de 160, por gentileza os devs ou pessoas ligadas a eles ajudem a resolver,dispenso curiosos e pessoas sem vinculo com os devs ou admins do game, se vc esta tendo esse problema tambem comente aqui, para que eles nao venham dizer que a culpa e da sua conexao.
  4. I just put up a Flir scope on the flea market for 700k and was immediately met with a "Backend Error" message. I went back into my stash to try and sell it again and its completely gone, it just disappeared. That scope was the most valuable thing I've found in the game and it just disappeared, has anyone else experienced something like this? Any way to get it back?
  5. deltagamin9

    Great game design

    I just handed in a Pilligrim backpack as a quest item and lost my collection of keys, because for some reason it was too hard to design this properly, so that the item cannot be turned in, if it's not empty. Great ducking game design!
  6. DarkGman

    Lost Roubles.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSQ1oTnU7nk Lost 2 million roubles, alot of other people having this problem. any help here?
  7. People who have repeated "server connection lost" symptoms only on pmc I bought a game and never played a PMC I tried to connect to another computer, but the same I think it's an account issue... Anyone having a different opinion??
  8. Hi, I bought a key 6 days ago from Gamivo because I didn't know it was a problem and cause I'm stupid. After playing for six days, I think my key has been revoked because the client says I have to buy the game to play it. Now my question is: - Has my progress (stash, hideout, etc.) been cancelled? Is there a way to recover them? If I buy a copy from this official website and activate it will I be able to resume my progress? I look forward to your answer to buy another copy. Thank you.
  9. Hello, since a few weeks the EU servers are complete garbage, I get kicked out of games "server connection lost" and die instantly and lose all my gear, a few days ago again, but I could rejoin to just get kicked after 1 min play time, I tried to reconnect 8 times and got kicked 8 times, lost my stuff again... but insured. Today I got my insured weapon back, I joined a game, full geared (for my standarts) got teleported through the map and back, thought its just a bug and walked towards my destination, I shot a scav 3 times in the head but he didnt die and didnt move(bullet holes in his head), so I thought again it may be a bug and walked again to just get damaged by NOTHING??? by an invisible enemy! no shots, no steps, NOTHING really NOTHING, got my arm fractured, while I was laying on the ground and healing my self up, I got damaged again and then died, without any sound. Then I saw in the post-death screen that I got killed by "Oleg Lapa" a scav I guess. Its no fun to play like this! Its since a few weeks like this and I am pissed ! I get no answer by the support. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Here is my Internet connection (tested right after I died) and a video showing how I died ( ye I breath very heavily its because I ran through my home to get my phone ^^) :
  10. Patsukki

    Server lost connection

    What is now up with this continuous server lost connection? I don't even know any more how much gear i have lost because of it! Its really frustrating, but i still wan't to play! All this bug/lags/freezing and losing connections happened after 0.12 patch. If you know whats up and why its doing it, pleace tell us even if you don't have fix for it.
  11. So I took some of my gear and went in customs, had a good run and then time started to run out so my buddy and I took off and wanted to exit... BUT, we could not extract neither from old gas station or ZB1012. We were on time, but we were both injured and dehydrated. Naturally we didn't make it from old gas station to another extraction point, because we spent like 10 minutes wondering around making sure we checked every last corner of the gas station in case we missed it. We lost all our brought in stuff and all the good stuff we collected during the run. And it's not the first time I wasn't able to extract, but I got so mad this time I just couldn't let it slip again. Please give me a reasonable explanation why this happens to me from time to time. I really like the game but c'mon... Hope we resolve this
  12. Zynx

    Lost limb healing

    It should be nice to do with something with the lost limbs effect. I Understand this is hardcore game, but this thing more frustrating than its necessary. How it works now: Raid started. After 2 minutes, first fight with another PMC: I won, but i lost one of my leg at his first shot. Start to feed myself with painkillers, and search for exit. Repeat. How should it work (for better game experience but still remain hardcore): Player must be allowed to heal themself, and stay in the raid insted of force them to leave. If a medkit can be restore the lost limb should be nice. Like stop bloodloss for 30HP. But this could cost more HP. For example every lost limbs restoration cost 150HP / lost limb. Or use special item which can be restore lost limbs but it cost more time than the healing. (e.g.10-15 second use time, and during the process cannot be move or cancel the process - so it remain risky) The point is to allow the players to continue the raid after loosing a limb if they have the right equipment or time to heal themself instead of forcing them to eat painkillers and run for exit.
  13. Hello there 1. I was giving my friend 2 salewas trough putting it into my Alpha container teaming up with him on shoreline. Gave him 1 Salewa because he only needed 1 and killed him. took his dog tag. disconnected. 2. Then I went for a hatchet run on Customs with only Keychain and a Wallet in my alpha container Went to the Marked room, took a RSASS Went to room 114 looted some poo there, went to the trailer park and went to the "office" with the customs key looted some more, then went out of the raid trough trailerpark put my poo into my stash 3. then started a scav run in factory killed some PMCs, looted a bit, went out put my stuff into my stash Scav run finished 4. Then I open up my stash to sell poo and somehow im back with 1 Salewa and my friends dogtag in my alpha container?! WHERE THE duck IS MY KEYCHAIN AND MY WALLET did someone got that before? that his characterlayout got like reset? im so fuckin mad right now
  14. Just reinstalled the game and my account seems to have reset. I'd assumed that all of my stuff would be stored server-side and that I'd get to keep it, but I was away for a while, so there could've been a reset that I missed, but I re-entered a name, and my whole inventory's been reset to the basic stuff. I didn't have anything incredible, but it is confusing, and a little disheartening.
  15. fire4creek


    Moin Moin bin recht neu hier und heute angefangen zu spielen. Hab mit meinem Kumpel heute paar Runden gespielt und unsere letzte Runde lief übelst schlecht. Wir haben gemerkt das wir asyncron sind, da bei mir sein Charakter aufgehört hat zu laufen und ich bei ihm nur noch stand. Naja letzten endes erwis sich das als " Server connection lost ". Daraufhin haben wir beide reconnected und was ist sobald wir die Welt sehen fallen wir einfach um und sind "tot". Ohne Sound ohne alles wir verlieren gleichzeitig die Verbindung zum Server - joinen neu rein und kippen um und sind einfach tot.... Ich bin mir bewusst, dass es eine Beta ist, aber sowas ist doch völliger Käse...
  16. airelek

    Lost in action

    Ive just entered a scav run and with a Tozzie shotgun and managed to kill a player with a hefty amount of loot on him. As i run to the extraction my screen just faded to black and it said i was lost in action. No timer popped up no warning no nothing. Obviously i didn't expect to get chucked in a raid with 5 min on the clock i don't think anyone does. The whole run took me no more then 5 or 6 mins. For some reason the timer on the top right corner warning you when its 5min left doesn't appear when you enter late as a scav. Hopefully my semi salty post brings some light on the issue. The pic is 10 seconds before i got the fade-out.
  17. Hey Community, habe folgendes Problem: Ich verbinde mich mit einem Server und fange an zu spielen. (FPS-Anzeige in der Console mit "fps 1" aktiviert.) Fast bei jeder Runde passiert es nach 10-15 Sekunden, dass mein "Packets in" auf "0" runterfällt. Alle Gegner und Mates laufen auf der Stelle. Ich kann sie nicht töten oder looten. Ich kann mich auf dem Server bewegen, kann jedoch keine Türen öffnen. Ich kann bis in die Savezone rennen mich jedoch nicht ausloggen. Wenn das passiert, wenn ich mit Mates spiele, sagen Sie, dass mein Charakter auf der Stelle rennt. Jedes mal muss ich mit ALT+F4 aus dem Spiel und dieses neu starten. Dann funktioniert das Spielen für 2-3 Minuten wieder bis zum nächsten "disconnect". Ich bekomme nie eine Fehlermeldung mit "Connection lost". Wenn ich in Streams Frage ob mir jemand weiterhelfen kann, bekomme ich immer die Antwort: Das ist ein Server seitiges Problem. Hat jeder....... Alle Streamer und Kollegen können die Maps komplett durchspielen und müssen das Game fast nie neu starten. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ihr den ein oder anderen Tipp haben würdet. Portfreigabe auf dem Rooter oder ähnliches. Finde das Spiel super und würde gerne mal eine Map ohne das Spiel crashen zu müssen zuende spielen ;). Das ich den Loot jedesmal verliere wenn mich ein Gegner in der Zeit des Reconnect tötet ist mir eigentlich egal... Dafür hat man ja ein wenig Startgeld Danke im Voraus für euer Feedback. An meiner Inet-Leitung oder meinen Specs kann es nicht liegen. Inet: 130 mbits SPecs: Mainboard: ASUS PRIME Z270-K CPU: Core i7-7700K (4x 4,2GHz) GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Andere Spiele wie CS:GO, Rocket League, PUBG, H1z1, Rust, Tom Clancy's laufen ohne Probleme, Laggs oder Disconnects.
  18. So, i finally decide to kit up and go int oshoreline. This is the FIRST time i bring my REALLY nice gun....the first time... i get server connection lost....gggrreeeaattt. Thanks Tarkov....
  19. texburk

    Server Connection Lost

    Playing as a scav, I cannot get into a game. I load in, and after around 5sec I get kicked for server connection lost. Not only me having this problem, a friend got the same exact thing.
  20. Wagonfixin

    Stuck in locked rooms

    So I was playing Factory and I got some desync so bad I could see myself walking around about 50 seconds delayed. I decided to alt+f4 and rejoin hoping my loot would be safe. I load back in all excited about the AK74 and the Grach I was about to pull out with (along with various goodies) So I spawn in to look around and see I'm in the locked room on the third floor in Factory I had no way out and kicked the door for about 10 minutes because I was desperate for loot. Subsequently I gave up and exited never to see an AK again. May I ask why this BULL happened to me and also to alert the devs of this. G A M E B R E A K I N G B U G
  21. So i was trying to load into a customs raid and it was stuck on awaiting server response for 8 mins, so i closed the game and reopened it. I went to reconnect to the raid and it froze on loading map, then it just shoved me out of the loading screen to the title screen. It then said everything you have brought in the raid has now been lost. Nothing was insured, that probably wouldn't have helped anyways because i never got into the raid. So long story - short, i lost all my best gear. plz fix this problem devs i would like to have fun and not loose my stuff forcefully, please remove the left the action thing while this bug still exists, if you didn't spawn into the raid you shouldn't loose your poo, can i please be given 50k roubles? Please? -One of your fans, Ink.
  22. AngryTuna

    Update Wipes

    I got EFT on the New Years sale, and this was my first update since. and my question is: is each update a clean wipe of the players Character? i looked around the forum to find some answers and there was one thread there but they were only talking about the ingame currency give away (daily thing that game give you so you dont go broke)... so there was no answer really... so if anyone here knows if its going to be a clean wipe on every update, i would rather wait till the game comes out than have to repeat all over again... i was pretty geared up, now all my items are gone and all stats reset to 0... i can understand a clean wipe before the game comes out but for every update is just ridiculous... if this was an update bug and someone know where the fix is or can point me to the right thread that would be greatly appreciated... Thank you... p.s with this update there is no possibility to extra items, they just vanish if you complete a raid, even in offline mode items vanish...
  23. SweetChillSauce

    How Do you Escape?

    I've killed everyone and looted everything but I run around for the remainder of the match unable to find the exit and lose all my stuff? Anyone know what to do??
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