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Found 8 results

  1. dhdhtpdp

    In game macro user .mp4

    우드 외곽에서 힘인듀작 하던중 매크로쓴채 같은 속도로 빙빙 돌던 매크로 유저 발견.
  2. I have seen 3M Armour and other recent quest related items being abused time after time on this game threw-out the Flea Market either it be Lab access card keys or quest items you are forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 1 ITEM!! while the macro buyers get there items selected and go afk and come back to make mad bank. This has been like this since release of Flea Market and destroys and new players with standard editions money stack or meaning of using the flea market to get a upper-hand on other pmc who are higher level or have access to equipment we don't yet have. I would like to be able to purchase and item without knowing I have to reside to the macro buyers and forced to pay over 100K per item when it should only be half of that or less developers please look into this because I am tired of wasting money for someone using a program to abuse the system and nothing to be taken action towards them over 3 wipes and still marco buyers rules the fleamarket complete trash system imo.
  3. TosisLT

    Loadout macro

    I've posted this on reddit, but a person said I was wondering if I could write a macro to buy loadouts. It would buy items from traders (excluding Fence, because of recent events), and equip them onto a character. Yes I know this might be added to the game Soon™, but that would be a nice QoL improvement now. So before I start working on this project I would like to know if this kind of macro would be allowed. Depending on how the project would go on, I might add a simple GUI at the beggining and make in more complicated in the furture. I just want to make sure I'm good to go, and wouldn't get banned for using Autohotkey for this purpose. Also the macro would be terminated/stopped uppon starting a raid, to ensure fairness of the game.
  4. Is it allowed to use mouse 1 macro to full auto single action guns in tarkov and is razer macro system detected? Also is external crosshairs allowed, like a crosshair on the middle of my screen I can use on any game like rust, it does not connect to the game its a normal app not 3 party. And is it detected?
  5. so is this allowed or not? Using Macro to buy items from Fence And if it's not will he get banned? or if i use something like this will i get banned? You know that being honest to yourself doesn't create more problems, are we all player equal to you or are some players privileged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOv2lftFV64
  6. Obviously hacks are not allowed or any program that changes the way the game functions. is reshade allowed? crosshairs? what is the final word on macros in this instance? "not ok but not bannable"??? or is that just an in-the-moment statement not the official BSG position? I'm most concerned about reshade, i'd love to install and bring some vibrance to tarkov, and make it better for content creation. However i do not want to get turned around on and banned.
  7. J'ai croisé ça hier sur Shoreline, au départ je pensais qu'ils lagaient simplement, puis en voyant les sauts à répétition et leur manière d'en avoir rien à foutre de se déplacer en courant à découvert, j'me suis dit que c'était pour appâter les tirs sur eux. J'ai clairement mal joué en tentant de les traiter et j'aurais du arrêter et aller me coucher depuis bien longtemps.. ça ressemble à l'utilisation de macro pour sauter tout le temps, car je ne pense pas qu'il passent leur temps à appuyer sur espace pendant un raid de 30 min? J'aurais jamais dû non plus les engager avec une arme semi auto aussi... Pour les stats de fin de jeu j'avais juste tué un scav d'une balle dans la tête avant, donc on peut voir que j'ai bien mis 3 balles au mec que je filme. En conclusion c'est pas du cheat, même pas du glitch, seulement de la merde pour t'empêcher de viser convenablement tes premiers tirs? Cool Stuff
  8. Just strolling through shoreline heading to the customs exit and I hear some strange jumping sound over and over and can't figure it out.. Creep round the corner and what do I see... A hatchling standing jumping into a wall in a bush LOL. Please consider having some detection and ban or reset the strength level of these abusing punks. Macro jumping their way to high strength is clear abuse. Couldn't believe it when I seen it then realized what he was doing. Why can't people just play the game normally? SMH!
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