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Found 1 result

  1. MacThresh

    Do you do this too?

    Hi, this is not a post bragging about me being a whiteknight or something. It's just to share experience doing this and maybe make you reconsider some of your encounters. In this game, especially when in latepatch with a wipe coming, I like to cooperate a lot. So when I see (in time, not always the case as you know) what look like a low leveled player, I try to help them in the best possible way. I dont shoot hatchlings too but that's more debatable and not the main subject of this topic, I'm talking about lightly geared dudes (SKS/MBSS/PACA is what I call lightly for example). Hell, I even hide stuff of sub lvl 20 people, even a fully decked M4+Alpha rig etc for example. More precise example, shoreline resort, 25min in, I cleaned the whole place from scavs, decked dudes and rooms. I hear SKS shots from the bus parking near west wing. I run to the roof, and notice two low geared (SKS/No Helmet, AVS) little guys fighting scavs. I think one of them died or ran to extract because I encountered only one when he approached west wing hole in the wall entrance. I start spamming "Cease Fire!" "Follow me" and such, I think there is a 5/10 rate of people answering and willing to cooperate/get free loot, when they are not, it's often fully geared people just wanting to kill players, or maybe other thinking it's a bait (RIP). So, he answers, saying "Okay!" "I'm Hurt" etc. Staying safe, I drop an IFAK from the roof but he doesnt see it. So I run downstairs, starts flashing light and yelling to cease fire. He comply. I'm not sure what level he was but probably sub 20 since it's late game (no wipe since a long time) and he's not geared a lot. I start dropping things valuable but that are clogging my stash : morphines, IFAKs, rare mods, and a Bitcoin. Heart warming, he starts giggling and rotating his head around, yay, satisfaction! Then I drag him into the resort and lead him to diverse hidden loot from other players that I killed (Alpha Rig, FastMT, and a GEN4 that I dropped myself). I felt bad about the guy I killed because he was level 19 and I hid his stuff for a reason. But the guy I was helping seemed to need it more, and the M4 of the dead lvl19 dude stayed in the resort. Trying to please everyone, you know. So here it is, just a story about working together and helping newcomers. I have tons of story like this, honestly I can't count how many people I helped to get gear or just to survive the raid. I like it more than wiping a whole squad actually. I try to do it with player scavs, but for some reason success rate drop to 1/10 so I stopped trying with them. I swear guys, if you're not doing this, try it sometimes. I'm not talking about extreme stuff like hiding gear of low level instead of grabbing it or feeling bad everytime you destroy a player scav or a low level player that let you no choice. I'm just talking about using voice command more when it's safe, and trying to cooperate with lightly geared ppl, making them profit from your experience, your keys and your kills. I promise you that it is a very satisfying practice, and even if there is no way to know who you helped or add them, you helped someone once, sometimes a lot (like this SKS guy who got out with fastMT GEN4 BTC etc) sometimes less, but you helped. Yeah, wiping a squad of lvl 40s is satisfying, but try this! Newcomers will see this game differently, hardcore, unforgivable, but with a good community of OGs who help others. Try it. Feel free to share your experiences here, or debate on how/why/whynot doing what I do.
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