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Found 9 results

  1. So this is an inquiry to all of your experiences as of late. I used to be able to find LEDX and graphics cards nearly every raid. I run shoreline and i do go in with kits and prepared to fight my way out and the past 2 weeks or so i make it to the resort and hit my desired rooms first ( E110, E216, ETC) and probably 1/10 raids i actually get something worth a damn. sometimes no ledx or GPU, just some little stimulant or weapon part thats like kind of useful. I'm not always going in looking for a fight and its frustrating when i go in and battle it out with other players and they have nothing of value and i just used all my expensive ammo and only recuperate a tiny fraction of what i spent on it leaving empty handed as far as map loot goes. this game needs to find the balance between what its focusing on. Either there is gonna be high spawn rates of valuables in certain locations and PvP is optional, or better rewards are to be given for PvP. Im a 44. and while yes there is way to make money within my hideout, this just becomes too routine and boring and just leaves me looking for PvP only which often isnt worth it in the long run. killing lower levels with shitty gear and even trying to sell it, isnt worth the meds, the ammo, the repairs, the food, the water, and the risk of me losing my loadout. if i cant make it out with something of value, then whats the point of looting?
  2. To improve performance, I switched to a lower resolution. But then, I couldn't see distant objects very well. A nice compromise would be the option to set a higher resolution in a small rectangle in the center of the screen, and a lower resolution in a frame around it. That way, you can see well in the center where the important stuff happens, while still getting higher fps thanks to lower resolution in the outer frame of the screen. Even better if you could set a few frames like that for a gradual change in resolution. Could also simulate peripheral view. So the game would look something like in the screenshot (but the HUD would be in full res ofc). But on the other hand, I haven't ever seen a solution like this, maybe there is a good reason why it hasn't been done before.
  3. So today I was solo in interchange and yes 2x 5man groups (10 players total) were teaming up together all fully geared. I sniped 2 of them and killed 5 more with p90 but this is just rediculous that people are abusing the group limits.. This is just LOW of the lowest, 10 of them and still 7 died all with top gear. I'm a veteran player but other people won't stand a chance against such groups. Would'nt be surprised if they run around with icases to collect all from their fallen low skill comrades. There should be a system to counter this behaviour, and if it was up to me they could all have their character reset for this lame exploiting. I played this game for 2 years and I've never seen anything like it.
  4. qwelas

    Low level meta

    What is the current meta at low lvl/low budget? If one just stated playing what should it get into a raid with? Just any cheap gun, a expecific gun, no armor, armor with protection class "x", don't focus in PvP just focus on gathering loot spawns and getting out? Any tips like this would be apreciated. Also can you shot through cover, like wood and railing floors (if yes I figured it would depend on amoo type)?
  5. DaLexi


    Is it just me or is the bitcoin droprate extreme reduced? I didnt see one in a safe, and nowhere else.
  6. SklerosGR

    Why everything's so expensive ?

    Before 2hr every item was in "low" price for example TT pistol was in 2200 rubbles , then suddenly the price went high and now it costs about 7200 .. Do you know why and what happend? Also, the items are now less than before .. What happend to the market? X: Im neutral to all traders btw .
  7. Hallo liebe Gemeinde zu aller erst einmal hier mein Setup: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4 x 4Ghz 32 GB DDR RAM @ 2666Mhz MSi GeForce GTX 1080 8G Gaming X Biw vor dem Patch war es noch halbwegs ertragbar, aber seit dem Patch ist das Spiel nicht mehr spielbar für mich. Egal auf welcher Karte und egal auf welchen Einstellungen, die FPS springen von 20 zu 30 und teilweise 40 FPS hin und her. Dabei ist die Hardware grade mal nur teilweise ausgelastet. Habe das spiel auf SSD und HDD getestet. Spiele auf Full-HD. Ich bin echt begeistert über die tolle Arbeit der Entwickler, würde es aber bevorzugen wenn sie erstmal die Performance ein wenig stabilisieren bevor neuer Inhalt kommt. Damit es zumindestens spielbar bleibt. Aktuell ist es, wie gesagt, für mich leider wirklich nicht spielbar. Die Arbeit der Entwickler in allen Ehren aber was nützt mir neuer Content, wenn die Framerate das Spiel unspielbar macht. Und nein es liegt nicht an meinem System Andere Spiele (u.A. auch Early Access Titel) laufen auf höchsten Einstellungen teilweise weit über 60 FPS. Liebe Grüße
  8. RainDiax

    PLEASE fix those Framerates

    First of all; My Setup: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4 x 4Ghz 32GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2666Mhz MSi GeForce GTX 1080 8G Gaming X Installed on HDD AND SSD (tried both) Now to the problem: It really doesn't matter if I put the settings on ulta, high, middle or low. I got the same fps every time. 20 - 30... Thats all. I reinstalled the game many times. It wasn't that good before the "performance optimization" patch, but it was playable. Since the patch the game is absolutely unplayable for me But the saddest thing is: My mates have setups that isn't that good as mine (like a Radeon RX 480 and GeForce GTX 1070 for example) and they can run the game und high up to ultra with consistent frames of 60-70 per second. I really appreciate the work of the developers, but i can't play this game at this state
  9. Hello, Could we have separate games/servers for players that use high graphic settings? Option to join only servers that force player to use medium to high graphic settings. Right now I don't want to be in a disadvantage against other players and I'm forced to use low settings. All my friends do the same, so your cool graphics are wasted. Please do something about this. Keep the Hardcore approach! this game is super! PS. Factory is too easy when you have 5-man group, make it harder!
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