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Found 25 results

  1. Well M4A1 space trooper suddlently disapeared from mechanic trade system. As you can see it is a lvl 1 mechanic barter item with reap-ir: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Barter_trades i even bought one of them but now they are gone from the trader and i cant find a note about why it is missing anywhere.
  2. matovelkystrele

    Weapons reload bug

    Hello, let me tell you my story, I was in labs with my friend and i tried to change my magazine in my M4A1 but then it bugged and i couldnt even swap weapons or switch to knife, friend told me to ALT + F 4 so I did. I tried to connect back to the labs and it said "Lost connection", I had gear for like 600k so thank you very much.
  3. JacksonBarret

    Remington M4A1

    I decided to tease around weapon parts and modifications,and i was wondering,even though it says that the RSASS is a DMR based on AR-15..i thought if the Devs went really that far..and yes,they did,i've made 3 versions of the M4 with Remington configurations.This is the first one. This would be the M4 used for all ranges,but mostly medium to long. Now let's get onto the modifications. Handguard is the JP Enterprises made for the R11 RSASS,but of course i got it to fit on this M4 because it has that ability to fit on AR-15 and M4 based rifles. The grip you see is the Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical grip. To make the things kinda complete,and get that nice earthy look on this M4 i used the Hogue OverMolded Rubber Grip FDE\ And for the suppressor we used the NT-4 FDE.Looks nice. Hope you enjoy this weapon.I know I am.
  4. JacksonBarret

    M4A1 Colt

    This is a M4A1 Colt with the LVOA 16.2 Handguard,with MRS scope and The suppressor/I will outline it with a pen soon,so watch out for that,gona look much better with more details
  5. MisterWayno

    M4A1 Extended Stock

    Hello, I thought that the way that stocks sit on the M4 buffer tuber were in the shortened position. I am hoping for an option for the stock to be in the extended position for aesthetic purposes as it looks more accurate. I think this should be something that all weapon stocks with an extension option should be able to do. it is just a suggestion but I have an image of an M4 that I will attach that will explain what i mean by this.
  6. LongestChicken


    Anyone else find an m4 on the factory weapon box I'm so excited about it because its my second m4 I've ever had. I cant get a picture but its by the pillar next to the stairs leading into the hole on the third floor building
  7. xRejectz

    Shotguns for M4

    So usually I save my 153 shotgun receivers and trade 4 for an M4. Well I got to the peacekeeper screen and the option is no longer there. Any idea why?
  8. I was building a few silenced M4's when I noticed that you cannot use the 260mm barrel with the longer LVOA handguard the C varient. I do not see the restrictions that each item would have on each other on the M4 they do not clip and I'm sure you could have the longer guard over the shorter barrel IRL. Yes, maybe attaching muzzle devices would be tedious IRL but that is what tools are for I would like to hear some reasons for that change and get other peoples opinions on this restriction. I like having the 260mm barrel with a KAC QDSS NT-4 silencer inside the LVOA-C as it makes the gun look cleaner. It would be nice to get this restriction removed but I am open to hearing why this may be restricted IRL. Images to show what I am talking about: https://imgur.com/a/8fePDUD
  9. Comparison Image Comparison Video Side by Side Stats The recoil stat for M4 is 174 and for AK-74 is 227 but in practice the m4 has more recoil. I am by no means a weapon expert but just with a quick test I found that a well modded M4 has more recoil (unmodded m4 is even worse ) than a default AK-74N. The M4 does have a higher fire rate but considering the M4 is modded and is worth $1000 compared to the AK-74N which is worth $210 it doesn't really make sense. Further, the best M4 round, the M995(you need level 7 sniping for this) has 38 damage and 50 armor pen where as the 5.45x39 BS has 40 damage and 48 armor pen. The next best M4 rounds has worse armor pen than the 5th best 5.45x39 round. at level 4 Peacekeeper you can only buy M855A1 5.56x45 which only has 28 armor pen, worse than most 5.45x39 ammo. So basically there is no practical reason to use the M4A1 when i can put a dot sight on the ak-74 and its a better weapon. Are there plans to change this or is this the way its mean to be?
  10. Dooum

    M4A1 Lowest Recoil

    Hello , Je post une M4A1 avec un recoil au plus bas , je peut pas faire mieux , si sa intéresse certain modders ;) .
  11. Ich hab gestern was interessantes bei Eroktic gesehen... Er hat mal über die M4 abgelassen... Ja er ist ein Vertreter der AK-Liebhaber, teilweise hat er auch recht aber das Verhältnis von M4 unmodded (ca. 1200 USD) zu einer AK74N fullmodded (ca. 800 USD)ist schon verdammt groß. Zurück zu seiner Feststellung; Eroktic ist der Meinung, dass die M4 durch die Hochgeschwindigkeits-Munition, also alles was über bzw. kanpp an die 1.000 m/s geht, den Server zu laggen bringt. Hat vom Prinzip her folgende Auswirkung, der Schütze hat keine Probleme, aber das Ziel bekommt Mini-Ruckler/-Lags die eigentlich spielentscheidend sind... Ja laut Tabelle wäre nur die M995 über 1.000 m/s aber wenn man nen Schalli auf die Knifte baut, erhöht dieser nochmals die Mündungsgeschwindigkeit um ein paar Prozent... Kann da was dran sein? Hier das Video dazu: Video
  12. triko

    How much meters?

    I want to ask to all player what they think about distance between Custom red shed on Custom spawn (left side) and other river side or building under construction! How much it is? 350-400-500 Meters? My mates doesnt shot form there because they think that the weapon was out of range but I think that this shot Is 350 more or less! In this video I was at 1 floor of red shed and I killed the Scav with a straight bullet! I think that
  13. VTechas

    Best scav run yet?

    Spawn in as a scav > see 2 geared players > kill 1 of them > reposition 9999 times to kill the 2nd one > get 2 forts, a fast mt, 3 m4's > extract. Solid scav run I'd say haha https://youtu.be/CfC28C-mBLs
  14. JacksonBarret

    The KGB Spy

    I call this one the KGB M4,i just wanted to make a joke weapon.This was originally made as the M4A1 Long Range,but i had a better idea.This is the RSASS in it's cheapest form.Don't have 1.600 dollars for RSASS?I mena..the M4 is like 1.300..but whatever.This joke weapons has the stock PRS GEN 2 FDE from the RSASS and the scope which is the beautiful hensoldt scope.Nothing else changed about this weapon. This joke weapon is only for use on long ranges,so 500-1000 meters.But of course there is no such place you can kill someone at 1km distance in tarkov..well,not yet.~ Hope you enjoy this last version of the M4,that will be the first series of the M4 rifles from Tarkov. Next time i'll be building some SEAL type M4's.
  15. hun616

    advise for M4a1 modding

    This is my first time modding m4 I don;t even know I'm doing it right I'm at loyal3 on peace keeper so I don;t have every mods but if you have advise for modding this m4 plz give me one
  16. JacksonBarret

    Remington M4 Factory Version

    M4A1 Factory version Remington styled.Short barrel MOE stock,perfect fair for thoes tight corners.
  17. saltyleon

    M4 Modding Tutorial (Patch 0.6)

    Hey, vor ca. 4 Monaten habe ich ein Modding-Tutorial für die M4 erstellt. Seither hat sich "Escape from Tarkov" deutlich weiterentwickelt und es gibt zahlreiche neue Attachments, sodass es deutlich mehr Möglichkeiten und vor allem sich noch bessere Ergebnisse erzielen lassen. Daher gibt's heute eine aktualisierte Fassung meines Tutorials.
  18. Serandis

    M4A1 Glitch/Bug?

    Hey there, as the most know there are about 6 - 7 spawns in Factory. And u usually just spawn at a spawn randomly, even if you´re with your partner/s. But i noticed that litteraly every single time i have an M4A1, i get into a bugged game where i spawn into my mate or join late / spawn into another player. That´s weird. Happened about 6 times now. Is there a confirmation about glitches with M4? Cause i killed about 500 - 700 players right now and i´ve never seen anyone with M4. Only AK´s. Would like to know. Greetings!
  19. Poindexter

    This Game makes me mad

    I was loading in to customs like i do all the time and i get a memory leak glitch (which i don't get in any other game). So i alt f4 out of the game to reconnect and i am connecting and i get the awaiting server start glitch so i alt f4 again. I load back into the game and my fully kitted m4a1, paca, tri zip, and anything else i had is gone. someone pls explain this to me?
  20. Hey guys, Since the new 0.5.xx patch we have noticed that the recoil on M4s are ridiculously high now. For comparison you can better control an AKM (in 7.62 caliber) than you can an M4 (in 5.56). An AK74 has far better recoil. Highly anoying and unrealistic. The way recoil on M4 in the old patch worked was awesome and real. The fully automatic spray would start uncontrolably and then your character would get back on target after 5-6-7 shots. Now, its all over the place. Its like I am shooting an HMG handheld like rambo. Just putting our opinion out there, Cheers Rain
  21. I was surprised to find that you can mount an M4 suppressor on top of a compensator. That per se wasn't as surprising as the fact that the recoil reduction of the two is summed, instead of replaced. Let me explain why this is an error. A compensator reduces vertical recoil by forcing gases exiting the barrel upwards, causing a downward force on the barrel. When a suppressor is mounted on top of a compensator, the gasses have nowhere to go, but inside the silencer. Thus, the recoil reduction created by the compensator is negated by the suppressor. That is the expected outcome in real-life physics and should be matched with in-game mechanics. No wonder the M4 has exceptionally low recoil coupled with silenced fire: it defies physics. I consider this a glitch, because stats-wise the two components should not stack with each other, but instead the benefits of a silencer should replace those of a compensator. Otherwise, there is no tradeoff in performance. It's equivalent to adding more ergonomics for multiple tactical grips; it makes no sense.
  22. Das_Beast


    My very first M4A1
  23. DarkMinersDK


    Hello, Anyone who knows some good locations where M4A1 spawns often?
  24. As wipe is getting near, and I have trouble with too much loot, I want to give some modded out M4s to players who did not really have chance to try them out. I don't want to fence them as I want someone who wants to try them to get them, not someone who is just lucky. So, giveaway will be tomorrow, most probably team of 5 goes into factory, we go direct to extraction and I give 4 M4 to 4 players. To qualify, send me PM on forum with screenshot of M4 that Peacekeeper sells, like one below (whole screenshot, not cut-out). Top 4 players with lowest Weapon Mastering skill for M4 get them. If there are multiple players with Weapon Mastering 0, then first ones will be highest level players with m4 skill of 0. EDIT: In case of big interest, I am going to buy/mod/giveaway several times (4 players each time).
  25. TheMojaveViper

    60 rnd PMAG's for the M4

    Im curious when the 60rnd pmag for the m4's where added (drum mag) and where can u get the cause i killed 2 guys who had them with some new m4 suppressor as well
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