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Found 3 results

  1. Liebe Escaper! Eines unserer Community-Mitglieder - GraphiksInk braucht unsere Hilfe! Graphiks ist seit langer Zeit in unserer Community und er hat vielen anderen Mitgliedern geholfen und im Moment braucht er Hilfe. Er hat sich bereits mehreren Operationen unterzogen und muss jetzt eine weitere, sehr teure, operation über sich ergehen lassen, oder er ist möglicherweise gelähmt Diese Operation heißt S1-L2-Mehrebenenfusion und bezieht sich auf das Entfernen von Bewegungen um oder durch einen Bandscheibenraum, indem eine Knochenbrücke vom verebrae zum nächsten erstellt wird Viele Tarkov-Streamer und Community-Mitglieder haben sich entschlossen, Graphiks zu helfen und kamen auf die Idee Geld zu sammeln, damit Graphiks die Operation erhalten kann. Die Streamer sind Deadlyslob, KiiNGS, ScavWithAnM4, ClaymoreTV, DottyHack, Bksal, OnepegMG, Tweak, Baddie, Slushpuppy, Vaeriah und mehr - das ist großartig, vielen Dank! Die Veranstaltung dauert eine Woche, und jeder Streamer hat dort einen Link oder Befehl zum Chat mit einem Link zur GoFundMe-Seite (https://www.gofundme.com/f/supporting-graphiksink), auf der Leute für das spenden können Ursache. Alle medizinischen Informationen und den Plan findet ihr auf der GoFundMe. Selbst der kleinste Betrag kann helfen. Man muss nicht spenden, aber man kann un es steht jedem frei dies zu machen. Wenn ihr also möchtet, könnt ihr unter folgendem Link spenden https://www.gofundme.com/f/supporting-graphiksink GraphiksInk, bitte sei stark! Escape From Tarkov Community ist bei Dir! Gruß und ein herzliches "OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooopatchki" Link zum englischen Text:
  2. SoupyDelicious

    We Both Held Fire

    thinking we were both looking at some silly AI Scav staring at nothing. Then he wiggles his weapon back after I wiggle mine. Then we immediately realise that we've found true friendship instead of immediate buckshot! I drop some painkillers and indicate to them, after more wiggling and teabagging. He picks them up. I have shown I mean no harm. Another player scav comes up the staircase and immediately joins in! And no spontaneous buckshot from him either! After more sign language and gift-exchanging, our trust in each other laid down for all to see, we head into Factory offices and loot stuff. Butiful. Makes tears leak from my eyeholes just thinking about it. I started recording a minute after it began. Bai https://youtu.be/lj7EYwpmhoc
  3. Zitronen

    A True Story Of Brotherhood

    I don't know who you are, and I may never see you again, but you left me with the best Tarkov experience I've ever had. What started off as a misunderstanding in customs, soon became our greatest strength. There I was, doing my 30th factory key run, you shot first. You missed. Luckily for us I was curious, and followed you to the customs checkpoint, observing you from a bush. I got too close. Shots were fired as I dove behind the UN car. You ran out of bullets. Lucky for me my desperate cries of pain were heard by you. You were sympathetic. You let me live. We parted ways. Later, I would be searching for the key in the dorms. You snuck up behind me. You could have killed me like so many others had. But you didn't. You let me live and when I turned I was startled to see you doing the happy wiggle. I felt as though your left and right movements were speaking to my soul. I knew we would explore this dorm together. As a gesture of good faith, I gave you half the Rubles I had just found, and you gave me a CPU. We quickly ran upstairs to plunder old rooms and share loot. You had a key for a room on the third floor. I watched your back as you looked through the room, but that's when I heard it. The rustling of bushes right outside. With vigorous shakes of my head I pleaded for you to stand still and listen. You heard them too. Here we were, two little hatch-lings stuck in the room. We quietly made our way down the hall into two separate dorm rooms, across the hall from each other. You bravely risked your life to peek around the corner. They saw you and you retreated to your room, but they did not check mine. OUT I LEPT like a lion after a Gazelle! Swinging endlessly until both of our foes had fallen. We danced for joy in those apartments. We gathered the gear and ran for the exit door. We sprint as fast as our legs would carry us. We crossed the bridge and headed up the hill! The crossroads were upon us, but not just physically. The crossroads of destiny lay upon us as well. You could have ended it as I took the lead. You could have taken it all. Instead, you chose friendship; you chose us. As the clock begins to count down, I can only begin to reflect on our experiences together. 5 Who was this man? 4 Will I ever see him again? 3 Am I worthy to be in his presence? I've committed such heinous crimes against others. 2 Does he think the same about me? 1 Darkness. Its over.
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