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Found 1 result

  1. Chouette

    Armor effect on maneuverability

    Hi all, I looked at several armor threads and it seems that they always mention the damage system. At the same time, we see topics about 9mm AP ammo, because people want to use the submachine guns more but since they are not as effective as assault rifles against armor, they are just left aside. But what about maneuverability? At the moment it seems armor only has a speed penalty (which is pretty much negated by strength grinding). There is also a turn speed penalty but if that doesn't affect the weapon sway and aiming speed, it is not really a negative effect, people would just use a different mouse sensibility and that's it. Is there a plan to make heavy armors more cumbersome as one would naturally expect? Having pieces of armor getting in the way should generate more weapon sway (i.e. time to align after a rotation) and slower ADS speed that with lighter armor, as well as more noise when turning around. Also loot/search time should be slower with armor than without it. Acceleration from still position to moving should be better without armor. I don't know about sound (should it be muffled with helmets)? That would make good reasons to use lighter armor over the tanky armors. p.s.: heavy backpacks would have similar effects
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