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Found 15 results

  1. Having an empty gascan in your inventory isnt very useful. i suggest that getting with you the empty gascans and being able to refill them in the maps which have gas stations such as customs or shoreline could be an interesting mechanic to add.
  2. MGalipoli

    Radioaktive Zone

    Hi I had an idea. What about a radioaktive map or at least part of the map. First of all you need a special armor or a gasmask to not leak health. Or drink some vodka which would do the same for say 20min. (Yes good old Stalker mechanic). It would offer many possibilities for quests (measure with the GMcounter at some points of the map, or something similar), hideout (built a shower where you can wash it away, because without a proper armor you return from the Raid you are still radioaktive) or a special box for the artifact that could be found only in the radioaktive zone (maybe one out of glas where you can see the artifact glowing inside which looks awesome in the hideout if you turn of the light). Maybe another dealer which change some stuff for the armor/gasmask. And buys the artifact from the zone. Like endgamecontent. Earning specific artifact as a badge. You see it offerse a lot of possibilities. What do you think?
  3. hunternental

    Post-PMC Healing "Issue"

    -This post will see to a deletion due to Battlestate forum admins cracking down about complaints about this mechanic, however I will post about it regardless. -The most recent big update in Escape from Tarkov released the mechanic of post-raid healing. A mechanic that involves players to spend resources healing limbs and health, or simply waiting for nantural healing to take its course. I've spent upwards towards 50 hours playing Tarkov since the new update, so I thought I'd evaluate this specific mechanic. -This mechanic seems to create a divide in the community, higher geared players typically led to a "git gud" mentality. While on the lower end side is a seemingly endless ocean of low level players that view this as a lack of a "hyper-realism mil sim experience". Topic: The mechanic after dying in a raid. Now, we all know that Battlestate isn't the most responsive to their players outside of twitch, (which doesn't help the community in many ways) but we can assume that the general approval of the immersive mil sim experience they attempted to implement could be fixed with the death resulting in just a loss of gear, rather than a loss of gear and an inopportune wait time for low-level or new players. Because if we think about the "hyper-realistic aspects of death", one would simply start with a new character in general, but there are issues to this. If we are considering a new character to be implemented entirely, then we are talking about a loss of all skills as well, a loss of inventory, basically a scav with no skills or reputation with any dealers, cash, weapons, hideout upgrades, etc. To create the ultimate hyper-realistic military simulator experience is to make everything temporary on the guidelines that your character will die. As seen there is much conflict to this mechanic, but overall I agree with the move Battlestate made, hopefully encouraging players to adapt to the games demanding traits and to promote tactful gameplay and proper resource management. Risk is reward, reward is risk. Thanks!
  4. Blackboxeq

    a consideration on secure containers.

    have you considered the ability to manually lock and unlock secure containers in raid? pretty sure I am just catching up to the general train of thought ( more on this after the -----). But consider, how terrifying it would be for some one trying to stash gear. -How loud unlocking/locking a secure container would be.. ( Keypad, fingerprint or even a briefcase dial lock. ) -How long would it take to go though the unlock/lock animation. I understand the changes for secure containers to effectively end the hatching runs in 0.12. But secure containers as a concept do give some comfort to getting killed in raid. ( which helps the sting of loss.) As a side note: not 100% sure what to think of keys and documents with this idea. On one hand it would be nice for keys&documents to have their own inherent-always-secure-character -slot ( some sort of mystical prison butt purse type thing.) but on the other hand it would also add considerable risk to unlocking a container to secure loot. ------ considering how development works I would be pretty confidant that the Tarkov team has already considered something like this, but ended up with the .12 solution after finding a problem they would want to avoid. heck, just thinking on it a bit more I imagine there would be issues with people playing in groups. it would basically make unlocking/locking as safe as it is now. it would probably screw up peoples economy more than the .12 patch would. people losing the contents of a secure container could be pretty devastating. also it would probably discourage people from keeping meds/ammo or anything they would need in a pinch in their loud hard to open ringing dinner bell of a container. how easy it is to talk myself out of posting an idea, but since I already typed it out. A, bashka bolit.. Bukhat' nado men'she
  5. Dear EFT community, Anybody love Dragunov SVD in EFT? Here's some X-Ray of Dragunov SVD, so you can see all parts inside it and how they work. Don't forget to share the knowledge. Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  6. ThotKrusher

    New idea for dogtag value

    So ever since dogtags lost value i've pondered what they could be used for apart from collecting dust or low level trades. How about a system that adds value to the dogtags depending on how well the player has been playing since their last death. so for example, if a player gets like 20 scav kills and 6 PMC kills and has extracted from like 4 different raids in a row their dogtag is worth way more than a hatchling that has just died repetitively An easy way to do this would to use all the EXP gained from the previous raids before death. and maybe that can even be a sub-statistic accompanying the most survived in a row stat. and if you want to go even more out there an ability to see your current dogtag and what it's appearance is (like if it gets more scratched and badass the longer you've been alive and the more exp you've gotten in that one life) anyway thats just my two cents.
  7. Jhonn_Carpenter

    Fix the Meta Tank

    hi Dev and people, i just make a game in "Lab", i put 28 consecutive PST bullets with an MP5 at 5 meter to a guy, and he just turn back and continue running like normal... i think we need to make something about this stupid meta "Tank"...it's not realistic and really stupid at this point. I suggest to add a new disable mechanic effect, when a guys is touch by 10 consecutives bullets (like in 1 sec delay) the guys have to fall the ground ( on the back if the damage come from the front, and prone if it come from the back). the guys on the ground can continue to shoot with his weapon,and can crawl, but need to maintain to press F (Like during 5 sec) for get back on his feet (and can't shoot during this 5 second) for supressing this new disable effect (this effect in fact maintain you on the ground, this effect can be named for example "Shocked"). For finish, i think it will be interessing to have the possibility when you prone to reverse you on the the back for check behind (like Metal Gear solid 5), it will be more realistic and awesome to do in action. And it will be nice too if you add some CQC mechanic because when two tank meet each other , the combat are really not realistic and interesting. Thank for your attention. nb: After that it will be interesting to add some coop mechanic about it, like press F if an Ally is on the ground to wire it and go to cover like in you video...
  8. torin412

    mechanics need tarkov

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcYbhlRFYak please look this video, i think you can understund this video is dedicated to the mechanics that bsg must add to the tarkov
  9. PackAPunched

    Add the M1A EBR and M1A SASS back to LL4

    I like the new barters for lower level access to the EBR, and M1A SASS. But please don't take away from us level 40s by entirely removing the money trades for the EBR and M1A SASS. It really discourages levelling up when you grind for access to LL4 and yet, only get a few more attachments and not much else. My opinion on this is add back the money trades to LL4, and keep the barters, best of both then, your rewarded for hitting LL4, and also still have access if your not quite there.
  10. AdmiralNice

    Gunsmith Part 5

    Hi Leute, ich brauche mal euere Unterstützung. Ich komme mit der Quest Gunsmith Part 5 nicht weiter. Habe auch auf Reddit und Co bisher keine Lösung gefunden. Man braucht die Scope Leupold Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 riflescope, da diese als einziger 2000 sighting range hat. Ich weiß jedoch nicht wie man diese an die DVL bekommen soll, da diese mit den Mod 30mm Scope mount nicht passt, hat jemand diese Quest erledigt, oder weiß wie man die Scope dadran bekommt. Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung.
  11. Automatic Recoil As a player dedicated to both realism and balance, I suggest that full-auto should not be automatically compensated by your character, but rather a traditional player-controlled compensation(such as ArmA 3's system) where you have to manually pull down to adjust for recoil. Please take note however, I only wish to apply this to full auto; semi-automatic is fine the way it is, with the aim point resetting after each shot - although I wouldn't mind if there were some minor tweaks. This would discourage the full-auto meta that is currently in effect while promoting longer firefights in general, with skill becoming more important than who has a faster firing weapon. Limb Damage My second suggestion is that blacked out limbs can be repaired to a percentage of their respective health. Three ways to achieve this off the top of my head could be: 1. A personal medical item, such as the Xstat syringe - would require a bleeding, destroyed limb to be patched and take 'x' amount of time to apply. 2. A rest mechanic with the character resting for an certain amount of time - not a huge fan of this tbh, but it is an idea. 3. A surgical kit to be used by another player, which would promote teamplay, but give diminishing returns upon consecutive uses. This came to me when I thought about the eventual free roam of the entire map; I for one don't want to be limited to limping for kilometers on end, be continually dehydrating due to a blacked out stomach before I hit an extract or in general becoming a liability to my teammates. I believe this would extend the capabilities of casualties by giving them more options beyond popping painkillers and make consecutive firefights more attractive as an options, rather than having a casualty becoming a 'walking dead man' with multiple limbs destroyed. Please feel free to add your own thoughts, I am curious to see how our community would feel if these mechanics were implemented. Song of the day: Valkyrie - Battle Tapes
  12. The ability to breach doors by blast out the door jam with shotguns would be an awesome addition to the game and would be realistic representation of shotguns uses in a combat situations. As a real life squad role is the job of the breacher. Another great addition would be a breaching charge but id settle for just the shotgun breaching would be an awesome mechanic and would add some utility to the weapons outside of combat.
  13. Ewendel88

    Hearing/Eye Protection

    Firing a gun is loud and scary. A fun little mechanic to ad to the game would be eye and ear protection. Without eye protection you get stuff in your eyes from firing guns. With eye protection you are safe. But glasses can get scratched and smudged and whatnot. Better glasses can be smudge resistant or scratch resistant. you could wear sunglasses to reduce glare in bright light and switch to clear glasses in low light. taking a minute to clean off dirty glasses would be neat. etc. Hearing protection is another aspect of range safety. Obviously you could buy cheap foam earplugs and wear them all the time but that would severely limit your situational awareness. You would hear a lot less than normal. Alternatively, you could buy fancy ass active noise canceling earplugs or earmuffs. There are many types available in the real world. Firing your gun without protection should have an adverse effect on your in-game hearing. Permanent/long-term hearing loss? I don't know what do you think? In conclusion: fun with eye and ear protection.
  14. dannymo111

    Concussions? How bad are they?

    Hello, I've been wondering, will there be concussions, and if so, will it make your screen blurry? Like, if you got shot in the helmet and the bullet passed only through the helmet, or ricocheted off it, and didn't hit your head, will your character sustain a concussion? Because, if someone sustained a concussion, there would be many side effects, blurred vision, short breath, becoming tired quickly, loss of memory. Keep it up with the hard work, you guys are phenomenal. Thanks,
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