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Found 22 results

  1. I have seen 3M Armour and other recent quest related items being abused time after time on this game threw-out the Flea Market either it be Lab access card keys or quest items you are forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 1 ITEM!! while the macro buyers get there items selected and go afk and come back to make mad bank. This has been like this since release of Flea Market and destroys and new players with standard editions money stack or meaning of using the flea market to get a upper-hand on other pmc who are higher level or have access to equipment we don't yet have. I would like to be able to purchase and item without knowing I have to reside to the macro buyers and forced to pay over 100K per item when it should only be half of that or less developers please look into this because I am tired of wasting money for someone using a program to abuse the system and nothing to be taken action towards them over 3 wipes and still marco buyers rules the fleamarket complete trash system imo.
  2. CypherNil

    Flea Market Design Issues

    Problems The current flea markets design encourages bots/macros and punishs players who dont make use of them, the delay on purchasing orders seems a quick and dirty solution to displaying market activity. It simply seems like a rushed feature and directly leads to fast fluctuations in prices rather then a slower more stable economy. Having played many games with player driven markets this one seems very lacking and though the solution I'm proposing requires a lot of work it is the only tried and true method of blocking bots without consistant effort from the developers I have seen to date. This system is open to abuse from real world money transations but bar removing trading from the game entirly there is no known method to stop these that I've seen in any game. Solution Slow things down with session based trading, this is used in path of exile and warframe, all trade buy and sell offers would be exchanged through a chat system (a region or global trade chat you'd apply a word filter too to see offers for a specific item), this system typically leads to third party websites like warframe.market being created to smooth out the system, the actual trades would take place in the hideout. Requirements/Limitations A trade table in your hideout, this creates another resource sink, upgrading it allows more trades each day. OR you could tie trading to your PMC level, 5 + PMC level trading per day. Trading skills could be integrated into the system later, increasing trades per day, reducing tax. But what about the existing flea market screen? Leave it in place to allow us to search items, have it show a live feed of the games economy, whenever a 1:1 trade is completed between 2 players it can be added to a graph displaying the shifting price of an item on the market. Process You invite a player to your hideout (loadtimes should be tiny), they spawn in only as an avatar with no gear, you interact at the trade table (none of this can be automated by a bot) and get an interface similar to the traders screens, both players can openly see what is going to be given, recieved. A small trade tax applies to both players. Once both players are happy with the trade they click ok and are shown a confirmation screen with all trading items displayed, after a 3 second delay they confirm again and have a final "handshake", the items are transfered into each others accounts. Only after the final confirmation does it count as a single trade for the limit per day. Results No more bots or scripts which free's the devs up from having to focus on these issues. Slower more deliberate trading, with time as a factor and a limit on trades per day pricing will stabilise and bartering of multiple hoarded goods will occur between players. Real life bartering, players will be able to activly discuss what they both need and exchange. Thoughts, idea's?
  3. So after selling 1 500 dollars as a pack on the fleemarket i lost ~550k roubles without buying or selling anything. I think its bugged, and have already posted a bug report, if someone wants to test it out and confirm that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Cewwin

    Fleamarket Geld weg?

    Guten Tag Ich hatte bei dem "Showcase Inventar" von Ragman etwa 18 Mio. Rouble erhalten von einer Keycard, welche ich verkauft habe. Nun ist das Geld aber weg. Aber in den Stats; "Total cost of all Items in stahs" steht nach wie vor die Geldmenge mit den 18 Mio. Nun wo ist das Geld hin?
  5. clebenstein

    Flea Market Bot Solution

    Hello, I was thinking about the issue with flea market bots and desync between countdowns for items on the flea market. Maybe implement a five second timer after the first purchase attempt, register all other purchase attempts in those 5 seconds and use a sort of dice roll mechanic (similar to WoW maybe) to determine who the successful purchase goes to? This gives everyone attempting to make the purchase a fair chance to successfully buy the item, acting as an equaliser between players and bots. For those that think this may put them at a disadvantage due to bad luck, I imagine it's still better than losing out on purchases to the same bot every time. This could at least be a temporary fix until a more solid solution to the bots. I would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on this, it's just a thought I had.
  6. I have had this same issue with MANY items i have been receiving in which I cannot sell the items for their true market value and make any sort of profit whatsoever because the broken formula wants to charge me MORE THAN WHAT THE ITEMS IS EVEN WORTH!!! PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN USE THE MARKET CORRECTLY AND MAKE THE PROFITS WE NEED!!! TAXATION IS THEFT!!!!
  7. Absurd3R

    The Market 0.13

    Dear Tarkov's Team: In first place, congrats for your great work! Ok... With v0.12 and the hideout open, I'd like to say that it will be great that we could to buy in a live market place! A tipical russian market with our great dealers. Maybe with scavs buying around the place and talking or playing cards game. You know... I think that the envoirment of Tarkov it could be better and we'd take a more immersive experience.. Simply, something like the hideout but with a market place instead. Thanks and best regards for you guys! Mohamed Al-Lal Melilla, Spain. PD: the change of cooldown scav it has no sense I think.
  8. iChaseGaming

    A suggestion for the flea market issue

    Not sure if this has ever been suggested before, especially now seeing module-3M armour vanishing so fast you can never click on one, but has Nikita and the BSG team ever considered implementing a system where once the timer goes off cooldown there's say a 1 minute window for people to submit bids. Then a random number is pulled and the winning person gets the item and all others have their bids returned. So in short it will go something like this. Seller lists item on the market for 30k 1 minute listing time countdown - at the end of the listing time there's a 1 minute window for buy offers let's say 100 players put in a bid of 30k random number generator is rolled and player #86 wins, that player's 30k is now sent to the seller and that player gets the item. All players that did not win the bid get their funds returned. This should take care of the flea market issue. Thoughts?
  9. Lynnette

    Flea market cancel item bug

    Hello again, im reporting a bug this time around... id love to actually use the bug tracker thread for this, but no one can post in it apparently. So. i go to put up my 19-01 i received for completing Gunsmith-3 quest, posted the weapon with an extra number by mistake, so i go to remove it, it takes a 1~2min removal count down. so i wait for it. after the 2 min it says on the bottom right "your market item has expired" or something of the like. So i go back in to repost it... and the 19-01 is no where to be found. I open all my bags and cases... its not here. i didnt get my gun back! now im mad! working on the MP5SD custom was a bit of a hassle. i bought some of the parts, but didnt have the money for the rest so i had to go on a few runs to find the parts i was looking for. and the reward, which i wished to level off the compensation for the bought parts, was the 19-01 i was trying to sell. now im out some good money. im a very very cautious player, i dont have a streamer's gal to loot and shoot. i avoid conflicts as much as i possibly can. So when i do make a profit, i try to count my dollar. im just a bit ticked off at the situation. NOTE: This all happen BEFORE the 5min server warning. on Nov, 28th. Hope you can fix this, im not the only one i have seen with this issue, Reddit, Twitch, and the like have also reported it.
  10. Good evening everyone Personal Black market that work on web base or browser based like steam market . but this one will have access to the player stash like in-game trading system but with out playing the game on the browser for sure . This will help people who like to buy / sell items weapons attachments etc from anywhere with out the need to a heavy PC to run the game. I am sure there will be a lot of players even normal player will enjoy such system. Especially when they add the mobile / handy app for it . one of the coolest part will be an ammo type trader Best regard illusion "in game username"
  11. Nut911

    lost flea market items

    I recently spent a week buying and selling sp-6 on the flea market and put a giant offer up of over 10000ish sp-6 and it was removed from my invintory and up on the market after taking the offer down an hour later due to a lack of sales it never came back not a single bullet. it even tells me my offer was removed but it was never seen again. this has happened before with ap 6.3 and it was far more ammo than the sp-6.
  12. Ha sido arreglado, hoy martes 21 de Mayo, el problema relacionado con el problema de la reputación del jugador en el mercado de pulgas.
  13. Hello, I suggest to tweak the flea market and the in-game trade so delivering goods or money in industrial quantities is painfully slow. The goal being to reduce the shady market that occurs in parallel of the game, while keeping the ability to trade normally and between teammates. 1. Put a price cap on every item in the flea market, to prevent IRL sellers to buy a bandage for X million roubles from their IRL customers. 2. Put a quantity and time cap on what can be exchanged in raid between teammates, or alternatively put a similar cap on how much value can be brought in raid (e.g. no more than 2 millions worth of goods per 30 minutes). 3. Prevent any special container (e.g. ammo crate) or stacked container to be brought in raid. p.s.: I tried to post this before but for some reason the thread I posted in became inaccessible.
  14. RefinedPixels

    Abreviations For Flee Market Searchbar

    Hello, this is a fairly simple and small idea, but I was just thinking when modding my weapons that it is quite hard, especially for newer players to search into the flee market for weapon attachments because of the long names most modifications have. So as a possible idea, I thought that being able to search abreviations as listed on the image of the attachments and items would be easier. For a quick example, the 'Badger Ordnance Tactical Charging Handle Latch' which, rather than typing that in we could type in BOTL.
  15. JT404

    Monetary exchange rate

    I've had banks try to get a cut when exchanging currency but DAYUM!
  16. PackMangler

    Commodities Market

    This market would only consist of Commodities defined as only pristine single items (100% durability) absent of nested item. (no loaded mags, no functioning guns since many parts are required, no bundles) Trade on the commodities market would be only in Roubles (for simplicity) the other currencies being commodities themselves. This market could be implemented over the current flea market. (with a filter show only Commodities) The features would be: Offers to sell a quantity of a commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the of the same item in the player in inventory can be put up in the commodities market. (current flea market offer in roubles that apply to the definition of commodities would be included) (exemple: the player can put up 3 MBSS Backpack for 70 000 Roubles each) But also offers to buy a said commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the player roubles could be put in the offer, these offers should be listed after/before the sells offers in the item category. (all the current dealers offers should be included in this market) (exemple: the player can put up the roubles to buy 3 MBSS Backpack for 65000 Roubles each) Like a real market player could decide to post a new offer and wait fulfillment, or fulfill a current offer and trade immediately (buy or sell) The filter "Show only Commodities" should only show best offers, no preferred offers here, being only the lowest "selling price" and highest "buying price", with an optional required quantity. (if the best offer is only 2 items and I need 5 show me the next best offer until a qty of at least 5 is shown.) that way the player can mentally average the prices of multiple offers to get an adequate portrait of this item market. (reasonable quantity for different type of items should be defaulted, best price for qty10 of each item, consumable could show 100, and ammo 1000) A future Advanced features could allow to sell nested item to the market. not sure how to deal with damaged Items. Nested items would split apart automatically and all the individual parts be match with the market best offer for immediate liquidation. This systems would: Offer the possibility of immediate market trade (buy or sell) Permit a better picture of the health of each ingame item market with the limited number of offers shown. Help convey the real value of each ingame items, Show the spread between ask and bid prices and market volume of items, (lower volume usually increasing the spread) curb the scam offers from the flea market. Finally the game designer could influence and control the market and item spread (bid/ask difference) with spawn frequency and ingame dealers, dealers having virtually infinite money to buy items, would set floor price. ceiling price for dealer with ALot of some items. The current flea market can remain for non commodities like: barter, modded guns, half loaded mags, broken body armor and partly used IFAK.
  17. Olobaid

    Flea market revamp

    After fiddling with the market a few things came to mind. Feel free to add, will update. Let's get a clean list for upcoming versions. Convenience: retrieve all earned money at once - coming soon™ UI: Limit maximum offers per page to screen, allow individual values for listings or afix a bar at the bottom. Scrolling up/down to be able to change pages shouldn't be a thing. UI: Overhaul UI to make market more corresponding to user input. Another case where desync and lag influence a bit too much UI: Remove additional information from flea market entirely. The information can be accessed via right-click. Save that feature for auctions only. Stacked containers: Either disallow entirely or fix searching of subsequent cases/backpacks Canceling orders: Canceling sale offers should be possible before said offer goes live Average price: Instead of calculating average price by current high/low on market use actual sales for increased accuracy. Estimated price: Use value from average. Current approximation does not take the actual market into account. The item has been sold: Message not accurate, for sometimes you will still get the item regardless. You receive the slide-up window that gratulates you on a successful buy in both cases. The item has been sold: Change to slide-in at bottom instead of popup dead center. TL;DR: Yes, there are more important matters to tend to possibly. However, as long as as EFT ist still work in progress let's keep pushing.
  18. Hey! I've been playing Tarkov for some time now and I always like to point out problems or the good parts of this game whenever I can. So let's talk about the prices I'll leave my thoughts in a video I'm posting righhhtttt here..... Cast a vote or leave a comment, please!
  19. rhoninsk

    Trader Price Per Slot

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yMjMQc7AgLVR7fMYDC_CG79VZ70IXb3ppQWU0Bs2JWs/edit?usp=sharing Work in progress but might be useful for some (i know there is no roller watch 70k~)
  20. Hohman

    Selling Marked Key

    Selling Marked room key to BestOffer
  21. BooseOG


    A suggestion if I may. I don't know if something like this has been suggested, I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Scenario The traders are out of stock but I really needed that stock before this next raid. Shall I wait the 30 mins for a trader RESUP? Shall I get one off a friend? How about I put a closed bid into PeaceKeeper that will secure the Item. I'll go and play another round while I wait for his restock. Upon return there would be two responses from Peacekeeper -- I am holding the Item you requested for the 15mins, pay me a visit to complete the transaction -- I'm sorry you have been out bid on your request for xxxx This could be added to buy if the player lost the bid. If he had a higher ranking with the said trader, the trader would offer him a chance of a back hand deal - obv for more money. Another feature could be that you received the offer of a backhand deal whilst in the raid, if you don't respond due to bad timing you lose the deal. Like I said just an idea I had,
  22. lemonkelly

    Players Market

    So the Player's Market coming to us, as I have been hearing about, they need to make this in the the maps itself.. What I am getting at is, the Player Trader say put up a Shotgun for sale on a safe screen with any cost they wish on selling with a picture with it (not in a raid). Once the item is put in the box/crate it will go into the map. This is where it gets tricky we have to get to that box/crate within a week after buying the item. Now this will be placed on the map at any random seven or ten locations. Now I have bought the item now what do I do now? Well you can carry on playing the game as normal is to escape with this item I bought off the auction;. Note, you will have to buy a key from the trader this will called the PM-Key (players market key). What can only work four times. So watch out you might wear the key. And will have to get it fixed from normal trader to fix it. This will be happen for Seller (picks up the cash) Buyer (picking up the item) Note back- The seller and buyer names WILL BE HIDDEN This is a risky way to pick up the item you bought or your cash from the location, but what box/crate is it in? There is a high chance of losing it all or getting out with your goods. The crates will be scatted across the map(s). res res
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