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Found 6 results

  1. Dad league gaming (DLG) open to dads

    Dad league gaming is a group for dads to find other dads to play escape from tarkov. We have a discord and quite a few members. If you're not great and still learning to some who make this game work. We have a pretty good group of dads to help out on tasks and farm runs. feel free to join all dads,moms,and adults.
  2. Hey! Looking for mature people to play EFT with. People who love to take games seriously at the right time with fun too.... I'm a Noob and really only want to play this game with a small squad because I feel survival would be a lot easier. My name's Mike, I'm 30 and I'll be playing on EU servers. Talk soon
  3. OEFT Slayers

    Hi everyone, this server was setup and neatly organized for the sole purpose of EFT and EFT players that would like a nice and friendly atmosphere while squading looting killing questing and everything else that EFT has to offer. This server is setup for just eft which includes all eft announcements from the website its self as well as walkthroughs guides free gear new player help and other great things as well. There are areas for trading, giveaways, and even content creators channels with privacy as well for those that would like to use them and not be interrupted while on twitch or youtube. We have women and men in the discord who are all friendly with players from alpha to players who just got the game. Everyone like to help everyone with quests, farming, pc setup and optimization trader questions and everything else. We are some of the nicest players to play with we are serious when in raids and funnier then kevin hart out of raids. This is not a clan or gang or anything of the sort and we have all kinds of players from very competitive lobby wiping solo killers to hatchings that just want 1billion rubles and people that will give m4s forts kivers docs bags keybars and rare keys to whoever is needing them or has never used. Yes we are that friendly. If this sounds alright with you then click the link
  4. Looking for more members to create as regular of a static as possible. Only have a few members at the moment, we are all in our 20's and typically play every night 7pm central to about 12 or 1. Feel free to join our discord any time tonight. Or just add me on discord- Koston#2833
  5. Hey everyone, I only have one friend that currently owns the game, but we would like to find some more people to join up with us. We're looking for people that are at least 16 or above and mature. We're both 17 and behave seriously and really do enjoy playing EFT, but adding more people to our group would be fun. I'm only level 21 (at the time of this post) and my friend is about level 35. We're both BEAR, not sure if that matters. If you'd be down to join us, add me on steam and send me a message.
  6. Looking for a group to play with

    Hey guys, My name is Joe, im 16, and I recently graduated EMT school. I'm looking for a group of any size to play with.. PM me at Thanks