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Found 5 results

  1. Luaiko

    better med item description

    after changing the med items so ai2, car firstaid and ifak only heal 50 hp at once and salewa and grizzly more, how about adding those informations in the item description?
  2. Bielak

    CPR Mechanic

    I have taken my suggestion from other topic couse i think it deserves a chance. From the time you got down you have 1 minute to strike your friend with Defib 3 x 3 and of course it would take some time :D. I can even expand this idea let's get resuscitation mechanic where you can resuscitate your teammate in time of ten seconds when he get downed this takes about 1 minute(defined by skill level) of action with animations where you get about 5% chance of reviving your allies(defined by skill again and this would be alot higher while using defib) this would make reviving balanced optio
  3. So to make a suggestion (and to fully appreciate the developers probably already have it underway), i am super excited about the medical possibilities on EFT. I cannot wait for the ability to heal, a possible medical bag, etc... (I couldn't imagine the developers overlooking the development of paramedic/emt/corpsmen abilities). I am sure it will hold up to what we are all hoping EFT is going to be, a reality based survival game. In addition, i must suggest weapons, i can't help it, i'm gonna suggest a couple: SCAR H & L systems SVD Dragunov (how has this not made its de
  4. I started playing the new patch today, and after around 40ish games I noticed several things: Scavs don't take more damage from headshots anymore ( its takes me 6-7 bullets all hits to kill a scav, no matter where I hit) I don't know if this is intentional, bug or desync. The adjusted medical item values fit the old system, where only the hit limb would be damaged. Now when you need 1-2 car medkits (the best ones i have available to me atm) to heal back from a single engagement where you were shot twice is kind of ridiculous. PVP feels kind of random for me. I have killed player
  5. fourskineater

    Are you able to heal your team mates?

    Are you able to do medical treatments on your teammates if they're bleeding out or dying? This would be great for people who wanna play medic.
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