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Found 5 results

  1. stAKato

    About Traders leveling

    Hello Escapers, dear monsieur Nikita and BSG developers, It is all about Traders (quest, item, loyalty, reputation, level) ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. There should be a task pattern influencing you max loyalty level with some traders. Based on faction (USEC, BEAR, UN peacekeepers npc), and rock, paper, scissors relations between traders. Ex: if you work for Skier, you should not be able to level max Therapist, Prapor (who supports BEAR) and Mechanic. PEACEKEEPER (who supports USEC) is OK with Mechanic and Skier but wants to get rid of Ragman and Therapist etc... Some of them are faction Neutral (Therapist, Mechanic, Ragman, Jaeger) ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. Increase the amount of loyalty levels from 4 to wathever you want but at least 5, could limit the amount of stuff you can purchase at a time and increase the interest player have to level up traders. Items would not be obsolete as fast as they are yet (in particular for weapons and mods). ----------------------------------------------------------- 3. Some quests could be randomized - both in term of place in the quest queue and requirements. Quests requiring to find some items, mark places / objects or kill SCAV/PMC are not story driven, so they can be randomized. ----------------------------------------------------------- 4. Unlocking items should be as tied to reputation as loyalty level. (today, it's more or less only tied to taks and LL, which are a merge of player level, amount of money spent and reputation) - unlocking LL reveals some "basic" content but weapons and their mods would be unlocked at a certain amount of reputation (remember you can loose rep points) Variation: rep points unlock money transactions for barter transactions only item. This way, you have to choose traders you want to work with. ----------------------------------------------------------- 5. Add contextual tasks and events that rewards reputation, money or very rare items (the harder it is, the better the reward) Ex: for every player entering the raid on Interchange in which Killah spawns, Ragman sends a message : Kill Killah, bring me back his helmet and armor. Reward: choose from 3 class 4 / 5 armor or +1,00rep or 500000rub. Another one : Spawning on Shoreline, Mechanic sends : To every PMC in the area, I found a military grade emitter in the swamp village area, could you please retrieve it for me. And then Peacekeeper calls: Bring me the emitter and you'll be rewarded with some useful keys. Rewards : +0.75rep Mech, - 0.5rep PeaceK + 2 fully modded weapons + 150000rub OR +0.9rep PeaceK, -0.4rep Mech + 1 keycard (for the lab or some military base / harbor locked container/room) + 1000$ ----------------------------------------------------------- All of these tweaks, changes and additions would make the game less redundant after wipes, more rewarding, more punishing, add a choice system, make the player use some items, develop flee market and auction systems (no one would be ever able to purchase every traders items) IMHO. Merci pour reading this post. And désolé pour mon bad English. Ask for precisions, react, share.
  2. GreenLit

    Buying Euros

    I bought like 7,000 Euros from Skier and my loyalty went from 0.78 to 0.45 is this a thing? Wish I had known. Now the weapons case I wanted to buy I can't now because I'm only tier 3 with him and I need to be 0.75 for tier 4.
  3. Laykcer

    Loyalty level

    So, Ive just done 5 tasks or so and im on the task to get 6 60round mags. Thought I could just get him to level 3 where Im supposed to be able to buy em. Got 1 min spent and had everything else done but still dident lvl him up. Searched to forums and saw it dident say how much after 1,?m so I thought well then I will go up to 2m if needed, yet as you see im kinda lost atm.
  4. keyciraptor

    Traders loyalty

    Hello Guys I wanted to ask you how you guys handle the whole mission stuff. is there a "best way" to do it? specially about those missions which are decreasing loyalty by other traders (skier mission 2 lowering prapor and therapist 0.25 loyalty). so my question is, how you guys doing it? do you dont care about it and just rush the missions or you have a tactic? greetz
  5. Hey so I've been happily chipping away at my traders quests & built my reps with Prapor & Therapist to level 3 & 2 respectively. These traders quickly became core factors in my play style meta. I was just playing for several hours going about my biz, when all of a sudden between raids i go back to traders and my loyalty levels on both these traders have dropped back to ONE!! From level 3 to 1 on prapor in a span of minutes??? My Therapist rep number also dropped from 0.15 to -0.08!! A -23 point drop out of nowhere?! How can this be??? I almost feel like this was a bug or a glitch, it just makes no sense - I'm level 23 & have spent 12m rubles on Prapor & $500k+ on Therapist, how in the heck did I get snapped back to level one lilke that? Finding very little discussion on this issue around the internet - any help please?!
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