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Found 26 results

  1. Marcelo_1979

    What is up with the servers?

    Patch 0.12 has dropped a week ago and we're still getting endless matching time, I mean c'mon guys... something has to be done about this issue ASAP. The game has been swarmed by new players and the veteran player base has also massively returned, can't BSG provide new/better servers to handle this huge influx of players? I live in South America and there are only 4 servers with ping below 150 m/s: Sao Paulo and Miami 1, 2 and 3. It's nearly impossible to get into a gaming session if I'm in a duo, trio or even bigger squad, the ONLY way to play EFT at this point is by myself. Isn't Tarkov meant to be a squad oriented game? How can we even remotely do that if the game doesn't allow me to squad up with my friends? I've tried different maps and time with both PMC and scav, just cannot get into a game, it's really frustrating to sit in endless matching queue.
  2. matovelkystrele

    Matching for 10 min

    Hello, I just tried to play with my friends, I had matching for like 10 minutes and then I saw players in game, walking but not moving and then i died, it happened to me like two or three times (everytime i play with friends). Can you help or do something?
  3. Mikjall

    Can't find any matches.

    Both solo & duo, I simply cannot get into a raid. I've tried both scav AND PMC... I've had about 3 games total, but i'll be waiting maybe 10 minutes before finding anything, IF I find anything. Is this simply because the wipe happened and the servers are bogged down? I'm using Australian servers, if that helps.
  4. Whenever I try to join Factory as my PMC, I cant seem to find any games and takes forever. I don't know if my client/game is glitched or not, but whenever I play as Scav I get into a game quickly. I feel as though the only issues right now is Factory, other maps seems fine, but I like playing Factory more as it is quick games and fast action. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Protodead

    endless "Matching"

    Why am i stuck in an endless "Matching" loading screen? i've tried 4 different attempts in the past hour, and i cannot get past it to load into game. currently setting at a 10+ minute timer. How can i fix this?
  6. bond147

    Group matching

    Anyone else having an issue with finding a match when trying to play in a party??? do they know about this?
  7. Bananaman95

    Squad lobby display

    this is really two different things. Primarily I think it would be really cool if you were able to see your squad's load out on their character while still in matchmaking lobby, it would make it easier to recognize your squad members prior to loading in to an environment where you have to immediately start running to avoid getting shot (factory). that's really the main suggestion...... also.... if inspecting saline and the model is rotated, the bottom and top of the bottle is glitched. js bb
  8. Tenz0r

    Factory matching times

    Can't get into a Factory raid! Just get stuck on Matching... I wonder if i have to reinstall the game? Anyone else having the same issue? Have been like this 5 days now. Need quest!!
  9. Hallo, Seid dem neuen 0.8er Patch sind die Matching-zeiten dermaßen in die Höhe geschossen, was ist da los? ich komme weder allein, noch mit freunden unter 10 Minuten "Matching" nicht auf einen Server wäre nett wenn ich feedback dazu bekommen könnte... Danke LG DJBeatzPM
  10. turih

    Long Matching Times

    Hey guys, am I the only one who is waiting obnoxiously long time when joining a raid? It was working fine right after the launch but today, no matter what map and time I want to play, I am getting long waiting times while Matching. (we are talking 10+mins, longest was 33mins after which I didn't have patience to wait any longer.) My friend is not experiencing this at all (we live in the same region/city) and when I invite him to a group, there is no improvement. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions
  11. MaximVonValen

    Gear value game mode idea

    Hey Tarkov community and devs. I had an idea for a game mode within tarkov. So i was discussing with friends and we were thinking that it would be great if there was a game mode, or if it were implemented into the regular match making, a game mode based on the value of gear you would bring in. For example we could have a 300$ tier where you could bring as much gear as you want as long as its total value is under 300 or the equivalent in roubles. in this mode most people would only be able to bring a pistol and some best or a shotgun with no meds ect. This would create a cool meta of people trying to bring in the best gear they can while staying under the limit. to add to this the scavs loot would also scale to the gear cost tier so in the low 300 $ tier the scavs would have pistols and toz but then in the 3000$ tier the scavs would regularly spawn with fort and m4s making it a legitimate risk but also a huge reward for those who are brave enough to bring the good gear out. this would help greatly with people feeling helpless when they have no gear and want to cooperate with other people who only have a hatchet to try and take down some scavs or just get simple gear killing low level players and the higher tier players will more often face other well geared players increasing risk and reward for people who get bored with just killing hatchlings all day with their m4 and fort. would love to hear what you all think and how to build on my idea. thanks for your time. -MaximVonValen
  12. Noggerno11

    Group matching

    Hey, first at all, im not the guy who complains about every shi* , but... A huge problem , that makes me pissed so hard is that you only get queued against teams in EfT. It cant be real that in every round you face off against bigger groups. I have no problem if there are 2 man groups, you can handle them as a solo player somehow. But nearly everytime i solo queue i get matched with 3 man groups or even squads. And its no fun loosing aginst these squads 9 out of 10 times and lose your sh*t over and over again. I dont even care if i have to wait some more min. if i get matched with other solo players or 2 man groups instead... (( would even solve the hatchling problem if you have to wait a longer time to load the game) But PLEASE! ; Fix this asap. Im not the only one who gets removed up by that , all in all nearly every friend of mine and me , are not playing anymore cuz of this crap
  13. chickenburger89


    Every time I get into a game I get killed by someone who has better loot than me (i.e. fully auto silenced ARs). How on earth am I supposed to compete with that? I am usually pretty good about being situationally aware, but that can only go so far when the other players are simply more experienced and have better gear. How am I supposed to improve at the game and get better stuff when I am constantly getting killed within two minutes of spawning in by someone with no life who plays this game nonstop every single time? Honestly, a simple balancing change in the matchmaking would go a long way. Simply put PMCs in a game where the other players have similar loot to themselves. I get that its supposed to be realistic but sometimes its better to sacrifice realism for playability and enjoyment. New players would feel like they have a fighting chance and veterans would feel a level of intensity not felt by running around and shooting scavs and new spawns with pistols or shotguns. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, but I propose that each mod or weapon or piece of gear be given an invisible rating (lets call it player rating, or PR), that, when all of the PR of the gear on a PMC are added together plus another PR number that scales with the players level (to account for the player's experience), gives the total PR and the player is then put into a match where the other players have a similar PR. Like I said, there could be a better way of doing it, but that's just what I suggest. I really want to like this game. But I have played it for hours upon hours, and I always end up right back where I began, with practically nothing. And I fear that if something doesn't change soon I am going to break something expensive...
  14. merkmyfoes


    Are you serious?? Whats up with these wait times can we get some more servers please!?
  15. Charada32

    Tempo de espera na fila

    Toma-se de base todos os mapas, uma média em geral de quanto tempo se passa na fila.
  16. As the title asks anyone else having issues with that right now? Just spent about 20 mins waiting on a match leaving once it hits the 5 min mark to try again
  17. iamjabour

    Matching Fixes/Ideas

    Hi, I see some ideas around but not a place where people talk about matching. Also I see a lot of problems with the current matching system. I'll not even talk about the long waits on the match screen (let's assume it's a bug been fixed at the moment). I'm going to talk about spawn because as well. I believe matching and spawn have a high correlation, unless we go into a system where the match closes at the beginning (what I really don't like). 1 - Squads: I believe the main problem I've been facing is squads matches. What do I mean? - Squads should match with other squads with approximately same size. So I would love to see the match system prioritizing 5vs5, 5vs4, 4vs4,, 4vs3, 3vs3, 3vs2, 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs1 teams. My 5c is to even the max number of players in each map so the end game will maximize the number of squads matches (for example 3x 5players squads), today the max players numbers are not really good for the 5 man groups (6,8,9,12). And please, stop filling up matches with single players vs 5 players squads! That brings me to the second point. - Change the max number of players in a squad depending on the map, so it can maximize the squads fights. I can see some threads talking about limit the number of players in a squad or reduce, I believe it should depend on the map and the number of players on the map. For example factory with max of 6 players should allow only 3 man squads, that way you will have 2x 3man squads or a 3vs2 man squad, it may make sense to add a single player in this fight (refer to skill based match). 2 - Skill based Match: I can't tell if the skill is been used to match. - Would be good to have the skill based match in place, this would help on the game play. Also with the skill based could make sense to add squads with small numbers to play against squads with hight numbers of players. I can even see a solo player against a 2 or 3 man squad. For example, let's say match by avg skill: if you have 2 players lvl 20 a lvl 40 players could fight the 2 man squad. That should help fill up matches. 3- Matching wait: If you can't find a fresh match in 2-3min give an option to join a old match. - Let's say it's been hard to find me a new match. Show an old match option and give the option to "join or not" with the remaining time of the match. So if I want to keep waiting more 2-3 min for a fresh match I have the option to stay in the queue or I can just jump in an "old" match and see what is going on. Waiting 10min for a fresh match sometimes is really boring. Also sometimes I'm not looking for the early PVP fight, I just want to chill, PVE and loot every single item (nice surprise if a PMC is still around). 4 - Spawn time: Spawn time could be spread across the match. It kind of hard today since the map is very linear, but with some improvements in the spawns areas would be nice to see a spread on spawn time so it stop been a battle royal at the start. It could help on matching time as well, since if you are in a squad of 5 you can jump in a new match without having to wait for another 5 players team and so one. - It could spawn PMCs up if the match still have 15min or more to go in the clock (depending on the map, for example: customs/shoreline 25, woods 20). - It could spawn Scavs at any point (keeping things quite on edge for PMCs), if a PMCs still on the match. Scavs groups should try to match with the same number of players (see item 1) 5 - Scavs AI: Respawn should be random and away from Players. It's really strange today, not sure if it's random or not. - Scavs AI should have a high probability of spawning on the map and always away from Players. Would be nice to have a constant number of Scavs on the match all the time. Let's say a min and max Scavs depending on the map. Scavs could respawn on waves (like they are group of people getting in the area) and always away from areas the player is. This way they/scavs can be attracted by the player if there is some gun fight or the player can constantly seek for interaction in the match. - I feel very strange the scavs just spawns when PMC goes over a area, at least this how it looks like to me today. They could spawn at the start of the match and do as suggested above on waves. There you go... Hope more people can collaborate and we see some improvements in next patch! A lot of ideas, I hope people can collaborate and give some good ideas for good gameplay. Cheers ps: let me know if I need to do any typo/grammar fix, really tired
  18. Before being patched, Most maps quickly matched. But after 0.4 patch Most maps do not match . average matching time 5~10 min, even sometimes It does not match for over 20 minutes. plz. fix ASIA SERVER ...
  19. 亚洲服务器大地图无法进去【除了工厂】,【海关】【森林】【海岸线】这3个地图一直Matching一等就是十几分钟,昨天和1名队友组队玩海关等了半个小时
  20. Hi, I'm a user in Korea. Actually I can only play the factory after the latest update. I tried to wait to join in other maps but I gave up after 30 mins passed. Are there some problem at a server in Korea? and have some plans to fix it? I really love to play the EFT. so I hope the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.
  21. joshuahhn

    無法提交BUG報告 / BUG報告

    提交後會出現 另外 發現PMC模式似乎無法進入CUSTOM 地圖 (工廠能夠瞬間入場),只會顯示 MATCHING (超過15分鐘) 剛剛使用"~" ,看到不斷出現 error 602 和 201,然後遊戲跳出視窗(error 602) 並要求重新登入(此時我還有MATCHING) 重新登入後,遊戲顯示我已經在RAID中 這次能夠進入遊戲,但遊戲時間顯示已經開始了一斷時間。
  22. Hey guys, I was checking the FAQ and looked at the recent threads and found an answer to some of my questions but still, I'd like someone who actually know (rather than think how it is) and who can confirm/deny/explain questions asked below. So here they are: I am from Europe and my friends are from US. We play together daily, mostly on Factory map. What server we are on? US or EU? I think we play on the server in the region of the person who created the group? (just need a confirmation) Second question is about 6 people on the server. So, basically every game there's 5 other people besides me on the same map/server. I guess that's correct but now: If all the other people die and I am alone with AI scavs - do new players join after X time or I will be alone 'til I leave/die? Another question related to staying alive as the last player is AI difficulty. I guess it does not change over time and AIs do not become gods? (Need a confirmation) Now, the last thing is something I do not understand. Whenever I play with my friends (assuming on US server, they invite me) - it seems like we and all the other players started at the same time. What I mean is that scavs are in their places, alive, doors are closed and no dead bodies anywhere yet. Everything is as it should be. Why then, when I decide to go on my own, play one game alone - I end up in the middle of chaos? It happens at the late hours (2-3AM for example). I join Factory and I see doors opened, scavs dead etc. There's no way that I started at the same time as other people. Sometimes I spawn by forklifts and am going through the hallway to the extraction point (gate number 3) I see the door already opened and AI scavs by containers, concrete building dead? Let me add that there's no gunfire or anything when I spawn. Map loads fast, 30-40 secs so it's not me and some delay with spawning. Does it mean that there weren't enough of players so game started with like 3 and I joined them after X minutes or it was the only server with other people so game decided to drop me in on it rather than starting a new one empty with just me? This confuses me so much because sometimes I like to go alone, kill one or two players and then play with AI scavs as long as I want/can (I know about offline mode). So I am never sure if some players won't suddenly join my game and kill me when doing some stupid crap. Also there's one more thing, not related to the things above. Dropping mags when reloading. I hate that crap, got me killed several times. My friend told me that you drop the mag if you hit reload key twice so you do quick reload. I tested that and it's not true. I also have space in my vest, so it's not that either.
  23. calbroxup

    Matchmaking Bug NEW?

    So about an hour ago me and my friend played a PMC on factory & came out with some killer gear. We sold it off and then tried to join another raid, however upon the start of the matchmaking process one of us, and only one would get an error message saying "ERROR: Bad backend matchmaking" - Forcing him to be kicked out of the matchmaking, so naturally I click BACK to leave, however when done so a pop up displays saying what is quoted below in the picture, thus resulting in only one of us being able to re-connect to the match and we just can't seem to play together at all. Anyone else having this issue? On top of this, the game is SUPER slow and sluggish, main menu takes ages to load & also retrieving my gear obtained from a SCAV run is no longer possible as every time I try to move it into my stash, it says a load of error messages about profile item moving false. What the duck is happening to the game haha.
  24. Hallo zusammen, seit dem heutigen update stecke ich in der Warteschlange und komme weder rein noch raus. Der screen sagt mir seit über einer halben Stunde "Matching...". Was ich schon probiert habe: - zurück/abbruch Knopf: Ist dem Spiel egal, es sieht zuerst so aus als würde ich zum Startbildschirm gelangen aber dann fängt das Laden wieder von vorne an und es matcht ... - spiel beenden und neu starten: direkt nach dem der lade screen für laden des profils fertig ist werden ich direkt in die warte schlange für ein match geworfen - profil zurücksetzen: habe das profil uir+ck gesetzt, spiel deinstalliert und alles von der platte gelöscht. spiel wieder installiert und siehe da, das gleiche verhalten wie oben Hatte jemand schon mal sowas ähnliches, oder kann mir sonst irgendwie weiterhelfen ? Vielen Dank
  25. Silverhaze5X

    Error: Matching loop

    After bypassing the Error 605 by creating a group, i keep beeing stuck at matching... and sometime it joins, after a while, but then game is desync and unplayable, and kick me and tell me that i deserted. Hoping those infos can help devs to fix those issues..
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