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Found 8 results

  1. WonkoTheSane

    Tags for mags

    I imagine this has been asked before (probably more than once!) but could there be a feature to add tags to magazines in the same way we can with containers and cases? It would be great if, when needing to switch to a different ammo type using the hold R and scroll function, we could quickly see which ones contained the appropriate ammo for the situation instead of having to take different mag types/colours into raid to differentiate. It would also make it quicker to reload the right part-spent mags in our rigs with the right ammo without having to check each one first. In addition to this it would help us quickly identify, manage and select preloaded mags in our stash more efficiently.
  2. I think it would be neat if when you inspect a mag you have the option to (after it shows how much ammo is about left) double tap R and throw away that mag and reload a new one if you have one available. I don't think this would be overpowered as it takes longer to inspect the mag then to just reload so this would just be an option if you check say a pistol mag and you have like one bullet left you can toss the mag and reload to a fresh one.
  3. I would like to see an easier way to stagger rounds in mags. Or at least a way to split a stack into individual rounds. I love to stagger my shotguns with buckshot and slugs. I dont do it as often as I like because its a pain in the ass to split stacks. Imagine right clicking a magazine. Then having the ability to 'Stagger Ammo'. A new window opens up with available ammo for the mag. Then being able to check 1,2,3+ different round and it automatically staggers them for you with just a few clicks. You could even have a few different options for ratios.. 2:1,3:1,4:1, 5:3:1 and so on. Like using BS and BT ammo. Every 3 rounds is a BT tracer or every 4. This would be an additional feature that would not mess with any game systems. I don't see this hurting anybody. A simple addition to the game. I also don't think this would be terribly hard to implement since it would be mainly a UI addition. And you guys seem really good when it comes to UI changes. This is just an idea I had in another post. What do you guys think?
  4. Ashnod42

    7.62x51 ammo and mags

    Why is there no 7.62x51 ammo or mags (hunter) available pre flea market? I spent an hour last night refreshing the fence and had 12 bullets to show for it.
  5. Assassin7266

    Pairing certain mags to specific guns

    I currently run a HK and a ADAR both of which use 5.56 x 45 mm, the problem I see is I don't really need to use my 60 mag for my ADAR but i would for my HK and the contrary I wouldn't want to use a 30 round mag with my HK if i have a 60 round present in my rig. Possible suggestion: 1. Be able to pick the mags in our hotbar so we can select what type of mag we want. 2. Have a possible drop down menu of "use this mage with "primary" or "secondary" " .
  6. I have about 70 hours of game time and am level 32 currently. I tend to play the game with bare-bones load outs going in with pistols or low-tier weapons and building up through the raid. I think the 45 round 1x3 ak mags that you often find in the game map would be must more useful and worth picking up if there was a lower-tier chest rig capable of reloading a set of them. I think if there was something like a long scav vest with a pocket layout like 1x1,1x3,1x3.1x1. If a vest like this was somewhat available to be looted off scavs/in the marketplace you would see players more interested in trying various 1x3 mags in their load-outs before they have access buying the ANA chest rig, the only rig you can use effectively with 1x3 mags. Even though I have access to this rig now I have never used the 45 ak mags as access to 60rnd mags with better rigs outclasses them. I have used the ANA with the Saiga 10rnd mags a few times but I found the upgrade to the Saiga generally not be worth the investment of the Ana rig. I enjoy the way playing as a scav works right now, but I think even greater randomness in terms of what load-outs and attachments your weapons have/don't have would make scav runs even better. Such as weapons occasionally spawning with less used or uncommon optics or attachments to give players game play options they might not have considered. I would also like to say I am enjoying the addition of the Mosin very much, keep up the good work!
  7. GDeathScythe116

    Magazine Inventory?

    I've looked around and haven't found anything, but are there any plans for there to be a magazine inventory window? I like to mix tracer rounds into my magazines and splitting them up into different stacks (although works just fine) can be a bit of a pain when doing multiple mags, and definitely a major pain while in a raid. Was just curious if anyone else felt the same way about it or not.
  8. Hey everyone, couldnt find this anywhere on forum and got no idea where to post this so i just post it here Since the new patch my Y button no longer talks but shows a menu of things i can do and say, now i watched streamers use this but i cant select any talk commands in this menu. Or am i missing something here? 2end problem ive been running into since patch. If i reload ANY kind of weapon the 1st clip always falls on the ground 100% of the time, even with enough space in my vest. Anyone else encounter that problem?
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