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Found 82 results

  1. In the "PREPARE TO ESCAPE" location selector, there are brief descriptions about each map. Under each description is a clock symbol, with the amount of time on the timer; a fist symbol, with the difficulty; and a symbol of people, with an estimation between 2 numbers. What does the symbol of people mean, and what do the numbers next to it mean?
  2. Zolty47

    Personal wishlist for EFT

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a list of features, game mechanics, guns etc. that I would like to see in EFT. On map Labs Features: 1. Raiders can also spawn if you use a keycard. The load outs of these raiders are security level dependent, juggernaut level for red and black keycard rooms. These Raiders investigate for intruders at the opened door, inside the room and surroundings. Then patrol around the disturbed security area. Actively looking for intruders. React to gun fire and movement noise. 2. Reduce the extract points from 7 to 5. Are a bit too much imo. Features for all maps: 1. Minimal raid time of 20 minutes for above level 15 players, after these 20 min raid are gone, extract points will be activated. 2. Secure container is locked against any loot for above level 15 players, these 2 changes make the raids more livid, fight for loot, defend it, easy looting for beginners only. 3.  Balancing hatchling runs vs geared runs, speed of hatchlings brings them first to loot room, but then they will have to still defend the loot. 4. Thermal scopes work realistically: A. Body and clothing have not everywhere the same temperature, even games like Splinter Cell 1 had already a more realistic thermal mechanic. B. gLass blocks thermal sight 5. Anti-cheat: Possible to send a kill-camera-feed with the name 6. Fix the micro freezes 7. Realistic armour with weak points: A. Example: Armour vest is weak on side profile (only flexible material, no ceramic or metal plates), shoulder parts and armpits. 8. Fix shotguns please, they seem to be severely bugged 9. AI personality and skill set: Give AI a more profound personality pattern, scavs should have different skills set on a table from 1 to 10, following possible skills: A. Talkativity B. Grenade throwing C. Sneaking/Stealth D. Recoil control/ gun handling E. Precision F. Situational awareness G. Team work H. Reaction speed from 200 ms to 900 ms. I. Seeing in dark places, recognition speed of intruders, like in Splinter cell Blacklist 10. More map interaction: A. Light switches B. Motion sensor bound lights C. Fuse boxes in basements D. Power supply for buildings can be turned on and off in the basement E. Destructible wall parts to find hidden loot or alternative entrance. F. Locked crates, that can only be opened by a crowbar or blow torch G. Doors can be relocked H. Ladders can be used I. Usable Curtains, Drapes J. Fence cutter, feature for extracting for example K. Dead letter boxes from traders (rather complex feature to dedign and balance) 11. Random loot spawns, only buildings are fix, but room and exact location is random 12. Skills can increase but also decrease depending on playstyle (endurance and strength can decrease again, slowly, if not used most of the time, muscle get sized down by body if not needed) 13. Treasure chests / personal hidable stash boxes: A. 3 different versions: 3x3 fields 6 kg heavy, 4x4 fields 10 kg, 5x5 fields 15 kg B. 1 Chest per map maximal for you, can spawn only in your game session, can be looted from other spawned in players then too. 14. All keys and keycards have limited usages, also the paracord. 15. Gun and drum mag jamming, galling of special gun parts over time, needed to be replaced after some time. 16. Healing should be more realistic: A. Binding your arm for example has to be completed to heal you, knoted the binding to hold B. Blood loss debuff, blood conserves, how realistic it will be to do it by yourself?? C. To fix broken bones should be a longer animation 17. Step-less weight system: A. Starting by 0 kg, every pound / 500 gramm debuffs increase slowly in a realistic way. 18. Stamina bar has 4 zones: A. Green 100 % - 75 %: gives buffs Yellow 75 % - 50 % : no buffs, minor debuffs Orange 50 % - 25 %: middle debuffs Red 25 % - 0 %: major debuffs Make the effects realistic as possible, think about your own body, how he reacts if you go to your limits. 19. Goal: raid for needed gear, not just money. A. Only what you found personally can be sold on flea market. B. Top 30 % gear can either be traded against other „found in raid items“, dollar and euro OR to this terms only sold and bought to traders, not allowed on flea market at all. Traders will give you much less than they would demand for the item. 20. List the names of all competing players that played on the map after the raid. Possible to tag him as a cheater and send video proof, 15 seconds death cam or personal feed. A. For players IP adresses should be of course concealed, only visible for server, server also get to know hardware data of every player. To identify using platform. B. 2 way identification for player account, bound to smartphone and personal ID. 21. Clothing should be possible to be recolored, to create team based looks. Carmouflage pattern and pattern for guns, backpacks and clothing. Realistic skins. Can mix up to 4 different colors into the pattern. 22. Carmouflage color for the face 23. Carmourflage disabled for top 15 % of armour backpacks. 24. AI able to use mortars and MGs, grenade launchers, but only elite AI, not scavs. Precision should be bad. Please feel free to add your own points and critisize mine in a fair way.
  3. TarkovCitizen65776

    Mobile application for game

    Hi everyone! Ive made an application with: -free cost. No any limitation in functionality. -no banner ads - at all )) -maps with switchable markers - with descriptions and screenshots -items comparison such as ammo, weapons, body armors -ammo you can test in application (soon i will add functionality to test armors as well) -flea market - simple but very needed for everyone -search items - been in raid u need to know how much cost this or other item. Search will help you - there is three kinds of price: your flea market price, other players flea market price or default price from wiki -streams and videos inside the app. Guides or just for fun and streams -and much more And many other features. I will implement a lot more. Maybe you have some ideas? Application is fully translated to english. download me on Android Website - translation will be soon I would be grateful if you download it and give a rating Im sorry for my english.
  4. Zolty47

    Dead letter boxes, stash boxes

    Hello everyone, I had recently the idea about dead letter boxes. Every trader has some dead letter boxes on maps ( not every map ). In these you could put your gear to extract it, if its insured. You can also put loot in it, but it will cost you 50 % of its value to buy it from him back. Has to be bought back immediately after raid, otherwise you loose the ownership on it. The dead letter boxes are marked with the symbol of the owning trader. Every map has some dead letter boxes, but not of every trader. Only 4 dead letter boxes per map. Labs has 2. Factory has 1. Second idea: buriable stash boxes Dont be worried, I take load times into the account, and other details. 1. Can be aquired via quests, and bought for much money 2. Sizes: - 2x3 fields, weight: 2 kg, takes 6 fields in backpack - 3x3 fields, weight: 4 kg, takes 9 fields in backpack - 3x4 fields, weight: 6 kg takes 12 fields in backpack 3. Is like a hamster bag, can be buried or hidden somewhere on the map, can be looted from other players. But they are hard to find. 4. Good for hatchlings, against exit campers 5. Take the loot from the buried stash box if you feel safe making it out of the map alive (bc you are heavily armoured and gunned) 6. Its like your own treasure box, you should remember its position or make an in-game treasure map. 7. Looting this treasure map from a corpse makes you a treasure hunter! 8. Buring this stash box and unbury it is only possible with the shovel. Its a melee weapon with an unique ability. I am excited about your feedback. The stash box is intended for loot, the secure container could be changed to "owned gear" only, not anymore for loot. Stash boxes, spawn mechanic: A. Your stash box spawns only on your game session. So on a map where 12 PMCs spawn can only be 12 stash boxes for example. The wont be loading problems. Maybe more than 100.000 people play this game. But only your stash box and your opponents stash boxes will get spawned, so on a max 12 PMC raid map, only 12 stash boxes can spawn. I hope that was precisely enough discribed. I am excited about your feedback!
  5. https://arcg.is/1Wjize0 I hope it will be useful for you :)
  6. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich an den Callouts und da ein bischen Übersicht in die Sache zu bringen, auch hier sind Vorschläge gern gesehen! Was die Karte momentan bietet: Grundriss für fast alle offene Gebäude. Einige sind nicht auf den Meter genau sondern sollen nur zur schnellen Orientierung und auffinden von Loot sein Grundriss der 2-er und 3-er Dorms mit Zimmernummern inklusive betretbare und abgeschlossene Räume Übersicht aller Schlüssel die für Customs genutzt werden sowie der jeweilige Ort an dem dieser nötig ist Lootmap für Gebäude und Außengebiete. Umfasst: Waffen (Waffenkisten, lose Waffen, Teile und Waffenständer), Kisten (Munition und Waffenteile), Granatenkisten, Safes, Loses Geld und Kassen, Jacken, Taschen und Toolboxen, verschiedenes looses Loot, Computer, Schränke, Leichen sowie lose Medizin und Medizinkoffer Spawngebiete und Ausgänge für PMC's Ausgänge für SCAV's (Callouts) Im Anhang Customs Ohne Callout und Customs mit Callouts. Diese findet ihr auch hier (ohne Callouts) und hier (mit Callouts). Grüße und euch erfolgreiche runs Mit bestem Dank an Maksen für den 3D Hintergrund. Erstes Update Dank eurer Hilfe aus dem Forum und Reddit habe ich einige Lootspots geändert und hinzugefügt. In der nächsten Version werden noch die auffindbaren Schlüssel eingefügt.
  7. Im new to the game ( I havent been able to extract yet). I hear customs is the map to play if you wanna pick up loot and gather some cash as a scav. My PMC guy only has a handgun so I only play online as a scav to gather resources. I try to avoid combat since all the pmc players outgear me and seem to play in groups of 2-3. My issue is that it keeps spawning me by the Factory. From what i can tell, it's basically a big box of an area with only one exit through a opening in the wall. This is a high traffic area and an absolute death trap. I always hear people on the other side of the wall and try to avoid it but I dont see any other way around. Am I missing something here or is this part of the map design to funnel players into confrontation?
  8. xElik203

    Karten Bug v 0.12

    Ich habe eine Karte vom Zollgelände gekauft. Wenn ich sie vor einem Raid öffne, wird mir alles normal angezeigt. Sobald ich auf dieser Karte ran zoome, wird sie komplett weiß. Muss dann das Spiel neustarten damit ich wieder was auf der Karte sehe, wenn ich aber wieder ran zoome, passiert das selbe. Ist das bei euch auch so ? Hab schon nach Lösungen gesucht aber nichts gefunden was mir geholfen hat.
  9. stAKato

    About exfils, watches and clocks

    Hello BSG team and Escapers, 1st, I already know there will be Clock Watch animations 2nd, since we have and we'll have more and more animations (food, drink, heal, repack, search...) would you please answer this suggestion why not remove the current clock/exfils list and replace these by functionnal time devices ? - Classical moving white watch hands indicating current time, - Alloted time is shown by non moving red watch hands - The last 10 minutes of the raid would be signalized by backlight flashes that goes faster until the timer ends - Pressing double O will raise a list or a map (if you have one in your pocket/pouch) where current possible exits are drawn. - Of course, on locations, you could find clocks (on walls, pendulum clocks, digital clocks...) and maps that shows these informations. Like character customisation, you would be able to buy digital watches ("Casual" for "Casio"), luxury watches (Rolex[Roller], Omega, Audemar Piguet...), smartwatches (gWatch on wich you can download maps)... This is not a matter of realism to me, but a matter of immersion. Thanks for reading.
  10. MGalipoli

    Radioaktive Zone

    Hi I had an idea. What about a radioaktive map or at least part of the map. First of all you need a special armor or a gasmask to not leak health. Or drink some vodka which would do the same for say 20min. (Yes good old Stalker mechanic). It would offer many possibilities for quests (measure with the GMcounter at some points of the map, or something similar), hideout (built a shower where you can wash it away, because without a proper armor you return from the Raid you are still radioaktive) or a special box for the artifact that could be found only in the radioaktive zone (maybe one out of glas where you can see the artifact glowing inside which looks awesome in the hideout if you turn of the light). Maybe another dealer which change some stuff for the armor/gasmask. And buys the artifact from the zone. Like endgamecontent. Earning specific artifact as a badge. You see it offerse a lot of possibilities. What do you think?
  11. CmbatWmbat

    Reserve map

    Hi, I would like to suggest turning around the map of reserve that is shown on many sites, as the north is not at the top but actually at the bottom. If you go to the radar station, you can see the shoreline resort buildings and its northern building. Therefore the radar station must be in the South of the map however it is shown at the top which led to some confusion between me and mates because we often use cardinal directions for call outs. ^^ Thank you.
  12. To add a lil bit of change to the outdoor maps, maybe add a new snow map where your body heat can fall drastically in open places. Ways to raise body heat could be standing near fires (popular scav spots), using thick clothes (new body armor category), matches to slightly increase heat.
  13. twixsvk

    New map

    New map for Tarkov: City/village outside of tarkov. You would spawn in tarkov area and you would have to cross heavily guarded border. It would be night only map. (To excuse absence of civilians, the village would be under curfew.) After you cross the border you have several traders that you can sell to and buy from for way better prices. Then, you would have to cross the border again to get your goodies back home. The city would be patrolled by npcs that would start pursuit if they saw you. The guards of the border would be so op that winning a fight would be almost impossible.
  14. Linear discoveries on map connected to non linear behavior ( = if the player goes on the map and checks it .. the game will show a writing)... the game is poor of road signs even if I can ready greek and cyrillic I can really read the game unless I cheat it outside of it... Unless it's factory where a good job has been done (as far as I know for the map, compared to Customs map). I want to suggest to the devs to develop a system like in THE LONG DARK or other games: if you are in an area, you discover that area: you can actually write something on the map. The game will automatically sense the area you are at and show what "LINEAR DESIGN" meeting NON LINEAR GAMEPLAY (the most successful thing nowadays in game design)... The player will just decide to "sign stuff on the NEWLY BOUGHT MAP and what happens is that "like in a pseudo fog of war" system the game will just write something if you are "BY\NEAR something" otherwise you will just have wasted time ... nothing else. Please check The long Dark to get inspired on what I mean, and please be sure to understand what I mean and why I share this. I want to share this suggestion with you because I think this game is DEEPLY based especially in the beginning on navigation\orientation of the player ... I went to custom mainly and then on internet I found that we can actually buy maps already from the beginning (I could not find them since I thought they were under "info items") So instead to "cheat the game" by going on internet as anybody can do, i bought in game maps and now I also got them outside of the game and started editing them. What is my experience and desire is of course not other ppl way to play the game. But if you invest in the map navigation "blinded" phase as we are in the early hours (100 - 200 h ) of gameplay we will have much fun at discovering places. I am not saying to have a prompt appearing on screen, hell no. I am talking of a system that allows to grab the map in game and mark places (automatic linear design) when the player decides to mark places.. So that in the beginning we have somehow another game in the game (fun) to "defend" our way toward knowledge of the map, not just killing for killing or completing quests for completing quests like a blinded completionist that doesn't care at all of facing the challenge... dear devs, I think that doing something like this (as somehow you did for FACTORY) would make the game enhance the value of game\level design you spent in it. The suggestion isn't very clear, but I just want to inspire \ to imagine 1 or 2 things the game could do with the map (without mentioning how cool it would be if you introduced a map in game like metro does (.. like "physically in game").
  15. Please enjoy this Shoreline Map with Key & Card Spawns. 0.11 I made this, but I would like to credit: MAKSEN (3D map) and Pestily, ThunderKing, PhotonReady, GKF_Teufel (key/card spawn locations).
  16. Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je me permet de créer un topic pour la carte Shoreline - Littoral. Car nous venons de réaliser un article où nous détaillons sous toutes les coutures la carte : https://gameomatic.fr/escape-from-tarkov-la-carte-shorline-littoral-detaille/ Je vous invite donc à nous denez votre avis sur l'article dans un premier temps, et à relevez des erreurs si vous en voyez (ce qui arrive ^^), mais aussi à nous dire si vous aimeriez que la même chose soit faite pour les autres cartes... Ensuite donnez votre avis sur la carte, vous l'appréciez ou pas du tout ? Vous la jouez de jour ou de nuit ? Vous n'hésitez pas à appenter le complexe hôtelier ou pas ? Merci 😉 @+
  17. kapu05

    I want a job at Battlestategames

    Hello im Gabriel a 14 year old gamer who has 8 years of PC experience but im not good at programming or coding i just want to have a level design job at Battlestategames where i make new maps or update some maps you know so im thinking will they take me if i dont have any programming experience. I guess that level design is simple you just drag objects put them in place and put item spawns and stuff
  18. Marvelin

    Maps of Tarkov

    I made a few maps with alot of updated stuff. Customs and Shoreline were rendered by Maksen and edited by me. You find the latest versions at http://www.marvelin.se Let me know what you miss from them, they are constantly under construction when I find more spawnpoint etc.
  19. Snatch_ttv

    Pay for map.

    Hello bsg here a little suggestion to help the anti cheat The other day some friend and i had a talk about pay for map that idea come from dcs world flight module , map . I know that is kind idea and lot of poeple will disagree with it but here the sugestion . Game standard edition contain only factory map as a free map . Other version include a single map has a selective one in profile like a unlock . Exemple : custom 100$ wood 100$ interchange 100$ labs 100$ no discount no special sale . I own a EOD edition and im willing to pay for map. The point of this make a cheat free game , maybe not the greatess idea but one will defenitly work in those monkey man owning 600$ of map and get a account ban oufff , imagine the guy poeple are sick of these monkey wizzard . This idea increase the game value but will decrease cheater amount ! That all i got and maybe start a pool about this . If the awnser is yes +1 if the anwnser is No add a reply box for commenting
  20. CDG_WINTER011

    Fotos del nuevo mapa (Military Base)

    Nuevo mapa: Military Base Se localiza entre Customs y Shoreline. Habrá botín único en este mapa. Se encontrarán muchas cosas relacionadas con los PMC en este mapa, ya que BEAR y USEC estuvieron combatiendo en esta localización. Este mapa tendrá la posibilidad de hacer que aparezcan Scav Raiders (que irán en busca de los jugadores) junto a Scavs estándar. En este mapa se podrán encontrar: lanza granadas estacionarios AGS-30, morteros estacionarios, RPG-SPG-9 estacionarios y ametralladoras pesadas estacionarias DShK de calibre 50. Las armas estacionarias tendrán una cantidad de munición aleatoria, pero se podrá encontrar más munición en este mapa e incluso los jugadores podrán cargar más antes de entrar en la incursión. Salidas únicas: con pistolas de bengalas entre otras. En este mapa no habrán salidas "gratuitas", tendrás que hacer diferentes cosas para poder salir. A continuación, dejo todas las imágenes del nuevo mapa que se viene.
  21. ATTENTION : Les informations ci-dessous sont en phase de BETA et peuvent donc changer entre plusieurs mise à jour . Ce topic est une traduction de “The Velvet Gentleman” par mes soins du forum uwsgaming . Et donc toute information utile en rapport avec les Clés qui permettent d’ouvrire différente porte ou autres sont les bienvenue a la suite de ce topic . Factory Factory key - Elle ne devrait jamais quitter votre Pouch , elle permet d’ouvrire 2 extraction et la porte barricadée des bureaux au 3ème étage . Vous pouvez y trouver des armes et d’autres matériaux rare . La clé factory permet d'ouvrir un raccourcis sur custom a droite avant la station essence. Key - Un clé sans nom qui ouvre le petit bunker non loin de l’entré du tunnel dans la zone nommé “PvP” . Il y’a rarement des objets utiles. Woods ZB-014 - Elle ouvre la porte fermée du bunker non loin de l’extraction . Il y a des casiers , une caisse d’armement et des objets disséminé un peu partout . Yotota - Peu ouvrire un pickup dans la scierie après les 3 cabanons . Custom Custom Key - Elle permet d’ouvrire la porte blanche en haut dans l'entrepôt rouge . On y trouve beaucoup de matériel informatique dans les ordinateurs , un coffre fort et quelques sac / gilet ouvrable . Key (Couleur Noir) - Elle ouvre la porte dans la station service . On y trouve un Coffre fort , très rarement un pistolet dans le bureau , des roubles sur le sol et des objets dans les vestes . Cabin key - Ouvre la porte de la cabine dans le dépôt de bus . Des objets non rare et parfois des balles de 7.62 . Checkpoint Key - Une clé très importante car les ouvre la porte au fond de la carte , au “Checkpoint” , il y a 2 boites de munition , une boite de grenade et un râtelier d’arme . Storage - Permet d’ouvrire la pièce médical dans la station service . Elle contient un sac médical ouvrable et une boite médical ouvrable également . Car key - Elle ouvre une voiture dans le parking , ou s’y trouve une boite de grenade . (VAZ) Six pack key : cette clef n est pas encore utilisée mais elle le sera probablement dans une future quête. Hotel à 1 Étage Dorm Guard Desk - Ouvre le poste de garde à l’entré de l'hôtel , on y trouve 2 boîte de munition , un râtelier d’arme et une boîte d’arme . Room 104 - Ouvre la porte 104 ; 2 gilet ouvrable et 1 ToolBox Room 105 - Ouvre la porte 105 ; il y’a un Coffre fort . Room 105 (206) - Cette clé permet d’ouvrire la porte 105 et 206 . Room 110 - Ouvre la porte 110 ; 1 Coffre fort et plusieurs objets sur le sol . Room 110 (114) - Cette clé ouvre la porte 110 et 114 , on y trouve un coffre , une boite médical et un ordinateur . Hotel à 2 Etage Room 108 (103) - Cette clé ouvre la porte 103 , vous-y trouverez de la nourriture et/ou de l’eau. Room 118 - Des vestes ouvrables et d’autre objet au sol Room 204 - Contient un casier et quelques objets au sol.. Room 214 - Cette salle comporte surtout des munitions, on peut aussi y trouver un coffre fort. Room 218 - Cette salle comporte une arme . Room 306 - Une clé presque inutile car elle ouvre une salle presque vide . Vous y trouverez quelques objets au sol. Room 308 - Cette salle contient des tonnes d’argent , si vous avez l'occasion de l’ouvrire n'hésitez pas !. Marked Room (314) - La salle de rituel , vous pouvez y trouver de l’argent des objets non important , une arme “pistolet” et des grenades si vous êtes Room 315 - Spawn possible d’un pistolet sur le canapé et d’autres objets inutile. Voila , si vous souhaitez plus d'information vous pouvez vous rendre sur le topic anglais " ici " . N'hésitez pas a répondre a ce post avec le nom de la clé et une image de cette dernière pour un ajout !
  22. Melchizedek

    Map Idea - Creating Inspiration

    Hey All, I created an image of a map suggestion I made. I enjoy making ideas and putting together posts so when I had this idea, I had to put it down and send it out there to hopefully inspire others.
  23. Europoor

    EFT players worldwide

    I started this little thing in zeemaps. You can tag in your location, so we can make a picture about where people are playing from https://zeemaps.com/map?group=1875855&add=1# 7 All you have to do is move your mouse over additions, then select add marker - simple Somebody could also bring it to the Russian side of the forum khm @TheSnikers At people will calm down a bit, find something other to do
  24. VictatorGaming

    The Lab Map all-in-one

    I edited the two map source from the internet to one 16:9 format picture. Have fun in The Lab
  25. Hello, Check my app witch helps to localize extractions on map and it is free. You can enter extraction name in search bar and map will zoom on that location. Screens: App: https://play.google.com/storeps/details?id=pl.kita.escapeplanfromtarkov
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