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Found 11 results

  1. SniperK95

    Domanda sul matchmaking

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo su tarkov (ho una settimanella scarsa sulle spalle) e ho una domanda da porre a chi magari è tanto che gioca. L'abbinamento dei giocatori è puramente casuale o segue una logica: tipo per livello, per esperienza o cose simili? Perchè nella quasi totalità delle mie partite finora sono stato praticamente oneshottato da gente di livello max. Anche tendendo imboscate o sparandogli alle spalle loro neanche un graffio e a me tirano giù in uno/due colpi. Gli unici player che sono riuscito ad uccidere sono di livello basso come me, gli altri totalmente inavvicinabili. Gra
  2. SilvreMoon

    Matchmaking time fix suggestion

    Hi all, So I see there are complaints about waiting times, and I too have experienced extra long waiting times. I can only assume that it is mostly due to playing an unpopular map during non-peak times. I suggest that if the match has not found the required players to launch after 4/5 min, it just goes ahead with the match anyway and you face up against scav and whoever joined (PMC player count unknown)
  3. AntTonKnee

    Private matches?

    Are there any plans for private matches? Players will not benefit from these similar to an offline raid. A couple of friends and I started playing a month or so ago and I thought that it would be a cool idea to have private matches so that we can learn the maps together or to have 1v1 matches.
  4. As the title - ping based matchmaking will have good results on reducing the dying when in cover desync issues. Is such feature planned for the upcoming netcode optimizations?
  5. It would be like the offline mode where you don't lose anything you bring in if you die but you can have friends join with a password and mess around or duel. Or simply practice destroying filthy Scavs! It would be like 'Terrorist Hunt' from the rainbow 6 series! Comment if you want to see this, let's make it happen!
  6. I just want to start off saying, EFT is one of the greatest games I've played, with potential for being the greatest. For the developers, I have added an * where I believe the comment is most important. Groups and matching: 1) *Modes: I would like to suggest a mode, lets call it "competitive" where groups are matched against similar rank and similar sized groups. You could choose to be grouped with a random if not already in a group. I still like the idea of the way it is now where you have no idea how many/what rank PMC you are trying to kill. Though, it would be nice to play i
  7. TheColdVein

    ** Server Matching Times

    Dear, Escapers! We wanted to give you a quick update: Matching time in EU and US are still long during the rush hours. Factory has the longest matching times. New servers are being prepared!
  8. Chbingle

    Stuck in matching

    I just bought the game today, whenever I play as a Scav I can get into a match anywhere from 1-5 minutes of waiting on the matching screen; however, when I attempt to play with my regular player I just can't get into games. I get stuck on the matching screen as if it can't find a game for me to join. Its definitely not my computer as whenever I go in as a scav things work just fine. anyone else having this problem?
  9. sparteen

    match making

    Why is the match making takes so long to enter any map it takes 15+ min to get in any game, also if u are in a group it takes longer! please check what is the issue cuzing this
  10. Omega32_1

    Fix for matching wait times

    Is there any ETA on when the devs expect the current matching times in the load screen to be fixed? Since the patch update my character has remained level one simply due to the fact that not one of the matches I have tried to enter ever loaded or got past the matching stage, as the picture attached shows even after 10+ minutes of waiting. With no progress being saved in offline mode it essentially renders the game unplayable.
  11. Cari amici! L'incremento del volume dei player attivi successivo all'applicazione di questa ultima patch è stato inaspettato. Stiamo aggiungendo nuovi server per ridurre i tempi di attesa del matchmaker: Abbiamo già aggiunto alcuni server negli stati uniti europa e russa ed altri arriveranno presto !
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