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Found 5 results

  1. FlarmBlarg

    Equip mags to repack them

    Hi all, Couldn't find anything like this in the search bar so don't ban me because I tried ! I had thought.... To stop people from looting and repacking a mag or repacking to instantly fire at someone.. Make it so that you have to equip the mag and then have the bullets in your pocket / rig to repack the mag. It would be immersive and realistic and solve the issue of the UI workaround. It may also slow things down a little bit. The coding is there for the bullet reload in the SKS etc so maybe this wouldn't be to difficult?? The other thing you could do which I have just thought of would be to have a bag UI animation for when people open their inventory, maybe 1.5 - 2 seconds to stop people from quickly moving things about?? Thanks!
  2. vekongmaster

    AKS 74U (Krinkov) Mag Dump Bug?

    Dear BSG Devs and EFT Community, So lately I've been busting my butt leveling up my Recoil Control Skill by Mag-Dumping thousand rounds of cheap 5.45x39 mm FMJ with the little Krinkov (AKS74U). And I noticed a weird bug or issue (maybe!) with the Krinkov. After Mag-Dumping nine to ten 30-round mags, my Krinkov started acting strange. I couldn't reload it by clicking R, gotta load new mag through inventory. And when I tried to discard the Krinkov, it just got stuck in my hands, I couldn't use other gun or anything. The Krinkov would just keep blinking in the inventory, couldn't get it off my hands. So I had to extract with bugged Krinkov in my hands. And what really annoyed me was all the rounds that I reloaded through inventory wasn't counted as shots for the Recoil Control skill point. So I only got skill points from the first 10 mags that I mag-dumped, the other dozens of mags that I reloaded through inventory were counted for nothing. And this bug wasn't because of my Krinkov's durability, it still got 90% durability. What the hell was that? a bug? a Desync? a new way to prevent people from mag-dumping and leveling up their Recoil Control Skill? Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  3. LukaTheSlav

    Magazine Loader Idea

    Okay! Soo I've got this idea about a magazine/mag loader. These exist in real life, soo It wont be unrealistic. There is picture of real magazine loader for 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 ammo below. I believe these should be implemented into the game aside from the loading skill, it should be balanced in the following way: Make it available at Mechanic tier 3 or 4. It would make the Mechanic more useful. It should be REALLY expensive to purchase. The item should wear and tear fast, and the repair cost should also be HIGH or if you dont repair it, the item will not work.The size of the mag loader should be 1x4 soo you can not place it into the common Safe Containers, EXCEPT the Epsilon Container, because the Epsilon for people who have Gamma containers is not of much use because it has 8 slots, and in the Gamma they can utilize 10 slots, not 9 but 10. Because if they place a WTR rig inside that gives them 10 slots. By making such a rarity of an item like the Mag Loader only fit into the Epsilon will increase the use of the Epsilon also and promote players to work for it! The speed of loading a 30 round magazine should be like 6-8 seconds and for a 45 round mag like 11-14 seconds. 60 Rounders and Drum mags are not supported! Also the skill for loading magazines should not stack up on the speed of the mag loader! What do you guys think of this idea I have since they announced the magazine loading system?
  4. Hello, i'd like to suggest something to developpers: First of all, i've shot with my AKM. If i go to inventory i should see this: Then, i check the magazine: So in my inventory i should be able to see the last info i've got about my mag: This would really change the way the game is beeing played, and increase the immersion. Of course, it would depends of the mastering level of the weapon. OR else, just remove the inventory info, you will have to remind the number of cartridges inside your magazine Pease guys, tell me what you think about this, if it's (i'm quoting Nikita ) "PLANNED" or not and your own suggestions. I hope a dev or Emmissary will hear about it^^ Thanks!
  5. Da_Pwnda

    chambering is not realistic.

    im pretty new to this game but it seems like a sim. ive noticed when you shoot your gun and reload the bullet in the chamber ends back up into your old magazine. example: 8 bullets in your gun you shoot once, now you will have 1 in the chamber and 6 in the mag. but when you reload it ends back up in the old mag when reloaded. just something little that now that ive seen it i cant unsee.
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