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Found 3 results

  1. Capt_Tokki

    Game Lag cant barely move

    4 games today i couldnt moved my game was lagging so bad ive lost easily over a million cause i couldnt defend myself let alone run away or heal myself and lost full kits cases i dunno whether this is us servers or cheating players but my character skips the whole match and i die and even being a beta this is unacceptable and battlestate should make this right and if its not corrected is going to lose this customers CaptTokki
  2. Greetings to everyone, don't get me wrong on this one because i really love playing this Game. But Yesterday me and a friend of mine connected to a Factory Server and after killing all Players the Server went down for us both. The Message was: " Lost Server Connection" and we could not reconnect into the Server. The only thing we could do was press the Leave the game button. I do not Care about the Gear i had in the run or what i got from the other Players, but the only thing i would care about getting back would be my !Pouch! ? My friend has the Same Problem that i have. We both had just naked Charakters and i do not understand what to do. Already wrote a support ticket but just wanted to ask if and what other players have done in that Situation?
  3. Arman080


    So me and a friend both died to the same player while I was in the woods in shoreline and my friend was all the way at the shore in shoreline! We both miserably failed at recording him (I had my shadow play off and his playsTV got glitched). I'm not asking for my gear back, I'm just saying there should be a way to report players that are speed hacking across the map and taking peoples stuff. I would never dream of a game as good as Terkov for this specific genre to be hack free but can we at least not have people who humiliate you with speed hacks and god mode? ( since I have heard for years now those are easier to catch). The players name was TicklemyPickle btw (lvl 14 on 8/16/17). And this is not a hackusation in any shape or form. I Have played league ,csgo and around every other competitive game on earth and I know hackers will never be fully stopped. But speed hacking to this extent with this much humiliation when he isnt hiding it is just depressing. I can put up with dysync , Traders freezing and bugs of all shape and form but this is not OK.
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