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Found 39 results

  1. Lord_War_Dog

    Small training map

    It could be really helpfull to have an small map with very low risk and basically no reward, some thing small like the neighborhoods in shoreline with some poorly armed scavs and no pvp... Just a small map to take a new player and teach him how to play in a live scenario where you still can lose your stuff but much safer than trying to teach someone how to loot in an pvp match. Again this map should not have any profitable loot, just trash and maybe some food. The area should be treated like an allready looted placed with no significant risk
  2. Дорогие друзья! Мы рады представить вашему внимание тактическую карту, для обучения новоиспечённых игроков кланов Escape from Tarkov! Тактическую карту для обучения и создания тактики боя, от игрового сообщества PlayNetGame. Как пользоваться: Переходим на сайт escapefromtarkov.by Создаём комнату! После чего выбираем карту из списка доступного в меню слева. Дальше знакомимся с интерфейсом, после чего делимся ссылкой с другими участниками. Предупреждаем, данный движок находится на стадии разработки, со временем будут происходить обновления и улучшения. На данном этапе мы мало что имеем от нашей игры, нам требуются иконки из игры .png, для добавления в меню Не забываем высказывать свои мнения и пожелания, чего не хватает и что вы хотите видеть в будущем. Доступна авторизация только через VK Руководство по использованию тактической картой. На данный момент доступны карты представленные ниже. Что бы добавить свою личную карту, необходимо написать в данную тему! С уважение отдел технической поддержки Escape from Tarkov! При поддержке игрового клана PNG.
  3. IzSumTingWong

    Make labs free again.

    Hey. I liked the idea of charging to get into labs for cash & all. Can you please do that, upon finished said game. Not in the bloody beta? Aren't we here to test things? Not waste time or diddle daddle around the question. We paid, for a semi finished product to test it's durability, handling & features. So instead of restricting all those hard working people who own your game. Who probably don't have so much time to play it, just let them enjoy & TEST this product/game you guys are presenting. Your testing would probably go 10x better, with no loyalty needed for traders, just level caps. More loot, like more of the stuff you want to test, For eg... Grenades with no sound,. no muzzle flash, suppressor making no sound. I'm 110% for you guys & for a small dev team. You guys rock! Will continue to do so & bend the rules on FPS gaming.. But can you bloody let the players test the god damn game? We are NOT here to do stupid quests which result in us NOT keeping the gear. Piece of advice.... Weekly events, daily challenges & ways to interact with other players. So we don't have to kill hatchlings... I enjoy seeing a friendly scav player & we take down players & share loot... That experience ROCKS!!!
  4. Marvelin

    Maps of Tarkov

    I made a few maps with alot of updated stuff. Customs and Shoreline were rendered by Maksen and edited by me. You find the latest versions at http://www.marvelin.se Let me know what you miss from them, they are constantly under construction when I find more spawnpoint etc.
  5. Specktre

    Problema Mappa

    Ciao a tutti, ho un problema con la mappa "factory", quando provo a giocare, mi dice che non ho la mappa nell'inventario, ma in realtà ne ho addirittura due, quando le vado a vedere dal menù, mi rimangono tutte bianche, come mai?
  6. Melchizedek

    Map Idea - Creating Inspiration

    Hey All, I created an image of a map suggestion I made. I enjoy making ideas and putting together posts so when I had this idea, I had to put it down and send it out there to hopefully inspire others.
  7. Ok so after a good few raids last night i laid down and tried to head off to sleep but had a vary interesting idea. The Scav Raiders seem quite intent on Tera group labs, There is something in there they want but what is it? Well then thats when the idea hit me how do they know about it? Raider faction. It is quite clear these raiders are not part of any of the basic scav gangs, I have been thinking about how they would react to the other scavs. The reason i say this is i think it would be a stellar idea if there was a chance that the Raiders could spawn in locations were Teragroup lab information could be found. Places such as Customs Dorms, the power pylon for customs over looking new gas, Shoreline resort, and even the bunkers on woods. I am sure there are more locations i am missing but im sure you guys could fill me in on that. As far as the raiders as far as we know they do not have any connection for deal maker's gang or killa's gang, so it is reasonable to think that if confronted by other scavs or even the cultists when they are added the raiders would engage them like they would player scav's or pmc's Why are they spawning at these locations? so well to put it plainly, they are trying to get in to labs just like we are, so why would they not spawn at these locations looking for key cards, access codes, and other information about teragroup labs. So why wouldn't we see them spawning in these locations? Scav on Scav violance How would they interact with other scavs? It has been said by the devs they do plan to add faction play to the npc's in the game when they get closer to the end of the game and i think the idea of raiders, and scavs having a fire fight and players getting suck in the middle could be an interesting twist. I have played stalker for a long time and i loved that you could be looting in a building and a fight between stalkers and bandits could just erupt around you and you could chose to help ether side. The same could be said about the raider scavs and say Deal maker's scavs im more then sure deal maker would not take too kindly to these raiders coming on to his turf and would give them or at least try to give them a right ass kicking. with could lead to players finding dead raiders or even deal maker scavs, or just scavs in general with were too unlucky to spawn near dorms and wander in. Equipment Since These raiders are not located with in the labs location, i think it would be safe to say that the devs could give them some less modified weapons, and perhaps some lower teir armor, after all these are the scouts looking for information rather then the assault force with is assaulting teragroups lab. Lets say lvl4 at best armor, with some weapons with are modded out much like say deal maker's guards. This would give another way for players to find lab access keys as well by killing these scout raiders. Ai behavior. This is the tricky one the question is how tough should these guys be out side of labs, as they are not the main assault force but more so a recon scout should they be as weak as normal scavs or should they be just above that of deal makers boys? With this question in mind, would we also see them posted up diffrently then normal scavs say we have one at the sand bags on dorms looking over the court yard another two on the ground floor with two on the second floor when they spawn looking between the two dorms. The same question could be asked about Resort, sould we see some of thes Raiders perched up on the roofs with six or seven of their raider buddies looking through the resort trying to find clues about Teragroup labs? I think yes to both questions, they sould be alittle more advanced then normal scavs but nowhere near that of the lab raiders, but also i think it would be intresting to have the chance of them spawning at these locations much like you would deal maker or killa on those same maps. Why have them spawn at all? well the thing is I don't feel that players should be able to buy or trade for the Tera group labs access key from the traders, It dose not feel organic and when players can afford to buy these things again and again and again it dose not matter how many times you go in to labs you are most likely going to be going in to a full lobby any one becouse anyone and their grandmother can buy one. I have found 4 lab keys since i have played since this wipe, and i have only bought 1 from the marketplace. The reason to have them spawn is to seed the world with lab keys allowing players to fight more then just deal maker, or killa to find these key cards. as well as add more danger to some of these maps with can at times feel like a cake walk, But with the restriction of the key cards no longer being able to be bought or traded for from traders This would make finding one of them more meaning full and lower the number of people with are crowding the labs for loot and xp.
  8. A great idea (in my opinion) would be that trousers could be also able to change and loot. More clothes would be great, and different cammos and ghillies. For example, A black uniform set or a Ghillie suit. A desert map would also be fantastic with desert cammo.
  9. Aussieeeee

    Addition To Customs Map!

    So the Idea I am suggesting is to Create a bottle neck shortcut between the corner of skeleton,The blue container near new construction and the train at Old gas. Why: - The Checkpoint woods, Shipping yard and Shortcut are all very easily secured when camped. I do this, I love it but it does make customs easy. - The map is extremely Linear, which forces PVP action unnaturally. - It creates a security risk for all spawn points. - Make the bottle neck shortcut tight and an easy killbox. So its risky to go through, but an option to the other areas. Give it a key, or make it extremely noisy to cross. Anyway, just a starting Idea but maybe it would be a great addition to the Map and give it a rework.
  10. Ishtaunt

    map designs

    I'm curious about how the maps were created. I am a drafting student and blueprints are my thing, so I showed my teacher and she was curious if it was copied from a source. I'm curious as well so i would like an answer at some point.
  11. A practice map with all the weapons and other equipment on a new map would be awesome. Loading into a firing range with any gun at your disposal would help a lot with practice. Practice shooting moving targets, strafing while shooting, gauging range on a scope, learning a new gun and many more possibilities.
  12. Meine Absolute Lieblingskarte ist Shoreline weil sie von allen etwas hat , ich habe die Möglichkeit als Scharfschütze mein Unwesen zu treiben mich als Rambo durch das Sanatorium zu schlagen oder auch ganz ruhig wie Rotkäppchen nach meiner Oma in den Häusern zu suchen. Ab und zu kommt mal der böse Wolf und ich wechsel zu Mad Max . Zwei Mann geh'n rein, ein Mann geht raus!. Genau die Richtige Größe finde ich alles in allem sehr gelungen. Die Karte die ich am wenigsten mag ist Factory ,da sie mich zu sehr an Counterstrike erinnert. Ich hoffe es kommt nicht noch eine von dieser Sorte . Die anderen Karten finde ich auch gut wobei ich Customs am härtesten finde. Factory bewerte ich nicht am schwierigsten weil sie für mich keine Typische EFT Karte ist .Ich finde ok das sie drin ist und verstehe das sie einige bestimmt gut finden aber ich persönlich meide diese Karte. Was ist eure Lieblingskarte und warum ? Welche mögt ihr am wenigsten und warum ?
  13. Time_X

    A Dream for the future of Woods

    Why are the Tarkov outdoors so boring? You que up onto woods ready to scramble through underbrush in a densely wooded area, trees and brush so thick you can't move quickly without becoming entangled in thorns, scavs and other PMCs could be hiding anywhere waiting for you to blunder through the bushes into their trap. Of course, instead you spawn on a map with a few lightly wooded patches and several places where you can almost guarantee that you will find other players based on the cluster of spawns everybody knows as well as where the loot and the scavs will be. I have several suggestions that amount to a rework of the woods map that I hope the community will add to and that the devs will take into consideration. Number one is definitely just some dramatic changes in the landscape. The whole map, despite being called woods, is ironically very lightly wooded. It's easy to go through the entire map without barely going into the woods with the use of the lumber roads and clearings. Even when going through the woods it's widely scattered trees that offer little cover. This sums up my first idea which is the introduction of a bramble, shrubs, and thorns that slows your pace and makes noise. This would provide cover that isn't rocks. I have never been to Russia, and have no clue if shrubbery is common, but this additional soft cover could be awesome. Deeper gullies and stream beds would offer better cover as opposed to the occasional rise and dips in the terrain you see now. Additionally, fallen trees, a frequent sight in any forest, should block your movement and provide limited cover. A fantastic landscape with stream beds, ditches, stumps, fallen trees, and brambles only adds to immersion. My second focus is the current layout that makes PVP interesting. As it currently stands, the survivors of the spawn areas make there way towards the other side of the map and towards the central scav and loot spawn known as Lumber Mill. There are multiple ways to get around two sectors of map surrounding this location, but the Lumber Mill itself is a central plain looked upon by a large rock. Aside from the cabin spawn, this location that all surviving players must travel through is undoubtedly the most dangerous place on the map. The sniper rock overlooking Lumber Mill is easily climbed with the map border behind it. Not only does this make it a great location to snipe from, but there is rarely resistance from behind. I suggest a map addition that adds a third side to this map and is conveniently located behind this tall rock overlooking Lumber Mill. Combined with further logging equipment, this location could include a stream and crawl-throughable drain pipes. A further addition to the map would reduce cramped spawns and open up areas for further looting. My third idea is a scav boss for woods. I understand there will be many of these to come, but positioning a scav boss either in the lumberyard or along one of the lumber roads would encourage players to head towards these locations, and most importantly camp them, which sounds bad in some light but I think further encouraging slow gameplay is something that would be great in Tarkov. Without proper AI, the boss would be immensely powerful as all scavs on woods are, able to shoot through the soft cover that completely blinds you, but the future addition of improved AI with more unique scavs and perhaps scav boss movement from one side of the mill to another would only improve the map. I would be very surprised if our current maps don't get reworks before release with the current quality of spawns and layout, there are so many ways they could make the maps go from okay to amazing. I hope that together we can achieve this goal. P.S. the Woodsman and his posse of angry lumberjacks would be great. P.P.S Thanks so much Emmettdogg (Okay honestly how do I change my username) for helping me edit and make this post and for all the fantastic input!
  14. Escapers! Wir wollen eure Meinung! Gut, die wollen wir immer, aber diesmal speziell auf die Karten Optimierungen für Customs und Shoreline. Bitte macht euer Feedback sachlich und postet nicht einfach "gut" oder "shoreline fäuft mies". Wir möchten schon genau wissen...: Was läuft besser ? Wo läuft es besser oder gar schlechter ? Gibt es Bereiche auf der Karte die besonders gut laufen oder besonders schlecht? Und wie spiegelt sich das wieder ? Wie haben sich eure druchscnittlichen FPS verbessert? (Vorher - Nachher) Bitte gebt auch kurz eure Sysspecs mit an: - CPU - RAM - GPU Danke vorab
  15. I just wanted to make a quick PSA to let anyone who views this know not to make markers on your maps. If you do then an error will occur where a spot within the player stash or secure container will be permanently put into an unusable state and if an item is placed in this slot the "228 Move Error" will occur. Currently you can fix the issue if it happened with a map in your secured container by taking the map that was marked and discarding it in raid. If the slot is within the player stash then the only fix is a complete wipe of the players account. If you do get this error make a bug report as soon as possible in an effort to bring it to the devs attention as it can be possibly game breaking in some cases. THIS MAY NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN WHEN MARKERS ARE PLACED ON MAPS BUT IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE WHEN IT COMES TO THE MATTER

    Map marker question

    I have a question regarding the in game map. I have placed somewhere around 98 map markers for the top two floors on the resort map. Is there somewhere I can find this map file to save it. So that when the game wipes and I repurchase the map, I can reload my map file with the pre-positioned points already affixed to it? Or is there a way for me to have access to said map freestanding from the game?
  17. MrXavito

    Recopilatorio de mapas Parche 0.11.x

    Con la salida del parche de fin de año, los nuevos (y no tan nuevos) han visto como las ya conocidas salidas de los mapas, eran reemplazadas por otras variantes que podían complicar (o no) aún más las Raids, con lo que creo que era conveniente tener a nuestra disposición la totalidad de los mapas con los nombres de esas salidas ya marcados. (Ampliarlos para verlos a más resolución) ¡Por aquí os los dejo! Nos vemos en Tarkov. Mapa de Shoreline por Maksen, convertido a 3D también por Maksen, Mapa con salidas de Shoreline por Freakpants. Mapa del Resort por Marvelin. Mapa de Customs creado por DaedalusTL, Versión 3D por Maksen. Mapa de Woods creado por DaedalusTL -Mapa isométrico de Factory creado por Stealtheh, traducido por Maiden116. Las salidas de los PMC las he añadido yo. -Mapa en 2D, vista cenital, modificado y creado por Tarkin. -Mapa alta resolución de Interchange. -LABS: Autores y Origen del Mapa. DaedaulusTL: Customs https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7m74f3/customs_extracts_scav_pmc/ Woods https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7m9wwa/updated_woods_extract_scav_pmc/ Maksen (Mapas 3D): Shoreline https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7o6hlt/shoreline_3d_map/ Customs https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7paeyj/customs_3d_map/ Stealtheh: Factory http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/26452-factory-map/
  18. What's the best way in your opinion to get the Fac. Key and does it spawn on Factory on dead scavs? Thanks
  19. JokerStevo

    Question about Maps

    The Question I have is the maps you get for Woods, Factory, or Customs when you take it in the game does it permanently have a map from then on? or does it disappear if you die and have to buy another if you lose it?
  20. PIG-Mathieu

    Nouvelles images d' Interchange

    *Traduction française du post anglais pour la nouvelle map Interchange* *Je supprimerais le post quand les modérateurs FR auront fait la traduction * Bonne année à tous camarades ! On a un autre cadeau pour vous... Images du développement d' un nouveau lieu appelé Interchange. La carte est un énorme centre commercial. Ce lieu sera disponible pour la bêta ouverte, espérons, avant la bêta ouverte !
  21. JohnTeef

    Health Resort Standalone Map

    I think you should make a standalone map of the health resort, as another map which plays in a similar way to factory. I have not really put much thought into this, its just an idea for you guys
  22. th1ng


    wenn ich eine map kaufe und sie anschaue soll man darauf ein paar punkte sehen wie loot ep usw was im reiter legend so alles drin steht... wie füllt man diese punte aus ? sie sieht immer gleich aus und sehe nur einstieg und Exit punkt wenn ich sie ansehe

    gib optimization pls

    i just spent 40 minutes on the new shoreline at 20 - 40 fps. if the new map wasn't so cool, i would vomit. I really want to explore what new shoreline has to offer, but its really difficult when it gives me a migraine due to such a low framerate. pls optimize shoreline BTW: Im running the game on a gtx 1080, and a quadcore intel i5 4690k processor.

    gib optimization pls

    i just spent 40 minutes on the new shoreline at 20 - 40 fps. if the new map wasn't so cool, i would vomit. I really want to explore what new shoreline has to offer, but its really difficult when it gives me a migraine due to such a low framerate. pls optimize shoreline BTW: Im running the game on a gtx 1080, and a quadcore intel i5 4690k processor.
  25. Ares87

    Mappe in alta risoluzione

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato da poco questo magnifico gioco, purtroppo come saprete per chi come me è agli inizi è molto difficile tenere a mente le varie aree del gioco, per questo ho deciso di realizzare un piccolo sito che ospita tutte le mappe (interattive) in alta risoluzione che di tanto in tanto andrò ad aggiornare con i relativi punti di spawn, zone di fuga, oggetti e tanto altro. Potete esplorare le mappe qui https://goo.gl/hik2Bb se volete contribuire inserendo i vari oggetti o tutto quello che reputate utile in mappa contattatemi e vi fornirò le autorizzazione per poter accedere. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita per la community di EFT. Ciaoo
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