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  1. Moin zusammen, für euch die Version 1.0 der neuen Map Interchange aus der Spielversion Habe versucht so detailgenau wie möglich zu arbeiten, was sich aber bei einer solchen Größe der Map ziemlich schwer realisieren lässt, deshalb wird es hier und dort noch einige Abweichungen geben. Das Loot ist größtenteils am jeweiligen Ort hinterlegt wo es auch gefunden werden kann. Hier fehlen mit Sicherheit noch einige Stellen, was in meinen Sitzungen nicht gespawnt ist. Wenn ihr etwas findet und euch sicher seid, dass das Loot auch dort existiert, dürft ihr mir das gerne mitteilen und ich arbeite das dann ein. Falls ihr dann was gefunden habt, was nicht auf der Karte existiert, BITTE BITTE macht einen kurzen Screenshot der Map und zeichnet euren Fund kurz ein, damit ich nachvollziehen kann wo sich das befindet. Bei einer solchen Größe kann ich nicht selbst aus Texten herauspuzzeln wo sich etwas genau befindet Auf die deutsche Übersetzung habe ich diesmal verzichtet, aber ich glaube damit sollte man auch klar kommen Was momentan enthalten ist: - Randgebiet mit vollständigem Loot - Tiefgaragengrundriss - Erste und zweite Etage mit Loot - PMC Exits und Spawns - Kleine Zusammenfassung der Schlüssel - Einige Informationen zu IDEA, OLI und GOSHAN Was noch fehlt: - Loot in der Tiefgarage - Loot im IDEA und OLI Hauptgebäude / Lager Zu guter Letzt noch ein großes Dankeschön an den reddit user "sghf" für seine erste Ausarbeitung der Außenbezirke! https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/8dsne5/preliminary_interchange_map/ EDIT: bevor ich es vergesse, wenn ihr den Link öffnet, einfach einen Rechtsklick drauf und "Grafikadresse kopieren" wählen und in einem neuen Tab öffnen, damit kommt ihr an die Hochauflösende Version mit 4500x2800 px
  2. GreedyHuntsman

    Map Editing for Team Strategy Idea

    I know there have been a couple of threads regarding some sort of map editing, but most of them just bring up an idea without any substance behind them. Here, I will bring up an idea that many have had, and I'll give you what I think it will take to make it a good addition to the game for tactical use and enhanced realism, as well as giving the maps more use than for selecting spawn point. When a player views a map in their stash or character inventory, they're given one tool to use - a pencil. They can draw on the map and plan out their route for their raids, circling points of interest and whatever they want. In the spawn select screen, they can choose a map from their inventory that they've planned out on, or mark up a new one. They can edit their map at any time before queuing for a raid, but only then. PLAYERS MAY NOT EDIT THEIR MAPS MID-RAID. When said player starts a party in the lobby, his friends or whoever else he invites joins in, and when they start to load the map in, they have a reason to stick around for loading instead of getting a drink. We all have seen the Scav background story panel before, and the map information screen that cycles past every few seconds, but as an addition, everyone in the party gets another box to check out - the edited map created by the party leader. There, they can go over the planned course of action for the raid. Think of it like a real military op - in the back of a troop transport, the squad leader lays out the plan for his squad mates, they all see it, but when they go into the field, the leader is the only one who has it. No one else gets a copy of it. If the squad leader dies and doesn't have it in his secure container, then the enemy can loot the map and see his markings, possibly giving away the team's strategy. The main purpose behind this in my eyes would be for either A) Players who don't have voice coms while they play in a group (God knows why anyone would be like this) , B) Giving maps more of a purpose than just selecting a spawn, or C) Newer players who don't know the call outs for everything. It would be easier on the new guy to be able to visualize where he should go instead of being told "Go to trash bridge and pass the mini store checkpoint to get to dorms." Some questions I've received or can see being asked - Q) Why would someone need this if they have Discord or Teamspeak? A) They probably wouldn't. It's not something everyone would want/need to use. Q) What if people draw awful images or write nasty words and purposely die in raid to leave a note for someone? A) Who cares? It's a game for Adults. If people want to act childish, it shouldn't matter to you. Besides, it's a free dog tag and map you can just sell at that point. Feel free to leave constructive criticism, thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. I would really like to see this become a thing and I know I'm not the only one. Both screenshots and edits were done by myself, painstakingly constructed late at night taking way longer than it should have since I have no photoshopping skills whatsoever.
  3. Omtvedt_

    Navigation Overhaul

    I am a firm believer that if you need to access a third party website to use their maps there is something fundamentally wrong with navigation in Tarkov, speaking on behalf of all new players. I know this has been proposed before but I have a much better and improved idea for the game. 1. Get rid of the maps that are sold by the traders and instead implement a feature to buy a navigation set for the current map you are loading into while matchmaking. It should only cost a few thousand rubles as this entire thing is meant for new players that don't have everything memorized like the people that have been playing the game for years. The navigation set is a map and compass combo that should go in a special pocket slot that is only for the navigation set so it doesn't take up inventory space for other loot. 2. I have a few ideas for what the maps could look like. The map could be blank and as your character goes through each map it fills in information as to what you have seen and the progress carries over from raid to raid. (The navigation set cannot be looted if you die and the progress of your map discoveries is carried over if you die just like leveling up skills or having it in a pouch) You will still need to purchase it before each raid if you want to have it with you, but the progress you make is never lost, unless there is a wipe. Then, either mid raid or while in the main menu character screen you could customize your map and it be interactive. If you want to see certain things on your map and leave out others, you can. The map should at least show POI's and extracts. 3. While you have the map open mid raid you can press the mumble button on your character and they will say where you are based on your characters skills. It could be based on 1 mental skill or a combination of a few or all of them. For example, if your mental skill(s) is low and you press the mumble key while your map is open your character might say something vague like "I think I'm in the southwest" or if your mental skills are high they might point to a more exact location of where you are at. This is a dynamic map and you would need to explore each map individually to fill them out and like I stated previously you would be purchasing the map for the raid you are about to go in while matchmaking. The compass would also be out and displayed when you have the map open. I think this approach is a much more immersive and realistic approach that the hardcore fans should agree with while at the same time helping new players out. No one should have to spend hundreds of hours memorizing a map when an easy system like this could be implemented and make the game and skills more fun an utilized. It doesn't impact anyone in a negative way and can only help those that need it. If you don't need it, you don't have to buy it and use it. There is no downside to implementing this.
  4. The first one is Shoreline as seen from Shoreline's Path to Lighthouse. The second one is Shoreline as seen from Lighthouse's Path to Shoreline.
  5. Arcos_1024

    Interchange crash workaround

    I just wanted to get this out in the open for others to find. It certainly helped me a great deal. Interchange crashing every time I go near the center of ultra Game crash zone in Interchange Anybody else has this problem? Is this still an issue for Windows 10 Pro N users?
  6. I edited the two map source from the internet to one 16:9 format picture. Have fun in The Lab
  7. Hello, people from Tarkov! This is not a regular "I have this problem and dont know why"-thread, more like a documentary about a problem i had (spoiler: its in the title) and how i fixed it. This may or may not be an obvious thing, but it took me several days until i finally pinpointed the problem and a few hours to fix it, so maybe it is useful to someone else. Warning: It may be a bit technical. THE PROBLEM I HAD (AND WHAT I COULD HELP YOU WITH) Iam playing this game for several years, since the beginnings of the alpha. Made it through many of technical errors and problems Tarkov had and most of the time, everything worked. A few weeks ago noticed a problem i never had before: Tarkov crashed consistently while loading the "reserve" map and in a rather strange way. My monitors gone black for a few seconds, sometimes even stayed so but my pc kept working (could tell so, because i was in teamspeak with some people and could still talk with them). Sometimes it just crashed with the ominous tarkov crash reporter telling me to send the logs to the devs (which i did multiple times). I first ignored the problem as i rarely playing reserve. A few days ago, it started on shoreline. And after that on every single map. I could always reconnect to my games and it worked most of the time, but was never able to directly start the raid due to the crash. SPECS 16GB of DDR5 RAM GeForce GTX 1080 One SSD exclusively for Windows One SSD exclusively for Tarkov/Games 3.4 Ghz i5 quad core SOLVING THE PROBLEM After i took a look in the logs, Tarkov said it crashed because of an out-of-memory issue. Strange, as i have plenty of RAM and not even 60% of it was ever used by Tarkov, as my task manager told me. Searching for a solution, i came across a thing called "pagefile" and how to check if its correctly configured. Suggestion is to let the system manage it and thats what it was on my system so i kept it this way. Short and simple: The pagefile is an RAM extension managed by Windows in the form of a file kept in C:\. So i took a look on drive C and i was plenty of space left on my SSD for Windows, so this shouldnt be a problem. I also found a way to check if theres enough "virtual memory" (as its called) left for Windows and other programs to operate. You can see it in the "resource monitor". Heres how to open it (on Windows 10, should be mostly the same for other windows versions, otherwise google it): Open Task Manager (either by STRG+ALT+DEL or by right-clicking the task bar) Switch to the tab "Performance" Click on the Link in the bottom of the window that says "Open Resource Monitor" This monitor is very useful, as it shows what your system is doing right now and what is using what in case of RAM, CPU etc. I took a closer look on the "Memory" tab and the 3 graphs on the right. First on shows the amount of used physical RAM, the second one the amount of used virtual RAM and the third one shows the amount of errors per second. The second one showed me my problem. As i putted the graphs on my second monitor and ran Tarkov, the virtual ram usage spiked while loading a map. At the moment it reached 100%, Tarkov creashed. But how can that be? My Windows-SSD had about 10 Gigabyte space left (it is 100 GB in total) and as i wrote earlier, Tarkov only used about 50-60% of my physical memory. Soooooo.... SOLUTION TL;DR; I made more space on my Windows SSD. Simple as that. Either delete files yourself or let "Windows Disk Cleanup" do it. In my case, there were many old *.dmp and temporary files that used much space on my drive. Reason behind this is, if you let Windows manage the pagefile it will always keep some space "reserved" for Windows to work. As it seems this is 10% of the drive. And if you do the math, thats exactly what happend: 10 GB left on my SSD which is about 100 GB big and therefore Windows refuses to make the pagefile/my virtual RAM bigger for Tarkov to operate. Tarkov crashed on reserve first, as it is the biggest map to load and after a while, something used more space on my Windows drive and all the other maps crashed, too. Also, there is one other TEMPORARY solution which I DONT RECOMMEND but that could help to check if this is your problem in the first place: Manage the pagefile yourself. Because if you give it a custom size Windows wont reserve his 10% of the drive, which CAN CAUSE BIGGER PROBLEMS IN THE LONG RUN. So be careful! Just google "how to manage the pagefile manually" if you want to try that. Thats what worked for me and i hope i this works for someone else who has this problem. P.S.: As you might guessed, english isnt my first language, so iam sorry for any spelling mistakes...
  8. DeadlyPistol

    New Woods Map ( Progress )

    Came across this map on reddit let help the guy fill it in!! so we can all learn the new map! Creator OmegaTheRed
  9. Hello, Check my app witch helps to localize extractions on map and it is free. You can enter extraction name in search bar and map will zoom on that location. Screens: App: https://play.google.com/storeps/details?id=pl.kita.escapeplanfromtarkov
  10. storiesstrauss

    Stuck in Interchange

    Recently did a run through Goshan in Interchange. Jumped over some boxes and then fell in to this little hole. Had to sacrifice my gear and loot to Disconnect as there's no way to jump out or escape from it. Not sure if this was intentional or not but without the option to pull yourself up and on to an object, spots like this should not be in the game trapping players. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best of luck!
  11. My friend has an i5 9400f, 16gb RAM and a 1050ti, before yesterday to today the loading screen to enter a raid started to take more than 10 minutes to enter, before it entered at 1: 30/2: 00 minutes, he already restored the pc, and it only goes fast in the first run, we played for over 1 year and it started happening just now ... does anyone know the solution?
  12. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich an den Callouts und da ein bischen Übersicht in die Sache zu bringen, auch hier sind Vorschläge gern gesehen! Was die Karte momentan bietet: Grundriss für fast alle offene Gebäude. Einige sind nicht auf den Meter genau sondern sollen nur zur schnellen Orientierung und auffinden von Loot sein Grundriss der 2-er und 3-er Dorms mit Zimmernummern inklusive betretbare und abgeschlossene Räume Übersicht aller Schlüssel die für Customs genutzt werden sowie der jeweilige Ort an dem dieser nötig ist Lootmap für Gebäude und Außengebiete. Umfasst: Waffen (Waffenkisten, lose Waffen, Teile und Waffenständer), Kisten (Munition und Waffenteile), Granatenkisten, Safes, Loses Geld und Kassen, Jacken, Taschen und Toolboxen, verschiedenes looses Loot, Computer, Schränke, Leichen sowie lose Medizin und Medizinkoffer Spawngebiete und Ausgänge für PMC's Ausgänge für SCAV's (Callouts) Im Anhang Customs Ohne Callout und Customs mit Callouts. Diese findet ihr auch hier (ohne Callouts) und hier (mit Callouts). Grüße und euch erfolgreiche runs Mit bestem Dank an Maksen für den 3D Hintergrund. Erstes Update Dank eurer Hilfe aus dem Forum und Reddit habe ich einige Lootspots geändert und hinzugefügt. In der nächsten Version werden noch die auffindbaren Schlüssel eingefügt.
  13. 更多中文地图资源可以在 塔科夫中文资料站 查看。
  14. Loom_3st

    Map Time always on

    Hallo Community, ist einem von euch bekannt, ob man sich die Ingame-Mapzeit dauerhaft anzeigen lassen kann? Vllt gibt es dafür wie bei den FPS einen Consolenbefehl. Danke für eure Überlegungen Gruß
  15. Simonr22

    testing the game

    Is there any way for tester to get into a map offline with all the elite skill , infinite HP/No timer and infinite ammunition ? I love testing game but as a normal player account i can't test properly tarkov map and texture. Dev did correct some invisible wall i've found on custom but not the out of bound issue . i'm sure there could be more to discover with the proper tool over more map .elite skill should be a requirement to test map THEN if an out of map bug is found/unreachable spot not intented they could be tested with lower skill. Infinite timer because every spot on every map need to be walked on to test invisible wall . infinite Hp would be great to avoid dying/broken bone from failed attempt of outbound testing .Infinite ammo to test texture around the map / make sure of the presence of an invisible wall . Just by playing casually this wipe i've found an unintended mechanic that give an unfair advantage in any gunfight if you know it and i legit just dont do it because its unfair .Also Right now as i write this post i've just found a bug in custom that split my character in half and i'm hidden inside a wall ( this one need to be tested more officially since i just found it ) but its quiet funny i can see my legs moving alone away from me haha . I'm just a player who love the game and want it at his best . But i Really wish i could test more and that all the bug found would be solved and not just overlook .
  16. RalekrimoZ

    Predugo loadovanje Reserve mape

    Ljudi jel ima još neko problema sa reserve mapom? Svaki put čekam po 10-15min da uđem u igru. Jel postoji neko rešenje? Ovo mi se ranije nije dešavalo, možda je za to kriv zadnji patch... igra mi je na ssd 450gb, cpu je amd ryzen 5 1500x, gpu nvidia gforce gtx 1060 6gb, 32gb ddr4 3000MHz.
  17. Hello all, Recently, with the August update, I’ve been experiencing an easily replicable bug where my EFT stops responding at “Loading Map...100%” when loading into raids. The game both stutters during the load, and the Task Manager shows that the game, during the pause, stops responding. This bug causes me to almost always miss the deploying screen, which is annoying to both my friends and I (often resulting in the regular problems that occur from late spawns.). I’ve tried pretty much every fix, following a 12.7 performance guide to a “T”. I’ve tried: • Fresh install onto a new SSD • Increasing Page index to match my 16GB Ram • Overclocking my CPU • Installing new drivers for literally everything applicable... - you name it, I’ve probably tried it... My PC is by no means a monster, but it’s good enough to run Tarkov decently and has been prior to the recent patch. My question is: Has anyone experienced this glitch in the past or recently and found a fix? I’m hoping that, with the release of 12.8, that I’ll be able to play the game as I once was. I appreciate any help and support you all can provide!!
  18. Alisa_Gavriila

    Develop Map

    Hello! I'm new to Tarkov but I've been watching Tarkov videos non-stop today. I have a question: Is there any way for me to make a map for Tarkov? Or is there any future plans to let players create a map? I have a few ideas already that I would love to design, if no then thank you for your time!
  19. Hallo, ich hab ein massives Problem in Escape From Tarkov und zwar sterbe ich in den nächsten 3 Sekunden nach dem Spawn oder nachdem ich einem anderen Spieler begegnet bin durch einen Headshot. Ich bin extrem schlecht in diesem Spiel was aiming betrifft und dem movement, was ich nur teilweise nachvollziehen kann, in Spielen wie csgo mit knapp 4.000 Stunden oder R6 bin ich besser als in EFT. Woran liegt das!? auf dauer frustriert das Spiel einen nur LG Whiper
  20. Ty_Tyme

    Karten laden nicht...

    Hey, ich habe da ein kleines Problem. Seit langer Zeit kann ich kein EFT mehr zocken, da jegliche Karten nicht laden. Habe das Spiel jetzt 3 oder 4 Mal neu installiert, aber immer wenn ich in ein game starten möchte bleibt das "Map loading" bei 0% stehen.... Kann mir jemand helfen, bzw hatte jemand schon mal das Problem und hat es gelöst bekommen? In den Bildern seht ihr, wie lange ich es mal ausgehalten hab zu warten :D Danke im vorraus für die Hilfe! Grüße Tyme
  21. itsmehiller


    Hey, I've got a cool idea, you could make a map that is on an aircraft carrier. An aircraft carrier which is stranded and there's an open area with like a forest or something and like a roadblock. It could big enough with close quarter combats and even open combats on the top. I was thinking about the extractions which I got to, that you could have like a boat waiting at the back of the ship that is waiting for you with like raiders defending it. The second extract or even two of those could be in the forest or something and one within the roads. I might do something like a drawing of how I imagine the map, but today it just popped out of my mind and I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys. Good luck and have fun to all of you :)
  22. Coucou tout le monde ! Je m'athèle à regrouper tous les spawn des boss d'Escape From Tarkov dans les vidéos ci-dessous, je mettrai donc ce topic à jour Vous pouvez aussi passer sur le site DM Gaming où tout y est regroupé : https://www.dm-gaming.eu/tutoriels/tarkov/ Base militaire - Gluhar : https://youtu.be/4Q6Nt8pcFKU Bois – Shturman : https://youtu.be/UtMKsv0y0PE Douanes – Reshala : https://youtu.be/P9HWVUkzLN8 Echangeur – Killa : https://youtu.be/yaGjRrF2WIA J'espère que celles-ci vous plairont ! Hésitez pas à commenter
  23. TarkovCitizen65776

    Mobile application for game

    Hi everyone! Ive made an application with: -free cost. No any limitation in functionality. -no banner ads - at all )) -maps with switchable markers - with descriptions and screenshots -items comparison such as ammo, weapons, body armors -ammo you can test in application (soon i will add functionality to test armors as well) -flea market - simple but very needed for everyone -search items - been in raid u need to know how much cost this or other item. Search will help you - there is three kinds of price: your flea market price, other players flea market price or default price from wiki -streams and videos inside the app. Guides or just for fun and streams -and much more And many other features. I will implement a lot more. Maybe you have some ideas? Application is fully translated to english. download me on Android Website - translation will be soon I would be grateful if you download it and give a rating Im sorry for my english.
  24. In the "PREPARE TO ESCAPE" location selector, there are brief descriptions about each map. Under each description is a clock symbol, with the amount of time on the timer; a fist symbol, with the difficulty; and a symbol of people, with an estimation between 2 numbers. What does the symbol of people mean, and what do the numbers next to it mean?
  25. Zolty47

    Personal wishlist for EFT

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a list of features, game mechanics, guns etc. that I would like to see in EFT. On map Labs Features: 1. Raiders can also spawn if you use a keycard. The load outs of these raiders are security level dependent, juggernaut level for red and black keycard rooms. These Raiders investigate for intruders at the opened door, inside the room and surroundings. Then patrol around the disturbed security area. Actively looking for intruders. React to gun fire and movement noise. 2. Reduce the extract points from 7 to 5. Are a bit too much imo. Features for all maps: 1. Minimal raid time of 20 minutes for above level 15 players, after these 20 min raid are gone, extract points will be activated. 2. Secure container is locked against any loot for above level 15 players, these 2 changes make the raids more livid, fight for loot, defend it, easy looting for beginners only. 3.  Balancing hatchling runs vs geared runs, speed of hatchlings brings them first to loot room, but then they will have to still defend the loot. 4. Thermal scopes work realistically: A. Body and clothing have not everywhere the same temperature, even games like Splinter Cell 1 had already a more realistic thermal mechanic. B. gLass blocks thermal sight 5. Anti-cheat: Possible to send a kill-camera-feed with the name 6. Fix the micro freezes 7. Realistic armour with weak points: A. Example: Armour vest is weak on side profile (only flexible material, no ceramic or metal plates), shoulder parts and armpits. 8. Fix shotguns please, they seem to be severely bugged 9. AI personality and skill set: Give AI a more profound personality pattern, scavs should have different skills set on a table from 1 to 10, following possible skills: A. Talkativity B. Grenade throwing C. Sneaking/Stealth D. Recoil control/ gun handling E. Precision F. Situational awareness G. Team work H. Reaction speed from 200 ms to 900 ms. I. Seeing in dark places, recognition speed of intruders, like in Splinter cell Blacklist 10. More map interaction: A. Light switches B. Motion sensor bound lights C. Fuse boxes in basements D. Power supply for buildings can be turned on and off in the basement E. Destructible wall parts to find hidden loot or alternative entrance. F. Locked crates, that can only be opened by a crowbar or blow torch G. Doors can be relocked H. Ladders can be used I. Usable Curtains, Drapes J. Fence cutter, feature for extracting for example K. Dead letter boxes from traders (rather complex feature to dedign and balance) 11. Random loot spawns, only buildings are fix, but room and exact location is random 12. Skills can increase but also decrease depending on playstyle (endurance and strength can decrease again, slowly, if not used most of the time, muscle get sized down by body if not needed) 13. Treasure chests / personal hidable stash boxes: A. 3 different versions: 3x3 fields 6 kg heavy, 4x4 fields 10 kg, 5x5 fields 15 kg B. 1 Chest per map maximal for you, can spawn only in your game session, can be looted from other spawned in players then too. 14. All keys and keycards have limited usages, also the paracord. 15. Gun and drum mag jamming, galling of special gun parts over time, needed to be replaced after some time. 16. Healing should be more realistic: A. Binding your arm for example has to be completed to heal you, knoted the binding to hold B. Blood loss debuff, blood conserves, how realistic it will be to do it by yourself?? C. To fix broken bones should be a longer animation 17. Step-less weight system: A. Starting by 0 kg, every pound / 500 gramm debuffs increase slowly in a realistic way. 18. Stamina bar has 4 zones: A. Green 100 % - 75 %: gives buffs Yellow 75 % - 50 % : no buffs, minor debuffs Orange 50 % - 25 %: middle debuffs Red 25 % - 0 %: major debuffs Make the effects realistic as possible, think about your own body, how he reacts if you go to your limits. 19. Goal: raid for needed gear, not just money. A. Only what you found personally can be sold on flea market. B. Top 30 % gear can either be traded against other „found in raid items“, dollar and euro OR to this terms only sold and bought to traders, not allowed on flea market at all. Traders will give you much less than they would demand for the item. 20. List the names of all competing players that played on the map after the raid. Possible to tag him as a cheater and send video proof, 15 seconds death cam or personal feed. A. For players IP adresses should be of course concealed, only visible for server, server also get to know hardware data of every player. To identify using platform. B. 2 way identification for player account, bound to smartphone and personal ID. 21. Clothing should be possible to be recolored, to create team based looks. Carmouflage pattern and pattern for guns, backpacks and clothing. Realistic skins. Can mix up to 4 different colors into the pattern. 22. Carmouflage color for the face 23. Carmourflage disabled for top 15 % of armour backpacks. 24. AI able to use mortars and MGs, grenade launchers, but only elite AI, not scavs. Precision should be bad. Please feel free to add your own points and critisize mine in a fair way.
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