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  1. Дорогие друзья! Мы рады представить вашему внимание тактическую карту, для обучения новоиспечённых игроков кланов Escape from Tarkov! Тактическую карту для обучения и создания тактики боя, от игрового сообщества PlayNetGame. Как пользоваться: Переходим на сайт escapefromtarkov.by Создаём комнату! После чего выбираем карту из списка доступного в меню слева. Дальше знакомимся с интерфейсом, после чего делимся ссылкой с другими участниками. Предупреждаем, данный движок находится на стадии разработки, со временем будут происходить обновления и
  2. I did some research and compiled all information regarding new woods map into a new map. feel free to build from here as this is not my map or location tags just added tags to map with true north.
  3. 8AlphaWolf8

    Feedback and Ideas for tarkov

    Escape From Tarkov I have a few ideas for the game Tarkov in which I would love to be heard by the developers of the game. —————————————————————————————————————— 1: Maps You should add maps for every map, right now there is only a few. On the maps we should be able to make our own legend and symbol for the legend and or make more symbols for the legend. Also the player should have a slot for a map to be put in where no one can take it but can view the map. —————————————————————————————————————— 2: Knife Takedowns The player should be able to knife takedo
  4. sonicimpulse

    Printable Maps

    Does anyone have a link to a website that has all the maps? I would like to print these out. I'm new to this game. Thank you all
  5. Hi! every one, I was wondering how to make labs just a bit friendly for new and casual players. This question came from the repect I have to play Labs, the most of the time I play in it, it's just to lose money, because I dont know the map, I dont know how the people move on it, where the hot zones are... A lot of this problems came from the people who usually play this map, They are F****** AWESOME and I can do nothing against there, so it's like a snowball the Pro players how play labs they gatting better and better and the players who dont want to play because they are scare of play in
  6. PippentheShort

    Expand Woods

    The gist of this is pretty simple. I enjoy pretty much all of the maps as they are and I'm looking forward to the expansion of Customs and the changes made to labs/addition of Streets. That all said, I think Woods needs some work. It's not bad as is, but I feel like it doesn't really live up to the name "Woods". This is what I would change: 1. Make it larger, something more similar on the scale of Shoreline. 2. Make the logging camp slightly larger and a little more involved. A. More buildings, like a saw building, more trucks, more piles of logs, etc. 3. Mo
  7. Made this basic guide for a friend so he wasn't looking around for all this stuff all the time, thought I would post it here for everyone to see. Here is the google doc link as well if you want: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vx5jB-lHfhiP3ijemqfIZ9NcXyplqBDLTc0-Zgl4KHw/edit?usp=sharing Maps: Customs: https://i.redd.it/8udfaht87zd51.png Factory: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zZuPDJk3iAc/maxresdefault.jpg Interchange: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/escapefromtarkov_gamepedia/images/e/e5/InterchangeMap_Updated_4.24.2020.png/revisio
  8. X_on

    The flow of raids

    There are a few things that i wish to see from EFT which I believe would greatly improve the feel and flow of raids. 1. Combine all maps to one; I don't know if this one was already confirmed or discussed and I'm a bit confused about the arena mode when stated that raids will be shorter, but maps need to be merged together as one tarkov map I think. 2. At the start of a wipe, have the player pick where they want their hideout to be and that's where they spawn and extract from; I haven't given this one much thought but wanted to throw it out there anyway. The point so far is
  9. Okay to start off here are my PC Specs to rule out any potential of lag/ connection/ PC capability issues Ryzen 7 3700x, 32gb ram @ 3200hz , Gigabyte GEFORCE gtx1660 Super and 100mb/80mb internet During some games when loading in all is well and i can see other players/team. But once everyone starts moving around they begin to warp (Run on the spot, then move like 20 metres ahead and repeat etc.) I altf4 the game to do a refresh and come back in and everyone is running on the spot from my perspective but from their's I am moving fine. We tested if i could deal damage and nothing
  10. Marvelin

    Maps of Tarkov

    I made a few maps with alot of updated stuff. Customs and Shoreline were rendered by Maksen and edited by me. You find the latest versions at http://www.marvelin.se Let me know what you miss from them, they are constantly under construction when I find more spawnpoint etc.
  11. Con la salida del parche de fin de año, los nuevos (y no tan nuevos) han visto como las ya conocidas salidas de los mapas, eran reemplazadas por otras variantes que podían complicar (o no) aún más las Raids, con lo que creo que era conveniente tener a nuestra disposición la totalidad de los mapas con los nombres de esas salidas ya marcados. (Ampliarlos para verlos a más resolución) Tened en cuenta que todos éstos mapas han requerido de muchísimas horas de trabajo de edición y traducción por tanto respetar a los creadores originales y si reposteais los mapas en vuestras comunidades dejad c
  12. TarkovCitizen65776

    Mobile application for game

    Hi everyone! Ive made an application with: -free cost. No any limitation in functionality. -no banner ads - at all )) -maps with switchable markers - with descriptions and screenshots -items comparison such as ammo, weapons, body armors -ammo you can test in application (soon i will add functionality to test armors as well) -flea market - simple but very needed for everyone -search items - been in raid u need to know how much cost this or other item. Search will help you - there is three kinds of price: your flea market price, other players flea market p
  13. The last game which I played before EFT was Red Dead Redmption 2 Online. There was a only tool one could use to view the map and add notes to it. This feature was made by a fellow player which published his project under the following URL. I would love it, if EFT had a Webapp with all the maps, so that you could add your own notes to it. I am a Software Developed and would be willing to commit my own time to develop such a tool for EFT, but for that, I would need to have either high resolution images of all the Map (Like this but better resolution) or a TileMap so that I could deplo
  14. Ghostlypolecat

    Best map for gunpowder?

    I've been running short on gunpowder, specifically "Kite". I want to know the best map for gunpowder loot.
  15. Im new to the game ( I havent been able to extract yet). I hear customs is the map to play if you wanna pick up loot and gather some cash as a scav. My PMC guy only has a handgun so I only play online as a scav to gather resources. I try to avoid combat since all the pmc players outgear me and seem to play in groups of 2-3. My issue is that it keeps spawning me by the Factory. From what i can tell, it's basically a big box of an area with only one exit through a opening in the wall. This is a high traffic area and an absolute death trap. I always hear people on the other side of t
  16. Ares87

    Mappe in alta risoluzione

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato da poco questo magnifico gioco, purtroppo come saprete per chi come me è agli inizi è molto difficile tenere a mente le varie aree del gioco, per questo ho deciso di realizzare un piccolo sito che ospita tutte le mappe (interattive) in alta risoluzione che di tanto in tanto andrò ad aggiornare con i relativi punti di spawn, zone di fuga, oggetti e tanto altro. Potete esplorare le mappe qui https://goo.gl/hik2Bb se volete contribuire inserendo i vari oggetti o tutto quello che reputate utile in mappa contattatemi e vi fornirò le autorizzazione per poter acced
  17. apeFromTarkoff

    Make EFT Great Again !!!!

    I first find out about EFT back in 2015 and it looked interesting and a promising project but then I sort of forgot about it until more than 2 years later in january 2018 I decided to check it out so I found some videos and of course their official channel on youtube and watched all their developers videos and I liked it so I started to watch a lot gameplayes of other youtubers so for the next 3 month I watched about 45 hours of gameplay footage of the game so far and I want to say the game has a potential, it is satisfying and definite
  18. Lord_War_Dog

    Small training map

    It could be really helpfull to have an small map with very low risk and basically no reward, some thing small like the neighborhoods in shoreline with some poorly armed scavs and no pvp... Just a small map to take a new player and teach him how to play in a live scenario where you still can lose your stuff but much safer than trying to teach someone how to loot in an pvp match. Again this map should not have any profitable loot, just trash and maybe some food. The area should be treated like an allready looted placed with no significant risk
  19. IzSumTingWong

    Make labs free again.

    Hey. I liked the idea of charging to get into labs for cash & all. Can you please do that, upon finished said game. Not in the bloody beta? Aren't we here to test things? Not waste time or diddle daddle around the question. We paid, for a semi finished product to test it's durability, handling & features. So instead of restricting all those hard working people who own your game. Who probably don't have so much time to play it, just let them enjoy & TEST this product/game you guys are presenting. Your testing would probably go 10x better, with no loyalty neede
  20. Specktre

    Problema Mappa

    Ciao a tutti, ho un problema con la mappa "factory", quando provo a giocare, mi dice che non ho la mappa nell'inventario, ma in realtà ne ho addirittura due, quando le vado a vedere dal menù, mi rimangono tutte bianche, come mai?
  21. Melchizedek

    Map Idea - Creating Inspiration

    Hey All, I created an image of a map suggestion I made. I enjoy making ideas and putting together posts so when I had this idea, I had to put it down and send it out there to hopefully inspire others.
  22. Ok so after a good few raids last night i laid down and tried to head off to sleep but had a vary interesting idea. The Scav Raiders seem quite intent on Tera group labs, There is something in there they want but what is it? Well then thats when the idea hit me how do they know about it? Raider faction. It is quite clear these raiders are not part of any of the basic scav gangs, I have been thinking about how they would react to the other scavs. The reason i say this is i think it would be a stellar idea if there was a chance that the Raiders could spawn in locations were Teragroup l
  23. A great idea (in my opinion) would be that trousers could be also able to change and loot. More clothes would be great, and different cammos and ghillies. For example, A black uniform set or a Ghillie suit. A desert map would also be fantastic with desert cammo.
  24. Aussieeeee

    Addition To Customs Map!

    So the Idea I am suggesting is to Create a bottle neck shortcut between the corner of skeleton,The blue container near new construction and the train at Old gas. Why: - The Checkpoint woods, Shipping yard and Shortcut are all very easily secured when camped. I do this, I love it but it does make customs easy. - The map is extremely Linear, which forces PVP action unnaturally. - It creates a security risk for all spawn points. - Make the bottle neck shortcut tight and an easy killbox. So its risky to go through, but an option to the other areas. Give it a key, or make it extremely no
  25. Ishtaunt

    map designs

    I'm curious about how the maps were created. I am a drafting student and blueprints are my thing, so I showed my teacher and she was curious if it was copied from a source. I'm curious as well so i would like an answer at some point.
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