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Found 42 results

  1. Dear developers, I just wanted to sell an airfilter for 21k - I clicked on it - filter by item - checked the price and went to type in the price 21.000 then some bug occured (trust me it happens a lot but this time I didnt see it) and it had selected some bullets instead of the airfilter - the games fee system then taxed me over 900.000 rubels for a simple mistake. My suggestion to you is - only take the listing fee from the player after the item has been sold - this way I couldve seen my mistake and taken the bullets off the market. This simple change wouldve saved me a ton of money - which I had to grind for 1 hour to get. The other alternative would be adding a warning that tells players when they are about to list an item for MUCH TOO HIGH and it will ask them if they really want this and then they can fix the mistake. The way it is right now is just much too easy to duck up. Thanks
  2. Ich habe probleme dabei beim verkaufen meiner thicc items case, ich habe die nötigen sachen gekauft für den quest "private clinic" von Therapist um den thicc items case zu kriegen und dann das auf den markt zu stellen. Dieser plan fiel komplett auseinander beim markt teil, ich habe es auf den markt gestellt und hab dann im stream chats fragen über den verkauf gestellt, da war dann ein interresierter person der es dann versucht hat zu kaufen, für ihm kam dann die error message "1514 Transaction Error - The cost of goods has already changed", dasselbe error message kam dann bei ein paar weiteren benutzern. Ich habe sichergestellt das nix drinne ist, habe mein game neugestartet, raus und reingeloggt, die kaufende partei hat das selbe gemacht mit keiner lösung. Ich habe es mehrmals vom markt runtergenommen und wieder drauf gestellt mit keiner lösung zum problem, ich bin jetzt 5 millionen im minus, mit einer markt rating von -3.14 und einer nutzlosen kiste, help Bild mit error message unten
  3. MKev

    Flea Market Revamp

    Hello Developers, PMCs and Scavs. I love the flea market since its implementation, but it also has a bad aftertaste. In the Tarkov game world, we have a great build up background story, but it's completely ignored in the game design aspect of the flea market. So I would like to suggest some changes that have been mentioned and discussed by most of us streamers in the EFT scene and that were also covered in Jedi Redsevens podcast yesterday. I do not know if these suggestions have already been addressed here in the forum, so I am writing my suggestions here for your consideration. I would also be interested in what others think, maybe there are more good ideas that we can collect for the developers. Suggestions: Prohibit Sales of Items, that are sold from Traders in Tarkov. The Traders like Prapor would hunt you and shoot you down, if you would buy AK's from him and sale it for the double amount of money on the flea market. In the Tarkov Background Story it would look like you are trying to destroy the Market of the Traders. Alternative or additional option would be to only allow to sale "Found in Raid" Items like Guns, Gear and other Items on the Flea Market. Items Looted in Raid from PMCs should be marked as "Found in Raid" Items. To make it possible to sell Weapons and Gear on Flea Market. I hope we can get a better Trading experience in Tarkov with such suggestions for the developers. If more suggestions regarding Flea Market rise up, we might start a poll. At a later stage in the game's development, we may need to meet and greet the traders in the game world in order to trade, rather than pressing the menu button. Kind regards, MKev
  4. DIrTY6969

    Market refresh and buy macro

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if this is allowed. I wanted to make a macro for myself that refreshes the flea market and one where it buys items when I press them? I have nerve damage on the full left side of my body and therefore I cant really be clicking "F5" and "Y" for longer periods at a time as I'll get a weird fatigue like feeling in my left arm. Hope someone knows if this is possible.
  5. hapa8o8

    Flea Market Filters to TOP

    Please bring the filters to the TOP of the windows. Currently the filters pops up beneath any other window we have open. It would be more convenient to have the filters brought up above any window open, since it closes with an "OK". Side note: Pressing "ENTER" should activate any "OK" message (Keep the current ones that use "Y" and "N", since those are confirmations and not just a useless "SOLD OUT" message. "SOLD OUT" should be on the bottom right, how we get pop-ups for exp or something in our stash... I hope the filters get that little quality of life update. Thank you!!!
  6. As a level 5 player, the flea market is an insane benefit to me. I can make a lot of money in a short amount of time and so can other players my level. The current level of the flea market (15) is ridiculous, not only does it stop lower level players making money and buying gear but it stops higher level players make a lot of profit. When you have low level players who don't have the dealers leveled up its easy to sell for a decent price and make a lot of profit, however when you get rid of all of those low level players you are missing out on so much money. Now I know bots are a problem but don't you think there will still be level 15 bots? By now there probably is, stopping lower levels from using the flea market has had an insane response from the Tarkov community. I feel like this was one of the worst changes that could have been made. Since the flea market is relied upon by so many players the game has become much harder and more grueling to play. We all know Tarkov is a realistic hardcore game but that doesn't change the fact that games need to sometimes give players a little slack, the flea market was this slack and now that it's gone I foresee the community dying very quickly as gear will be harder to acquire and money will be scarce for lower level players. If you agree with me please upvote this post, comment and vote on the poll.
  7. Naegrad

    Level 15 Flea Market

    Please reconsider enabling flea market at level 5. It's a very fundamental part of the game and I'm sure that most new players will stop playing the game before reaching level 15 without it. Level 15 can take more than 100h to reach, which is way too much time for a core feature like the flea market. I suggest lowering the required experience at least at level 10.
  8. Oldjonnyp

    Market problem

    Hi! I found a Red Rebel in raid, lucky me. I already have one so I am trying to sell it. the current market price is 6.3mil as you can see from the image below the market wants to charge me a 50% fee to sell it. am I missing something? or is that correct? thanks
  9. hittmen0t

    Flea market broken?

    Hey guys, I saw earlier today that market offers are back to 30+s cooldown before going live. Didn't seem too bad in the beginning, but trying to buy ammo ... wow, now you can watch the cheaters live as they buy off the cheap market offers. I've watched repeatedly as offers that were at least 20+s before going live being sold off. Example: I check for M855A1, hit F5 and see an offer at 640 Roubels for 60 rounds will go live in 45s. Not even 10 seconds later the offer was gone. Sadly not a joke at all. Or am I missing something?
  10. Title says it all. I'm new, so don't playa hate too much. It seems it's not a horrendous amount that it hurts your reputation, but I was hoping someone had an equation as to how detrimental cancelling really is. I'm realllllly wanting 10+ rep as only 3 trades is fuckin brutal.
  11. I have had this same issue with MANY items i have been receiving in which I cannot sell the items for their true market value and make any sort of profit whatsoever because the broken formula wants to charge me MORE THAN WHAT THE ITEMS IS EVEN WORTH!!! PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN USE THE MARKET CORRECTLY AND MAKE THE PROFITS WE NEED!!! TAXATION IS THEFT!!!!
  12. LauritzSchmitz

    Wann bekommt man das Geld?

    Moin zusammen am Anfang sollte ich vielleicht erwähnen, dass ich nicht gerade der erfahrenste Tarkov Spieler bin. Heute habe ich einfach mal probiert ein paar Sachen auf dem Flea-Market zu verkaufen. Darunter eine M4, welche für 80000 gekauft wurde. Das Problem ist nun, dass ich bis jetzt noch kein Geld erhalten habe und bin mir nun nicht sicher, ob ich etwas falsch gemacht habe? Ich konnte die Colt M4 auch in meiner Angebotsliste sehen und hab dann auch so ein "Kauf-Geräusch" vernommen, Geld wurde mir aber keines überwiesen. lg LauritzSchmitz
  13. Ghostycow

    Add a cooldown on refresh of market

    I think it would be good to look into adding some kind of cooldown to the refresh button in the flea market so people cnat sit there and just control it so hard. Its hurting the economie and im sure there's bots sitting there and just refresh buying anything lower then even market value
  14. t3hSn0wm4n

    Ideas for Scavs

    OK. So, insurance can be a pretty frustrating thing. You pay good money to insure your gear. And sometimes you get it back, sometimes you don't. We all know how frustrating it is when we do not get back that fancy gun we lost because we died to a pesky P scav that got the drop on us, or we in general screwed up. To that end, What if as a scav, you have the option to sell any looted insured gear back to Prapor and Therapist at an increased rate over what they would normally pay for a standard item? you can still sell it to the market, or to the traders directly, but you would get less for it. For example, a suppressed, scoped Mosin costs about 7k to insure via Therapist, Prapor will hand you 35k for that Mosin if you sell it to him outright right now. But if you turn it in to Therapist at the end of your raid, she will give you the full player buy value for the rifle instead of the standard sell rate. Maybe to differentiate, Looted insured items could have a tag that shows up. This could in theory be applied to PMCs as well, but I feel like it would give scavs a new level of immersion and integration into the lore. This idea comes from my own personal head canon that Prapor hires out scavs to find insured items anyways. Curious as to what you guys think of this idea?
  15. What I've been doing is breaking down guns usually and selling the main piece on the flea market and then the other parts to whatever vendor will pay me the most for them. Is this the best way to maximize profits or am I doing it wrong? I'm only level 10 and don't use the vendors very often so I don't know if they pay you more in the future when you have better relations.
  16. Lynnette

    Flea market cancel item bug

    Hello again, im reporting a bug this time around... id love to actually use the bug tracker thread for this, but no one can post in it apparently. So. i go to put up my 19-01 i received for completing Gunsmith-3 quest, posted the weapon with an extra number by mistake, so i go to remove it, it takes a 1~2min removal count down. so i wait for it. after the 2 min it says on the bottom right "your market item has expired" or something of the like. So i go back in to repost it... and the 19-01 is no where to be found. I open all my bags and cases... its not here. i didnt get my gun back! now im mad! working on the MP5SD custom was a bit of a hassle. i bought some of the parts, but didnt have the money for the rest so i had to go on a few runs to find the parts i was looking for. and the reward, which i wished to level off the compensation for the bought parts, was the 19-01 i was trying to sell. now im out some good money. im a very very cautious player, i dont have a streamer's gal to loot and shoot. i avoid conflicts as much as i possibly can. So when i do make a profit, i try to count my dollar. im just a bit ticked off at the situation. NOTE: This all happen BEFORE the 5min server warning. on Nov, 28th. Hope you can fix this, im not the only one i have seen with this issue, Reddit, Twitch, and the like have also reported it.
  17. blackned198

    Item Prices

    Hello Everyone, This is my first ever post, so please forgive me if i am doing anything wrong. So, like an hour ago i did a raid of my life finally slow and smart play paid off. I am basically a newbie with 30hrs of gameplay. I managed to take down 3 guy premade group whom were heaviliy geared. So i managed to loot them ( probably i would looted better but i panic :) ) So i have some questions about the marketing system. 1-) Is it worth to sell dog tags in flea market ? Because like in-game npc traders pays idk 10 15k for a 43 level dog tag but in flea market it worths 300k or more. Are those items ever going to sold out ? 2-) From the raid that i mentioned above, i looted some guns with mods that i have never seen/used. So if any one would help me about their values in flea market that would be awesome. Because i want to seize this chance since i want to buy some weapon containers etc. Basically i need money. ( The prices can be low like for 20-25k for quick selling) 3-) My Flea market reputation is kinda never increasing like i have sold 10-15 items/miscs it didnt raised but once i cancelled some offers it decreased like hell. So what is the algortihm for this system ? And also, if any veteran or intermediate players willing to help me time to time, i would like to have your discord etc. I kinda need some mentor :)
  18. phatblob

    Flea Market / Gun Preset Issues

    Hello! So there are some issues within the flea market that have essentially crippled my ability to play Tarkov, and I know others who have the same issues. The issue is the "Out of Stock" glitch which has been around for a while. I know you can easily filter through it on the market, however, that's not the main issue with the bug. If one of your listings on the Flea market catch the glitch and become "Out of Stock" then that listing will be taken up and you wont be able to use it to sell items, at least until the timer runs out (which in my case is a week). The issue appears to originate from the Gun Preset feature and only happens on gun parts. I've added & messaged a couple of the people who purchased the final item on my listing and asked if they used the Gun Preset to purchase it, they all said that they did purchase using a preset. Not sure if this is currently on the Dev's radar but I hope this can get fixed soon because I can't sell things what so ever at the moment and it's totally discouraging me from playing at all. Thanks Message when "Out of Stock" runs out.
  19. EmbarIsBetter

    Found in Raid Flea market only Please!

    Currently the market is being overflooded by people buying items off traders to flip for mass profit. Just some examples are the Daniel Defense Muzzle Brakes which normal are under 10k roubles have been constantly bought out and put up for near 100k. Another example is Sai 14.5" QD Rails which are normally 20-30k are now being put up at near 100k. Ammo was annoying but I could deal with it before. Now unless I'm watching traders to stock pile mods I literally can't build a gun I want to play with. I had over 40 mil but I refuse to pay this mark ups. Its only getting worse. Give us found in raid only, this will encourage people to focus on their quests to unlock stuff themselves, and promote crafting in the hideout for sales even more. Either way do something fix this flipping, its getting tiresome.
  20. Not sure if this is a bug, or just an expected but when trying to put "30 pcs. 5.45x39 7N39 ammo pack on the flea market, I get hit with a FEE that is way more then the actual offered price. For example, if I try to add the offer for the ammo pack at 21920, which is what the FENCE NPC sells it for, the Fee totals to 476,338. Is there something wrong here or is this expected? I guess I could unpack the ammo box, and then sell the individual bullets, but other ammo boxes can be sold so I do not see why it would do this. Attached is a file showing the issue on my end.
  21. stretchmatthew

    flea market issue

    hey, hate to sound like a total noob but why am i having an issue selling an item on the fleamarket. i get to add asking price then i cannot list. am i missing something?
  22. zipzipzapityzoo

    Client Side Market Buffer

    With the market timer gone for pending offers things are bought the instant you click "add" , and there is no room to fix a misclick. For example I sold a 100k+ gun for 4k as it was selected by default and I didn't notice until I clicked add. I immediately canceled the offer within 2 seconds of clicking add but it was sold a moment later, as it takes a full minute to cancel. I suggest a brief buffer (5-10 seconds) before it is added to the market page, so you can cancel it without players even knowing your mistake, or affecting the economy by having false offers. True it's user error but so are most problems.
  23. I have seen 3M Armour and other recent quest related items being abused time after time on this game threw-out the Flea Market either it be Lab access card keys or quest items you are forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 1 ITEM!! while the macro buyers get there items selected and go afk and come back to make mad bank. This has been like this since release of Flea Market and destroys and new players with standard editions money stack or meaning of using the flea market to get a upper-hand on other pmc who are higher level or have access to equipment we don't yet have. I would like to be able to purchase and item without knowing I have to reside to the macro buyers and forced to pay over 100K per item when it should only be half of that or less developers please look into this because I am tired of wasting money for someone using a program to abuse the system and nothing to be taken action towards them over 3 wipes and still marco buyers rules the fleamarket complete trash system imo.
  24. CypherNil

    Flea Market Design Issues

    Problems The current flea markets design encourages bots/macros and punishs players who dont make use of them, the delay on purchasing orders seems a quick and dirty solution to displaying market activity. It simply seems like a rushed feature and directly leads to fast fluctuations in prices rather then a slower more stable economy. Having played many games with player driven markets this one seems very lacking and though the solution I'm proposing requires a lot of work it is the only tried and true method of blocking bots without consistant effort from the developers I have seen to date. This system is open to abuse from real world money transations but bar removing trading from the game entirly there is no known method to stop these that I've seen in any game. Solution Slow things down with session based trading, this is used in path of exile and warframe, all trade buy and sell offers would be exchanged through a chat system (a region or global trade chat you'd apply a word filter too to see offers for a specific item), this system typically leads to third party websites like warframe.market being created to smooth out the system, the actual trades would take place in the hideout. Requirements/Limitations A trade table in your hideout, this creates another resource sink, upgrading it allows more trades each day. OR you could tie trading to your PMC level, 5 + PMC level trading per day. Trading skills could be integrated into the system later, increasing trades per day, reducing tax. But what about the existing flea market screen? Leave it in place to allow us to search items, have it show a live feed of the games economy, whenever a 1:1 trade is completed between 2 players it can be added to a graph displaying the shifting price of an item on the market. Process You invite a player to your hideout (loadtimes should be tiny), they spawn in only as an avatar with no gear, you interact at the trade table (none of this can be automated by a bot) and get an interface similar to the traders screens, both players can openly see what is going to be given, recieved. A small trade tax applies to both players. Once both players are happy with the trade they click ok and are shown a confirmation screen with all trading items displayed, after a 3 second delay they confirm again and have a final "handshake", the items are transfered into each others accounts. Only after the final confirmation does it count as a single trade for the limit per day. Results No more bots or scripts which free's the devs up from having to focus on these issues. Slower more deliberate trading, with time as a factor and a limit on trades per day pricing will stabilise and bartering of multiple hoarded goods will occur between players. Real life bartering, players will be able to activly discuss what they both need and exchange. Thoughts, idea's?
  25. So after selling 1 500 dollars as a pack on the fleemarket i lost ~550k roubles without buying or selling anything. I think its bugged, and have already posted a bug report, if someone wants to test it out and confirm that would be greatly appreciated.
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