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Found 23 results

  1. I've never faced this problem before but I did today and I found it very frustrating. I realized after playing this game for 3 wipes that you can't load a gun with a mag you find off the ground without putting it in your inventory first. I had a scav run today where my scav had a scav vest, no backpack and an ak74m with a drum mag. I dropped the mag to see if there was any way to put the BT ammo I found but I realized the mistake I made, there was no feasible way for me to put it back in the gun as you have to go through the inventory system and I had no space for it (no 2x2 slot). So for the remainder of the raid I had to run around to find a backpack with my only weapon being a single shot ak-47m. Here are two pictures where my PMC guy doesn't understand how to put the mag that's in front of him which is compatible with the gun he's holding.
  2. Mikazza

    Magazine Check + Reload

    Hi! It happens all the time that I checked my mag and it is "almost empty", I guess that is quite common. What is bothering me, and I'm sure many other people as well, that you have to wait out the "Magazine Check" animation, where the mag is put back into your gun. My suggestion would be: As soon as you see, in the middle of the "mag check" animation, that you need to reload you can press "R" and instead of putting the depleted mag back into the gun, the reload (animation) is started immediately. That might give you the second(s) needed to survive the ongoing firefight! Much love :)
  3. Copy of my reddit suggestion: https://old.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gc5ecv/it_would_make_my_world_if_there_were_20rnd_mags/ Truth be told, I'm a rat player which always takes cheap but good enough (for self defense) rifles in battle. This usually means I am a big fan of the 762 VEPR and AKMs. My setup is a Sainsbury "basic" range 1x spec'd rifle, 1x bag, some first-aid & with nothing more. Good enough to defend against scavs, pistolings, mosinlings and hatchlings. Enough to 1 tap any unsuspecting chads. But a big crux has forced me to take the ADARs instead. The issue is that the AK rifles have no 20 round mags for 7.62 and 5.56 rifles. 10rnd mags are too little for a firefight. Essentially useless. 30rnd mags while useful, take up 2 slots, meaning you need chest rigs. I consider 30+rnds mags as dead weight as extended firefights mean that something has gone wrong in my ambush equation. Rats have no staying power, which chads have. The main reason why I take ADAR is for that 20rnd pmag which is not too little, not too much, perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I'm not a chad player so anything above 20rnds is usually useless as I'm not gonna survive any extended slugging match where armour comes in play. Would a dev or someone else let me know if there are plans for a 20rnd mags for AK small arms? I would rather take the VEPR/AK than the ADAR if possible. Note: I don't like the SKS as it's not very modular and awkward without expensive mods.
  4. I would love to se the option to tag the magazines. A color tag, equal to what we can do to the Cases would be sufficient. This is actually realistic. We do this in real life. Usually mark magazine according to the ammo type.
  5. It is frustrating when you do not have any space in your tactical vest but you want to load a magazine that is already attached to a gun. It would be great to have a feature where you are able to load a magazine which is attached to a gun without actually removing it from the weapon and putting it into your vest/backpack. I would think one would be rendered immobile while performing this action as the character would have to use both hands to perform the magazine loading. Since the character would not be putting anything away in the available space, realistically they would have to put the gun down on the ground, hence rendering them immobile/unable to use said weapon.
  6. A strange glitch occurred to me today. I came across a 45 round AK74 magazine as a scav with a AKSU. After filling said magazine, I loaded it into my weapon from the inventory menu. Later on I accidentally hit reload and the mag dropped to the ground. Unloading the weapon, I then tried to pick up the 45 rounder but could not because I lacked a 3 slot container of any sort on myself. I believe we should be able to load any appropriate magazine to an unloaded weapon from the ground without having an appropriately sized container worn. I hope you can understand where I am coming from.
  7. everytime right before raid i fill my magazine for example 4 m955 rounds and 1 tracer i repeat this 6 times or 12times... how about add magazine fill loadout it will make it easy to fill our magazine more efficient
  8. LukaTheSlav

    Magazine Loader Idea

    Okay! Soo I've got this idea about a magazine/mag loader. These exist in real life, soo It wont be unrealistic. There is picture of real magazine loader for 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 ammo below. I believe these should be implemented into the game aside from the loading skill, it should be balanced in the following way: Make it available at Mechanic tier 3 or 4. It would make the Mechanic more useful. It should be REALLY expensive to purchase. The item should wear and tear fast, and the repair cost should also be HIGH or if you dont repair it, the item will not work.The size of the mag loader should be 1x4 soo you can not place it into the common Safe Containers, EXCEPT the Epsilon Container, because the Epsilon for people who have Gamma containers is not of much use because it has 8 slots, and in the Gamma they can utilize 10 slots, not 9 but 10. Because if they place a WTR rig inside that gives them 10 slots. By making such a rarity of an item like the Mag Loader only fit into the Epsilon will increase the use of the Epsilon also and promote players to work for it! The speed of loading a 30 round magazine should be like 6-8 seconds and for a 45 round mag like 11-14 seconds. 60 Rounders and Drum mags are not supported! Also the skill for loading magazines should not stack up on the speed of the mag loader! What do you guys think of this idea I have since they announced the magazine loading system?
  9. Roselvet

    Suggestion: Loading mags

    Hello all EFT-ers! Foreword: I play quite the bit of EFT (lvl 35-55 each reset since I got the game) and It's obviously an amazing game! The new update is rad; haven't intending to check out the new map tomorrow, we'll see how that goes! (Also, I was unsure about where I was supposed to suggest things, so I'll do it here) Since about two wipes ago I started loading my mags with two or more kinds of ammunition in one single magazine. So for example I would have, in my SASS, 1 (t)racer (most dmg latest patch) followed by 3 (BP), 3(t), 3(BP) etc. This would give me a greater chance to kill a heavily armored player with fewer bullets but at the same time it would not limit my gun since I would do a lot more of damage to soft tissue targets for every 3rd round. Suggestion: I would like to suggest to add a function that gives you the option to express a pattern of bullets (1(t), 3(BP), 3(t)) which will then repeat that same pattern (where you want it to start) over and over till the magazine is full so: (1(t), 3(BP), 3(t) |-| 3(BP), 3(t) |-| 3(BP), 3(t) |-| 3(t).. etc.). I am thinking of this as an option to have in the character menu (stash) just like the quick reload function exists there but not when you're in game since that would be a major hassle if one would compare it to a real life situation (reloading mags with frequencies accurately while bullets and grenade shrapnel flies around you). Please comment what you think!
  10. HumaDracobane

    Loading and unloading ammo animation

    The suggestion is really simple: Adding animations to the loading and unloading thing and a new loading/unloading mechanic. With the new patch we'll had to keep the menu open in order to add ammo to the magazines, which means that we'll have to be exposed by the fact of being still while we're reloading and with the menu open and the reloading noises. The suggestion is to keep still but with an animation that allow us to, at least, close the menu and look to the surroundings. At the same time, add an animation for the unloading mechanic for the same reason. For the mechanic, it could be nice to be able to reload our magazines without open the menu. Let me explain: With the condition of having the magazine that we want to reload and the ammo that we want to load on the pockets or on out vest, but NOT on the backpack or the container, it could be nice if we can select the magazine with a similar menu of the reloading that allow us to choose what magazine we can use, but in this mechanic allowing us to choose the magazine and what ammo we want to reload. For example: You add a 60 M955 bullets stack to a hotkey, you press the hotkey and with the ammo on your hands, press R and select with the mouse scroll what magazine, that is in your vest/pockets, you want to reload. Let me know what you think about, people!
  11. zpwarrior

    Mag Change

    What would everyone think about a piece of gear for dropping magazines into. I can't stand that I drop a Magazine even though I have room in my vest when the new one goes in.
  12. SpeedyD34D

    Saiga 12 gauge ProMag magazines

    Hello devs, it would be really nice if you manage to add bigger magazines for Saiga produced by ProMag company. Contact: For Retail, Accounting, Human Resources Please call (562)861-9554 Tel :Wholesale,Distributor,Dealer Inquiries Tech Support Warranty Inquiries Please call 1(800) 438-2547 WWW: https://promagindustries.com For example: 10 round: 12 round: or 15 round:
  13. Hi Folks, here my idea for refilling the magazines in Combat and how much it will take Filling a magazine of 30 or 60 shots under martial conditions under a minute ... that's just impossible 30 rounds at 1min (from 0 to 30) 60 rounds at 2min (from 0 to 60) For this one would have to factor in certain factors: Standig arts: - Standing = normal time * factor 0.15; - Knied = normal time * factor 0; - Lying = normal time * factor 0.25 With injuries - arms injured = standing art * factor 0.25; - Broken = standing art * Factor 0,5; - Destroyed = standing art * Factor 1 In the following scenario would look like this PMC kneels and is not injured: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1min PMC kneels and hurts his arms: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1,25min PMC is lying and one arm black: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 2,5min Hope this idea finds enough attention
  14. Sgt_Rakins

    Color Coded Mags

    I think it would be a nice feature to be able to color code your magazines depending on the ammo type. That way you can have alot of mags pre loaded in your stash and be able to grab whatever you need. Over here we use small pieces of brightly coloured tape which we put underneath the magazine. Basically fabric tape of sorts that are a bit more robust than the general scotch tape. And since there currently is tape implemented in the game I feel this could be one use for it.
  15. Sgt_Rakins

    Double Mag Clip

    I think that this would be a nice implement as a rare loot spawn and the use would be to basically halve the reload time with standard 30 round mags.
  16. p4miki

    Mag Loading

    I think, for realism purposes, magazine repacking should be changed. Maybe add a timer when in a raid and repacking a mag, or add an animation that takes 20-25 sec, because now when your mags are empty you just drag and drop your bullets and it magically reappears in your mag. Even 20-25 sec is unrealistic (it takes generaly about a minute when trained to repack a 30 rounds mag). I think it would force players to bring more mags to a fight (2-3 at least) instead of only 2 or even one. This way you would have to think about food, water, your health and refill your mag after a fight. Also, adding some kind of GUI for magazine repack (or a list of compatible ammunition) would be amazing. Having some kind of saved preset for filling a mag (I usually put 3 tracers, 6 reg, 1 tracer, 9 reg, another tracer and 10 reg) would be so awesome. Just click one button to fill your mag. Thanks you for taking time to read my suggestion. I really enjoy your game, it's amazing.
  17. Hey i had a quick search and couldn't find anything on this topic. I find it unrealistic how you just drop a magazine if you reload with a full vest. What i propose is when doing a normal "keep your magazine reload" with a full vest that the character does a special type of reload I.E takes the mag out of his pouch then does a reload with both magazines in his hand then re pouches the old magazine into the vest. Maybe to balance this out it could be slower? Obviously if you double tap reload it will do a tactical reload still. This is what i usually do when i am airsofting when its not a critical reload and it works for both m4 and ak style platforms. I assume it will work with most magazine types. Perhaps a dump pouch attachment could be in order for vests? 4 x 4 Attachment that can hold 2 magazines and cannot be reloaded from?
  18. Ewendel88

    Magazine Filling in the Field

    Loading rounds into a mag in the field is really unrealistic. Especially if you are anywhere near the enemy. You need two hands, so you have to put away your weapon, and you are fiddling around with loose rounds and empty mags. It leaves you vulnerable and distracted. the best way to handle the loading of mags in the field is to simulate the general concept. My suggestion would be to drag and drop a stack of rounds onto a magazine. An animation would be nice but just a timer that varies based on the type of ammo and size of magazine. I would also make the location (bag, pocket, vest) of the mag and ammo a factor in determining the time (I will be posting about item location). Other effects like putting away weapons and moving slower would be nice too. In conclusion, magazine filling in the field should have a timer.
  19. Morpho

    Magazine check

    Hello, I noticed in the action trailer, the one USEC operator with the 60 round surefire magazine did a mag check in the game. He pulled out the magazine, looked at the top 2 rounds, and put it back in. Some text popped up saying '59' I'm guessing one in the chamber. of course, it is a full mag, he loaded it, so now you know there is 59+1. Say after that shootout ended, assuming he did not die, if you do a mag check will it also tell you exactly how many you have left? There would be no way to know the EXACT amount, unless you counted your shots, which in a firefight is impossible unless it was just a few round. I guess a good suggestion if nobody thought of it already, would be to show some text saying how heavy the mag feels. Back in my shooting days, when I would do weird shooting drills, I would have to fill mags up with weird numbers ex. 19 rounds, 26 rounds, 12 rounds. I'd figure out which one was which by the weight, and I knew if I had a full 30 rounds in a mag, I'd try to push it down and if it didn't budge, that was the full one. The only reason I am suggesting these nit-picky stuff is all for the sake of realism
  20. CrezyKoishi

    Feeding wrong rounds

    In the game play videos for EFT I saw that players need to put the ammo into the magazine manually.So I was think that, what if a player puts the wrong round into a magazine? Some ammo/rounds have almost the same size/texture as the other, and can be put into other magazine. For example : putting a 380ACP magazine into a 9MM magazine and loading it into a 9MM handgun. (Of course some gun works fine with different rounds.) [ Note : 380APC have the same diameter as 9MM, but shorter length. So it can be placed into a 9MM magazine.] So I was thinking about giving the players the option to put wrong rounds into the wrong gun/magazine, and when they try to fire that gun, the gun immediately jams after firing that round[And damages the gun]. This can punish the player for putting in the wrong rounds into their gun and also can create new opportunities for betrayal or challenges too. For example, I can simply give my ally a magazine for AK-12 but loaded with wrong rounds so that I can make my backstabbing easier, etc. Either way, you get my idea, let me know what you guys think.
  21. Uneatentaco

    Magazine/ bullet loading

    I was loading magazines at work the other day and I wondered if EfT was going to have it incorperated, or was it just going to be drag and drop. If it was then they could incorporate speed loaders and other various magazine loading. Plus with bolt action weapons could we load one round directly into the chamber just that visual effect
  22. Приветствую вас, дорогие форумчане! Многие из вас заметили, что в официальной группе Escape from Tarkov Вконтакте был опубликован наш форумный журнал "Tarkov Newsweek" под номером 3. Мы высоко ценим оказанное нам доверие, понимаем, что над уровнем контента нам нужно серьёзно поработать, дабы поднять его как можно выше. Мы получили много адекватной критики. Особенно на тему интервью, о том что не хватает интервью с разработчиками игры. Мы в этом с вами согласны, но хотим предложить немного иной формат, т.к. он, по полученной информации, будет более удобен самим разработчикам. Каждый из вас может оставлять в этой теме свои вопросы, касательно игры, разработчикам. Правила таковы: Вопросы не должны повторяться. Если ваш вопрос уже задан кем-то другим, до вас, даже если он похож лишь частично - вы просто ставите ему "Лайк". Нет лайка? Поставите завтра. Не оставляйте вопросов "акогдастрим", "акогдаальфа", а так же им подобные. Модератор @Флеш наверняка будет приглядывать за этой темой. Пять вопросов, набравших больше всего "лайков" к пятнице, будут отправлены разработчикам для последующего ответа. Если вопросы будут действительно интересными и адекватными, то @TarkovEscaper обещал дать на них ответ, так что, пожалуйста, постарайтесь, господа форумчане. Вопрос в самом комментарии должен быть всего один. Телеги на 20 вопросов - не подходят. От одного пользователя - один вопрос. Это заставит вас сперва подумать, а потом спрашивать. Попытка накрутить лайки с 10 твинков скорее всего приведёт вас к 10 забаненным твинкам, так что не стоит этого делать. Не стоит обсуждать вопросы других пользователей. Т.к. это тестовый прогон, то могут быть какие-то спорные нюансы, которые мы постараемся исправить. Вопросы прекращаем собирать в пятницу в 14:00. Если всё пройдёт удачно, то такой интерактив будет проводиться каждую неделю. Напоминаю, что разработчики оставляют за собой право отвечать или не отвечать на тот или иной вопрос. Поехали!
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